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Play Date


Diane, my wife, and I have developed a very liberal attitude about sex. After a couple of years of marriage she had lost most of her inhibitions and now enjoyed sex and showing off her body. Sometimes she was even willing to share herself for me. We had started with a longtime friend of mine who had always had an eye for her. She had protested but later admitted that she had secretly been hoping to do a threesome with Gary and me.

We had converted one of the spare bedrooms into a playroom where we could enjoy sexual activity outside of our own bedroom. The bed was a king sized bed with a canopy frame that contained decorative railings around the top, good for binding one of us. There was a dresser that contained clothing, a couple of vibrators and other toys. A camera was mounted in two corners away from the bed and monitors sat on a entertainment center, along with a DVD player. An eye hook was in the ceiling between the wall and the foot of the bed with a chain hanging from it.

One Saturday afternoon in the fall I started to get working on getting Diane in the mood for a little afternoon delight. I found her in the kitchen at the sink rinsing some dishes from lunch. I came up behind her placing my hands on the counter on either side of her. I leaned forward nuzzling her neck and kissed the back of her neck. She leaned into me so I wrapped my arms around her.

She covered my arms with her own and asked, "Okay. What do you want?"

"You." I breathed into her ear. "Right now."

I turned her around still wrapped in my arms as she hugged her arms around my neck. I kissed her lightly on the lips and smiled mischievously at her.

"Let's go to the play room and see what kind of girl you really are."

I took her hand and led her into the play room where we resumed our embrace. I let me hands wander over her body, rubbing her ass over the tight pair of jean shorts she hand on, up the small of her back, pulling her t-shirt up as I moved my hand. When her bra was exposed I stopped my movement and undid the snap. Then I continued to pull her shirt up over her head and she moved the strap of her bra allowing it to fall to the ground.

I kissed my way down her body sucking on each nipple and giving them a good massage. Her breasts are a firm C cup with small nipples. I moved down her body lingering only a little at her navel, nipping at her piercing there. I reached down and undid the snap of her shorts pulling the zipper down in the same motion. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and underwear and slid her them down her long athletic legs. She stepped out of the pants now clad only in her birthday suit.

"I like this outfit on you," I said with a leer. "I think I'm going to enjoy this."

I pushed her back slightly and stepped towards the closet. I pulled out a new play toy, a bondage swing, and showed it to her. She looked at it, not realizing what the straps would form. I reached up and grabbed the chain hanging from the ceiling and connected the swivel ring from the swing to it. Diane continued to look quizzically at the new toy that hung like straps. I took her hand and clasped the binding from the swing around her left hand.

"No. Please. I'll be good," she playfully resisted as I cuffed her other wrist into the swing.

Coming around behind her, sliding her ass onto the narrow support strap, raised her legs and snapped the cloth cuffs around her ankles. Now she was suspended from the ceiling

.I started stroking her body, caressing her tits and pinching her nipples. I tugged at the rings she had piercing her nipples. She would sometimes wear a gold chain hooked into each of the nipple rings which kept them hard and visible under her thin blouses.

As I walked around the room Di expected me to pick up one of the toys to please her. Instead I found the blindfold we has gotten some time ago. It covers the eyes about the same was as a sleep mask to block out light.

"Let's try a little sensory deprivation. First, I am going to blindfold you."

"Why?" She was nervous now. "What do you plan to do?"

"Well, with your eyes covered you won't be able to see what I going to do to you. Or when or where I'm going to do it."

"Oooooo." That sounds naughty." Now she was getting bolder.

"When you get used to that, I'll put your iPod on with the headphones. That way you won't be able to hear when I going to get you."

I had stepped in front of her now and ran the back of my hand over her breasts. The nipples got hard again and I pinched one in my fingers. I put the blindfold over her eyes and checked to make sure she couldn't see anything. I stepped around her and spanked her on the ass.

"OW!" she exclaimed. Now she was squirming around unsure where I was or what I was going to do next.

"See? You couldn't see that coming," I said as I reached between her legs and buried a finger inside of her.

Instead of squirming Diane began to move against my hand. I let her continue to rub her pussy against my wrist and hand before sliding it free.

"Awww. Come on. I was just getting started,' she protested.

