Plain Old Dana


The thing was, Milady hadn't just been fun and exciting, she'd been...really easy to access. Dana liked being aggressive and seductive, liked feeling powerful and desirable. She though about the guy in the pirate costume: her victim—the word still did a little something for her; should that worry her? She knew literally nothing about him beyond what was probably a cell phone number; didn't even know if he was a co-worker, or somebody's boyfriend or what. She knew she wasn't done with him, but that was mostly because of how he had responded to her, or to Milady anyhow. Maybe that was a vampire thing; the blood and the fangs really seemed to get him going. Or maybe he just dug powerful aggressive women. It wasn't like he'd suffered...much. He'd gotten a blowjob out of the deal, but what if...?

She'd blown him because she'd wanted to; best reason to give a guy a bj really. In the past, she'd wanted to because she liked, or maybe loved a guy, and wanted to make him happy. But last night, she'd done it to...stay in character. She was a vampiress, after all. She drank the...vital fluids of her victims. But since there really were no such thing as vampires, and she didn't actually want to break the guy's skin with her fake fangs, she had...taken what she needed another way.

So next question: what to do now? Being Milady had been so much fun; not just the costume, but the whole persona. She didn't want to just hang it up until next year, and besides it wasn't even Halloween yet. On the other hand, she'd gotten really lucky with Pirate Guy. The next guy she tried the whole evil seductress number out on might blow her off, or laugh at her, or—God forbid—tell her she was cute! But Pirate Guy had entered into her fantasy. Or maybe he shared it; maybe it was his fantasy too. So back to the original question: what next?

All she had was a phone number: no name, no address, no workplace; hell, no idea if this guy she was fantasizing about having violent, ecstatic sex with was a disease-riddled serial killer. But come on; what were the odds? No, assume the guy was like her, a nine-to-fiver, taking things a day at a time. Wife or girlfriend? Not important. Or rather important in that he might not want to cheat again, if he even considered being attacked by a ravenous vampiress at a Halloween party cheating in the first place. Would she have a problem with it, if she knew? No: the man's relationship status was his business. If he didn't want to play, he could say so, and she'd leave him alone. But he'd given her a number. And he'd asked for hers. So, assume he would be open to...continuing things, whatever that meant.

All she had was his phone number. No, that wasn't entirely true. She didn't have personal data, maybe, but she'd had a pretty intense half-hour with the guy, and she had some impressions. The vampire thing had been what he'd responded to; had to be. The way he'd been staring at her mouth rather than her eyes, or—more usually—her chest, the fascination with the blood on her chin; he'd even asked about it. The way he'd gotten off on the role play. She'd been stroking his cock at the time, but still... And she had his phone number. She reached for her cell phone, and dialed.


"Kelly? It's Dane. I need a favor."

"Oh yeah?" suggestive little lilt to the voice; Dana loved Kelly, but the woman would flirt with a microwave oven. "What kind of favor? Because I'm always..."

"Kinky sex."

"...happy to...Wait, what?"

"I'm not kidding. Look, are you free tonight. This is going to take a little planning, and there's kind of a deadline. Shit, I'm going to be late for work. Can I come by afterwards, maybe around 6:00 or 6:30? I'll take you to dinner, and tell you all about it."

"Uh, yeah, sure, but could you maybe make it 7:30. We had a minor crisis yesterday, and I may burn a little overtime. I'll text if I'm going to be home any earlier."

"7:30, your place. See you then."


That evening: "Holy shit, Dane, that'! I never thought you had it in you."

"Is that a yes?"

"Are you kidding? Of course it's a yes! But, I mean, what if he doesn't pick up? Or what if he's not home?"

"That's why we're doing this on a Monday night, and kind of late. And if we can't get through," Dana dropped her voice to a sexy purr, "I'll reward you for your loyalty to your mistress!"

Kelly giggled. "Ooh, thank you, Milady! Can I have a little of my reward tonight?"

Dana stood up from her chair—they were in Kelly's living room—and sauntered over to the couch on which her friend reclined with legs outstretched. Kelly was a little shorter than Dana, slim and leggy, blonde and fair, smaller in the bust. She was also used to being the aggressor in their occasional sexual adventures, but now, as she lay back on the sofa, her friend seemed to tower over her. Dana smiled seductively down at her, used a knee to nudge apart the smaller woman's thighs and lowered herself across Kelly's body until their faces were less than a foot apart. She whispered: "No. Tomorrow." Kelly whimpered softly. "And until then," Dana—or Milady—added, "this naughty little body belongs to me. No touching."

