Pool Boy Ch. 59


"It's not where I left it. You must have put it where you wanted it." Alexis stomped into the bathroom looked down on the counter-top and pulled my toothbrush out of the glass where I had left it and handed it to me."

Now she was yelling right into my face, "For God's sake Hunter. I swear you're blind as well as a dumb-ass. What the fuck's the matter with you anyway." I kept up the ruse and grabbed the toothbrush from her hand. I didn't know if there were any camera's in the bathroom or not.

Now I had to defend myself so I started yelling back at her for some imagined offense. We were having trouble keeping a stern face and not break out laughing. She stomped out and I brushed my teeth and dressed in the bedroom and stomped through the living room and yelled, "I'm going out."

She threw a slice of bread at me and yelled, "Thank God."

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Jarrod's cell phone. When Jarrod answered, I said, "I'm on my way. Call me if I have a tail." I hung up and jumped on my moped leaving the helmet behind and sped off down the hill toward the coast line to my rendezvous throwing gravel to accent my anger. I had barely got through the gears before my phone rang.

Jarrod said, "You have a tail. He's on a black motorcycle. Eva is on her way. You won't miss her. Act like you've had a thing going for a few days." He laughed and continued, "The fight was a brilliant touch. I could hear it from here. Alexis' idea right?"

"Yes. It was her idea. We pretty much agree that she's a genius and I'm a dumb-ass."

Jarrod laughed again and said, "I'm guessing that the fight about your toothbrush was your idea. Right?" he laughed hard and then hung up. I pushed my phone back in one of the many pockets in my cargo shorts. It wasn't even five minutes to get to the Café. I took a table and order two glasses of champagne. Five minutes later a tall, slim, stunning red-head rounded the corner right in front of a man on a black motorcycle with a blacked out helmet visor. I assumed that it was George. I watched him watch the red-head strutting in her stilettos and skin tight jeans as she walked toward my table. She acted like she was glad to see me again and I stood up and kissed her passionately on the lips as she strutted right up to me and wrapped her hand behind my neck and then reached down and squeezed my cock.

Black motorcycle guy pulled out a camera with a long lens and flipped up his visor. It was George. He had missed the passionate kiss when she arrived but he was probably taking a video now so he wouldn't miss anything. I handed a glass to Eva and she took it and sipped from the flute. She was good. She initiated a conversation that would have anyone believe that we had a history. I had one hand on the table and Eva put her hand down on it and ran her index finger between the top knuckles of my index and middle fingers like she were caressing a pair of legs starting at the crotch. This was all make-believe but my cock went hard in my pants. If she could manufacture the sultry look on her face anytime she wanted she could lay waste to the entire male population. She whispered, "I assume our photographer is doing his job." I grinned and nodded. "Have you booked a room yet?"

"No. I thought it would be better if it was spur-of-the-moment."

"Good. I scoped out the rooms to see which one would have the best visibility for our friend. Try to book room 121. There is a public balcony that looks right in on the bed in that room. With the lens he has it'll look like he's in the room with us." She finished her drink and I finished mine. She reached across the table and put her hand in my crotch feeling my erect cock. She grinned as she leaned in and kissed me again while she fondled my cock. We got up together and Eva put her arm around my waist as I reached behind her and fondled her ass as we walked toward the Hotel. She giggled and said, "This is going to be fun."

Booking Room 121 for the afternoon wasn't a problem. We waited until we saw George find his way to the balcony. There were others there too but they wouldn't be able to see much from that distance. I slowly undressed Eva as she started breathing heavily. She wasn't faking that. When her bra came off and she let her fingers trail across her nipples she gasped. Getting her out of her tight jeans proved to be problematic. The stilettos would have been a nice touch but they had to come off before her jeans.

Eva went to her knees in full view of our open door balcony and looked up at me with her gorgeous green eyes as she unbuckled my pants and then unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. She tugged my pants off my hips and let them fall to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of the pants. I had gone commando and my hard cock sprang out and slapped Eva on the nose. She grinned up at me and pushed me to sit on the bed behind me. She positioned us for the best possible angle for George's view and gripped my cock as she struggled to get my fatty into her mouth. She stopped when her lips locked on the ridge and then dipped her head and pulled back dragging her teeth along my firm velvet crown. She pushed back on and repeated several time as I groaned hard. She was driving me crazy and she knew it.

