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Young White Virgin Blacked


Young white virgin blacked in a barn on a rainy day:

Candy and Teresa were sisters. Candy was 19 years old and Teresa had just turned 18 years old. They were small girls. Pale white skin, blue-green eyes and light blonde hair. Candy was only 5'-0"and her sister Teresa was 4'-10" tall. Both were intelligent, pretty and little pranksters as well.

They lived on the farm with their father about 20 miles out of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Their mother was deceased but their father often saw a woman on another farm. The girls did not care much for her and when not in school....they spent much of their time playing around the fields and being around the domestics.

Their father raised strawberries and raspberries on the farm of about 120 acres. There were several black Africans that lived on the farm and worked for him He also had part-time workers that were hired for final harvest. The young girls were raised on the farm and as kids they had played with several of the black children. It was like family to them.

Their father never thought much about their interacting with the black parents and kids. He took good care of the two families that lived on the farm and they in turn worked hard to make the business a very profitable one. What he did not fully realize was that his daughters were now teenagers and were budding into very adorable young women.

Toby, an African of Zulu heritage, was their father's right hand man. He had worked for him for 15 years and although he was in his early forties, he was still had a very muscular body. Toby was 6-'7" tall and black as charcoal. A very proud African and skeptical of the white control of his country but he never let his true feelings become an issue with his boss.

Toby had seen the girls grow from babies and always had a feeling of caring for the girl's safely. He enjoyed driving a wagon with two mules to a farmer's market on the weekend. It was a small village about nine kilometers from the farm. The girls always wanted to ride with him when they could and enjoy the countryside.

Now it had become more difficult for Toby to chauffeur the young teens to the market. He could not help but notice the curves developing on their bodies. To make things worse, the girls would grab and hug him as they cheerfully babbled on about the trip and generally what was going on in their lives.

On this particular trip, Candy was sitting next to Toby and had a sunflower dress on which the top was revealing for a nineteen year old. Toby could not help being stimulated and he could feel his cock hardening as he took quick glances at her breasts and pretty legs. Her sister, Teresa, was in the back seat of the wagon just chatting away.

All of a sudden, the wagon hit a pothole in the road and Candy bounced up and when she came down her left hand landed on Toby's crotch.

Toby tried not to show any reaction but Candy was curious as to what she felt.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Toby, I did not mean to touch you like that." Her face was red from the incident. Candy had discovered something big and hard in that black man's pants. Toby didn't know what to do. He just kept driving the wagon but was becoming even more excited by the unexpected touch of this white flower's small hand.

Thoughts raced through his mind on how he would really wanted to deflower this girl. He kept trying to depress those thoughts. Her father would kill him...he knew that. Yet, the growing hardness in his black cock grew even more. The horror in his mind of what would happen if he took her and, maybe her sister also. All these thoughts had been forbidden to him but now that these two white girls were no longer children, his sexual lust was overpowering him.

Thoughts raced through his mind of dragging the both of them into the bush, Then, forcefully spreading their small innocent legs and stroking his black manhood in their virgin pussies as he pressed his towering black body on them. Holding one down while fucking the other as both girls begged for release. Shooting African cum into them as they squealed and squirmed on the ground yet, he knew that one of them might escape and bring harm to him. Toby tried to erase such vile thoughts. He really did care for the girls and their safety. But, his large black cock had a mind of it's own.

Toby was not that dumb and resurrected himself. Finally coming to his senses he guided the wagon to the market. They bought the veggies and melons and returned to the farm. The girls enjoyed the trip but Candy still wondered about the bump in the road incident. Toby did too.

The next week their father had to leave the farm and travel to another city for crop sales. He asked Toby's family to watch over the girls. Toby was more than willing and on that Saturday morning he instructed Teresa to feed the livestock and watch the farm while he took Candy on a trip to the market.

Candy was all excited about going but wasn't sure why her sister was not to be along. Toby insisted that he had only one mule for the ride. The other mule had a sore hoof and needed rest. The extra weight could cause a problem. Candy understood and besides, an unexpected feeling of excitement with her traveling alone with Toby curiously crept into her mind. She still could not forget that bump in the road.

