tagLetters & TranscriptsPlay-Time No. 02

Play-Time No. 02


The play-times series is a collection of masturbatory exploits at my Mistress' request! On certain evenings I was allowed to wear something sexy and read an erotic story from a book she let me borrow. After the story I was told to play with myself and then the following morning I had to write a report to her telling her what I wore and what scenario I played along with. I was not allowed to orgasm during my play time! My orgasms are sacred to only the days/nights that I see her, and even then they aren't guaranteed!


Dear Mistress,

After a luxurious bath I decided to dress in a white lace bra and matching panties. As I settled on the bed I grabbed the book from the cabinet and flicked through the pages until I reached a title that caught my eye!

I was in a particular mood and one word summed it up – lesbian! I felt a little disappointed when I began to read that there was a husband involved, but now I'd started the story I had to carry on.

The women in the story were very sexy and I began to get stirrings in my lace panties when they started to get together, you know, when they start to seductively undress and you can literally feel the subtle touches that ignite a thousand flames. My thighs would clench as I read and they'd rub together every now and then.

I felt my breath catch when the word 'cunt' appeared and I may as well have forgotten about the book, because right then at that time all I could hear was your voice saying 'cunt' and my pussy was beginning to react. How do you do that?

Luckily for me the story ended pretty quickly and no sooner had I placed the book back in its place my fingers had begun their descent to my pussy! It crept inside the lace. I love the feel of the material as it brushes against my hand when it begins to move back and forth over my hot wet pussy.

~ My middle finger dipped into the deep crevice, the swollen moist lips parting, allowing me easy access to delve straight into the pool of humid tropical moistness. The tight wet walls of my pussy invited my finger eagerly, practically sucked it in and I wiggled it in earnest, hooking it up to catch that wonderful sweet spot that makes me arch my back and cry out in deep pleasure.

I began to think that I was with you and wearing the same virginal white, lace panties. You were holding the cane and you told me to kneel on your sofa with my hands resting on the back of it. When I bent over you called me a 'good girl' and your hand came to my panties and you slid it underneath the sexy material.

~ I groaned at that point. My finger was deep inside my pussy and with my other hand I began to touch the huge mounds that were encased in my lace bra. I stretched one of the cups down and eased the mass of abundant flesh from it. It wobbled lusciously as I writhed in ecstasy and the crinkled domed peak begged for attention.

I felt your palm cup my pussy, your fingers hooking upwards, pressing into my pussy, teasing my clit and then you said, "Your cunt is wet!"

~ My pussy drenched my hand. It was swimming in the lace panties. I pinched the exposed nipple, pulled it, extending it further until my breast felt as if it was lifting from my body. I squirmed and squealed as shocks of pain shot through me, increasing my arousal.

You pulled at my hair, jerking me towards you, making me look into your eyes. "Your cunt is wet!" I let out a slight whimper at your words.

~ I withdrew my finger from my soaked pussy and began to stroke my engorged clit. I pressed onto it as I did so, feeling it occasionally pulse beneath my ministrations. My breathing had become deep and my frequent mild moans were now becoming more excitable.

You gripped my hair tighter and whispered to me. "What is wet?"

I hesitated in answering you. I don't like the word 'cunt' and have rarely used it in any context and I just didn't want to say it. I couldn't say it and all I could say at that point was, "My pussy is wet Mistress!"

Your hand came away from my hair, quickly followed by your other one leaving my sodden pussy. There was a pause for a short while, and then you swiped the cane across my bum. The sting sent shockwaves all over my body and my arms nearly gave way causing me to lunge forward.

You spoke abruptly. "What is wet?" Again I hesitated and was given another sharp stinging blow to my arse. "Do I have to keep caning you until I hear what I want to hear?" You let me have a couple of seconds to regain a little composure. "Well?"

I fought with myself knowing I had to say that dreaded word.

"My cunt is wet Mistress!"

~ With me saying that word in my head I could feel my body begin to tense. I continued to caress my clit, rubbing it a little quicker than I was, feeling it swell amongst the pool of juice that I was sweeping back and forth over my inflamed and parted lips!

You called me a good girl when I said it and then told me that I would need something to remind me to make sure I never forgot it.

You asked me again. "What is wet?" You would then unleash another swipe across my lace covered behind.

After a moments dithering, I replied with, "My cunt is wet Mistress!"

Again you would ask me, "What is wet? And with that you'd add another single blow on my arse.

I'd reply to you. "My cunt is wet Mistress!"

~ My hips were now coming up from the bed allowing my fingers to slide with ease over my hardened clit and into the deep fissure of my pussy. My moans became louder, echoing throughout the bedroom. The bed would creak as my body writhed on the untidy sheets. I pulled on my nipples, alternating between each one, twisting it with each pang of desire that swept over me. I swear I could feel the cane cut into my arse and each time I heard myself say 'my cunt is wet' 'my cunt is wet' 'my cunt is wet' my clit would nearly burst. The tingling began to intensify and I knew I had to pull my hand away. As much as I would have loved to 'come' to you caning me and making me say 'my cunt is wet' I knew that I would have transgressed big time to orgasm without permission!

I reluctantly withdrew my hand from my lace panties and clenched my thighs around it. I rolled onto my side hoping that the luscious ache of frustration would subside as I attempted to drift off to sleep!

Thank you Mistress!


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