tagSci-Fi & FantasyPornworld 05: The Fuckable Feast

Pornworld 05: The Fuckable Feast


After a long day of working and fucking, David road the bus home. Two girls were Frenching and finger-fucking each other on one of the bench seats, and a straight couple was giving each other handjobs in the back. Such is life in Pornworld. David had only lived there for a day so far, but he'd had more sex than for the last few years back in reality, so he was pretty happy to stay where he was. He wasn't particularly tired, though, and his cock was still quite ready to pop up anytime he wanted. The lesbians on the bus seemed focused on each other, as did the couple, so he road home, content in the knowledge that he could always walk down the hall to that tall, Black woman's apartment and probably get super-freaky laid.

He got home to find that his fridge was packed only with sex-related foods: honeys, jams, fruits, nutella, and various alcohols. He grabbed his phone, ready to order something, when a thought jumped into his head. This is Pornworld, he mused, the rules are different here. He flipped the phone open and called a pizza joint, but he specifically asked for the pizza to arrive at 8pm because he was expecting guests. Then he called a Thai place and, again, asked for the food to arrive at 8pm, as he did with a Mexican restaurant. Even if what he was predicting didn't happen, at least he'd have some food in the house. In the mean time, he flipped on the TV to find it strangely absent of any hint of sex. I suppose, why bother, here?

At 7:58pm, his burritos arrived. The girl who carried them had the most marvellous, round tits he'd ever seen along with huge brown eyes and wavy black hair. She was gorgeous, and she was falling out of her delivery-girl uniform. He paid her, asked if she'd like to come in and eat, and thirty seconds later, she had his cock in her hand. Then the intercom sounded again, and he let the pizza girl up to his apartment. She was Italian, of course, with shiny, black hair, and a thin, lithe body. It turned out they were both named Maria. While Maria 1 (Mexican-food delivery) rubbed his cock up and down while Maria 2 (Italian-food delivery) pressed herself against his back and ran her fingers up and down his chest, making sure to tweak his nipples, and this was in the front hallway of his apartment. He hadn't even shown them the living room yet. Finally, at 8:04pm, his Thai arrived. She was mouth-watering: lively eyes, a runner's legs, and at five-foot-nothing, she was at the perfect boob-licking height to Marias 1 and 2. She was doing exactly that about five seconds after seeing the orgy in process.

David lead all three into his strangely well-appointed bathroom and proceeded to start filling the jacuzzi tub. He turned his back for about seven seconds, and by the time he turned back, all three were naked on the floor in triangle of pussy-licking love although, to be fair, Maria 2 seemed to have her tongue up Thai girl's ass, not her cunt (he'd have to get her name at some point, but she'd had her mouth full since she'd arrived). When he turned again to look at the tub, it was already full. He climbed in and sat in the water, quite content to watch the girls for a minute. Thai girl was the first to look up. She pulled her face out of Maria 1's snatch and climbed into the tub with David while the Marias continued playing with each other, moving smoothly from sixty-nining to the one fucking the other with a strap-on that really hadn't been there just a moment ago.

"So, what's your name?" David asked.

"Grace," she answered.

"Well, Grace, I would really like to do seriously dirty, filthy things to you. How do you feel about that?"

"Sounds like fun! How about you tie me up?"

David looked over the sides of the tub and there, predictably, were a set of straps with soft, velcro cuffs at the ends. Thank you, Pornworld. He started kissing her and playing with her chocolate-tipped tits, which were actually quite ample for a girl her size, and slowly persuaded one and then the other wrist into the cuffs. Once she was in them, he tightened the slack behind her head until both arms were stretched backwards and she couldn't help but thrust her tits forward. Over his shoulder, Maria 1 was now gripping the edge of the jacuzzi while Maria 2 fucked her in the ass, both of them staring jealously at Grace's chest. David dove into her, biting her neck, dragging his teeth across her collar bones, and finally sucking one whole tit (the left one) into his mouth while he massaged her clean-shaved pussy under the water.

