Pool Stroke


Bill had been working non-stop at college and the gas station. This was his first day of rest in over a month. He was totally burned out and decided to go lay out in the sun.

His apartment complex had an awesome pool and it was almost never occupied. Not much need for a pool when the beautiful beaches of Florida were right down the street. Bill didn’t need the hectic sounds of the beaches, though; he needed some rest.

He stripped down to his swim trunks and laid back on the lounge chair. Bill rubbed his body down with 35 SPF, he was glad to feel the ripples along his gut, all this work was paying off—his normally athletic musculature was now gaining an even better tone without all the beer and pizza of his early days of college. He was getting an even better body than he’d had previously and he loved it. He finished, positioned himself, and closed his eyes.

The feeling of the hot sun burning down on him felt great. It had been awhile since he’d been outside during the daylight hours and his body needed a little Vitamin D that only the sun could provide. He heard the distant sounds of a lawn mower and the occasional car passing by out front, but mostly the place was deserted. Rivers of sweat rolled down him as he began to drift off.

A slight breeze had drifted over him and when it mixed with his wet skin caused a slight shiver to run through him. Bill heard the unmistakable sound of the rusty gate hinges opening—someone was coming.

He opened his eyes and looked up. Two old women covered from head to toe in white polyester complete with hats and sunglasses sat down at one of the tables making sure to stay out of the sun. They were across the pool and to the left of Bill. He could hear them talking, but was glad to realize he couldn’t make out what they were saying. He was more tired than he realized. He began to drift off again when another breeze blew over him. Bill stretched and lifted his left leg, he felt the breeze run up the leg of his shorts and tickle his naked balls. This was a nice feeling and he smiled a bit. He smiled even wider when he realized the two old ladies across the pool could probably see up his shorts. He began to lower his leg, then decided against it.

“Let the old girls have a show” he thought to himself.

Bill heard the screeching of the gate once again and looked up. He expected to see the old women leaving, but was happy to see three new girls coming in.

These were not just any girls, these were hot coeds from some other college that consisted of a Blonde with an incredible rack, a Redhead with legs to kill for, and a Brunette with an ass that could crack walnuts! They were wearing sweats that they slowly stripped out of.

Another breeze went up Bill’s leg and he quickly dropped it down. He suddenly felt too exposed. For all of his studliness, Bill was still basically a shy guy. He watched these girls as they stripped down to their small bikinis as much as he could without staring like a pervert. Then the girls did something that was just plain evil—they began applying lotion to themselves and each other. His penis stirred.

“Hold on there, buddy” Bill told himself. “We’re lying on our back with swim trunks on, this is no time to get happy!”

He closed his eyes again and tried to relax. He heard the girls laugh a few times, talking to each other, but again he gradually zoned out.

The splash woke him up. He heard the girls laughing hysterically and yelling to each other. Bill looked at them through squinted eyes and saw the Blonde and the Redhead in the pool. They were trying to pull each other under water. The Brunette was lying on her lounge chair with her back to them. Bill could see her entire ass shining in the hot sunlight. Small rows of sweat poured down her cheeks and he could think of nothing he wanted more than to lick those sex tears off of her.

He started to get hard fast and knew he couldn’t hide it, so he raised his right leg this time to help cover the tent. He quickly closed his eyes and tried not to think about it. Then the Blonde screamed! Bill looked up and noticed nothing unusual at first, it seemed to be the normal pool time playing. But then the Redhead threw something out of the pool and onto the Brunette. It was bright yellow and Bill recognized it immediately—the Blondes bikini top.

This was too much for him. The two girls in the pool looked at him and laughed. He smiled back, hoping to God that the Blonde would get out and retrieve it herself. The Brunette took it, threw the top even further away and then jumped into the water. Bill’s prayers were answered as the Blonde got out, trying to cover her beautiful tanned breasts. She grabbed her top and put it on while standing at the edge of the water. Bill got a full on view of her luscious boobs. The three girls laughed as the Blonde jumped back in. Now they headed to the side of the pool by Bill. He sucked in his gut a little, giving them an even better view of his protruding abs, just in case. The girls splashed water on each other and played like something out of a Playboy video. Bill couldn’t believe how hot these girls were.

