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Pixie Trixxxx: The Movie

bySean Renaud©

"C'mon what do I have to do for you?" Ken asked staring up near his ceiling. "I mean you can do it right?"

"Of course I can do it." Star Dust replied with a yawn. "It is not even particularly difficult. I just do not understand why I would do it." Star Dust was perched on Ken's windowsill wearing a transparent lavender dress a few shades lighter than her waist length curly hair. "Is she not the woman you love?"

"She's the woman I used to love. Big difference." Ken snapped.

Star Dust raised a brow. "You still love her. It is a simple thing for me to see your aura." She made a dramatic motion with her hand. "And your aura still lights up like one of your Winter Solstice Trees whenever she enters your mind."

"Reading minds is rude you know."

Star Dust shrugged. "First, I did not read your mind. I read your aura. It is no different from when you see someone's expression and react accordingly. Second, as rude as it is considered to read minds you are asking me to corrupt the mind of someone who has done no wrong to me. A much greater sin. Finally I want to make certain you understand what we will be doing here."

Ken sat up turning towards Star Dust. "I know exactly what I'm doing. She dumped me on our anniversary. You're going to make her need me the same way people need air. I'm going to enjoy one final night with her and then I'm gonna drop her like a bad habit so she knows what it feels like to be me."

Star Dust stood glaring at Ken. Somehow it wasn't at all humorous to Ken that a woman a little smaller than most of the action figures he'd had growing up was staring him down. Part of it was the fact that he knew she could make him believe he was an aardvark a lot faster than he could smash her. The other part was just the sheer malice she was capable exuding with a stare. In a very frightening way she reminded him of his mother. "With these kinds of spells the intentions have to be pure. Anything can go wrong if someone has mixed feelings. Do you remember when we first met?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"You had been having difficulty with that kid, Harvey and you wished you were strong enough to make him stop picking on you." Star Dust subtly nudged Ken's mind flooding it the visual the bloody and beaten Harvey. "You very nearly killed him."

"I didn't know I had a fairy fucking godmother granting wishes."

"That does not have anything to do with the problem and you know it. You feel bad because you never wanted to hurt Harvey. You wanted him to respect you and let you be one of his friends. I did not make you violent, I only gave you the ability to act on your desires." Star Dust replied stepping forward off the windowsill. Her brilliant butterfly wings with their multicolored pattern unfolded behind her. "I do not want to cause you similar grief so your intentions must be pure."

"I want to hurt her. My intentions are pure, pure vengeance, pure as the driven snow." Ken snarled.

Star Dust took a moment to watch him and then a twisted smile curled its way across her features. "As long as we are perfectly clear." For a moment Ken was actually frightened of the tiny woman. Her face looked like it was about to unzip as her smile broadened. Her pupils vanished as her eyes started to glow red. "Then your wish is my command." She cackled maniacally further frightening the human as the room darkened around them both. Ken reflexively wrapped his arms around his torso and shuddered.

Then just as quickly Star Dust returned to her normal cute appearance.

"So you're like a genie?"

"No, I just like saying that. I spent two decades in theater and the performing arts. If you treat me like one of those ignorant djinn who allowed themselves to be trapped thousands of years ago I promise you the results will not be pleasant." Her voice dropping an octave for each syllable. "Sorry. Force of habit."

"Have I ever told you that you're incredibly scary when you want to be?"

Star Dust smiled. "I prefer to think of it as my being so incredibly adorable and disarming that you keep forgetting that I am older than your country and could easily make you eat your own intestines." She landed on his shoulder and lightly kissed him on the cheek. "But I will not do that. Let us go and have some fun. Where is she?"


"Hey girlfriend, how are you?" Penny exclaimed rushing over to embrace her mocha hued friend.

Hillary smiled and hugged her friend before stepping back. "I'm fine, and you look fantastic. Is that a new bag?"

"Oh this old thing? No, I just dusted it off." Penny said presenting the bag.

Hillary's expression brightened. "Well it matches your heels perfectly."

"And they are new!" Penny exclaimed kicking one foot up. "Is that a new hat?"

"Why yes it is!" Hillary tilted the white fedora style hat back slightly. "Thank you so much for noticing! So did you decide on where we're going to go? I really need to have a bit of fun." She put on a mock pout. "I mean I'm single again."

