tagInterracial LovePoor Little White Girl

Poor Little White Girl


It was not turning out to be Susan's day. Her boyfriend had just ditched her and she was having to make her own way home on foot. Then she heard her name being called.

"Hi Susan – what are you doing all alone?"

"Oh no!" Susan recognised a couple of girls who she thought were in her past. They had been a year ahead of her at school in their small English country town. Because she was so shy and reserved she had been on the receiving end of some of their bullying when they were at school together.

Susan pretended not to hear but the girls crossed the road and she could no longer ignore them.

"Oh hi," said Susan, knowing that her best defence was to be confident. Something that didn't come easily to her.

"Hey, we are just off to a party with some of those American boys from the USAF Base. They are due along shortly. Want to tag along?"

Susan was just turned 19 but she was relatively inexperienced and she knew that the airmen from the Base had a certain reputation! She felt a tingle of excitement.

Should she go with these girls? Perhaps now that they were older they would treat her more kindly.

She never thought that she would be invited to the Base. She felt a little shudder of excited anticipation. Oh, what the hell, she told herself. "OK, thanks, I'll come."

Just then a Range Rover pulled up and the door was opened for the girls to get in. All but one of the Americans were black. Suddenly Susan wanted to get out and run away. Black guys – they deliberately hadn't told her they were black – what she hadn't heard about black guys!

The older girls introduced Susan and OK, they seemed like nice boys. Her initial terror was leaving her but she remained a little frightened at the situation she found herself in. If only she had heeded her first inclination not to trust the other girls.

They obviously knew these boys very well and were very confident. Little did Susan know that when they had caught sight of her they had giggled to each other and hatched a plan to persuade Susan to join them for a good reason. They intended to 'break her in!'

They knew Susan as rather an old-fashioned girl who was certainly not experienced. After all, look at the way she dressed! Susan had on a very conservative skirt and blouse. They were going to have some fun with her before the evening was out and they were well aware that their black American friends weren't used to taking no for an answer. The thought of what they might do to poor, shy little Susan!

It was a bit of a crush in the back of the car and Pauline, one of the older girls suggested that Susan sit on the lap of the American boy who was crammed in with them. "Yes, sit on Mark's lap," giggled Elaine, the other girl.

Mark was a typically powerfully built black giant but he seemed quite nice. "Comfortable Honey?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you very much," replied the shy little English girl as she felt the powerful grip of his hands on her shoulders.

Pauline and Elaine looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Yes, thank you very much," they mimicked!

"Ok Honey, don't worry about those two little slags. We'll look after you," said Mark, as he dropped his hands from her shoulders and squeezed her waist.

"Yeah," said Pauline. "They sure will look after you," and Elaine sniggered.

Then Pauline, who always had been the ringleader and the girl who Susan had disliked the most, leaned over to Susan. "Be afraid," she hissed. "Be very afraid."

Soon they arrived at a large house way out in the country that the American authorities rented for the airmen.

"Ever been with a black guy before Susan?" asked Pauline as they entered the house and were out of earshot of the Americans. "There's always a first time," smirked Elaine.

Susan hid her fear and went in with them. Surely they wouldn't do anything to her that she didn't want?

Some drinks were poured and Susan said she would like an orange juice please! That caused the girls more merriment. How naïve Susan was!

Soon the party developed into what it was always going to be – an orgy. Before long Pauline was baiting the boys. "I suppose you think you are God's gift to women," she said to one of them as he attempted to kiss her.

In reply he grabbed her arms and pinned them painfully behind her back whilst he whispered some dire threat into her ear. "Oh yeah!" she said provocatively in reply to his whispered threat. "You and whose army?"

"Hey guys this little bitch is getting way out of hand. Guess we oughter teach her a lesson!"

They surrounded her menacingly but somehow she wriggled out of their grasp and slammed the door in their faces as she ran, laughing, upstairs to escape them.

Susan could hardly believe her eyes. What had she let herself in for?

Elaine was on a sofa and indulging in some heavy petting with another couple of hunks. "Oh, don't worry about Pauline she always like a bit of rough," said Elaine. "Just loosen up a bit Honey. You're old enough to know what it's for aren't you?"

Despite herself Susan was becoming very aroused. She was thinking to herself – I wonder if it is really true what they say about black guys?

She could here quite a lot of noise upstairs and it was obvious that Pauline had been caught. Susan could only imagine what she was going through. Just then Pauline, who had broken free from her tormentors, burst into the room. She had been stripped down to her panties and bra and was out of breath with the chase and breathing heavily.