The problem being that ever since last weekend, sexual lust was brewing inside him and he kept trying to overcome it. Just the thought of Candy's curvy body, pretty face and small frame had him thinking things that he should never think. He knew deep inside that being alone with this girl would be tempting but he thought that he could handle it. He had to handle it or he would lose everything.

Candy only wanted to enjoy the trip to the market and went along gladly. She had a white mid drift T-shirt on with shorts. She did not have a bra on. Her father would not approve but he wasn't along for the ride. Her blond hair was tied into a ponytail and she wore a white and pink jockey cap that matched her pearly pink lipstick. She was stunningly pretty and somewhat a little girlish. But that was just Candy.

Toby was dressed in pants with no shirt on being the weather was hot. He had his colorful scarf around his neck and a large brim hat on. His black muscular torso shined as the sun rays reflected on him.

Toby was having second thoughts about taking her with him to the market. He had never seen Candy more appealing....and it was troubling him. Again, Toby could not help notice the nice curves in her small body and again his cock begin to harden as they left the farm.

The sky grew cloudy and rain began to sprinkle down. They were only about four kilometers down the road next to another farm that was vacant and under auction. The rain increased and Candy's shirt became soaked. Toby could not help but notice her budding breasts stick out as he would glance over at her. She then held onto his arm as she became a little chilled. Toby then took his arm and reached over her shoulders pulling her to his side.

"Candy, I'll try and keep you warm until we find some shelter," Toby remarked.

She then placed her left arm around his waist and leaned more into him. Toby could feel her left breast press against his side. His cock grew harder. Candy glanced down at his crotch and saw the bulge. She then withdrew her arm around his waist and slightly pulled away. She felt a twinge of excitement flow through her and could not understand it. Toby was her friend and she had never felt a sexual attraction to a charcoal black man. It had always been nasty to her. But for some reason Candy now began to sense a sexual curiosity about Toby.

"Miss Candy, we need to seek some cover from the rain. That barn on the left is abandoned and we could stay inside until the weather gets better," Toby said. He then drove the wagon into the barn.

There were some hay bales and a small pile of hay still left in the barn. Candy sat on one of the bales and Toby sat beside her. Thunderstorms arrived the thunder and lightning danced in the sky. All of a sudden a bolt struck a tree next to the barn. Candy became frightened. She leaned around and grabbed onto Toby's neck and shoulders. Her breasts then lightly pressed against his lower chest. She didn't know the ramifications for what she was exposing her self to...she only sought safety from the storm.

Toby then placed his muscular black arms around Teresa and pulled her even more closely to him. He felt her breasts touching his chest and her arms around his broad shoulders with her hands griping his neck.

"Miss Candy, don't be afraid. I will not let the storm harm you. It may go on for a while so we may be stuck in this barn for an hour or two," Toby quietly said.

Candy then pulled her right arm from his neck and as she turned backward she lost balance and pressed her hand down on his crouch. A very hard cock bounced against her hand.

"Oh my gosh, Toby. I'm sorry, I did not mean to do that. But....why are you so hard. Is that natural for a man when he is close to a friend? I mean that you and me are good friends and there has never been any attraction that I know of. You are so big and black and I am small and white. I've never had a man especially a very black man touch me or I touch him, Teresa admitted.

Toby looked at her and then held her shoulder. The rain had drenched Candy's shirt and her nipples stuck out in the shirt. Toby could not help in noticing that. His patience of sexual manhood and lust was declining rapidly. Toby's black cock was hardening to the point that he had no more control. He looked at her body and then decided that he must have her.

"Miss Candy, you have become a very adorable lady. I have always taken responsibility for your family's safety and worked hard for your father. I have known for the last year and especially since last weekend that I wanted to have you sexually. Yes, it's wrong but I cannot hide my feelings any longer," Toby admitted.

Candy was speechless and also somewhat concerned that she was now alone with this black man in a barn. Yet, she had mysterious feelings creeping into her loins that she did not understand. She gazed at his black muscular torso and again at the large bulge in his pants. Candy couldn't help herself. Her hand slowly reached over and felt his hardness.

