tagLoving WivesPoolside Foursome

Poolside Foursome


Julie was sitting poolside with her feet dangling in the water.

Guy had already helped her remove her bathing suit and was now lazily fingering her slippery slit.

She was somewhat reclined with her head resting on a chaise lounge which was behind her.

Guy would occasionally suck her nipple or kiss her mouth while his fingers were in perpetual motion between her open thighs.

She felt so naughty, so decadent sitting there naked in the open air while being pleasured by her friends brother.

Her friend, Lynn, didn't object at all because she was having her pussy deliciously eaten just a couple of feet away by Julie's husband.

Guy stood; she remained in the same reclining position and sucked on his cock when he presented it to her.

Once again she felt wicked, sucking on Guy's big boner while casually moving her feet through the cool water of the pool.

Suddenly Guy slipped into the pool, positioned himself between her thighs, and began eating her pussy.

That's when she noticed her husband stand up. She had never seen him with such a strong hard on.

It pointed upward and when he helped Lynn onto a chaise lounge she took it into her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

She couldn't stop watching her friend eagerly sucking on her husband's dick, even while having her pussy eaten.

Guy hit a hot spot which caused her to moan and caught her husband's attention.

"Having a good time?" he asked casually.

"Mmmmm," she moaned "you?"

It was surreal, him with his cock in another woman's mouth, and her being tongue fucked by her friend's brother, yet they were nonchalantly making small talk.

"Fuck her," she said to him in a very horny voice "I'd like to watch."

No one was more surprised, or turned on, by her words than she.

She couldn't believe she spoke them, but they seemed to have spurred all four of them on.

Lynn got out of her chair and repositioned her self on the poolside towel.

He husband got between Lynn's legs and brushed the head of his bone up and down between her pussy lips before plunging it into her.

Guy came out of the pool with water dripping from his stiff rod and immediately began fucking Julie with enthusiasm.

When his cold cock entered her fiery box it took her breath away.

"Oh yessssss, fuck her," she thought while she watched her husband banging her friend.

Her husband got Lynn to stand and bend over the chair so he could fuck her from behind.

Julie watched Lynn's hanging tits jiggle and listened to her moan with each thrust of her husbands cock.

Guy wanted to change positions and when he pulled it from her she couldn't resist sucking her cream from his steaming cock.

She took a quick glance to see if her husband saw what she was doing and was pleased to see he was looking straight at them.

She didn't know why, but that caused her to suck Guy's cock more enthusiastically.

Guy asked her if she wanted to get fucked in the pool.

Being one of her long held fantasies, she quickly agreed.

When she stood she watched her husband fuck Lynn for a moment and had an overwhelming urge to kiss him.

She heard Guy jump into the pool.

Feeling she didn't have much time she instinctively took her husband's head between her hands and kissed him sexily, with more tongue than lip.

He sucked her swirling tongue and moaned into her mouth while fucking her friend even harder.

She broke off her lip lock and quickly jumped into the pool.

The cool water felt good as it refreshed her burning skin.

Guy took her in his arms, when their mouths met she was the one kissing him.

Picking up from where she had left off with her husband she shoved her tongue deep into his mouth and rubbed her horny pussy on his thigh.

She was hotter than a pistol, on fire with desire, and couldn't get enough of everything.

"Fuck me," she whispered hoarsely into his ear, "please fuck me now."

She had his hard tool in her hand and was rubbing the spongy head over her clit and knew it wouldn't take much to set her off.

He walked her backwards to the side of the pool.

She spread her arms and braced herself on the pool deck.

He grabbed her legs and floated her bottom half up until it was almost prone in the water.

He walked towards her, between her open legs, lead by his stiff dick pointing out in front of him.

She took one more look at her husband who was now on top of Lynn, fucking her in the conventional way.

The look of pure, unadulterated horniness on his face sent a shiver of erotic jealousy through her.

When the head of Guy's big cock touched her pussy lips she almost came.

When it split those lips and was shoved deep inside her she had a huge mind blowing orgasm.

With her eyes closed tight she could see her husband excitedly fucking her friend while she came and came and came some more.

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