Finally the Redhead made eye contact with him.

“Hi” she said.

Bill Smiled “Hi”

“Did you like our little show?”

The Blonde laughed and readjusted her top.

“Very much” he replied.

Then the three girls laughed again, looking at each other. Bill felt like there was a joke going on that he wasn’t aware of, then it hit him.

“By the way” the Redhead said “Nice balls!”

Bill smiled and nodded his head unsure of the meaning. Then it struck him—his leg was still up and they could see his nuts. He quickly dropped his leg only to expose his throbbing erection tenting out of the middle of his shorts. Then his raised both legs and turned on his side to cover himself. The Girls went into total hysterics now.

One of them said “Don’t be shy, Hottie, we like what we see.” Another one said “Do you like what you see?”

Bill laid on his back again not caring if he sported his tent now because he became aware that the girls were removing their tops and bottoms and throwing them out onto the side of the pool.

The three of them were now totally naked in the pool and not shy about jumping up and showing him their wet silky nakedness. Bill’s dick ached. He looked down and saw the pole in his pants pulsing. The girls began making out and licking each other’s boobs. The Blonde stood up in the shallow end and slid her hands up and down her breasts, tickling her own nipples. The Brunette floated up so her ass was out of the water as the Redhead pulled the Brunette’s leg open exposing her tight shaved taco to Bill. The Redhead lowered her head and slipped her tongue into the Brunette. Then the Blonde joined them as they made sweet oral love to each other right there in the clear water of the pool in front of Bill.

This became more than he could take. He reached down and rubbed his hardness. The girls stopped what they were doing and watched him. His hand gripped his shaft, then he pulled his shorts completely off. He threw them down on the ground next to him. As he laid back his dick flipped up and smacked his belly. He began stroking himself as the girls watched. The sweat poured out of him now like a hose. His whole body burned with lust, his hand slick with lotion and cum fondled his cock faster and faster, like a steam engine out of control. His eyes scanned the tanned, wet, dripping skin of the girls as their nipples hardened and their eyes widened at this stud pounding himself for them.

Finally, it was all he could take and he let go. Bill arched his back and squeezed his eyes shut. His balls sucked up into him then spat his hot cum into the air. Streams of cum fell on him, covering his hard abs with his own fluid. The girls were amazed. Bill felt himself calming down, his balls rescinded and his breathing slowed again. His face was burning with desire and sun. He opened his eyes to see the girl’s reaction. He then realized something was terribly wrong.

The three college girls were still on the other side of the pool wearing their sweats. The two old ladies were still there watching him with their mouths hanging open. The girls were also looking at him in total shock. Bill realized he was naked, his hard penis still in his right hand and pools of sperm were slowly dripping off the side of his stomach. He had fallen asleep and masturbated to this fantasy in real life while these five women sat and watched him.

Bill quickly jumped up, grabbed his swim trunks from the ground, and fell into a flower bed while trying to get dressed. He ran off and hid in his apartment.

Bill was totally ashamed and embarrassed. He was also afraid of what might happen. What if the girls called the cops or the old ladies complained to the management. He might end up in jail, or out of a home. He thought he might be in huge trouble.

There was a knock at the door. Bill was afraid to open it. This could really be bad. He slowly opened the door and saw the three girls standing there.

“Hey, stud” The Blonde said.

“Can we come in?” The Redhead asked as she walked in past Bill.

“You should have heard the old ladies laughing at you as you left, I think you gave them the show of their life” the Brunette giggled.

“I’m so sorry, I must have fallen asleep” Bill tried to explain.

“No shit” the Blonde said. “You gave us quite a show, we were impressed.”

The Redhead smiled and pulled her top off as the other two also began to strip naked. Bill’s dick grew hard again.

The Blonde spoke again “Now it’s our turn.’

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