tagInterracial LovePlease Cowboy? Ch. 05

Please Cowboy? Ch. 05


Author's note: Sorry for the long delay EVERYONE....but i hope you like it since i have been getting tons of emails about when i would update, so here it is...hope you like it..ta ta for now

Chyna Marie


Lily found herself packing once she got home. Everything was in a daze, a tear induce daze that caused her to use two boxes of tissues. She blamed the constant blubbering on hormones. Yeah, the baby forming inside of her was making her emotional. She could handle that by all means, she just couldn't handle the fact she was crying because she still had feelings for the man who broke her heart.

While she zipped up her suitcase, she couldn't help, but rub her stomach for just a quick second, thinking of what Scott might loose the chance on. She sighed, telling herself she would cross that bridge when she got to it.

As she made her way to the living room, loud pounding at her front door made her shriek causing her to drop her suitcase.

"Lily open this Goddamn door right now! I know you're in there." Scott barked on the other side of the door. Lily found herself shaking her head as she walked to the door.

"Lily open this fucking door!" The louder his voice got, the harder the knocks came.

"Go away," she screamed out at him.

"Sorry Sugar, that aint happenin'. So open this fucking door or I'll kick it in and you know, from experience, how good I am at that. So I'm goin' to ask you again. Open. This. Fucking. Door!" She growled to herself knowing she would regret it the moment she turned the doorknob.

Scott force himself into her space, his body seething, shaking with anger. He found himself gripping the back of her neck, forcing her to be crush against his chest, as he slammed his lips down onto hers.

Lily fought him. Scratching, kicking, biting, anything to get away from him. Scott swore, pushing her back until her back hit the wall. He grabbed her wrist with one hand and brought it above her head as his other hand went straight to her hair, gripping hard enough she cried out.

"Cut it out, sugar or I'm going to spank that ass of yours so hard you won't be able to sit for a week, you understand me?" Lily rolled her eyes.

"I don't give a shit. Let me go Scott McKay!"

"No!" His lustful glare sent a shiver down Lily's spine.

"Let me go and leave me alone. I don't want you here, Scott!"

"Well we all can't get what we want, now can we?" He leaned down, his mouth going straight to her neck, nipping at her beating pulse. Lily tried holding back the moan, but it carelessly slipped out of her mouth.

"Get. Off. Of. Me. Scott." He chuckled at the husky sound of her voice.

"Are you sure that is what you want, Sugar? I bet if I put my finger down your panties, sweet honey would be down there waiting for me. Am I right?" Scott didn't even give her a chance to answer as he hiked up her skirt, ripped off her panties and slamming two fingers into her dripping core. She gasped at the sensation, her body remembering his touch, aching for it. She moaned, closing her eyes as he added another plunging finger.

"Open your eyes!" He shouted. She looked up at him with a cloud of arousal lingering in her eyes. He grinned and then he was on her. Ripping her clothes off, devouring her mouth. It seemed in a matter of seconds she was naked, her legs wrapped around his waist with his cock thrusting up into soaking channel.

Lily knew she would hate herself after this fuck, yeah she called it a fuck due to the fact there was no love in it. She looked at him with raw emotion contorting her face. She found herself hating this man, but also loving him at the same time, but why? That was the question she couldn't find the answer to.

"Look at me, sugar!" Scott growled against her lips, gripping her chin, titling her head just enough to have their gazes lock. She couldn't do it. She couldn't look at this man as she once did before as he desperately wanted her too. She closed her eyes as she moan, but the sharp pitch on her ass had her eyes flying open.

"I want you to look at me, sugar. I want you to see the man who loves you and that baby. I want you to see the man who has loved you since freshman year of high school." Tears pooled in Lily's eyes as she tried looking away, but Scott wasn't having it.

He could sense her started to pull away from him and he wouldn't have it. He would fuck his woman until he heard those three words fall from her luscious lips.

"Scott don't," she gasped as he pulled her away from the wall, carrying her straight to the bedroom, not giving her room to remove herself.

He laid her on the bed so carefully and delicately the silent tears betrayed her as they slide down, wetting strands of her hair.

Scott looked at the vulnerable woman laying beneath him with such guilt and sorrow.

