tagInterracial LovePlease Cowboy? Ch. 02

Please Cowboy? Ch. 02


Brody and Cade McKay were waiting outside of, Amie Nicole, as the limo pulled up in front of them. Lily never thought she would have anything to do with the club her adoptive brother, Kyle hunt, and Cade, owned together, but she was getting desperate and secretly this was her kink, but no one knew beside Cade, Kyle, and Brody because they got her drunk last Christmas and everything came out, even her love for Scott. Luckily he wasn't in the room when it slipped passed her lips.

Cade opened the door with a shit eating grin that caused her to roll her eyes as she got off of Scott's lap, somewhat composed.

"Well look-ie here, baby girl done had a good time I see." He said wiggling his eyebrows as she got out.

"Ooo-whew! Darlin' you sure got off, I can smell it, but you left poor old Scott hanging, or actually I met standing." He gestured with his hand to the tent inside Scott's slacks. She flinched at the sounds of Brody's and Cade's booming laughter. It wasn't that funny, she thought slugging both of them in the arm, but that just made them laugh harder and louder if possible.

She groaned, "You guys please, let's just get him inside and tied to the bed already. I still have to go to work in the morning and it's almost nine." God, could they make this situation anymore awkward? She had the love of her life drugged and passed out in the limo and her two closet friends laughing about how she got off and he didn't. She needed to hurry this process up pronto!

"If you two do not get this man's ass in that club, in the private room downstairs so help me I will kick both of your asses to China." She screamed at them before she turned her back and marched inside the club.

The, Amie Nicole was a club designed for every fetish known to the heart's imagination or that's what her brother told her. It was decorated with seduction in mind. The soft velvet colored walls, the dim lighting, the way the black lace covered the windows.

Low whispers filled the air, along with moans and groans as she made her way to downstairs to the room.

As she entered the room she didn't bother with admiring the appearance of the room as she made a beeline to the changing room. Brody had so graciously picked out an outfit for her, knowing what his brother liked. She never got to have a look at it until now and OH MY GOD she was going to kill him!

"Who the hell wears this?" she yelled looking at the outfit with wide eyed imagination. Hanging in front of the full length mirror was a black three piece, actually if she put it on it would be a one piece, strappy velour diamond teddy with matching stockings and shimmery diamond pasties.

"Holy shit," she whispered, "I am not wearing this." She jumped at the sound of knocking on the door.

"You're wearing it Darlin'." Brody's voice sounded through the door. She rolled her eyes.

"No I am not! This is basically nothing, Brody. How could you?" she shouted running a hand through her hair.

"How could I? I saw him looking at this particular piece online at work the other day and he said he would kill to see you in this." That perked her right up.

"You're lying!"

"I swear on my father's grave honey pie. Put it on and screw him already. It was awkward enough tying my brother to the bed naked. Please lets just get this day over with." She sighed.

"Fine, but you guys better be gone by the time I open this door."

"You have my word." Brody chuckled. She couldn't help, but smile as she began to undress.

"Oh, thank you Brody and Cade for all of this."

"Your welcome," they said in unison as she heard the door shut behind them. This was going to be fun, she thought dropping her bra to the ground.


Scott awoke with the sound of a door slamming shut. God, his head was pounding and it wasn't a hangover pounding he was use too. Something was in that fucking drink Lily had gave to him. Lily.

He groaned at the thought of her. He had just gotten her off before his world turned dark and before he got the chance to be inside her heat again. His mind caught glimpses of them together on Christmas in her old room. He remembered the sweet taste of her cream, the sounds of her screams as he thrust into her.

The sounds of heels echoing across the floor brought him out his memory and back into the present. Scott weakly began to open his eyes and dear Lord what sight there was to see as his eye began to scan the very woman that has plagued his darkest fantasy.

Lily Hunt in the very outfit he jerked off to more times then he could count. She owned that outfit, he thought as she watched her slid a pink riding crop slowly up her caramel legs, through the valley of her thighs, up her flat stomach and through the valley of her delicious breast. Her jet black hair fell in curls around her heart shaped face and down her back, making her look like a porn star. He love it!

Scott ripped off the covers and began to walk over to her with the intention he would fuck her until they both couldn't move, but something felt weird. As he began to get closer, he was jerk to a stop, his wrists and ankles straining against something rough.

Scott looked down and could not believe what he saw. He was completely naked and restrain by retractable cuffs that tied him directly to the bed. His eyes snapped to hers with a glare that almost caused her to take a step back.

"What the hell is going on here?" he growled pulling at the cuffs, trying to get closer, but only hurting himself in the process. He howled at the stinging feeling that shot up his thigh. Did she just hit him? He looked at the crop as she brought it down to his other thigh with an unmerciful swat. He howled again taking a step backwards.

"Damn it, Lily!" He snarled, his voice becoming dangerously low. He watched her cross her arms across her chest, cocking her hip the side. Her hazel, almond shaped eyes narrowing before she spoke.

"Lay back down on the bed or the next hit is going directly to your cock." She hissed through her teeth. He didn't believe her, she thought as he challenged her with fiery glare. He was actually calling her bluff.

She smirked as she landed a swat on the underside of his cock. She never heard a grown man scream before, she thought as he jerked back in pain, his hand quickly surrounding his abused member. He looked at her with utter shock. She had really done it. Son of a bitch! And he was still hard.

Something was wrong here, but he didn't have time to figure that out as she began to raised her hand again. Like a coward he surrendered and laid back onto the bed.

Oh, she thought she had him, he thought as she walked over to him, oh how she was wrong. Pay back will be a bitch and then some.

"Lily what is-"

"Did I say you can speak?" she snapped interrupting him. He shook his head grinding his teeth in anger. She wanted to be in charge, okay he'll play along for now, but that was it. He would play along for now because once this was over she would know who gave the orders around here and who she answered to.

He shook his head, forgetting she was waiting for a response. She arched her shapely brow. She was one sexy woman.

"Good. Scott you are here because you are too chicken shit to take matters into your own hands. I've wanted you since I was five and I pushed you over in the sandbox because you stole one of my Oreo cookies and you have wanted me since you saw me in that bathing suit at Kelly Rose's fifteenth birthday party. You were my first everything and you-"

"Don't Sug-"

"Do not interrupt me Scott!" she shouted hitting on his chest. God that stung, he thought as his body arched off the bed, his muscles flexing and tightening trying to subdue the pain.

"Like I was saying, you were my first everything. My first kiss, my first date, my first fuck. Hell I would say boyfriend, but you were too scared to put a label on it, like you are now. Do you really think our families would care if you and I became an item, an item they all foresaw years ago? You may answer me now." He flinched as she raised the crop.

"Yes!" he said rather loudly, watching the crop slowly descend.

Lily wanted to laugh at the predicament she was putting Scott in. She had a man that easily outweigh her, towered over her, and was the most demanding man she has ever met, bending to her will.

Goodness gracious this man was a hottie with a body. He still had the body of a wide receiver, but only more defined, tanner, and buffer. He was mouth watering and he was hers.

"We are going to have fun Scott because tonight you belong to me and only me. You are mine and after tonight if you think differently, well I guess this will be the end of this little obsession I have of you." She admitted playfully. "So, are you ready to begin?"

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