"And way better off than you were with that loser Ken." Penny replied. If she noticed Hillary's pout become real for a moment she ignored it. "And how do you feel about Club Adonis? Good food, served by shirtless guys with rock hard abs." She made a suggestive motion with her eye brows.

Hillary pretended to think over her options then nodded. "That does sound simply divine! Let's go!"


"Well according to my cell phone tracker she's. . .the only thing there is Club Adonis." Ken frowned then looked back up at the road. "I guess my revenge will have to wait."

"Why?" Star Dust asked still perched on his shoulder.

"Club Adonis?" When Star Dust shrugged Ken rolled his eyes. "It's a women's restaurant."

"They won't let you in?"

"They will but everybody will be watching me. Even if I am using fairy magic someone will figure out it was me and they won't stop-"

"The problem is someone will notice you because men do not go to this place?" Star Dust asked. "That is a simple fix, I will just make you into a woman and then we can go right in."

"Wait, what?!"

"Too late." Star Dust replied with a shrug.

Ken nearly drove straight past a red light and into traffic when he caught a glimpse of what had formerly been his reflection in the rearview mirror. His strong square jaw was replaced with a soft and remarkably smooth looking feminine mouth. His hair wasn't buzzed close to his skull, instead it was pulled into a high ponytail that was resting on his shoulder. "The fuck?!"

"You needed to be a woman so you could travel to your destination without drawing unwanted attention." Star Dust said nonchalantly.

Ken took a longer look at the woman staring back at him in the mirror. Almond shaped brown eyes, lightly bronzed flesh. I'm fucking sexy. As his gaze wandered lower he noticed Star Dust had been quite generous with the bust. "Wow." He mouthed reaching down to test their weight. "You turned me into a woman."


Ken was silent the rest of the drive to Club Adonis where he stepped out of the car taking note for the first time that he was wearing black platform heels and stunningly not falling over. Even with them adding several inches to his height he still felt short, he could only barely see over the top of his Jetta. "I'm short." He frowned. "Short and sexy as hell."

"I am surprised you do not recognize her. She is modeled after that pornographic actress I have observed you pleasuring yourself to on a number of occasions. London Keyes I believe is her chosen name." Star Dust said. "I thought you would appreciate it. I trust the outfit is to your liking?"

Ken looked himself over slowly finally resting his hands on the broad black belt cinching the outfit down around his narrow hips. "Yeah, I guess. I'm not exactly huge on fashion but it looks good."

"Good, then go in there and let us get this distasteful business behind us." Star Dust said in a calm almost bored tone. With the pixie perched on his shoulder Ken couldn't see the frighteningly large smile or her manic expression.


"You have no idea how much I needed this." Hillary exclaimed sipping at her Sangria Margarita and smiling.

Penny smiled and shrugged. "You looked like you were a bit bummed but I don't know why babe, you dumped that loser and now you're free to get yourself a genuine hunk of beefcake!"

Penny nodded toward the man serving at the next table. Even by the fairly high standards of Club Adonis he looked like something hat had stepped forth from a painting. He was well muscled without being bulky. Like all the employees he was wearing ankle length black boots, tight shorts that left nothing to the imagination, suspenders and a white collar with a red bow tie. On this particular man the crease of his hips seemd to be pointing straight at the bulge in his pants.

Hillary smiled sheepishly and focused her eyes on her drink.

"You know it's okay if you look that's what they are there for." Penny smiled up at the man walking past. "I mean if these guys minded being gawked at they wouldn't work here. Why aren't you smiling."

Hillary looked up from her drink at her friend. "I just miss him is all. Besides being single isn't all unicorns and rainbows. Sure he might have ignored me to go to his stupid card game every Friday night and he never remembered our anniversary, or our song."

"He forgot your song?" Penny shook her head. "You're better off without him.

Hillary shrank slightly but kept herself from actively scowling at her friend. "Yeah I guess."

"You guess? He never appreciated you the way you deserve and you fucking know it!"

Hillary leaned in close and beckoned Penny in. When the two women were close enough to kiss Hillary whispered. "It's been two weeks since we broke up and I'm seriously horning. And being here is definitely not helping!" She hissed.