"My apology but I could not help feeling that large bulge in your pants. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm just curious. I have never touched a man in that way. Please do not harm me." Candy nervously said.

Toby then placed his hand over hers and pressed it more strongly on his lap. He then placed his other hand on her breast and rubbed it softly.

"Miss Candy, I will show you what you are feeling in my pants if you let me see what is under your shirt. No worries, I will not harm you. I only want to see your breasts."

"Are you sure, Toby. I trust you. But I am only playing and am curious. I don't mean to tease you," Candy replied.

Candy knew that she was teasing but did not know that Toby was not. A man can only take so much before becomes out of control.

Candy was now becoming excited and felt daring to accept his offer. It was like a game of "show and tell" but this was more daring and exciting. She couldn't believe that she was doing this.

Finally, she pulled her T-shirt off. Toby's eyes grew big as he starred at her well formed white breasts. Toby reached over and lightly touched her right breast. His black hand was such a contrast to her white body.

"Okay, Toby, That's enough...now it's your turn," Candy chuckled.

Toby unzipped his pants. A large semi-hard black cock sprung out. Candy gasped.

"Oh Lord, that is huge. Can I touch it?" Candy nervously asked.

She reached over and griped it in her small hand. She felt the hard veins and then with her other hand, pressed against the coal black head of his cock.

"I can't believe that I am doing this, Toby. We had better stop right here. Although strangely exciting, it doesn't need to go on further." My father would kill us both if he found out about this. My touching a black man's penis and him touching my breasts. God help both of us. Please help me, I've never been in a situation like this or had such such mixed feelings. I am truly embarrassed. I'm only nineteen and here I am half naked with a black man," Candy pleaded.

Toby now knew that this was the window of opportunity. He had decided that this little white girl was going to be his. He grabbed both of her wrists and pulled her up. Guiding her to the shallow pile of hay on the barn floor.

"Toby, we need to stop. This is not a good idea. I'm afraid that I have teased you too much."

Candy knew that she was letting things get out of hand yet a boiling sense of excitement was building in her. Toby laid her down and began kissing her breasts. His right hand unbuttoned her shorts and slid in. He began lightly messaging between her legs.

Candy began to tremble. A small and unintended orgasm flowed through her body. Her green eyes looked down at the black head kissing her breast and as she tilted her head, could see the black hand invading her loins. Strange pleasure was boiling inside her. Here she was, a captive white maiden, being lusted on by a very black African. She only offered a little resistance as she squirmed her body. Sexual desire over took her sound reasoning.

"Toby, no....this has gone far enough. I don't want a black man running his hands all over me and kissing my breasts. Stop."

Toby replied, "Do you not want to touch my cock again and feel its' hardness. It may make you feel differently about me and this situation."

While they were lying on their sides, Toby pressed his chest against her breasts and was kissing her neck. His rigid black cock was pressing against her leg and Candy could feel it. It was overwhelming to a girl so young and innocent.

Her hand crept down and found his hardened cock. She began stroking it as he lowered his head to suck on her breast. His black body was tightly against her and she could feel her heat pounding.

Toby then eased a finger into her vagina. Candy moaned and grabbed his neck. The intrusive feeling of something invading her vagina was frightful yet exciting. Both lay naked on the hay as they embraced each other and she began surrendering herself to his blackness.

"Don't be afraid, my little girl. I will make sure you are okay." Said Toby. From his pouch that he had brought, he removed some lubricant jelly. He knew that this virgin would need it to accept his size once he had broken her hymen. He rubbed it in as Candy looked on curiously and a bit scared.

Toby then placed Candy on her back He spread her small blithe white legs around his bottom and He then slowly pressed his cock at her entrance. Candy was alarmed yet offered no resistance except for tears in her eyes. This was not the way it was suppose to be losing her virginity. Her being ravished by a coal black African. Thoughts of why she let it get this far were racing through her mind. Then she all of a sudden realized a more dangerous situation.