Kelly: "Dane, seriously? Come on, please? You're making me so hot! Can't I just..."

"No! You're in my power for the next 24 hours, got it? I'm giving you your next orgasm, if I decide you're worthy. And to ensure your obedience..."

She took Kelly's chin between her thumb and forefinger and turned her face to one side, exposing her throat. Slowly, deliberately Dana lowered her face until her lips were pressing against the soft skin. Kelly moaned, anticipating what was coming. Dana let the tip of her tongue explore the side of Kelly's neck, sampling a pleasant combination of sweat, perfume, and arousal, then she took a fold of skin between her teeth, and bit down hard enough to elicit a high pitched "Uhnnn!" from her squirming victim. She held her friend's neck in her teeth for a few seconds, then she covered the spot with her lips and began sucking gently, making sure Kelly could hear the soft, wet sounds Milady made when she fed. After a few moments, she brought her lips up to the smaller woman's ear and whispered: "Mmmm, your blood is sooo sweet, my pretty! And now that I've tasted it, you're powerless to resist me, so," she reached down between their bodies and cupped Kelly's pussy though her panties, "no touching until tomorrow night. Now, say 'Yes Milady.'"

Kelly sighed: "Yes, Milady!" giggled, and then added, "Evil bitch!"

Dana smiled down at her friend, gave her a quick peck on the lips and smiled. "You have no idea!"


The following night, Monday, October 28, Kelly arrived at Dana's house at 9:00 pm. She wore a red pleated skirt which hit her long slim legs somewhere around the middle of her thighs, a silky button-down pale pink blouse, boots, a bomber jacket, a lacy white bra, matching bikini-cut panties, and an air of anticipation and sexual frustration Dana figured she could cut with a butter knife.

"Somebody's wound pretty tight."

"Yeah, well somebody's vampire mistress came by last night and got her all hot and bothered and then wouldn't let her masturbate!"

"So be a good little helpless, hypnotized fuck toy tonight, and I might let you cum before I kill you."

"Wow, Milady, you really know how to sweet talk a girl. Speaking of which," she gave Dana's terrycloth bathrobe a slightly disappointed look, "are you going to, um, change at all?"

Dana smiled. "Want me to?"

"Oh, yes please!"

"OK, I'll do a less drastic version of the make-up. I was planning on wearing my fangs anyway, since I think I sound a little different with them in. And as for everything else..." She gave a flirty little smile and opened her robe to reveal her slutty black lingerie—bra and cincher with garters, lace-top stockings, g-string and the heels she'd worn to the party. "Will this do?"

"Oh my God, Dane, you look so fucking hot!"

"Thanks. I...think I might make you describe me for him."

"Ooh, yes Milady! should I be, just in general?"

"You mean..."

"I mean, am I scared of you, or am I totally under your spell, and hot for you, or what?"

Dana considered. "This may sound a little fucked up,"—Kelly snorted with laughter—"I know, circumstances, right? But I'm kind of getting off on her cruelty, so maybe it's like your body can't resist my commands, but you're still scared and maybe even a little shy...ooh, no, maybe you're not even all that experienced, you know, sexually, and you know I'm evil, but I'm doing things to you that feel soooo good! Then you can beg and plead a little before you submit to my depraved..."

"Shit, Dane, stop! I get it! If you don't want me to just, like, cum spontaneously, just stop now, or I won't have anything left for when we get him on the line."

Dana gave her best evil laugh: "Under my spell already, my Pretty? Ok, let's go back to the bedroom and get this going!"


In the end, Dana applied almost all of her make-up. The fangs just didn't look right next to the freckles. Then she slinked out of the bedroom, all red hair, pale skin and black lingerie to confront her newest victim. She watched with pleasure as Kelly's eyes widened at her approach. When she was close enough to the smaller woman, she smiled, displaying the fangs, and reached out to stroke the little blonde's cheek with the back of her hand. Then she hissed: "Such a lovely little thing; you look good enough to eat."

"Dana..." Kelly could barely get the two syllables out on a single breath.

"Uh uh, Kell, from here on out it's..."

"Milady. I know. I'm sorry. Should we have...I mean do I need a safeword or something.

Dana considered: "We've talked about pretty much everything I'm going to do. You're still up for this, right?"

"God, yes! More than ever! It's just that...well you are kind of scaring me a little."

"I know I am, and it's really turning me on. But look: I want to keep the role seamless for this guy. If you need to stop, just go ahead and end the call, ok? I mean, I'm not tying you down or anything. At least, not this time.

"Ok, I guess, and you have the...?"

