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Pleasing Traci


“How To…”

What a simple, yet all encompassing, concept. It carries instant meaning to anyone who sees it in modern society. When one sees “How To…” they know they are going to get an understandable set of instructions about something they may know little about. Every now and then even a self-proclaimed expert in a given field will open a “How To…” book to see if there’s anything new in it.

I get e-mails from “fans” that read my little stories. Of course, many of these people are actually fans of my tits, or fans of my ass, not my stories. This made me wonder recently what would happen should some of these readers actually be given the opportunity to do to me what is inside their heads. Would they know “How To” please me, make me scream with pleasure, make me cum until I told them to stop, and make me want more?

I thought it unlikely. So, not having a new story in my head at the time, I decided to submit a “How To…” guide on having sex with Traci. Here, then, is all you need to know when I show up at your door one night hornier than a coed from Cleveland State on South Beach during spring break.

Oh. One other thing. I’ll assume you are a male. I’ll write a sequel for you girls. However, my experience has taught me babes already know “How To…”

The first thing you guys DON’T have to do is get me drunk. You may be ugly or short or bald or, worse yet, all of the above, but I don’t need alcohol to consent to have sex with you…should I so choose. To the contrary, it deadens the senses and you will soon find out I consider the senses a major part of good sex. We’ll talk more about “good” sex versus just plain sex later.

Offer me a drink at your place if you must and food if you will, but not in excess. I’d much rather have you save it for the purpose of foreplay. Turn me on with intelligent conversation. Flirt with me. Sit close to me—next to me, behind me, between my legs. Touch me with tenderness and warmth. Stroke my hair and neck and shoulders. Run your fingers over my thighs. Make me drunk by your actions and looks.

When the time comes to get seriously naked, don’t feel obligated to drag me into a bedroom. The best sex is sometimes spontaneous and in unexpected places. Granted, I went out with you anticipating that sex might occur, but make it fun. Let it happen without words, if possible. I’ll let you know if I’m OK with it or not. My hand on your cock while your jeans are still on should be a clue.

Speaking of which: I have nothing against feeling other human bodies through clothes, but the naked body is so much more tantalizing. Squeeze my ass inside my jeans while we kiss, or fondle a breast through my blouse, but be prepared to start stripping me soon. Or, better yet, be prepared to watch me strip.

Getting clothes off before sex can be SO awkward. That’s why I make it a game. If I tell you anything before we get it on, it will probably involve getting naked. The moment you try to unbutton anything on me, get ready for me to take over. I’m not going to allow you to rip my clothes off, or do it for you, without being able to see what reaction it’s getting from you.

Therefore, let me take your shirt off first. Let me touch your shoulders and arms. Let me lick your nipples.

Then I’ll unzip your pants. I prefer to do all this lying down. I can move easier that way. I put my hand inside your pants before I take them off. With my head resting on your chest, my hand slides inside your boxers and feels for your cock. I pull it up so it has room to grow. (It will grow, won’t it?) My palm slides across it and feels the blood rushing into it.

Your pants slide down your legs easily as I bend over you. Your shoes come off and I finish taking off your pants, laying them on the floor next to us. I run my fingers up the inside of your thighs, feeling you get tenser as I slide them under your boxers and higher still.

I like to feel your cock through the material of your shorts. By now it’s approaching full erection and my job is easier. I pull down on the waistband of the boxers and begin to take them off.

I love to look at a cock for the first time, imagining how it will feel inside me. If it’s hard and twitching at my touch I get so wet. It’s difficult to refrain from leaning over and putting it in my mouth. But, I take off your boxers instead, admiring your nude body.

Now it’s my turn. You turn over onto your side and rest your head in your hand as I stand up. I kick off my shoes and begin to unbutton my blouse. When two buttons are open I reach inside and caress my left breast. You can see my fingers wrap around the breast and play with the nipple.

A couple more buttons are opened and you begin to see the top and sides of my breasts. When I reach the top of my jeans I stop to pull out my blouse. It lies open above my hands, revealing all but the outer edges of my breasts. You strain to see the nipples as I finish all the buttons.

Now the blouse is unbuttoned, but hiding the bulk of my chest and stomach. Only the cleavage above and the navel below are visible. I put a hand inside, once again feeling the nipples grow harder and longer.

You, too, are growing harder and longer. I ask you to touch yourself, to wrap your fingers around your cock. In return, I open my blouse and pull it off my shoulders. I watch you stroke your cock slowly at first, then more quickly as I let the shirt fall down my arms and into my hands.

I drop the shirt next to your clothes before moving on to my jeans. I unbutton them and pull down the zipper unhurriedly. The tops of my black panties show as I open the jeans and begin to push them down over my hips. Your eyes are riveted on the space between my legs as the jeans drop to my knees.

They fall to the floor and I reach down to step out of them. I give you a side view so you can see my breasts hang down and my ass point into the air. Once they are off, I turn so my ass faces you. I put my hands inside my panties and massage my butt, making sure the panties fall low enough for you to see the crack at the top of my ass.