The boys came into the room after her and she pretended to try and avoid them but they soon cornered her behind the sofa and dragged her into the middle of the room. It was all over for Pauline.

Susan looked at Elaine in horror but Elaine was otherwise engaged. A huge black hand was up her skirt and she was moaning with pleasure.

Pauline had been surrounded and it was obvious that the game was over. A mattress had been pulled on to the floor from an adjoining room.

"Just a minute, Just a minute," said Pauline. "Little Susan is missing out on all the fun."

Pauline was allowed up and Elaine pushed her groping friend away. This was going to be fun.

"Susan, which one do you fancy?" "Yeah," said Elaine, "which one do you fancy first," and they both laughed.

One of the boys sprang to Susan's defence. "Ok, ok," he said. "Don't frighten Susan."

"We aint gonna hurt you Honey." Said one of the others.

"Oh, balls to that," said Pauline who persisted in persecuting Susan. "Bet she's hot for you."

"Leave her be," said another boy – "you can see she is shy."

"Time she grew up," said Elaine. "Probably still got her schoolgirl knickers on," said Pauline and Elaine giggled once more.

"Lets see, shall we?" and with that both girls grabbed Susan who seemed mesmerised and offered no resistance. She just stood there meekly whilst Pauline pulled her ponytail bow. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and Pauline undid her belt. Her skirt was a wrap-around and just fell to the floor. She had a very sexy lacy slip on and Elaine held her hands behind her while Pauline lifted the slip waist high. Still Susan made no attempt to resist.

"There, told you so," they said triumphantly. With her hands still pinned behind her Pauline spun her round to face an audience of black guys all hungry for this ravishing young white girl. Her pink cotton panties covered her bottom completely and hugged her waist. "Look at her with stockings and suspender belt. We always thought you were a bit old-fashioned Susan and now we know."

Susan went scarlet. Not just because she was being humiliated, but also because she knew that a big wet stain was on the front of those cotton panties. Susan was hopelessly aroused and all the boys in the room could see just how hot for them she was. Susan finally reacted with a gasp and doubled up when Pauline brazenly put her hand on Susan's pussy and grinned at her.

Then Pauline lost interest in bullying Susan and started teasing the boys again. Her bra and panties were tossed aside and draped over a large armchair.

Four black guys were pulling their shirts off and undoing their belts. Pauline just lie there on the mattress where she had been thrown, with her legs brazenly apart and playing with herself.

One of them told her what was going to happen to naughty girls but Pauline defiantly stuck her tongue out at him. She hadn't been teasing them for nothing and was just asking to be gang-banged.

Elaine had disappeared upstairs with her two bucks but Mark, seemed concerned and asked Susan if she wanted to stay or go home.

Susan had been offered a way out but she was a healthy teenager and sexual excitement and anticipation was now in charge. It was far more powerful than her fear. In fact fear of the unknown was increasing her arousal and no way did she want to escape now.

Susan had liked Mark from the first. She gave him a sweet, innocent smile and pushed him on to the sofa. Then she slowly undid the buttons on her blouse and tossed it to one side. She stood before him in her lacy slip and bent down and with her moist lips, kissed him gently. "Now you have your answer," she said.

He patted the sofa beside him and she readily sat down. Soon his was arm around her and once more she offered her moist lips up to him. Susan had surrendered to the inevitable and was willing and eager to experience something that she had fantasised about for a long time. Was it really true what they said about black guys?

Mark needed no further encouragement and one arm was around Susan's shoulder and his great hand was gently sliding into her bra. His other hand was sliding between her thighs.

Susan parted her legs. It was a final act of complete surrender. She knew that once his fingers were in her panties she would be unable to resist him any more even if she had wanted to.

Mark was now skilfully playing with Susan's clit and she was eagerly kissing him. Her eyes were closed and she was in seventh heaven.

Susan placed a hand on a huge bulge in Mark's pants and her fingers were on his zip. She was about to investigate when she looked down to see Pauline on the floor with one of the boys kneeling between her legs. She was jacking off the biggest dick poor little Susan had ever seen!

Susan gasped. So it was true what they said about black guys!

Then Pauline, the ultimate slut, deftly tore a condom out of its packet with her teeth and rolled it on to his throbbing dick. She looked up at her man and grinned. In reply he seized both of her ankles and with her legs wide apart he drove into her tight little shaven white pussy. The grin was soon wiped off her face and a wild look came into her eyes as the urgent business in hand got under way. She was moaning with pleasure as he pounded in and out of her. Before very long her black bomber was squirting into his condom as Pauline jacked him off to his climax. The three other bucks were waiting for their turn.