"The sound effects? Right there on the night stand."

"And we trade off holding the phone while we're talking, and then when you start..."

"Then the phone goes into this holder,"—indicating a cradle next to the sound effects—"and he hears what he hears. Now, you ready?"


"It's ringing!"

Then: "Hello?"

Dana nodded to Kelly, and then she began to speak, her voice low, slow and sensual as she guided her words around the fangs. "Trick or treat, Handsome. Do you know who this is?"

"Oh lord, I was praying you would, Milady. Do you..."

"Shhh, listen to me, Mr. Pirate. I've called for a reason."

"Uh, yeah...sure. Ok, why are you...?"

"I've been out hunting, and I've brought" --Milady's eyes swept slowly up her pretty victim's body; Kelly shuddered with arousal—"a lovely little thing back with me to my lair. Since you were kind enough to...satisfy my thirst on Saturday, I thought I'd offer you a treat in return. Would you like to listen to with her."

"Wait, you mean...?"

"Her name is Stacy. Say hello, Stacy."

Dana held up the phone and Kelly said "H-hello" in a high pitched, trembling voice.

"She sounds scared."

"She is scared. A little adrenalin makes the blood that much sweeter. And fear turns me on. My pussy is so wet right now that I almost wish I had you here with that nice, thick cock of yours. You could fuck me while I feed."

"Oh my..."

"And this one would get you hard all by herself. She looks delicious. Come over here, my pet."

Kelly walked over to where Dana stood. The two women were in Dana's bedroom, a large-ish room with a queen-sized bed in one corner, with nightstands on either side of the headboard. A walk-in closet opened up to the right of the bed, creating a six-foot wide corridor between the edge of the bed and the wall which held the door to the master bath. Kelly/Stacy had been sitting on the bed, but now she stood facing her mistress in front of the closet. She said: "Yes, Milady?"

"Stand before me, my dear; let me look at you." Then into the phone: "Oh yes, this one would definitely appeal to a pirate like you: a lovely little doe-eyed blonde just begging to be carried off and ravished."

Stacy: "Oh no, I..."

Milady: "Shh, my sweet! This man can't touch you. He has no idea where we are. You have nothing to fear...from him."

Stacy: "Yes, Milady."

Dana shot Kelly a quick grin; her friend was playing it perfectly. Then, resuming her role: "Good. Now...hmmm, what a beautiful body you have! Why don't you take off your clothes and show it to me."

"Oh, Milady, I don't know. I've never..."

Gently, so as to keep the phone in position, the vampiress brought her face to her victim's and gave her a long, passionate kiss. Her lips glided against Stacy's, then she caressed the little blonde's lips with her tongue. Stacy's mouth opened willingly, and for s few seconds the soft wet sounds of lips and tongues exploring and caressing, along with little high-pitched sighs and pants, came clearly through the connection to where the man sat listening, his cock already painfully hard and erect.

After a little time, Stacy deliberately brushed her tongue against a fang. She gave a little squeak of surprise: "Oh, Milady! Your teeth are so sharp!"

"The better to eat you with, my pet," purred the vampiress, "now, strip for me."

"Yes, Milady!" sighed her pretty victim.


Milady watched hungrily as Stacy began to undo the buttons on her blouse. "Are you still there, Lover?" she whispered into the phone.

"Yeah." Half-word; half-pant.

"She's taking off her top. She has such lovely soft skin! I wonder if it's as sweet as her mouth is. You heard us kissing?"


The vampiress giggled. "She looks so frightened and helpless," then her voice dropped, husky with arousal, "but she has the naughtiest tongue. It was just...everywhere: my lips, my tongue, my teeth..."

Kelly/Stacy smiled, licked her lips and gave her best porn star pout. Milady—refusing to break character for the moment—bared her fangs in a silent hiss. Stacy reassembled her virginal victim persona, and dropped her blouse revealing a lacy white bra.

"Oh my!" back into the phone: "her shirt is gone and...there. Such a sweet little bra: white lace with a front clasp; gone now, and her breasts look absolutely luscious! Hmmm, I think I need a closer look." Then to Stacy: "Come to me, my sweet."

Stacy approached until she was standing directly in front of her mistress, who was herself sitting on the bed. Milady drew the pad of an index finger slowly down one exposed breast until she reached the nipple. She squeezed gently, and was rewarded with a soft moan of arousal.