"Please put on a rubber, Toby. I can't have you inside me without protection. Please," she moaned.

"Ani't got a rubber, Miss Candy. I'll pull it out before I go off, trust me," Toby answered back.

An nineteen virgin girl can be very gullible and Candy was not an exception. She stared down as this huge black man began to penetrate her. She didn't know that once that rigid black cock was invading her loins....there would be no turning back. Toby knew that too as he began to penetrate her.

"Please don't do this without protection. This is a bad idea, Toby. Stop now...don't go any further, please, please," Teresa begged.

The black head of his cock broke through her hymen as Candy yelped. Toby grabbed her small wrists and held them over her head with one hand and used the other hand to grip her bottom. Candy felt his shaft pressing more into her and the pain was intense.

"Please, please don't do this", Candy moaned again.

He slowly pushed his thick black cock further into her small vagina as she gasped. The pain was awesome. Teresa gasped and shook as she was being violated. Her small white legs quivered in the air as the black African began stroking her and slid more meat into her loins. It was painful to have such a big cock splitting her loins for the first time. He leaned down and pressed his black body on her. His black lips kissed her and his tongue danced in her mouth. She wanted to escape but his huge frame held her motionless.

Her body then shook with an unexpected and violent orgasm. The pain lessened and her body began accepting the black cock invading her small white body. A surreal feeling was now creeping into her. She was becoming a woman in a way she never anticipated. Juices flowed in her virgin body and another orgasm shot through her.

Only a few years from being a child and now having a very black African man pounding her innocent 19 year old body was unreal. She struggled with the weight and pounding of his black African frame ravishing her virgin loins.

He held her small white arms to the hay as she tearfully cried. Her virginity had been black fucked away. Toby continued to violate and press his black dick in her young virgin loins and stroke her small body as she lay under him. He still did not have all of his cock in her. Only about five or six inches penetrated her. His sweat fell and formed modules on her breast and tummy.

Toby began feeling an overcoming pleasure as his nuts became rock hard. He was beginning to spew his jism into this little white girl. His black buttocks pushed harder as he suddenly felt the hard thrust of African sperm pour into her. His black cock was swollen to the extreme and was splitting her apart.

Mercifully, it exploded and gushed into her loins filling her belly with African spunk.

Her eyes were glassy as she felt the explosion into her body. An orgasm had ignited her young body at the same time. Her small legs drifted down from his black waist onto the hay. And her arms fell to her side motionless. She starred at the barn ceiling. She was absorbed in blackness. African cum oozed out of her no longer innocent vagina

Toby was exhausted too and rolled over to lie there on the hay. He had just had his best fuck in his life. His head looked over at Candy and he wondered just what he had done. Frightened a bit but knew that after a brief rest....he wanted more.

Candy fell asleep as the thunder and lightning died down. Toby rested for a while and fed hay to the mule. He returned a short time later and lay down next to Candy. Her curvy and young white body was so beautiful to him. He again began rubbing his black hand on her. She awoke.

"Please Toby, not again. I'm tired and am having a difficult time with what just happened. It should have never gone this far. What if my father finds out about this? I'm frightened," she pleaded.

Toby had only one thought on his mind and put the consequences aside. He pulled her small legs to him as he sat on the hay. His large black dick became hard again and he pressed it into her. Already lubricated with his cum, the first four inches easily entered her.

Candy lay there with her arms resting at her side on the hay. She knew that Toby was about to violate her again and there was nothing that she could do about it. As he pressed more black meat into her she again placed her legs around his waist.

She lay there with this huge black African splitting her loins. He kept thrusting his black dick into her. Her head was bobbing up and down. Little Candy had no clue as to the ramifications of being bred by a man...a very black African man to boot. She could only feel a thick black cock splitting her and the sweat of the African pouring on her.

Before long, they cleaned up and finished the trip to the market. It was a long day to say the least. As they drove back there was little conversation. Both Toby and Candy were thinking to themselves of the possible problems with what they had done. Yet, neither were truly regretting the marvelous sex they had shared.

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Great try

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