Planting the Seed


lowered his mouth, kissing all around the outer lips before zeroing in on my now throbbing clit. He grazed it a few times with his lips and tongue, but I thrust my hips at him, and moaned while I sucked Gary's cock down my throat. I took my mouth from the cock for just a minute and told him to lick my clit, please, before I went back to sucking.

He finally did, burying his tongue in my pussy, and then flicked my clit in tight little circles. The faster he went on me, the more furiously I sucked on Gary's, and before long, we both moaned as we got close to explosion. I was first and took my mouth off his cock to scream that I was cumming, still pumping his cock up and down with my fist. In a minute he moaned for me to suck him, so I stuffed his cock back in my mouth just as I felt a stream of hot cum shoot into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed all of it, and licked the head of his cock clean while I looked up at him. He had an evil smile on his face and I knew he wanted to cram that cock into my dripping pussy. Scott meanwhile was licking my juices from his lips as he crawled up on top of me. He crushed his lips against mine so I could taste my own sweet pussy, and I knew it was time to really get down to business.

"Get on your hands and knees", Scott said to me and I did, knowing what was going come next. Scott knelt in front of me and pulled my hair just hard enough to send a shiver throughout my body. "Suck my cock, " he said, looking directly into my eyes.

I eagerly started sucking him, while I felt Gary come up behind me. My ass was high in the air and I felt his hands first on my hips, and then kneading my ass.

"Damn Scott, she's got a great ass, doesn't she?" he said, giving one cheek a sound smack. I groaned and sucked harder at Scott's cock.

"Fuck yeah, she does!" Scott said, his eyes closed and his head tilted slightly. "Amazing pussy too! Why don't you fuck her and see for yourself."

I felt my pussy start throbbing again just at the thought of Gary's fat cock sliding into me, but fortunately I didn't have to wait long to feel the real thing. He was rock hard again, and I was already dripping wet from Scott's pussy eating, so he had no trouble sliding in, though I could feel my pussy walls stretching to accommodate him. I groaned in the back of my throat as he slowly penetrated me, inch by inch until his balls were against my ass. He started to slowly stroke back and forth, and it felt fucking amazing. I pushed back against him to get all of him as deep inside me as possible, and he was hitting my g-spot with every stroke. Lost in the sensation of having this huge cock filling my pussy and Scott's cock filling my mouth, I almost didn't notice that Scott was close to coming. He grabbed my head and rammed his cock into my throat, and I was brought back to reality for a minute. He was fucking my throat furiously while Gary sped up his own thrusts.

"Oh fuck, I'm going cum!!" Scott grunted, spraying his load in my mouth and over my lips. Some dripped down my chin and caught on my tits before hitting the bed spread. "Jesus Christ, you suck amazing cock", he breathed as he fell back on the bed momentarily. I smiled a little and licked his jizz from my lips. My tits swung back and forth as Gary continued to pound me from behind, and Scott just took in the whole site. Then he looked at Gary, and raised an eyebrow.

"I think it's time to switch places again", Scott said.

Gary replied, "My thought exactly."

Before I could protest, Gary slid out and lay on his back.

"Come over here and ride my cock", he said to me and I was only too happy to oblige.

I straddled him, letting his cock slowly sink into me as I lowered all my weight onto him. Scott got behind me and gently pushed me down onto Gary, making sure he had total access to my tight ass. As I started to ride Gary again, Scott worked one and then two lubed fingers into my pussy around Gary's shaft, slowly opening me wider. I gasped at first, but then relaxed so he could get me good and stretched open. I looked back at him while he fingered me; his other hand stroked his cock back up until it was stiff again. When I was stretched open, he got behind me, his hands on my hips, and slowly teased my pussy with the tip of his cock. Gary started to massage my clit as Scott worked his way into my pussy and the feeling was amazing. I rolled my hips back and forth, clenching Gary's cock in my tight pussy as Scott's cock slipped in with it. When he was all the way in, the two of them started stroking in unison, filling every inch of me with their cocks.

I had never felt so stuffed before, and the feeling of two cocks in me at the same time, Gary stroking my clit and Scott kissing and biting my neck, began to send me over the edge.

"You like having two cocks in you, don't know?" Scott whispered.

"Oh, fuck yes!" I moaned.

"Yeah, I know you do. You're our little cock lover, aren't you?"

"Uh huh, " I grunted.

