tagFetishPoopsie's Second Tail

Poopsie's Second Tail

bySean Renaud©

Poopsie yawned as the first rays of light landed on her closed eyelids rousing her from her sleep. She had been dreaming of Brent's cock in her throat before she'd woken. The nude beauty knew it was around six o'clock which meant she had less than an hour before her Master and Mistress would be arriving to get her. Her beautiful brown eyes fluttered open and Poopsie rolled over onto her hands and knees crawling out of her doghouse and into the "kennel" area.

When the Asian crawled out onto the soft grass she saw that Princess and Toto were already awake and sitting at the gate of the kennel staring expectantly up at the house.

Princess was the oldest of the girls at twenty seven. With blonde hair that dragged across the ground when she called and artificially enhanced breasts that remained in place even if she stood on her head. She usually wore bright blue contacts but right now her natural browns were out for the world to see. Princess usually didn't acknowledge anybody but the masters, so it wasn't a surprise to see her silent beside her "sister" Lassie.

The resemblance between Toto and the famous actress Judy Garland was amazing. She was the picture of beauty and even now with her hair a complete mess from sleeping outside in the straw she was breath taking. She was twenty and had been part of the kennel for six months before Poopsie arrived. The two girls had formed an instant friendship; as soon as Toto saw Poopsie she turned and crawled over to her kissing her softly on the cheek.

The sound of the door opening brought both girls' attention back to the house and lining up along side Princess. Heads were held high and proud as chests were pushed out for approval. Legs lewdly spread as they did their best to imitate the animals they had been designated.

A smirk curled Brent's lips upward as he saw his three barking bitches sitting in a row waiting for his attention. As was his habit in the morning he was only wearing a white terry cloth robe and a pair of slippers as he came down in the morning. "Morning girls how are you?" Of course the response he got back was just a melody of barks. "Who should I take out first?" He brought his finger up to his lip as he considered the girls. "Princess!" He shouted patting his leg as he opened the kennel.

As much as she wanted to Poopsie didn't try to slip between her Master and Princess. The punishment wouldn't be worth it and besides her turn would be coming soon enough.

"Poopsie! Here girl!" Fiona called far too sweetly from the top of the stairs. Poopsie felt the color drop from her face as her Mistress summoned her. "Here girl!" Fiona repeated whistling harshly. It was hard for Poopsie to conceal the frown on her face as she darted out of the kennel and up the stairs.

It was a well known fact that Fiona was jealous of Poopsie for some reason. It didn't make sense to Poopsie why Fiona would hate her. She had been Queen in the kennel and then she got promoted to house cat, her name had been Salem at the time. Then she'd been promoted to being a "real girl". If anything Poopsie should have been jealous of her but that wasn't what she felt. She was terrified of Fiona who was standing over her right now.

As soon as Poopsie was close enough she dropped her head to her Mistress's feet kissing at her Fiona's manicured toes. "Good morning." Fiona whispered as Poopsie started licking between her Mistress's toes. "Enough, come." Poopsie shivered at the thought of Fiona cleaning her out for the morning but she followed behind her Mistress anyway.

Fiona had a hose in her hand was in the process of screwing on an intimidating dildo when she pointed toward the Tub. The Tub was like a toilet, it filled with water and it flushed but it was set in the ground like a tub. There were a few of them on the premises for the girls to use when they were allowed to roam the property. Poopsie knew the routine and turned her back to the Tub straddling it as best she could manage while laying her face down in the soft wet grass. Her fingers moved behind her prying her cheeks apart so her Mistress could get to work.

"If you're very good they'll be a treat for you later bitch." Fiona teased as she greased the dildo with Vaseline and then pushed it against Poopsie's puckered opening. A deep breath and a firm push had the tip of the nine inch rubber cock inside Poopsie. She had to grit her teeth to keep from crying out as the massive phallus split her open. Fiona of course didn't care as she pumped it against her watching as the sub's bowels were stretched to accept the invader. "Fuck it."

Poopsie whimpered glancing back at her Mistress before she obeyed, thrusting her hips back against the dildo. She always tried to keep from enjoying being degraded like this and it never worked. There was something about the dew covered grass brushing against her tits while her anus was invaded just made her cunt gush. "Ready?" Poopsie nodded her response.