He caused the pain in her heart, the tears in her eyes. God he was such an asshole, he thought as he kissed away each tear that fell. She had to forgive him. He would do anything for them to be a family. He would beg on his hands and knees, he would do anything for this woman to be his wife.

"There's no need to cry, sugar. I'm here now and I won' leave you ever again." He promised, his deep voice sending a shiver through Lily. She let out a dry chuckle causing Scott to flinch.

"Scott just stop, okay? Please, I have allowed you to hurt me to much already. I can't keep doing this to myself or to the baby." Scott's jaw dropped at her admission sunk in.

"Darlin' I'm sorry. I am so sorry for everything, sugar I-"

"Just stop Scott! For the love of, Scott please get off of me and go!" she shouted pushing at his chest with all the strength she had which didn't even cause him to flinch. His eyes narrowed as he gripped both of her hands in one of his, slamming them against the pillows above her head.

"You're mine, sugar. You'll be mine till my dying breath. I'm not goin' have some other man raised my blood, ya hear? You can be mad at me all you want, but that's somethin' I ain't goin' to let happen." She gasped as he thrust into her.

"So wet for me, sugar?" A crooked smile formed on his lips. "You know no man will ever take my place. I'll kill him before he can even touch you. You're mine, sugar." Lily found herself shaking her back and forth denying his claim and he fucked her harder.

"I'm not!" she whispered before a loud moan escaped her lips.

"Liliana Marie Hunt, you are mine!" he told her harshly, using his free hand to grip her nipple, twisting it painfully. She cried out, arching into him.

"Say it, sugar. Tell me you're mine." He said through gritted teeth, wrapping his arms around her, bringing them face to face, nose to nose, lustful gaze to lustful gaze.

"Say it!"

"No," she groaned arching her back, letting her body take the assault of his cock ramming into her. Scott smack her ass hard. She yelped.

"Say it, sugar or I'll be fucking you all night. I ain't complainin', but sugar I can go on." He snarled, slapping the other cheek.

"Scott please don't do this," she cried out burying her face into his neck, gripping his shoulders for balance. Sweat coated their bodies, the room was filled with their pleasurable panting and all Lily could think about was saying those two words.

She couldn't find herself voicing them. It wasn't a lie, she was his, but she wouldn't let herself admit it allowed.

"Sugar, just say the words." He said a little softer, but the dominance in his voice triggering the pending orgasm.

"Scott please just finish it," she screamed before nipping the underside of his jaw. Scott cringed inside as he pounding away. She wasn't going to admit it, but he'll be damn if he let her walk out of his life.

Deep, hard thrusts. Lily was gasping for air, panting for more, arching into him as her head fell back onto her shoulders. She screamed as the sudden orgasm shot through her body. His cum filling her, setting off a second orgasm.

She collapsed against his chest, shuddering, whimpering as he pulled out of her.

"You're mine, sugar. You won't say it now, but you will." She heard him promise before she lost herself to unconsciousness.


Lily closed the front door of her condo, leaving Scott asleep in her bed. When she woke up, she realized she had to get out of there or staying here would keep him intruding into her life, being a presence she would always miss.

It hurt, yes, to leave him clueless to what was happening around him. She just hoped he wouldn't come looking for her after she ran away from him the end of junior year, avoiding him that entire summer until he showed up at her house with ropes.


"Lily you know you can't hide from that young man forever. He's been around town looking for you and God knows how many times that child has been over here." Lily's mother said stirring a pot on the stove. Lily rolled her eyes running her hands through her newly straighten hair, walking to the front door.

"Mama, I just don't understand why he won't leave me alone. I told him that we were over, which ain't sinking into his brain for some reason. It's not my fault he fell in love with me and I didn't." She heard her mother laugh as she opened the door.

"Just watch out for the McKay boys. They get very possessive over what they think is theirs."

"I'm nothing to the McKay's, Mama. I dumped Scott and he has to get over it." With that she walked out, closing the door behind her, only to walk into something that felt like a wall. She stepped back and looked up. She couldn't stop her jaw from dropping as she watched Scott McKay seething in his cowboy hat, rope wrapped loosely.

