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Pocket Racer


Pocket Racer -- Prologue

* * * * *

Collapsible Vehicle Racing (CVR), or more commonly known as pocket racing, became the premier motor sport of the modern age through accident and necessity. Pocket racing started on the mountain roads of Japan's drift scene, exhibition pieces and toy racers used to amuse but not much else. They started out as small, squat things Tokyo inhabitants squeezed into the limited parking spaces the city afforded. Then Nano-tech took hold.

The tiny robots revolutionised industry, especially the manufacturing ones. Metals could be crafted on the molecular level, hyper-strengthening or hyper-flexing as needed. With the advent of new metals, pocket racers shrunk, becoming miniaturised single seat racers modelled on the defunct cars of Formula 1... And that, is where CVR begins.

The sport grew into premier status, with industry leaders like Ford, Ferrari, BMW and Volkswagen jumping onboard the wave. The rules of the sport transformed over the years, starting out as nothing more than a vehicle that could be carried by the driver. Lightweight vs. collapsible marked the early years, the rivalling factions besting one another on the different city street circuits that dominated the new sport. Soon however, collapsible racers took over, outpacing and outperforming their solid frame counterparts.

Nano-tech continued to improve, electronics shrunk, batters became more powerful and long lasting. The electric car, without the constant hindrance of the oil companies, finally took over. Men and women would compete in the sport, each going for their own strategy. Larger meant power, but more weight to be carried by the driver, while smaller meant nimbleness and ease of movement.

Destrine knew all this. After-all, he was one of the fifty-four drivers in the CVR circuit. 6'4 of Armenian-American lineage and newest hotshot of the X-stige racing team, he was on track to be the only rookie to win the coveted championship. Just one problem. He had his racer, had the control box that activated the nanites, he even had his helmet and race-suit in a suitcase at his side. But, he didn't have a fucking clue, where the hell he was, and the summer opener was only a couple weeks away...

* * * * *

I hope you've enjoyed this little chapbook. Let me know your thoughts and feelings towards this potential storyline. It's something I've toyed in my mind for a while though not felt it'd be well received.

Thank you once again for your incredible support. This is the least I could do for you all.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/08/18

Keep going

The info dump is a bit much and there's a few typos scattered throughout but it's worth continuing. I get the feeling it could be like the first Cars movie with some kind of twist.

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