The dildo expanded slightly as cold water flowed through and into Poopsie's bowels filling her insides. Fiona kept pushing on it until she felt Poopsie's insides were filled and then she slowly slid the dildo out of her letting her expel the contents of her bowels into the Tub. Fiona flushed it and then pushed the dildo right back into Poopsie's ass giving her two more enemas before the water ran clear.

"On your back." Poopsie rolled onto her back spreading her legs. "Wider." Poopsie obeyed straining her legs and gripping her ankles pulling them as far as she could manage. It was easy to get the dick shaped device into her already moist cunt. "You like that don't you?" Fiona teased while pushing in and out of her puss occasionally letting a squirt of water off inside her. Poopsie was doing her best not to squirm; her entire body was trembling though. She had to bite down on her lip to keep from crying out as the lubed dong hammered her just like the real thing would. Fiona bottomed the dildo out one last time and turned the nozzle on full blast.

Poopsie thought she would puke as the water rushed to fill her stretching her belly outward and chilling her insides. Her eyes were pinched shut in agony but she was still silent, she could have cried out if she'd wanted to. Her voice abandoned her as her muscles froze. "Good girl." Fiona purred yanking the nozzle out of Poopsie's cunt letting her empty out into the Tub. "Now what do you say?"

Poopsie barked weakly and then crawled back over to Fiona nuzzling against her leg. There was a slight frown on Fiona's face as she reached down and ran her fingers through Poopsie's hair. She crouched down in front of Poopsie pulling her so close that Poopsie could smell the Colgate on her breath when she spoke. "You won't always be the favorite bitch. Sooner or later he'll realize you're just another slut." Poopsie drew in a deep breath as she stared up into her Mistress's eyes.

"Poopsie!" As soon as Brent's voice carried from behind the house Fiona snapped upright.

"She's over here!" Fiona shouted as Poopsie barked happily and scampered towards the voice.

"Poopsie." Brent smiled holding his arms out for her. There was another excited bark from the bitch before she jumped up into his arms licking his smooth cheek and pushing him over. He gripped her face and pulled her off him as he sat up kissing her softly on the forehead. "Good morning to you too." Brent gave Poopsie another affectionate kiss while Fiona glowered and walked back into the house. "All cleaned out?" Poopsie barked and nodded climbing off him and raising her ass up for his inspection. He ran his finger quickly down her crack and over her puckered hole down to her pussy. "Good puppy. Now get in the house." He swatted her rump sending her scampering towards the open door. "Fiona quit being such a bitch unless you want to end up back in the kennels yourself."

Fiona lowered her head and nodded. "Yes Master."

Princess and Toto were already sitting on the carpet when Poopsie crawled into the room. Brent smiled as he walked in and looked down at the girls. "There is your food." Brent said pointing to one big bowl on the floor filled with a combination of eggs, sausage, bacon and biscuits. There was also a bowl of milk and another of water. Brent sat down at the table picking up a fork and starting on his meal.

Poopsie sat down on her haunches canting her head to the side as she watched Princess crawl happily over to the bowl and lower her face to eat the slop. She was the top girl right now and she got to eat first some morning she shared with Toto before she finished but usually the girls ate in order. Right now Toto was nuzzling up against the alpha female licking at her shoulders while trying to push her way closer to the food. There wouldn't be room for Poopsie to eat of course so she didn't even crawl over until Princess started to slow down to make room for Toto.

Princess barked happily and crawled over to Fiona's foot rolling over onto her stomach when she'd finished eating. "Isn't she just the cutest?" Fiona asked as she leaned over from her own meal to rub Princess.

"She's not as cute as Poopsie." Brent countered patting his thigh. Poopsie's head snapped away from the food and over to the man who she crawled quickly over to nuzzling her head up against his thigh. He scooted back from the table and patted his thigh again. This time Poopsie stood up on her knees placing her forearms on his lap as he stroked her head. "Check out the trick I taught her." He paused slightly and then reached onto his plate taking a sausage from it. "Come on girl get the sausage. Get the sausage!"

It wasn't the food she was trained to go after though and no matter how hungry she was Poopsie wouldn't disappoint. Her head instantly went for between his legs gripping the robe in her teeth and opening it so she could lap at his flaccid cock. It always excited her to lick along his smooth shaft and watch it harden for her. There was something about knowing that she was doing that, making him hard, that always got her juiced flowing better than anything else. As soon as he was hard she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and started bobbing her head up and down greasing his pole with saliva.