He could hear her moan and occasionally shudder when he hit a good spot, but then her full-throated noises became muffled, so he looked up to see Maria 1's beautifully brown-and-pink pussy flattened against Grace's lips as she road the Thai girl's tongue. She had climbed onto the ledge behind the back of the jacuzzi tub. From what David could see when Maria 1 pulled away from Grace, the little woman's tongue was long enough to actually fuck her. That deft muscle could slip into Maria 1's pussy when it was relatively soft, and then harden, or widen, or curl. It was like watching a sexual circus show as Grace probed the Latina girl's insides. Maria 1 made not a sound. She was beyond moaning and groaning. She squatted ram-rod straight over Grace's mouth, her eyes rolled back in her head, barely able to make a noise even though her mouth was wide open. She made only the occasional, shocked gasping noise. David worried that she wasn't actually breathing, but Grace had been at it for a couple of minutes and she wasn't turning blue, so he figured it was going well.

When the other Maria climbed onto the ledge behind her and once against started fucking her tight little ass, Maria 1 let all the screaming out that had been trapped inside. David could feel the vibrations from her moaning and grunting. She started coming and didn't stop. It went on for minutes, Maria 2 fucking away at her from behind and Grace tonguing her from below. David just sat there, jaw open, stunned that she could come for that long, stunned that she didn't collapse from exhaustion, stunned that it didn't actually hurt at this point. When she finally started to fall into the water, he wasn't surprised. He just caught her and handed her to Maria 2, who then took her out to the couch in the living room.

Meanwhile, Grace was still all tied up, but not enough tied up, as far as David was concerned. He lifted her up―she weighed nothing―onto the ledge that Maria 1 had been kneeling on, again took up the slack in her bonds, which meant she was almost sitting on her hands where they were tied behind her back, and then he put two more cuffs on her ankles and positioned her feet on the edges of the circular tub. Her little bald pussy was open so that her pink hole was visible between her light-brown lips.

Maria 2, her long hair flowing behind her, slipped into the water beside David. "Oh oh oh!" she said, "Bondage!" and then started clapping her hands. "Can I be next?"

"God yes," he said, "in fact, why don't you get your face into that girl's pussy while I do you from behind?"

"How is that bondage?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm going to hold your wrists behind your back."


Maria knelt in the hot tub and teased Grace with her teeth and lips and tongue. She licked her smaller girl's inner thighs, nipped at her flesh, whipped her tongue across her clit just long enough to send a jolt through her but not long enough to sustain it. Meanwhile, David slowly wrapped his fist around her right wrist and drew it to the small of her back. Maria closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hand on her, the pressure on her arm. She started to fight him for a moment, trying to twist out of his grip, but she turned her head and winked at him. It was part of the game. That's when he wrapped her other wrist in his other fist and pulled both arms straight back, jamming his cock into her wet pussy. She was stuck now, bent over at the waste, her hands held in David's strong grip, his cock inside her pussy, and staring straight at Grace's little, bald snatch. She did what anyone would do in that situation. She moaned, started bouncing against David's cock, and buried her face in sweet, sweet cunt.

Grace started pulling at her restraints, but she could barely move, and Maria "struggled" to escape from David's grip, but merely succeeded in driving his cock into her even deeper (which might have been the point, really). David, for his part, was just enjoying the ride. Maria lurched and ground herself on his cock and the unpredictability of it was fantastic; meanwhile, his eyes roamed the curve of her back, the way her ass was pressed against his pelvis, Grace's bouncing tits, and the sounds of grunting, moaning, squealing, and shrieking fom all three filled the air. Maria managed to get Grace off quickly. The smaller woman pushed her pussy into Maria's face and sounded like she was hyperventilating until she finally came and slumped against the tile. Now that she wasn't distracted, David began fucking Maria in earnest, using his grip on her wrists to pull her down onto his cock and using his pelvis to push her forward again. He fucked and fucked, fast as he could, until he felt his balls clench and the fire in his spine shoot out the tip of his dick. He collapsed onto the side of the jacuzzi. Finally, Maria sat on the ledge and fingered her pussy, her ass, and her clit while she admired the completely zonked looks on Grace and David's faces. "I did that", she thought, more proud of herself than when she'd earned her master's degree.

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