tagSci-Fi & FantasyPornworld 04: Working

Pornworld 04: Working


David walked back to his apartment, his legs still a little shaky from the sex he'd had and the sex he'd seen. Rules, he thought. There must be rules in Pornworld. His computer was still there, even in this weird, alternate dimension, so he looked up STIs and pregnancy. There were no STIs here, and women could get pregnant only if they really to. An internal "swallowing" muscle allowed it to happen. There simply was no reason, here, not to fuck as much as you liked. "I could have fucked those two girls down the hall," he said out loud. He probably could still fuck those two girls down the hall. He was living in pornworld, now. He could have all the sex he wanted.

However, a quick look through his apartment revealed that he still had a job. Pornworld wasn't without an economy. Checking the time and realising he was late, he threw on his socks and shoes and hustled out the door. He saw people in various states of doin' it on his way in to work, of course, and when he got there, he was amazed at how much sex was going on in the store. David was the floor manager of a big drug store. All seemed about the same at first, but every time he rounded a corner or opened a door, there were people fucking: in the isles, behind the tills, in the back rooms, employees, customers, and combinations of the two. He was enjoying it, certainly. See something you like, stick around and watch for a minute. See something you don't like, just keep walking. It slowed productivity down, but people in Pornworld don't seem to mind. Productivity just is a little slower here, he thought, because everyone keeps stopping for fifteen-minute fuck breaks.

He had more or less gotten used to it when he heard a particularly enthusiastic set of moans, shrieks, and giggles coming from a certain isle. Back in the real world, there was half a shelf dedicated to condoms, lubes, and some very discreetly packaged sex toys. In Pornworld, that half a shelf had expanded into a sex shop within the store, and people were constantly "trying out" the merchandise. No one seemed bothered by that, here. It was a world without STIs, so trying out a dildo must be like trying on a shirt; you'll wash it when you get home. These moans and shrieks sounded familiar, though. They were coming from a clerk named Mindy, a shy girl with mousey brown hair who usually wore no make up at all. Mindy was definitely cute, and very personable, and David had always thought so, but he was in no way prepared for what he saw when he rounded the corner.

Mindy was demonstrating a product for a pair of customers, a couple, who were staring, mesmerised. David became mesmerised himself in short order. Mindy's hair was up, and her make-up had been put on with a trowel, but in a hot/slutty way. Her librarian-glasses somehow contrasted wither her hotness in a way that suddenly emphasised the hotness. She had her shirt unbuttoned and one tit in her hand, and she had her skirt tucked into her belt so that it exposed her sweet, delicate, tiny little pussy. David stared. He never expected to see her like this: brazen, randy, and enjoying the crap out of everyone staring at her. He became aware of a buzzing noise. She was demonstrating a vibrator of some kind. Her hand was cupping her pussy, her palm rubbing in big, languid circles. As he stared her up and down―her exposed legs, the pussy flesh on either side of her hand, her little pink-tipped tit, and finally up her smooth neck―he realised that she was looking right back at him. Her eyes were wide open, and when he made eye contact, she grinned even wider in a look that said "Hey, look what I'm doing!"

She flashed her eyes down, so David looked down. She had spread her pussy open so that he, and the couple who were still watching, could see her pink lips taught and the hint of a blue vibrator nestled between those lips, cupping her tiny, delicate clitoris. "Here," she said out loud, "let me give you a better look." She sat down on a bit of plastic lawn furniture that had been dragged into the sex isle for just such an emergency, and she hooked her knees on the arms of the chair. First, she turned her pelvis up so that they could clearly see the vibrator on her clit, and she began to spread and then squish her pussy lips: open and closed, open and closed, slowly pushing her wet, slick, shiny lips together, and then agonisingly slowly spreading them until the light-pink skin was flat, her cunt fully exposed. David could see the the line where her skin went from pink to pale. He could see the flesh around her clit, and the little tufts of brown curls that surrounded it.

As she leaned a little further back, he could also see what kept the clit vibe in place: a second vibe in her pussy. It was bigger than he'd have expected for such a small girl. David was suddenly more aware of the buzzing and thought, for just a moment, that he saw her inner lips vibrating. He looked in her eyes again and saw that she was staring right at him, delighted and excited to be about to come while he watched her, as if it was the fulfilment of a fantasy, which it actually was. Real-world Mindy had had a crush on David for months, so Pornworld Mindy did, too. She just expressed it differently.

She leaned back even further, tilting her pelvis up more, and slipping down the chair even farther until she was barely sitting in it. That's when David saw the third part of the vibrator, a little blue arm of the unit that was nestled, nonchalantly, in her sweet, tender, little asshole. It wasn't as big as the vibe in her cunt, but it was still big. It spread her ass open, visibly pulling the skin taught, but what was inside must have been even bigger to keep it in place. David felt his jaw drop, and he looked up at Mindy's face again. She was on the edge of laughter, getting off on his amazement. She continued playing with her pussy lips, spreading them and then squishing them together. The couple watching her now had their hands in each other's pants, and David was starting to envy them.