Fiona looked on as Poopsie worked Brent's cock between her lips. A familiar ache started between her thighs as she watched. Poopsie always made a show out of swallowing Brent's cock easing it into her mouth until it hit her throat then sticking her tongue way out as she inched it past her gag point. Anybody watching could easily see the bulge of his fuck stick stretching her neck as his cock slid down into her gullet. As always she managed to touch her lips to the base of his rod before she started pulling back. Poopsie kept pulling back until only the crown of his dick remained between her pursed lips then she swirled her tongue as fast as she could manage. After a moment she plunged back down swallowing his entire cock a second time pressing her nose to his stomach.

"You should take lessons from her." Brent groaned as he gripped Poopsie by the ears pulling her close to him again and starting to fuck her face. Her excited yelps and moans pushed him over the edge spurting his creamy load into her open mouth. "Don't swallow." He gasped one hand moving to the table as she smiled down at her.

Confused eyes stared up at her master as a pathetic whine escaped her clogged throat. "Open your mouth." Brent commanded and she obeyed tilting her head back slightly so he could see the combination of saliva and cum. "Here Princess." The blonde lifted her head from the bowl licking her lips clean of the goulash she'd been eating and turned toward Brent. "C'mon, here girl." She smiled and gave a happy bark before crawling over to his feet and sitting up for him mashing her tits between her arms as she did. "Open your mouth." Confused Princess did as she was told. Brent took the sausage and dipped in Poopsie's mouth dunking it several times till it was covered in cum. Once he was satisfied with the spunk coated meat he brought it over Princess's face letting cum and grease drip down onto her tongue. "Beg." Her eyes squinted slightly at this humiliation but she brought her "paws" up in front of her as if praying and whimpered while raising herself up closer and closer to the food. "Good." Brent praised her as he let her have the sausage. "Go on girl, get that's all for you." Princess whimpered and nuzzled against his leg before he swatted her toosh shooing her quickly away.

"Toto!" The brunette didn't need to be called twice, she was instantly at her owner's feet, legs spread and chest pushed out proudly as she looked up expectant of her own treat. Sure enough he took a piece of bacon from the plate and dipped in Poopsie's mouth. "Lay down." Toto flattened herself against the floor, her hands moving to her sides so her tits were pressed flat against the floor. "Roll over." She did so remaining on her back so her hardened rosy pink nipples were on display. "Good girl. Sit. Shake." Toto moved back to her original position then held up one "paw" for her Master. He took it briefly before releasing her. "Ok open your mouth." Toto obeyed and Brent fed her the piece of jizz bacon.

"You can swallow now Poopsie." She closed her mouth and her eyes making certain that he could see her gulp down the delicious goo. "That's all for you." Brent smiled swatting her gently.

Poopsie crawled over to the abandoned food bowl which was as usual picked clean of the good stuff. Most of what was left was bread crusts and fruit peels. She had to use her nose to push the trash aside and get to what the other girls hadn't eaten way at the bottom of the bowl. When she came up bits of food were sticking to her cheeks and clung to her hair. They had left her plenty of water and milk though so she dipped her face in the water cleaning the bits of food from her face before slurping up her fill and then moving over to the milk and doing the same.

"Princess, Toto. Outside." The girls crawled out of the house to the blankets left out for them curling up in the morning sun. "Poopsie, you too." She took one last slurp of the milk and then crawled outside moving beyond the other girls out onto the grass. She hadn't earned a blanket on the porch yet but she didn't mind the way the morning grass felt against her skin. As soon as the dogs were outside the screen was closed behind them.

"Silk, come on out girl." Fiona called. A beautiful black woman responded to the call stretching luxuriously as she entered the kitchen. Her lips were painted bright red and her eyes blue to match her unnatural contacts. Her hair was done to a pair of pig tails on either side of her head that just barely grazed the floor as she crawled. Silk curvy frame was the envy of the other girls, not slender like a twig her full womanly curves gave her an incredible bust and an even better ass improved by a tribal tattoo across her lower back.

"What would the pussy cat like for breakfast?" The black beauty purred happily considering her options as she rubbed herself against Fiona's thigh. Finally she crawled over to the cabinet pawing it till Fiona opened it. Then she nuzzled a box of Apple Jacks. A moment later she was sitting in front of the window, enjoying the sunlight and her breakfast as the dogs angrily glared back.

"Mrow?" She taunted as Princess bristled. Poopsie only gave the house cat the briefest glance before putting her head down and drifting off.

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