As I turn to face you, my hands move to the front. I tell you to let go of your cock so I can watch it. Precum is oozing from the tip and dripping onto your stomach. My hand is gliding over my clit on its way to my cunt. The fingers press against the tight material of my panties and force them to ride lower on my hips.

After playing with myself for a second, I grab the sides of the panties and pull them down. Just a few inches. As I go lower you realize I’m shaven except for a small patch of light brown hair above my clit. I hold my legs together and take off the panties, letting them fall to the floor and gingerly step out of them.

Then I separate my legs slightly and stand with my hands on my hips. You are throbbing hard, desperate to touch me, to fuck me. I turn to display my ass, which I hold in my hands before giving you an unobstructed view.

At this point, you are fraught with the need to cum inside me. I claim, on the other hand, that if there is to be food served, now is the time. Although anything edible is suitable for foreplay purposes, I prefer vanilla cream filled donuts.

A man who has a couple vanilla cream filled donuts on the table when I come over has done his homework, and deserves my best effort. That would entail a few small bites from the donut while leaning over my naked host. Using my tongue, I extract the first of the cream from the middle of the donut and spread it across my lips. With long, slow strokes, I wipe the cream off my lips with my tongue and taste its sweetness.

Then the donut is pressed against your cock, leaving a trail of cream from the base to the tip. I must be careful at this point because you are close to cumming already. So I take short, quick licks. First from the base, then higher and higher until I reach the head of your cock. Here, the cream is mixed with more precum. I wrap my lips around your cock and clean it off.

The feel of your warm, pulsating shaft in my mouth is wonderful. I want you inside me.

But first, you get a treat. The cream is spread sparingly on each of my breasts, covering my nipples in the white delight. Straddling you, I bend down until my right breast is inches from your mouth. You eagerly await your treat as I advise you not to touch me with your hands. Only after you clean me of all the cream will you be allowed to fondle me.

The breast disappears into your mouth. Your tongue works frantically. My nipple responds by sending waves of contentment down to my pussy. A minute later you are cleaning my left breast and I am getting wetter.

When I pull back, you look at me in expectation of what’s to come. I slide back and feel the hardness of your cock under my cunt. I press my body down against it and you moan. It hits my clit and I realize it’s time.

I take you in my hand and guide the bulging head of your cock to my cunt’s entrance. You are pressing upward with your hips, but I lift myself, not allowing you to enter. I put the tip of your cock in me and wait. Easily, the next inch or two slides inside as I lower myself. Your eyes are closed, then open when I don’t move. Another inch. Another.

Finally, I feel your legs hit my ass and you are in me as deep as you’ll go. I squeeze my cunt around your cock and you moan. I could make you cum with my muscles alone, but I need to feel you thrusting into me.

I won’t tell you not to cum, but I pray you can hold back long enough to fulfill me. You have my ass in your hands, squeezing it and pulling me toward you. I start a slow, rhythmic fucking action that lets your cock hit the g-spot just inside the opening to my cunt.

We go leisurely at first, enjoying the sensations and making it last. Every thirty seconds or so I squeeze you again. I can see your body beginning to tremble. Your forehead is damp with sweat.

I lean over, my breasts nearly touching you. Barely audible, I whisper, “Fuck me. Now.”

Before we go any farther, we need to discuss the difference between good sex and—well—sex. Orgasms have nothing to do with it. Except for the fact that if you don’t have an orgasm how can you possibly call it sex? No, I’ve been known to have an orgasm while chatting on an IM. So that’s not it.

What makes sex good for me is a caring, loving partner. I’ll need to go into more details on this in the sequel for girls because I’m sure I just lost all the guys. I want someone who cares about what I want and how I feel. Someone who will lay there watching me undress for them, playing with themselves when I ask them to.

Sex is good when it involves mutual respect and caring. Sex is great when you can do this without thinking about it, which lets you concentrate on your own inner feelings and—ok, ok—your own orgasm. There. I said it. You happy?

Now, where were we?

You begin to fuck me in earnest, eager to thrust your cock as deep into my cunt as you can. I feel your hands grasp my ass and hold it tighter. I reply by contracting my cunt muscles around your cock over and over again.

I’m ready to cum. I put your hands on my breasts and you immediately begin to twirl my nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. One more contraction and your body freezes in midair. Your ass falls to the floor and then you begin a frantic series of plunges into my cunt.

I feel the first spurt of cum hit the wall of my vagina. Then another. You are moaning and grunting with each thrust. Your head tosses back and forth as you cum again and again.

My orgasm starts and I put my hands on your chest to brace myself. Your warm cum is mixed now with my own fluids and it seeps onto my thighs. Your cock is still hard, entering me repeatedly, spilling its contents inside me. My body shakes with multiple rushes of pleasure.

When you soften and my body relaxes, I fall into your arms. My breasts flatten against your chest as you hold me, rubbing my ass with your long fingers. We kiss and I feel you begin to harden slightly.

It won’t be long before we are together again. Maybe in the shower, or the couch, or the bed. You watch me as I walk to get a towel. On the way back I get a drink for you. Treat me right and we might do this again.

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