"Scott," she breathed, still stunned to see him there. He smirked taking a step closer to her causing her to take a step back.

"You've been avoidin' me all summer, sugar." His southern drawl sent a shiver down her spine.

"I have not Scott. I just haven't been where you have been at." He chuckled, taking another step towards her. She sidestepped him and made a beeline for her car.

"Where ya think ya goin', sugar? I finally found you after three months and you think I'm goin' let you get away from me that easy?" he said, gripping her upper arm, pulling her towards his F150.

"No Scott. Let me go!" she shouted hoping her Mama could hear her, but there was a sneaking suspicion that her mother was involved in this. The thought was creeping up her spine as Scott lifted her up off the ground and onto his shoulder. She started kicking and hitting him, but that didn't even make a dent.

"Sugar, keep kicking, I have duct tape and I'm not afraid to use this rope. You'll be tied down in the bed of the truck if you keep it up." He threatened. She arched, pushing her hair out her face.

"You wouldn't McKay!" she hissed.

"Try me. I've been searching for you for three months and I will get one day for you to know you're mine darlin'."

"Scott I'm not yours! The McKay boys don't own anything! Especially you!" she growled smacking the middle of his back, only to receive a smack on the butt.

"One more time, sugar?" he warned walking over to the passenger side of the truck. He opened the door, tossed her in, shooting her a warning glare before he slammed the door shut. She let out a scream of frustration before he got into the car.

"I hate you Scott McKay. I hate you so much. What part of it's over do you not understand? Is it the-" Lily grunted as Scott took a hold of her hair, gripping it until she closed her month, pinning him with a cold stare.

"One more word out of you and the duct tape is going on." To enforce his threat he yanked back on her hair. She whimpered glaring at him.

"Understand me, sugar?" She nodded which surprised the hell out of him. He let go of her hair watching her out of the corner of his eye as he started his car.

It seemed as if they had been driving for hours, Lily thought even though it has only been a half an hour. She had a hunch to where he was taking her, but she highly doubted it. The McKay ranch was something dozens of hopefuls from different high schools in the state Tennessee would be hand selected by the big McKay himself, Scott's father. It was also the place where she dumped him in front of, not on purpose, his three brothers and sister.

She was very nice about it, she knew that for sure. She just told him that she didn't think they would work out due to the fact that he was staying in Tennessee for the summer and for college, while she went to California to look at schools with her younger sister Laelia and Loral while Samantha and Kyle stayed home to young to leave Mama.

He's the one who took it badly and threw her into the pool, fully clothed. He began yelling at her calling her all sorts of names, telling her she was his, basically the McKay vocabulary, but she wasn't hearing none of it.

She smirked remembering how she got out of the water so anger she punched him in the jaw and pushed him into the water, grabbed his keys and drove home. She silently prayed there wasn't going to be a repeat, but knowing Scott McKay there might be.

Scott parked behind the stables and got out of the truck without a word. He leaned against his truck taking a deep breath. What had he gotten himself into? He thought as he heard the passenger side door open.

Lily made a dash for the front of the house. She could have sworn she heard Cade's voice coming from that direction. Cade, even though he was way older, was one of her best friends. He would help her. There was no doubt about it.

"Oh no you don't, sugar." She heard before something tripped her. She fell side ways and before she knew it her arms were tied behind her back. She hollered out for help, but duct tape covered her mouth so fast she gasped. Scott chuckled, pulling her up.

He knew she was going to try to pull something like this, but he had some sense of hope that she wouldn't.

"Now you listen up!" She snarled in her ear as he basically dragged her to the backyard. "Now I told you that one more word you'll be duct taped. Now you're goin' sit here and listen to every God damn word I'm about to say." He shoved her into a patio chair and stood in front of her, arms folded, cowboy hate shadowing sides of his face.

"Now like I told you before, Lilianna Marie Hunt you are mine. What I mean by that-"


Pounding at the front window of her car snapped her back into reality. Cade McKay was staring at her through the rain slicked window shouting out her name. How did she get here? She didn't even remember driving here. All she knew was that she wanted to get away, she wanted somewhere safe, a place she knew Scott wouldn't look for her.

Why in the world had she picked the McKay ranch?

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