"Ooh, oh yes!" Back to the phone: "Being a scurvy pirate and all, I doubt if you've ever seen, let alone caressed, tits as warm and soft and," a long indrawn breath, "mmm...exquisite as these beauties I'm playing with right now." Cupping Stacy's breasts and bouncing them gently, as the pretty blonde sighed and cooed, Milady continued: "Oh, they're so pale and smooth and...perky—each one about the size of an apple—with tiny, dark pink nipples...ooh, they're getting harder as I pinch them!" Her victim's sighs became higher, and slightly louder; little shrieks of pain and pleasure as Milady's pinches became rougher.

"I want you to listen to me sucking on them. You remember my warm mouth closing around your cock? Remember how soft and wet my red lips are? Just imagine those lips suckling the most perfect pair of titties you've ever seen. And keep your hands by your side. Touch your cock, and I'll hang up, and you'll never hear from me again! Don't think I won't know if you disobey me!"

A frustrated sigh over the line; then: "Yes, Milady." She could almost see him releasing his throbbing erection; she hoped he'd been close. "Poor man, does it hurt?"

"God, yes!"

The vampiress giggled. "Good. I have to tell you a little secret: torturing you really turns me on!"

She heard a rueful chuckle on the other end of the phone. "No shit?" her pirate muttered.

Dana grinned: "None whatsoever. Now remember, no touching." Then in a whisper: "I'm going to kiss these lovely breasts now. I won't bite...yet."


Milady leaned forward and captured one of the little blonde's nipples between her lips. Stacy, the good damsel in distress, gave a surprised little squeak. "Ooh, what are you...? I've never...please don't! You shouldn't...oh, oh, oooh...feels soooo good!"

The vampiress began to tease and wet her prize with lips and tongue, holding the phone close to her mouth so that her captive pirate could hear the little wet smacking and sucking sounds she made as she bit and sucked and licked.

Finally, she pulled off with a last wet smack. Stacy mewled in protest: "No...please!"

"What a naughty little slut you are, my dear!" crooned Milady through a grin. "You like it when I suck your tits, don't you?"

"N-n-no," Stacy protested, as she tried to suppress a giggle, "it's just that..."

"Shhh..." Dana broke character, caught Kelly's eyes, and pointed to her own. Then she mouthed silently 'hypnotize you.' Kelly's brow furrowed for just a second, and then she smiled and nodded. Dana reacquired Milady's seductive purr. "You have such beautiful eyes, Stacy...why don't you look into mine..."

"Yes, Milady...oh, your eyes are...beautiful...too...they're so...oh..."

Kelly's voice slowed and deepened and she pretended to fall into a trance. Dana blew her a silent kiss and gave her a "thumbs-up" with the hand which wasn't holding the cell. Then she spoke into the phone

"Sill listening, Handsome?"


A whisper: "Is your cock still hard?"





"Uh huh...please, may I..."

"Good." Dana/Milady gave what she hoped was a cruel little laugh: "Then listen to this."

She turned to Kelly/Stacy: "Now, naughty girl, were you lying just now, when I asked you if you liked it when I sucked your tits?" She handed Kelly the phone. Speaking into it, Kelly/Stacy murmured: "N-no..?"

Dana/Milady silently patted a spot next two her on the bed, and the two young women sat close together, taking turns with Dana's cell.

Milady: "Come now, my dear, don't lie to me. I know. I felt your delicious little nipples harden between my lips. I heard you moan. You did like it didn't you?"

Stacy: "...yes."

Milady: "Would you like me to do it again?" She dipped her head and flicked a teasing tongue across her victim's engorged nipple, and then took it between her teeth, biting gently."

Stacy squealed and squirmed: "Oh!...ahhh,, yes, please, don't stop..."

Milady: "Would you like me to do more?"

Kelly grinned and nodded emphatically but silently. As Stacy, she said into the phone: "More? I don't know... what do you..."

Milady: "I'll show you, my Sweet, now...why don't you tell..." She held up a finger, and grabbed the cell. Kelly gave her a 'get on with it' kind of glare and huffed with impatience, as Dana stood and walked a few steps from the bed. "Pirate," she cooed, "I can't keep calling you that. What is your name?"

"Uh...Ben," his voice was dry and husky with suppressed want. "Ben Gunn."

'Fake name', Dana mouthed to Kelly. Then she giggled. Probably still a little afraid of me, she thought to herself. I would be. Into the phone she whispered: "Ben Gunn...I like that. And you have such a lovely I recall. I remember what it felt like...what it tasted like...mmm. You wouldn't be playing with that gun now, would you?"


"Good boy. Now, Stacy, my pet, why don't you take this phone and tell Mr. Gunn exactly what I'm doing to you."

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