She was in complete control as she slowly descended down my shaft. I felt my knob push into her throat as she inch-wormed her lips forward and then pulled her mouth along behind them. She looked me right in the eyes and knew what she was doing to me.

She pulled all the way back up and then off as she pushed me back on the bed and climbed up to position her pussy over my face as she went back to work on my cock. She was soaking wet. She had sprayed a perfume on her sex and it was driving me nuts. I worked my tongue along her labia and flicked the tip on her clitoris and she surged her hips upward in response but she came right back down again. I tipped my head back and rimmed her anus and she let out a scream that was muffled by my cock. She paid me back for that and drove my cock back into her throat. I groaned hard this time. She pulled all the way back dragging her teeth gently over my shaft as she withdrew.

She turned just as I pushed my tongue into her pussy and started a rapid fire tongue fucking. Her mouth dropped open as her head tipped to the side. "Oh fuck. You are good with that tongue," she mumbled. "Fuck my ass?" It was posed as a question but there was pleading in her tone.

I ignored her question because I could feel her body tensing from a pending orgasm. She knew it too and she muttered, "Oh Jesus. I'm gonna cum," as she started pistoning her sex on my face to complement the pile-driving force of my tongue in her pussy. As she burst into her climax, she flailed her hips down onto my face and crushed my nose. I ignored the pain; it was an occupational hazard. She came up on her knees and grabbed her tits with one hand as the other held her up so she could thrash her sex on my face. Her muscles tightened further and she let out a scream through gritted teeth. She stayed right there through her orgasm as she muttered continuously, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God."

With her pussy clenching on the tip of my tongue, I reached up and pushed my index finger into her sopping wet pussy and Eva's mutterings raised an octave. I withdrew my finger and ran the lubrication around her anus as her mutterings changed to, "YES. YES." I pushed my finger into her as she lifted herself up and then pushed back down. I didn't fuck her anus with my finger. I just left it in place for her to get used to. Her pussy was still clenching an inch above my nose. Her perfume was mixed with the odor of sex and I inhaled deeply.

With Eva's pussy still randomly clenching, she pulled herself up and turned around over my body and with her middle finger caressing her sex she positioned her ass above my saliva slick bobbing cock and guided herself down onto my glans. She braced herself for the pain and pushed down as she grimaced. She went slowly, especially as she pushed onto the fattest part of my cock. Over and over again, she mumbled, "Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus," as she slid down my pole. I took up her mantra and began mumbling the same thing. As much as I wanted to speed things up, I held back my urge to push my hips up. I was gritting my teeth when I felt her ass sit down on my balls.

Jesus, she was tight. She grinned down at me as she flexed her sphincter muscle to pull a long groan out of me. Then she did it again and I retaliated by flexing my cock as hard as I could and Eva's eyes went wide as she surged forward. Her mouth flew open with a loud groan. I smiled up at her and said, "Payback is a bitch isn't it?"

She smiled and lifted herself up my shaft as her eyes closed and her teeth clenched behind slightly open lips. She groaned out, "Fuck. That's a big fat cock." She stretched out her statement until her sphincter ran into the ridge of my glans and then she dropped herself down again. It was my turn to groan as I rocked my hips to meet her.

Eva leaned forward and put her hands on my chest as I reached up to caress her large tits dangling a few inches above me. She leaned way forward and kissed me on the lips and then whispered, "Fuck my ass. Give it to me hard." I smiled up at her. Her eyes were glazed over. I increased the pace and Eva's mouth fell open as she gasped air in and out. I found myself holding my breath. Her eyes were open but she was somewhere else. She was in her own world as she took up her own pace and completely ignored the pace I was rocking my hips to. Her grip on my cock tightened slowly and then suddenly she started flailing herself up and down my shaft as her sphincter grabbed me so hard that I was forced to flex my cock as hard as I could or be crushed.