"Damn right you are!" Gary said from below me, rubbing my clit furiously while Scott squeezed my nipples. "And you're going come all over our cocks, aren't you?"

"Oh God, yesssss...." I groaned. I was really close to cumming and this put me over the edge.

"Cum for us, Donna!" Scott said, as they both sped up their thrusting.

It was too much for me. I felt both of their cocks working in my pussy and my clit being fingered, my nipples being pinched and squeezed.

"Oh fuck...oh FUCK...I'm gonna cummmmm!!!" I screamed and within seconds, I came like I never had before, drenching the bed in female juices as I exploded.

"Damn, feel that pussy squeeze....oh fuck, she squirted all over me!" Gary said, smiling up at Scott. "Damn that's hot....gonna make me cum too!"

"I know, me too....fuck!" Scott grunted.

I was lying on Gary as I felt both of their cocks get even harder, and then Scott pulled out, spraying jizz all over my back as Gary emptied his load into my pussy. Gary pulled out and some of his cum dripped onto my red, raw pussy. We all laid in the tangle of sheets for a while, breathing hard and trying to return to our senses. I really think Gary will be visiting more often, at least if I have anything to say about it.

Then my thoughts are interrupted by a warm caress under my breasts, and I turned and saw my new lover standing over me. My tongue snaked into Gary's mouth, and I pressed my aching body against his. Our kisses were long and torrid with the passion that was smoldering inside. I stood and rubbed my breasts against his hairy chest, savoring the sensation on my erect nipples, while he caressed my sides and bottom. He cupped my buttocks in his hands, moving his fingers into my crack, spreading my cheeks and fondling my wet folds. I moved onto my back on the day bed and held the lips to my sopping slit open, so that he could slide his tongue up and down my throbbing clit, making me jump under the pressure of his wet mouth. He stuck his tongue deep into my quivering hole as far as it would go, and began to tongue fuck me.

I caressed my swollen clit with my fingers, moaning with delight and squirming under his lips. He ground my mound against his mouth as my climax approached. My juices flooded his mouth, as I throbbed in orgasmic splendor. I poured some warm massage oil into my hands and stroked his swollen cock. Hand over fist and slowly rotating my hands, I pulled up and slowly going down again, as if imitating a tight throbbing pussy. I closed my mouth around his cock and moved my head up and down, taking him deep into my throat, tasting his pre cum and warm oil. I swirled my tongue around and around his head under the crown, giving little butterfly licks, feeling him throb in my hands. I sucked and slowly pumped my hands up and down. His hips began to thrust towards me and I knew he was on the edge.

"Don't come yet I whispered. Ride the feeling, let it last. Enjoy the pleasure."

I eased off, gently licking his balls, taking them slowly in turn into my warm mouth, rubbing them with my tongue. I want to feel your warm cum inside me," I said, as I climbed on top, knees on either side of him.

I eased myself onto his shaft and slowly moved up and down, bending over to kiss his lips and eyes, nibbling his ears and kissing his neck. I sucked his nipples like I had been sucking his cock. He caressed my breasts, pulling me forward to suck on each teasing nipple. He rubbed my engorged clit, as I leaned back to expose it to him. I squeezed his cock and released with my vaginal muscles, as I moved up and down his shaft. I rotated slowly around without letting his cock come out of me. I used different angles for maximum penetration and mutual pleasure. I took his cock in my hand and rubbed his knob against my clit, teasing it and then slowly sinking it into my tight pussy. I was so aroused and so close to cumming, but I slowed down as I kept us both on the edge, savoring every sensation, making it last and last. We were so close.

Throbbing and with increased tempo, I slid up and down his penetrating shaft. I let the sensation rock us until we could wait no longer and came together with abandon, exploding into each other, creaming my swollen cookie wet and throbbing with pleasure. We had made love slowly, each of us taking it in turn to pleasure the other. We had ignored our inhibitions, abandoned in the pleasure of the moment. It was such an intimate insight into our feelings for each other. We enjoyed making love, and it showed in the gentle way I sucked his glistening cock, savoring each stroke of my tongue, and Gary pleasuring me in every way, never hurried or rough. Total bliss!

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by lovelover05/04/17

So drawn out

So slowly, bit by bit, they crossed little boundaries, with the three of them wanting the threesome, & moving in a caring way, ever closer, then finally fucking their brains out. I loved 💕 It!

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