"Excuse me, your meals." Six feet of bronzed god said placing their meals on the table beside them. "Is there anything else I can get you?"

"Yeah, your number and the time you get off. Or just when you've got a break and the location of the broom closet." Hillary said reaching out and slapping the man on the ass.

"I'm flattered but I have to ask you to keep your hands to yourself." The man said and then immediately left the table.

"What got into you?" Penny giggled sitting back.

"I don't know." Hillary pinched the bridge of her nose then smiled. "I can't believe I did that though."

"Neither can I! You're not usually so bold. Maybe they mixed your drink a bit strong?" Penny suggested.

Hillary looked down at her drink, she was only a quarter of the way through her drink, not close to enough to even feel. "I dunno maybe?" It was better than any other idea she could think up.

As she spoke she felt a sudden warmth right beneath her belly. "Whoa." Hillary gripped the table, the warmth immediately spread through her entire body. "Whatever they put in those drinks it's pretty damn strong. Have I ever told you that you are an amazingly beautiful woman before?"

Penny's eyes lit up. "No, but I could stand to hear a little more about me."

"Oh, you're just stunning. I have no idea how it is you manage to keep the guys from tripping over themselves to get at you." Hillary stood up leaning across the table. "I could just eat you up."

Penny froze in place. She considered Hillary plenty of times in the past but the honey colored beauty had dismissed even the possibility of an encounter casually so many times before that Penny had put the thought aside. Now with her inches away from her face and threatening to kiss her it was impossible to keep the ideas from boiling over into her mind. "Don't tease." She said.

"I don't tease." Hillary whispered then kissed Penny on the lips.

The kiss was exactly how Penny had always imagined it would be. Hillary's lips were soft but insistent and she tasted just like she looked, lightly of honey. When Penny felt their tongues meet it was like a jolt of energy slammed into her and had to have more. Her hands reached up grabbing Hillary by the collar and nearly pulled her across the table.

Penny was breathless by the time the kiss broke. "Where did that come from?" She reached up and fanned herself. "I mean I'm not complaining, I just want to wow." The hairs on the back of her neck started rising and her eyes slowly broke from Hillary's hypnotic green gaze to scan the room where she found dozens of eyes were focused on the two of them. Even the waiters had stopped in their tracks. "People are watching us." Penny whispered turning her gaze back to Hillary.

Hillary glanced around quickly then turned back toward Penny with a mischievous smile. "Let em watch." She grabbed her friend and hauled her across the table sending plates and silverware crashing to the floor when kissed her again.


"I thought she was going to be so in love with me it would drive her crazy." Ken mumbled over a plate of hot wings.

"It's not really what you humans would call an exact science." Star Dust replied. "I just magnified the positive feelings that she still has for you, apparently the emotion closest to the surface is her lust. It's fun to watch though."

So far nobody had moved to stop the two women even though they were making quite the scene. Penny was laying the table, half covered in food lip locked with Hillary. Hillary had worked her hands beneath Penny's shirt and was trying to tug it up over her head.

"Also why do I find two women making out only mildly interesting. I've always had a thing for Penny and I keep wanting to reach out and grab the taut butts of all these really cute guys wandering around. And I keep wondering what it would be like if one would wrap his strong arms around me, clutch me close and kiss me. It's maddening."

"You're a woman. I didn't make you look like a woman, I made you a woman. A woman based largely on a pornographic actresses' portrayed personality. It comes complete with hormones, urges, hungers." Star Dust smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Oh, and right now those urges are getting a little hard to keep completely in check."

Ken was trying his best to subtly grind his thighs together. He wasn't certain if he was really trying to put out the fire or stoke though. What he was certain of was that being wet was much less pleasant than being hard. He could feel the slickness spreading between his thighs, soaking his panties and something in his stomach was aching. It got worse every time the tall, dark skinned man with the fantastic ass walked by. He must have known exactly what he was doing since he always seemed to linger just close enough for Ken to reach out and grab if he could just gather up the nerve. "Why did you do this?"

Because it's fun you silly stupid human. Star Dust thought and very nearly said.

