tagInterracial LovePlease Cowboy? Ch. 06

Please Cowboy? Ch. 06


*So, this is the second to last chapter for sure of the Lily and Scott story. The last chapter will be fairly short, so don't complain...hope you guys like since I've been getting tons of emails about how slow I am at updating..lol. Ta ta for now.

Chyna Marie*

A year later...

Lily strolled into the kitchen, baby Luc cradled in the crook of her arm. The only thing on her mind was to get this fussy baby fed and napped, so she could get to her fitness class her sister Loral held at her studio. Losing the baby weight was her first priority, especially since Cade has been dropping hints about Scott making more than one appearance.

She rolled her eyes at the thought. Scott somehow, highly due to her family and Scott's brothers, managed to worm his way into the delivering room to watch their son be born. He also managed to find out where she was staying and had everything that dealt with a baby, delivered to the ranch. He even bought her a car, a mom safe car Cade liked to call it, but a mom type car isn't the latest Lexus SUV that has everything touch screen. She refused to drive at first, but when something 'mysteriously' happened to her old car and Cade refused to drive anywhere, she was forced to use it.

Now a days, he just stopped by every other day, which she hated and threaten to get her own place, but Scott simply threaten to find her wherever she went. He even threatened to fight for full custody if she dared to date. Stubborn men, she thought as she took the warm bottle from the boiling water on the stove.

She tested it on the back of her hand before she placed the bottle in her son's mouth. She walked out of the kitchen in search for Cade, hearing Scott's truck pull up in the driveway. She mumbled profanities as she made her way into Cade's office, only to find him yelling into the phone.

"Lower your tone, kiddo." He warned his voice turning dangerous. Okay, who was he talking to? The only person she could think about that he dared to call 'Kiddo' was...oh my God!

"That's two." He barked into the phone. He sounded just like Scott, possessive, demanding and...dangerous. All of a sudden Cade pulled his hand away from his ear with a stunned expression plastered on his face. Lily couldn't help, but smile at her little sister's action. Loral Hunt had just hung up on Cade McKay. She had never been prouder.

"My little sister just hung up on The Great McKay. Way to go sis!" Lily laughed as she watched Cade redial her number. He sent her an icy glare, but that only caused her to grin.

"You damn Hunts! You're girls are so fuckin' stubborn." She shook her head as Cade slammed his phone on his desk. He ran a hand roughly through his hair, blowing out a frustrated breath.

"We're not stubborn. We just know how to not take any shit from the McKay's. What was that all about anyway?" She asked walking further into the room. He shook his head taking Luc from her. Lily held onto the now empty bottle watching him curiously.

"Nothin' really. I just wanted her to go on a date with me and one of-"

"You wanted one of those fake dates again, Cade?" Lily interrupted watching Cade burp her son. He rolled her eyes.

"What's so wrong with 'em? She ends up havin' fun." Lily narrowed her eyes.

"Cade McKay, my sister is madly in love with you and that is the only reason why she agrees to go out on these 'fake' dates. She hates them down to her core because she knows your only acting lover dovey. She wants that for real!"

"Well I can't give that to her!" He shouted.

"Why not? Is the age thing?" When she was met with silence she knew her answer. She laughed.

"Cade my little sister does not care how old you are. She loves you and you only. If you keep using that age excuse, one of these days my sister will have to move on."

"She wouldn't!" He snarled.

"She would. Can you imagine what it will be like at Christmas or Thanksgiving when Loral would bring the guy she's dating home to meet us? Or when she has a child with another man or when she gets married? Or-"

"Damn it Lily! I get what you're saying okay? I get it." He barked out, sitting down. Lily shrugged backing out of the room.

"Hopefully you're not too late Cade. I don't think I'll be able to convince her to stay if she decides to leave you for good."


Lily came home after her intense workout and hope into the shower. Her sister had happened to catch her walking out of the door and warned her to stay out of the house next weekend. She wouldn't tell her why, but by the look on her sister's face warned her not to ask. Hopefully Cade could handle anything her little sis through his way.

As Lily got out of the shower, she her bedroom door close. She wrapped a towel around her and cautiously made her way back into her room. She gasped as she caught sight of Scott leaning against the closed door, hands in his pockets, and his cowboy hat tipped low enough to cast a shadow along his gorgeous face.

"Take the towel off." He commanded darkly. Lily shook her head gripping the towel for dear life.

"Get out of my room, Scott. You have no right to be her."

"I have every right!" He shouted slashing his hand through the air. "You are mine, Lily Hunt and make no doubt about that." Lily crossed her arms across her chest, arching her eyebrow.

"I not yours, Scott. I belong to no one and the only man I love is my son." He grinned.

"You love me, Lily. You've loved me since I can remember." Scott knew Lily still loved him. He could see in those beautiful eyes of hers.

"I gave up on the love I had for you, Scott. I've simply given up. Accept it.' She pointed out, eyes narrowing. Scott couldn't help, but laugh. Lily Hunt never gave up on anything in life and she damn sure wasn't giving up on him.

"Darlin', you never give up on anything." He reminded her playfully, shaking his head as he began to walk slowly towards her.

"Well, I've given up on this. I don't want you anymore Scott. I ran away from you to get away from you. Find someone else to play with, to toy with, because I'm done!"

Find someone else?

"Yeah, finding someone else won't be happening anytime time soon, sugar. I'm tired of watchin' you run away from me; I'm tired of not being in my son's life."

"Well you gave up that choice once you decided to hurt his mother." And he had hurt her. He could see it in her eyes, hear it through her voice. He did that to the woman he loved and it damn near killed him.

"I'm not letting you get away from me again, sugar. I can't take it if I see you leave me again." Lily found her eyes watering as she looked away from those baby blues. She could see now that he loved her, but it was too late. He couldn't fix something that he broke. She wouldn't let him.

"It's not your choice, Scott." God, she never used to be this defiant.

"You're mine, Lily." She scoffed.

"Yeah, it took me not falling at your feet for you to realize that. Scott just leave, please. There's no point in us, anymore!" She screamed before she turned to run into the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and prayed to God that he left, but she knew deep down that he didn't.

"Fuck!" she heard Scott shout towards the door before he started pounding on it viciously.

"Open this door and I'm only going to give you one warning, sugar." They had played this game once before and Scott wasn't going to play it a second time.

Lily shrieked as the door came off the hinges, landing on the tile floor. She looked up at Scott mortified. She couldn't believe he had just kicked down the door, just to get to her. Before she knew it, she was thrown onto Scott's shoulders and on the way towards the bed.

Lily kicked and screamed for him to put her down, but the only affect it had on him was his hat falling off. Scott was a man on a mission and his mission was to get his woman back into his arms, married and become a family. He would not leave this house until she knew who she belonged to.

She was his and he was hers.

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