She was in the throes of an anal orgasm and she was screaming so loud that George could probably hear her from his remote vantage point. She was thrashing her hips everywhere: Side to side, forward and back, up and down. I could envision my cock being ripped right off. There wasn't a thing I could do and it worsened when my pending climax increased the hardness of my cock and Eva screamed out again, "Oh my gawwdd. You're tearing me in hhhhaaallllffff." There was nothing to be done except let our orgasms run their course. I timed her anal clenches and gently withdrew my cock which was instinctively trying to surge forward with each of my cumshots. I had experienced this before but Eva's muscular grip was incredible. I knew she was amazingly fit from the moment I saw her walking across the street but how would she work out her vaginal muscles. I left that thought behind quickly as Eva collapsed her tits onto my chest and I held her there with her ass in the air with half of my cock still engaged.

Slowly I softened and my cock dropped from her anus. She groaned and dropped her pelvis to mine. I ran my hand down to her slim waist and up the slope of her ass. She trembled from my touch and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head and lined up our lips and kissed again. We laid there like that for a while and then Eva said, "I hope he got all that. I'd like a copy when this is all over." I chuckled and kissed her on the nose. She kissed me back on the lips and then rolled off me. We showered together and then dressed and left arm in arm.

We made a big show of our parting as she walked back the way she had come as George took many photos of her. As Eva walked past George I saw him grin and give himself a thumbs-up as he revved his motorcycle and sped back up the hill.

Things moved rapidly after that. Jarrod had made contact with Interpol and his surveillance equipment was able to trace the phone calls from Spiros, aka George to his handlers in Italy and the email with the attached video and photos taken of me having an illicit affair with Eva was even easier to track. Now we had to wait to be contacted.

I didn't have to wait long. Alexis was down town shopping and having her hair done again. She was getting into this hair stylist thing. She was trying different styles and I couldn't wait to see what she brought home today. She would be stunning even if she came home bald. I hoped that she wouldn't try that though. I was sitting by the pool under an umbrella sucking down my third beer when an older woman walked onto the patio. She was fit and attractive and dressed casually. She didn't wait for an invite to sit as she walked right to a chair under the same umbrella. She said, "Good morning Hunter. Jarrod's team had placed a microphone and camera in the umbrella to record any possible extortion attempt.

She introduced herself as "Monica". I was certain the name was fake but she knew my name. She pulled a manila envelope from her handbag and opened it. She pulled out a dozen or so 8x10 photos of Eva and me and spread them out on the table. She went straight to the point, "Unless you want your lovely wife to see these photos of you and your beautiful red-headed lover, you will pay one hundred thousand Euros." She watched for my reaction to the photos and what she had said.

My initial reaction was, 'wow. These photos are good.' I remembered how far away George was and these photos looked like he was sitting on the bed with us like he was directing a porno movie. I knew I had to be terrified at the prospect of Alexis seeing these photos. I acted like I was trying to process what she had said. "How...how did you get these photos?"

Monica smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Here they are and they will be in your new bride's hands tomorrow if you don't pay." I looked around and pushed the photos back in the envelope. I hoped that I wasn't over playing my role.

"Alexis can't see these photos. If I pay you what you ask; how do I know you won't send her the photos anyway? You obviously have other copies." I knew there was no way to be sure they hadn't made copies of the digital thumb-drive.

Monica looked at me and smiled. "You pay the money and I'll give you all the copies and the camera thumb-drive." I contemplated her offer for several seconds and then agreed. She told me where and when we would meet for the transfer and she got up. She said, "You can keep those photos if you like. Your lover is very beautiful. So is your wife. You are a lucky man. Keep it that way. Okay?" I just nodded passively and Monica left.

Jarrod came out of the Villa and sat down in the chair just vacated by Monica. He had a huge grin on his face. I turned from him and looked up the hill to Lina's house. Jarrod noted my concern and said, "Don't worry. No one's home. Between Interpol and us we are tailing all three of them. We've cloned Zeva's and Spiros' cell phones and we'll get in position to clone Monica's phone too. We'll hear any calls they make. Interpol is staking out their command center in Italy where the phone calls and the email went. There must be twenty or so communications between this command center and their agents in exclusive Hotels all over Europe. This will be a big feather in our cap to bring this criminal enterprise down.