Mindy reached down to a small handle on the bottom of the vibe and started fucking herself with it, drawing it out, and thrusting back in, relatively slowly at first, but quickly speeding up until she was chaotically fucking her pussy, her ass, and her clit all at the same time, one title bouncing and jiggling as she built to a powerful orgasm. Her rhythmic moaning soon gave way to long, deep growl that shot up in a screech of what anyone who didn't know better would swear was pain. Her orgasmic scream lasted so long that she had to draw breath in order to keep screaming.

Eventually, spent, wet, and happy, she slumped back into the chair, her legs fell down, although her skirt remained up, and she blearily mumbled, "So tha's how th' triple-vibe works. Iss mos'ly a solo toy. Can' really do mush with two people excep' watsh." A slow grin appeared on her face as she caught David's eye, "But watshin's pretty fun, eh?"

Three minutes later, David had dragged her, stumbling and giggling, to a bathroom in the back. It was, predictably, five times the size of the old bathroom and furnished with a tub big enough for three. He was just lucky there wasn't already an orgy going on it in. He lifted her tiny frame onto the marble counter with ease and heard the still-buzzing toy smack against the stone. She shrieked again, laughed, and collapsed onto him, her mouth on his neck, her tongue in his ear.

"I want you to fuck me," she said in a half-groan.

"So do I!" he answered. "Pussy or ass?"

"Surprise me."

He reached down to the vibrator and slipped it out of her, but her body didn't want to give it up at first. He'd pull, and then between her anal muscles and the slickness of the toy, it would pop back into her, and she would grunt in delight. He tried this several times but with no luck although Mindy didn't mind.

"Hook your ugh! finger oh god! under the fuck! toy..." she gasped. He did so, feeling the warm, slick skin underneath, and then finally pulled the toy out of her reluctant holes.

"I want to fuck your cunt," he said, grinning like a ten-year-old.

"Okay, just turn the toy around so I can still have it in my ass, okay?"

He looked down at the toy in his hand. It was blue and shiny with pussy juice. The anal vibe turned out to be bigger than the pussy vibe. It flared out in a mushroom shape not unlike a giant cock-head. It looked too big for such a little, innocent girl... a little innocent girl who had rolled onto her back on the counter, hooked her arms below her knees, and spread her ass cheeks for David to plunge the toy back into her. "Well, okay then..."

He gingerly pushed it against her bum and watched as the flesh slowly spread around in, taking in the toy millimetre by millimetre. "Stop teasing and fuck me," she said, laughing like a madwoman. He pushed a little harder, but now, suddenly, wanted to tease her (tell a guy he can't do something...). The toy slowed down as it got bigger at the base, but David kept pushing until her ass swallowed it up and then pulled inwards past the flare. He twisted the toy until it was out of the way of her pussy, grabbed her by the thighs and pulled her to the edge of the marble―at which point she gasped and giggle some more―and then pushed his remarkably hard cock into her. Her body slid easily up and down the marble countertop, as she was covered in sweat and her own juices. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck fuck me!" She chanted it like a sex mantra.

She yanked off her shirt and started pulling and pinching the tiny pink nipples on the ends of her bite-sized tits. David drove into her, each stroke harder and faster than the last. She chanted "fuck me!" interspersed with the occasional "harder!" or "faster!" He fucked her deep, and long, and time didn't exist. He could feel the tiniest movements inside her: the crown of his cock slipping past her kinky pubic hairs, then pushing her slick lips aside, plunging into the soft, spongy world inside of her cunt, and finally banging on her G-spot. He thrust into her, hit her G-spot, and stopped. Instead of fully withdrawing and thrusting, he started making tiny little thrusting movements just against her G-spot. "Frig yourself," he ordered, and she did. She lifted her body up onto one elbow and started rubbing her pussy, up and down and side to side, with two slick fingers, all the time her eyes were saying "Your cock is inside me right now, and I am rubbing my clit right now, and I am going to cum with you inside me right NOW!!!" She yelled, squirmed, moaned, shook, and came, her vice-like pussy squeezing his cock. He kept thrusting, kept banging on her G-spot, until she calmed down.

"My turn," he said, and she grinned from somewhere inside her sex coma. He started thrusting into her with long, powerful strokes. There was no technique to this. He was simply fucking like an animal that wanted to come, which, in that moment, he very much was: a hairless primate pounding away. Her legs were draped over his shoulders, and he had her upper thighs in his hands. He squeezed his eyes shut, but had he been watching, he would have seen Mindy's eyes, again, locked onto his face, loving every moment of his attention, even though he wasn't looking back. (She figured "fucking" counted as "attention.") He came in a spectacular series of grunts, growls, and howls. He imagined a Roman candle shooting out of the end of his cock, filling her up with hot, bright stars as lightning bolts shot up his spine from the tip of his cock, and then down his spine out his cock again. After he came, his legs were covered in sweat and he didn't think he could stand, but it still felt so good that he kept thrusting until he couldn't hold up his own weight, and he slowly collapsed on top of her, her legs wrapped around him and his cock, still hard inside her. Neither could move, and both were struggling to breath. "Moooore!" she moaned from underneath him even though they both remained perfectly still, unable to move.

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