tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersPorshe's Escapade Ch. 01

Porshe's Escapade Ch. 01


Hi, it's Porsche back again and rather disappointed. I thought I would get a much better response to my first story "Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me" but i didn't. I was kind of reluctant to put myself out there since i have never dressed in public or in front of anyone else but my Australian couple I chatted with always made me so horny especially when I performed their dares that I thought i would just go for it.

Instead nobody out there dared me to do anything and I told my Australian couple, who I will call Dick and Jane for now on, how sad I was that nobody wanted to play with me.

A few days passed and I woke up in the morning and found that I had a package arrive. I had no idea what it may be but I brought it inside and started to open it. There was no return address.

I took out another smaller box and opened it. Inside were new size D silicone breasts and a little note that read, "Porsche, here are the newest and greatest breasts for you, they can secure right to your body and are the realest looking you can get."

Now the only people possible this could come from would be Dick and Jane. I got really excited to open the other boxes.

Since I was opening packages for Porsche I went upstairs to become Porsche before I continued opening more. I took a nice bath and made sure I was closely shaven all over my body. I patted off and rubbed on some very sexy body lotion and walked down the hallway to Porsche's room and selected a pink, lacey, boyshort panty and slid it up my smooth silky legs and tucked in my little clitty.

I decided to put on my new breasts to try them out. I did as instructed and as they secured in place my breasts warmed up immediately and the nipples stuck out. I looked in the mirror and was surprised how real and lifelike they looked and felt when I rubbed them. I decided not to wear a bra and walk around topless for the morning.

I walked excitedly down the steps, my large tits bouncing on my chest.

The next box I opened had a gorgeous long light blond wig that was curly towards the ends and some highlights and a little pink streaked into it too.

I immediately went to the bathroom mirror and situated my wig into place. It looked so perfect. The ends curled just below my shoulder and framed around my face so perfectly. It made me look so gorgeous.

I walked back to the package and got down on my knees, and just as a did the door sprang open and in walked the UPS guy with a small package in his hand!

He turned, locked the door, and walked over by me setting the box down on the table.

He undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He had his cock in one hand and grabbed the back of my head with the other. I knelt there looking up at him in shock with my mouth gaping open. He pulled my head closer and slid his still slightly soft cock into my open mouth.

Without really even thinking instinct took over and I started to swirl my tongue around his shaft and lightly lick up and down.

As his cock got so hard I slid my mouth slowly up and down his shaft. I pulled away, grabbed it with my right hand and spit on it, then slid it between my big d cups and pushed my tits together.

He worked his cock back and forth between my tits, over and over. I spit more down on his cock to keep it nice and wet. He pulled back and I took his cock back in my mouth. I place one hand on his thigh and the other around the base of his cock. I bobbed my mouth up and down his shaft and lightly stroked with my other hand.

Over and over I bobbed on his hard shaft, and I would pull it out and lick up and down his entire shaft, then lick each ball in and out of my mouth while I stroked both hands on his cock.

Then I put both hands on his thighs and sucked in and out with just my mouth. He started to fuck into my mouth faster and faster, I reached around and grabbed his ass as he thrust hard into my mouth, I took almost the whole thing down my throat as I felt him orgasm and shoot load after load down my throat. My mouth filled up and when he pulled out I looked up at him and swallowed the whole mouthful of his cum.

I cleaned up his cock with my tongue. When I pulled away he pulled up his pants, turned around, and walked out, never saying a word. I just knelt there for awhile still in shock.

Still unable to move, I couldn't believe what had just happened. Now I have never dressed up for anyone, never been out dressed, never even completely got dressed up, never thought about or been around a cock to suck on and as my male part I am completely straight. Yet now as my female part, Porsche, I sucked cock and swallowed cum. As Porsche I want to be female.

I snapped out of it and thought I should open the remaining boxes. There was two in the original box and one that the UPS guy dropped off just before he slid his cock down my throat.

I grabbed the two from the original box and opened the first. It was full of every make up and feminine care I could need.

I opened the next and it was a tiny little sticker looking thing. The piece of paper with it said, "stick near vocal chords on neck, then talk."

I tried it and when I started to talk I sounded exactly like a girl.


This was pretty amazing I thought, I have everything I need to be Porsche.

I thought I just had to open the last box to see what it was....

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