Susan may be a shy little girl but secretly she was something of a nympho and multiple orgasms came easily to her. She had been watching the couple on the floor with hypnotic fascination and they had aroused her to fever pitch.

Mark was eager to undress this pretty little girl who had so willingly surrendered to him but he could tell that she didn't want him to stop playing with her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was gradually building to an orgasm and as he held her in his arms she shuddered and cried out before kissing him passionately.

Whilst Mark had been bringing Susan to her climax Pauline and her partners had gathered around and were watching with amusement and fascination as demure little Susan lost all control.

"Hey, thought you said Susan was just a shy little virgin?" said one of them.

Elaine had entered the room again. She had put her panties back on and her two black bucks had their boxers on

They were each side of Elaine and holding her hands. It was obvious she had just tamed them, at least for the time being!

Susan was surprising herself. She was getting a thrill out of being the centre of attraction and didn't mind the audience. In fact it turned her on even more than she already was.

She was still sitting on the sofa and kicked her shoes off. Her slip was pulled up around her waist to show the boys her sexy panties once more. Slowly and provocatively she unfastened her nylons. Then she stood up and was about to pull the lacy slip over her head.

Mark had other ideas. He wanted to undress his pretty new conquest. He stood up and pulled the slip over her head.

She shook her blonde hair over her shoulders as he sank to his knees and removed her suspender belt but left her honey coloured nylons on. She turned away from him to brazenly face the guys and girls. Her bra was unclipped and Susan gasped as he cupped her pert breasts in his hands and nipped the hard nipples between his fingers.

This was a new Susan as she confidently stood there in her rather schoolgirlish cotton panties with the big wet stain on the front.

Mark kissed the nape of her neck and one hand continued to caress her breasts and pinch those hard little nipples whilst the other hand slipped down the front of her panties. She gasped again as he played with her in front of her audience.

While this was going on both Pauline and Elaine were having their hands held behind their backs whilst eager hands were masturbating them.

Both the guys and the girls were being inflamed by Susan's slow, deliberate striptease. Elaine's previous conquests were hard again and soon she would no doubt be flat on her back once more!

Mark swung Susan round to face him again. Then he kneeled again before her. She put her hands on his muscular shoulders and shuddered with excitement as she felt her panties being pulled down.

For his part Mark was equally excited and his hands were on her soft voluptuous bottom as he pulled her to him. She felt his tongue flicking her clit. Susan held his head against her pussy and almost climaxed again.

"I'm only human too," he chided her. "Oh, sorry Honey," she said and knew immediately what was required of her. After pulling his shirt off it was her turn to kneel before him as she deftly released his belt and pulled his pants down.

His boxers came down at the same time and Susan came face to face with his great thick ebony dick. Nervously she tried to put her hand around it to jack him off but he was already rock hard and eager for her.

Both the other two girls had been thrown side by side on to the double mattress on the floor and once more being unmercifully fucked as Mark ordered Susan to roll a condom on to his proud manhood. She knelt on the sofa at his command and shivered with anticipation. Her limited sexual experience had told her that this was her favourite position.

Then an enormous dick was being introduced to a very hot, tight little vagina. She flinched and then it was all the way in. Susan had never felt quite so good as this before and she rocked her body back to him with enthusiasm as he drove in and out of her.

When Mark was finally ready to cum they had changed positions and Susan was lying on the sofa with legs wide apart. She grabbed his dick and the condom slipped off. Mark squirted all over Susan's breasts and face and she loved it.

"Well," said Pauline on the way home. "Who would have thought it. Little Susan isn't quite the innocent little virgin we thought she was. You just need to learn how to dress like us."

Susan smiled to herself. She was confident that she knew best and that the way to really send the boys wild was to play the innocent little virgin in sexy undies.

"Don't suppose you want to come with us again?" asked Elaine before they parted.

"Might do", said Susan," trying to sound indifferent.

"Huh, 'might do'," snorted Pauline scornfully. "You know you can't resist them now and you can't wait to go back, don't you?"

Little did the girls know that Susan had already agreed to see Mark again the very next night.

When they had parted Mark had held her tightly in his arms and whispered into her ear that he must see her again soon and Susan had eagerly agreed.

A little voice in her ear had been egging her on all evening. Now it was telling her that she must agree to go with Mark, although she guessed that she would be entering the lions den alone!

It was the same little voice in her sub-conscious that Susan had obeyed when it was telling her to face those guys and provocatively undress in front of them.

As Susan lay in bed that night she remembered the lust in their eyes and trembled with excitement tinged with fear as her hand dropped between her legs. She knew that little voice must be obeyed...

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