"This ain't your game to make the rules. You're helpless now. You're helpless until I let you go free." I had stepped up behind her and was talking into her ear while my hands caressed her body. Her tits felt so good as I lingered on the nipples, squeezing the tit and pinching her nipples. She twisted her body against the constraints of the bondage swing trying to get free. I walked around between her legs suspended in the air and pushed my crotch into her ass while my hands continued to work their way over her thin curvy body. I kissed her stomach and then took a little nip on her clit. This made her jump slightly and goose bumps covered her body.

"Your beautiful," I whispered. "I love how you let me do these things to you. I love letting other men see you, touch you and I love watching other men fuck you."

Her body shook with shivers as I continued to play with her, stroking and touching her all over. I moved around. stroking her legs and I kissed her knee. I began kissing my way up the front of her legs and my tongue found her pussy. She was wet and squirmed as I started to eat her. She wrapped her legs around my shoulders and was fucking my face.

I pulled her legs off my neck and stood in front of her again.


Almost breathlessly she replied, "Yes."

"Just wait."

I walked out of the bedroom to the living room where I knew I would find her iPod loaded with music. Her music is rather loud with a great amount of base and drums, so it would be perfect. As I entered the room I saw her working to determine if she could get loose.

"Won't do any good. You can't get loose until the straps are loosened." I explained. "Now with the music blaring you won't be able to hear anything. And you can't see anything. Its called sensory deprivation and gives you a whole different outlook. Being blind and having the load music will throw off your balance, your sense of timing and how and what you feel. And, you won't be able to tell who's doing it you."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHO?" she demanded

"Remember your fantasy about having an unknown lover fuck you that you told me about? Well, you're going to have that fantasy fulfilled today. I've invited a friend, or friends over to play."

"You didn't. You wouldn't. You wouldn't just let your friends in here to play with me like that." Her voice was weakening now as she was trying to convince herself that this couldn't be happening.

About that time the doorbell rang and Diane instinctively turned her head.

"Now who could that be?' I asked as innocently as I could muster. "Better go see. But before I go, let me put these headphones on for you.."

Diane was trying to swing away from me and was using her arms to cover her ears. I pulled the ear-bud headphones out of her case and, after a short battle, got them into her ears. I turned the iPod on before I left the room to answer the door.

At the front door I greeted a couple of guys and invited them in. I offered them seats in the living room, offering to get them something to drink. We all enjoyed a cold beer and chatted about sports and other unimportant subjects for about a short time, before I excused myself to leave the room.

I walked into the play room finding Diane hanging in the swing exhausted from trying to free herself. I walked over to her and grabbed both of her nipples and squeezed. She let out a loud yelp at the sudden surprise. I reached up and pulled the headphones off.

"You better be quiet. They may just come in here thinking something is wrong. I just want to make sure you're ready."

"Ready for what?" There was a little apprehension and a little excitement in her voice.

"Take the blindfold off so I can see what's going on."

"Nope. I'm going to put the headphones back on and go get the guys to come in here. I just might let you out of the swing, but only to cuff you to the bed instead."

I walked out to the living room and both young men stood.

"Is everything okay? We though we heard a scream."

"Yes. That's why I asked you both to come over here today. I have a surprise for you both. Follow me, please."

We walked down the hall to the bedroom and I pushed the partially open door open fully.

"Wow!" was the first response I heard from the blond headed one. "Is she a prom star or something?"

"No, she's just a play thing."

I walked up to her and pulled the headphones away from her ears, letting them rest around her neck, and turned the volume down.

"Diane, say hello to your guests. They're here to play with you, anyway they want."

"They? How many of them are there? What are you going to do to me?" She was twisting in the swing trying to remove the mask that blinded her.

"They are going to fuck you wherever and however they want to use you. Now, if you continue to carry on, I'll just have to use the ball gag." I turned to the two young men who by now where stripping out of their cloths.

"Condoms. Gentlemen. There is a box of them on the dresser. Whether you fuck her pussy or her ass you have to wear condoms. Trash can's over in the corner and paper towels are also on the dresser. Enjoy."

With that I kissed Diane on the mouth and told her to just lay back and enjoy. Then I slid the headphones back over Diane's ears and headed out of the room.

"Oh, by the way, I'll be watching. There are two cameras recording everything."

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