"You needed to be a woman to get your vengeance. I thought I was helping you." Star Dust lied. If he wasn't so engrossed in the new feeling flushing his brain with alien feelings he would have been able to feel the manic pixies malice oozing off her in waves. Even the mostly numb sense of a human would have picked it up as a vague feeling of unease, or maybe that thing that's always right behind them.

Ken shut his eyes and tried to shake the thoughts of grabbing the man in front of him loose but they just wouldn't go. "Goddamnit Star Dust."

The fairy perched on his shoulder didn't respond. She did give the man Ken had been so busy eyeballing a sudden overwhelming need to talk to the Asian beauty sitting at table twelve. Then with another skull splitting smirk she expanded her power till it filled the entire room.

It took a moment but like a snowball rolling down hill the lust in the room grew and grew. When it came back around and hit Star Dust she almost fell off Ken's shoulder.


Hillary finally managed to pull Penny's shirt over her head and flung it back into the aisle next to them and purred. "Isn't that better?"

"Hillary!" She screamed covering her breasts and pulling away. "We're . . .in . . .public." She was already shrinking from the expected shrieks of condemnation but there wasn't any. Penny couldn't believe what she saw around her. The ladies at the table behind her were climbing onto the table tearing off their clothing and kissing each other. The three ladies at the table behind Hillary had pulled one of the waiters onto the table and were literally competing over who could suck his cock, which he was happily encouraging them. "What's happening?"

Penny had the distinct feeling that something was very, very wrong. Before she could figure it out Hillary had stripped down and climbed onto the table with her legs spread. Even before the wave of euphoric energy crashed into Penny she was already leaning forward to kiss Hillary's nether lips.

Hillary tasted exactly the way Penny had dreamed. Even better than the faint scent of strawberries that drew her in were the pleasured cries Hillary started making the moment Penny's tongue parted her lips. That was what Penny had lived for since she lost her virginity, the sound of her lovers pleasure. The way their bodies twisted, turned, tightened and writhed drove her wild every single time.

Hillary was better than most clenching her thighs tight around Penny's skull, almost painfully tight in her grip. The only part of Hillary touching the table were shoulders. The rest of her was arched at an impossible looking angle straining to drive Penny's tongue deeper than it already was. Penny's hands had moved up to grab the perfect golden globes of Hillary's ass digging her nails into the ripe flesh holding her in place.

"Dear fucking God don't you stop, don't you stop for anything!" Hillary shouted reaching up and weaving her fingers into Penny's hair tugging her forward. She felt he orgasm like an enormous ball of energy twisting in her stomach and pulsing. The pressure continued to grow bigger, stronger, more insistent until finally the damn burst and she came shrieking. "I love you so much Penny."

At the opposite end of the room Star Dust had taken moved from Ken's shoulder to sitting in his wine glass occasionally taking sips while he tried to make sense of the hormones and magic robbing him of all rational thought while six feet of chocolate sex tried to get talk Ken out of his dress.

Why am I doing this? I'm at work! Why is she letting me do this? I don't even know her! Jamal thought. The thoughts left his mind after a few deeply satisfying thrusts into the Asian beauty he currently had bent over the table. Her short grey dress was hiked up around her waist but otherwise she was still dressed. She was probably the only person in Club Adonis who could make that claim. He couldn't remember her name, whether it was because she hadn't said or because he'd forgotten in the flurry of lustful kisses and embraces was already too long ago for him to remember. The fact that he knew that was less than ten minutes ago was troubling, but only until her tight walls started clenching down around him.

London gripped the table so tight her knuckles turned white and pushed back against the delicious chocolate sex god currently fucking her. Before this she'd doubted that it was possible for dick to be so good it threatened to fuck your brains right out of your skull but any doubts she had on that were now replaced with the absolute certainty that it could be done and he was doing it. Each time his magnificent shaft sank into her stretching her she felt her mind being reduced to jelly. London was absolutely certain she'd feel it in the morning and perhaps for the rest of the week. Even if she couldn't walk straight for a month it would be better than that hungry ache she'd had in her belly when she'd just been watching him strut back and forth through the room with his taut buttocks and washboard abs. Abs that were currently grinding against her lower back every time he thrust into her. "Oh God!" She shouted pounding on the table with one well manicured fist.

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