Alexis pulled onto the patio on her moped and hurried over to Jarrod. They hadn't talked yet and they hugged and kissed and hugged again. She had a million questions about how Dee and Adele were doing. Jarrod answered every one. Jarrod made points by commenting how much he liked her new hairdo and then he had to go. Alexis sat down in the chair that Monica and Jarrod had sat in. She noticed the manila envelope and whispered, "Are those the extortion photos?" I nodded and pushed them to her.

I said, "Don't get caught looking at those." Alexis started to take the envelope but then pushed it back to me.

She said, "I'm curious as hell about this Eva. I'll look at the photos when this thing is done and it can't be soon enough." I grinned at her and nodded my agreement. She looked up at me and said, "Don't you have to get to a bank?"

I smiled and leaned over and kissed Alexis and whispered, "I'm on my way." I went in the house to retrieve my wallet and passport. I had no idea how hard it would be to get that amount of money from a bank that I had no account with. I had to call Jarrod, who had Interpol call the bank manager and two hours later I was carrying a satchel containing the agreed amount of money. I had never seen that much money in one place before. I was surprised at how heavy it was. Jarrod trailed behind me on the way home just to make sure I didn't run into other criminal elements on the way. The satchel wouldn't fit into the safe in our closet so I had to remove the cash and stack it inside. I was sure that George or Lina or both would be watching and probably celebrating.

Alexis snuck the envelope of photos under the covers when we got into bed. She had a flashlight and we passed the photos back and forth. Alexis whispered, "You said Eva was beautiful but wow, she's gorgeous." She flipped through more photos and whispered, "It looks like she gives a hell of a blow-job."

I smiled at her and nodded before saying, "Not as good as yours Babe."

Alexis giggled and said, "One point for you." She leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips. She pushed all the photos back in the envelope and shoved the envelope under her pillow before whispering, "Brace yourself Baby because those photos have made me so horny." I had expected that they would.

She started with the covers on the floor at the foot of the bed as she maneuvered between my legs and grabbed my already rock hard cock to her lips. She pushed on and lashed my 'spot' with her tongue for a few moments and then pushed her lips to my balls and throat fucked me for a dozen or so strokes. My hips snapped upward each time Alexis pushed my cock into her throat. I was groaning non-stop until Alexis pulled back up my shaft and lashed her tongue around the ridge of my glans for a few moments before pulling off. She turned around and pushed her pussy to my face. She was reenacting what she had seen in the photos. I eagerly lapped my broad tongue along her pussy and curled my tongue to a point as I prodded her clitoris which prompted her to pull back off my cock and let out a scream. The fact that Lina and George were probably watching made Alexis even hotter than usual.

I plowed my curled tongue into Alexis pussy and she groaned around me cock stuffed in her throat. I hadn't cum in Eva's mouth but Alexis was a force to be reckoned with and I was about to blow when she pulled her mouth from my cock quickly and gasped in and out several times. She yelled out, "Oh fuck Baby. You got mmmeeeeee." Her whole body shuddered as she pulsed her hips in synch with her clenching pussy driving my tongue out as I pushed it back it. She groaned out in a low pitched demonic voice, "OH GOD. OH GOD."

My orgasm, that was right there moments ago, was receding quickly as it pulsed in the air in front of Alexis' oblivious face. Even a slap on the face with my throbbing cock brought no reaction from her. She was in heaven as her orgasm crushed her and rendered her senseless.

As her climax dissipated she pulled her pussy off my face and slid down my body so that my bouncing cock was between her thighs slapping on her pussy. She put a hand over the knob to hold me in place and then she slid down a little further and began lifting and dropping her hips so that her labia separated on either side of my cock and she rode the 'spot' on my glans on her clitoris and we both let out another groan. If she kept it up, I would have cum all over her torso. I didn't think that was her plan.

She stopped just in time and my orgasm receded again. Alexis leaned back and put one hand on my chest as she lifted her hips up and guided my glans to her pussy and moaned all the way down my shaft. She stopped at the bottom but I rocked my hips back to pull my cock out of her and then I rocked my hips forward again. She muttered, "Oh God that's wonderful." She was looking right up into the camera mounted in the fan above the bed. I wished I had that photo.

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