tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersPorshe's Escapade Ch. 02

Porshe's Escapade Ch. 02


So I opened the last box and it was a very lifelike looking dildo and a note. The note read,

To: Porsche

From: Jane

Here is an exact replica of Dick's dick, I wanted to share it with you since you share so much with us, enjoy.

So I started walking up the stairs and sat down and instinctively started stroking this long fat cock. I had no idea that Dick had such a nice cock. My hand couldn't even fit around the dildo and it had to be at least 8 inches.

As I sat down I thrust the dildo into my mouth and started sucking it while I stroked it up and down. So there I was sitting on the steps in little pink panties with my big tits exposed and sexy long blonde curly hair hanging there with a big cock in my mouth right in front of the window.

I thought I saw someone walk past; I was frozen in terror for a minute. Then Ricky the paperboy walked past the window after dropping off the paper at my front door but didn't even look in and just walked away.

Did he see me there by the window sucking and stroking that dildo with my big tits hanging out?

I guess I won't ever know.

I decided to grab all my new stuff and take it up to Porsche's room, and in the process maybe make myself a little more decent.

I headed to the bathroom first to apply my makeup.

I thought since I had off all day to completely dress as Porsche and hang out, maybe even get enough courage to go out.

I pulled my sexy long blond hair back into a pony tail. I affixed the voice modifier first. You could hardly even see it; it was the size of a dime and completely sees through.

I said some things out loud and my God I sounded exactly like a woman. This thing worked really well.

Then I applied my makeup. I put on sparkly pink lip gloss, blue eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner, and I put some concealer on the voice thing just to make sure. I did all the finishing touches and let my hair down.

Oh my God! I didn't even recognize myself, I looked so gorgeous, so feminine, I couldn't even notice my male part.

Next I went in to get dressed. I put on a sexy matching pink bra to cover my big tits. I pulled up a short white pleated skirt that barely made it to mid thigh. Then I put on a low cut sexy dark pink tank with lace. I then slid on white fishnet thigh high stockings with a wide lacy top up each leg, they were still slightly visible from under my skirt.

I headed back to the bathroom to make sure I looked perfect and again I couldn't even recognize myself. I looked so amazing, so sexy, and so feminine.

I went downstairs, put on a pair of stilettos, and trying to think what I should do all day I started to practice being Porsche. After a little walking around I sat down and turned on the TV. Oops, I have to cross my legs and when I did you could see the lacy tops of my stockings, so sexy.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

Shit! I suddenly was very scared.

What should I do?

I blurted out, "Who is it?"


My voice was very female.

"It's Ricky the paperboy, can I shovel for you."

"No i don't think so," I replied.

"Come on baby girl, I saw you through the window, can you just let me in for a minute, it's so cold." Ricky came back with.

Now Ricky lives in the neighborhood, he delivers the papers and does shoveling for extra cash.

I opened the door and Ricky barged in and shut the door.

"Damn girl you are fine, what is your name?" Ricky demanded.

"I'm Porsche."

"So I'm sure you don't want me to talk about what I saw so you should be good to me," Ricky told me.

Shit again! I don't know exactly what he would be referring to but I figured I should play along somewhat.

In one fluid motion, while the words "play with my big snake" came out his mouth he also whipped out his cock, dropped his pants, sat down, grabbed my arm and started pulling me to him. I knelt down in front of him and instinct took over and i grabbed his surprisingly big flaccid cock and started sucking like there was no tomorrow.

As I started to suck and stroke this hardening cock it grew bigger and bigger in my mouth. Suddenly little Ricky was packing a not so little cock.

I pulled away, with both my hands on his cock there was plenty left for me to fit into my mouth. His cock was easily 11, 12 inches long and I tried to work every inch with both hands and tongue and mouth.

God Damn his cock is so long and hard, it tastes so good in my mouth.

I pull away just to get a breath and slide it back into my mouth. It feels so good in my mouth as I suck up and down while I stroke the rest of his length with both hands.

I try to take all I can down my throat, it's just so long. As I look up at him I see him starring down my tank top at my bulging tits, I can see the strain on his face not to cum.

He can't last much longer as I suck and stroke this big cock up and down, and as he grabs the back of my head he cums into my mouth load after load!

I keep swallowing and swallowing for what seems a lifetime.

I keep sucking and licking his big long cock, licking up every last drop.

He pulls away his softened dick and puts it away, pulls his pants up and starts to walk out the door; he turns to me and says, "You can pay me this way when I shovel for you."

"Sounds like a deal," I replied.

Wow! I just sucked off a big cocked newspaper boy.

I've got to go fix my lipstick....

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