tagInterracial LovePlease Cowboy?

Please Cowboy?


Lily Hunt could not, for some weird reason, remove the smile that had spread across her face, the moment she slipped Scott McKay, the man she has lusted after for quite some time, a little something her friend down at the pharmacy gave her, into his drink before their limo pulled away from his office. She made sure a week ago that everything would be set up perfectly. She wanted this man and this man wanted her, but since he has been a close friend with her family, he's vowed never to cross that line. Well tonight that lie will be cross over and over and over again if she had any say in it. Oh and she did have a lot of say in this.

Lily removed her coat not taking her eyes off of the man who had his eyes glued to his Blackberry. He was everything and then some. At 6'3, Scott McKay was the southern hottie with a voice that reminded her of the country singer Josh Turner, a smile that made her panties damp and deep blue eyes that saw everything with a glance. He had a body that made any girl drool and tattoos that made her so hot and bother she had to finds way to brush against his hard biceps to cool her down.

This was her man through and through. Everyone in town knew it besides the tourist, but she couldn't blame them for their attraction towards him, but she could blame those who didn't heed any warnings the locals would embed in their dumb minded little brains. After that all bets were off, but it hasn't come to violence...yet, thanks to his brothers, who are graciously helping her out with this little scheme.

They all thought it was a brilliant idea and thought Scott was being chicken shit and using the family line as an excuse. The Christmas party blew that line out of the water once her mother caught them in her old room fucking like rabbits on her bed. That should have declared their relationship right there, but Scot used the whole 'family line' again. God she hated that line and after tonight it would never be use by him again or so help her God!

Lily's phone vibrated in her purse. She pulled it out knowing exactly who it was.

"Hey Cade McKay," she said still watching Scott.

"Hey, future sister in law. Is my brother with you?"

"Yes he is. His eyes have been glued to his Blackberry and he hasn't even noticed what I was wearing." She said trying to egg Scott on, but he didn't even take the bait. He didn't even flinch.

"Really? So tell me what you're wearing." She laughed at the humor in his voice. Oh this was going to be fun.

"I don't think he'll like me telling you that." She teased. Still nothing.

"Well if he isn't looking at you then who cares. When you tell me make it sound sexy." He said, whispering the last part.

"You're right. Well if you must know what I'm wearing, I'm wearing a tight black halter dress that stops mid thigh. My hair is up so it shows off my neck and chest. The dress is so tight I couldn't wear a bra or underwear." She put an emphasis on the underwear part, noticing the little twitch from Scott's eyebrow.

"Really, no panties? So you're bare underneath that?"

"Completely bare. I didn't want to have panty lines now did I?"

"Oh we can't have that, can we?" he joked. Lily tried so hard not to roll her eyes during this whole conversation. Describing to Cade what she was wearing was not a part of the plan, but she needed to get some sort of reaction from Scott even if it met flirty with her best friend that was strictly on the brotherly level.

"No we can't."

"Why don't you let down your hair for me?"

"Cade, I'm in the limo with your brother keep your dirty thoughts to yourself." And there it was, Scott's reaction. His deep blue eyes shot up, glaring into her, well actually at her phone.

"That did it huh?" he whispered.

"Well if you insist, I am getting a little wet from what you're saying to me." She breathed.

"Ew Lily, TMI!"

"Cade it's just your brother. It's not like-"

"Hang up the phone." Scott interrupted in a menacing tone that sent a shiver down her spine.

"your brother would care if we met up at my place tonight." She went on as if he didn't say anything. She watched Scott down his drugged scotch. Oh shit! she thought as his eyes turned a darker blue.

"Lily I heard him. I think we should stop now before he kills me." She rolled her eyes.

"I'm a single woman, Cade. I can play with who I want and when I want." She stated watching Scott move towards her.

"You want to play?" Cade asked her. Gross that was too awkward.

"You know I do, Cade. "

"Hang up the phone Lily." Scott said again, but this time whispering it in her free ear which sent goose bumps along her body.

"No Scott I'm not hanging up, go poor yourself another drink." She shouted. She heard Cade laugh knowing it was the cue he was looking for.

"Okay baby girl. Brock and I will be at his place in five minutes. Will help get him to the bedroom in the club, but where not staying for the rest if you can't my drift." She giggled.

"That would be lovely, Cade. Thank you for doing this."

"Are you thanking my brother for sex you haven't had with him yet?" Scott growled ripping the phone out of her hand, only to bring it to his ear.

"She off limits, Cade. Bye!" He touched end on her phone and tossed it across the limo. He could not believe this, any of it! Lily actually flirting with his brother right in front of him? Was it the end of the world? Was this some kind of joke? Lily would never, no offense to his brother, stoop that low. Especially knowing her baby sister Loral has had the biggest crush on him since God knows when. What the hell was up?

He groaned knowing exactly what was up. His friend in his pants has been up since she took off the coat in the limo, showing off her long caramel legs, and her chest that seemed to be pleading to be set free. His mouth water at the thought of tasting those chocolate kisses again, and licking up the sweet cream he could smell gathering down below. He did not believe for one second his brother caused the tightness of her nipples or her damping pussy.

"You are a little close for comfort." He heard her say as she began to get up to slide over to the other side. Oh no, she was not getting away that easily. She gasped as he pulled her onto his lap, his big hands holding on tightly to her hips as she struggled, only causing him to groan in pleasure.

"Sugar, you better stop doing that or I'll be inside you before you even know what caused that pretty mouth of your to shut up." He promised, hiking up her dress as her ass stilled rubbed against his cock.

"Darlin' I'm warnin' ya' here. You better stop." He said smacking her ass. She whimpered, and that's when he knew he had her. He smacked her again, shaking the weird feeling of grogginess from his mind. Goodness gracious he felt weird. A little too weird and he only had a little bit of scotch. What was happening to him? He thought plunging two fingers into Lily's weeping pussy.

She cried out, her pussy clenching onto his fingers. She threw head back onto his shoulder.

Scott covered her lips with a bruising intensity that had Lily moaning and searching for more. She was so soft, just like he remembered. He needed more! He plunged his way inside her mouth, nipping her bottom lip, sucking on her tongue. She tasted so good, like ripe honey and he was the bee coming to collect. She broke away as he added a third finger. Moving harder and faster inside of her, she couldn't breathe, the pleasure was too much.

Scott pulled down the front of her dress and the next thing she knew he was sucking hard on her nipple. She screamed as he bit down, grinding down harder on his fingers. He was going to give her this orgasm, he promised himself feeling the grogginess coming back. He was going to pass out soon and had no clue why. He could feel his limbs slowly become numb, but that wasn't going to stop him.

He twisted her slightly moving his mouth to the other nipple, feeling the hard clench of her pussy.

"Oh God, Scott! I'm about to cum!" she moaned breathlessly wrapping her hand around his neck as she rode his fingers.

"Yes Sugar, give it to me!" he slurred, his eyes getting heavy in the process.

"Sc-Sc-Scott oh baby I'm coming." She screamed digging her nails into his neck. He felt her cum dripping down his fingers as he watched her, their heavy breathing filling the silence in the limo. God he loved watching her cum, it was addicting. He would love to watch more, and give her more, but he couldn't find the strength.

His eyes began to slowly shut as he tried with all his might to keep them open. But consciousness had other plans for him. Before darkness over took his every sense he heard Lily muttering words of remorse. What did she have to feel guilty about? He didn't have enough energy to ask her as everything went...black.

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