The sound of cracking wood brought Kate's head up. Forestry work gave her great satisfaction, and being a park ranger was all she'd ever dreamed, but spending the last two weeks deep in the Ozarks had left her feeling unsettled. The hair on her neck stood up, as it had innumerous times over the last fortnight. Something was watching her, out there, in the darkness. It'd been there the whole time, stalking her, hunting her. A shiver of fear slid down Kate's spine. The hunt was over.

Run, Kate! Move your legs! Her mind screamed at her to flee, but her body refused to comply. The crunch of leaves, the rustle of brambles, the snap of small trees, served to glue her feet to the ground. Calm down! It's probably just a raccoon. Trying to get her breathing and pulse under control, Kate searched the darkness around her small camp, looking for a shape, any shape, among the shadows.

"Hello, Kate." The low voice came from behind her. Her sharp scream rent the night, as she whirled to face her stalker.

"Joshua! You son of a bitch! You scared the bejesus out of me!" Adrenaline flooded her body, leaving her weak and strung out. She collapsed into her camp chair and folded her hands together to quell their shaking. "What the hell are you doing out here?"

"I just wanted to... check on you, Kate. See how everything was going." Joshua Lathem's tall muscular form became clear as he approached the fire.

Kate stood five feet eight in her stockinged feet, but Joshua had at least six inches on her. He was younger than she was by at a decade, or more. To top it all off, he was so handsome he took her breath. Dark blond hair fell about his face in a casual cut. His eyes were large, thickly lashed, and so dark she couldn't tell whether they were blue or black. His strong nose and square jaw, his thin masculine lips, were just the icing on the cake that was Joshua. Broad shoulders, a deep chest, and heavily muscled arms all tapered into a slim waist and a firm ass. An ass Kate dreamed of fondling on a regular basis.

"Yeah, well, I'm fine. Everything is fine." She crossed her arms over her chest to hide her hard nipples from him. She didn't need a twenty-something stud knowing a life-hardened older woman had the hots for him. She'd never live it down.

Kate knew exactly what she looked like to men. Oh, her athletic form and her no-nonsense attitude drew them in. So did her large breasts, but she wasn't pretty by any stretch. She could see exotic, maybe, with her Cherokee heritage. Kate had a bold look, assuredly, but she wasn't pretty.

"You seem a little edgy. Do you want me to hang around for a little while?" YES! Please, hang around and while you're at it, could you fuck me into next week? Her body shouted that reply, but her mind refused to utter it.

"No, I'll be fine." She leaned down to pick up the book she'd dropped beside her chair when the thrashing had started in the woods. She figured ignoring him would get her point across. She tried to focus on the words on the page, but she could feel his eyes on her, feel his heat so close. After she'd read the same passage six times, she sighed and folded the book closed.

"Is there something you want?" Her hazel eyes met his, her brow quirked in question. She gave him her best I'm-so-not-interested-you're-bothering-me look. It sent most people scurrying the other way.

Not Joshua. He lifted a brow in reply, before sliding his hands to the hem of his shirt and lifting it over his head.

"Yeah. You."


Kate's eyes bulged. The part of her brain that didn't care about age differences or life experience laughed. You sure didn't expect that answer, did you? Kate's mind scrambled to form some kind of response to his statement, but nothing was coming.

Joshua dropped his shirt to the ground, revealing his warm skin to her eyes. His dark nipples stood out against the light brown tan of his torso. They were hard little nubs that drew her eye and made her gaping mouth water.

When she realized she was in danger of actually drooling, Kate snapped herself back into reality. "Joshua, you're much too young for me. I'm flattered, but I don't think this would be a good idea."

"Shut up, Kate. You want me to fuck you into next week, remember? I'm only too happy to oblige." Joshua's midnight gaze bored into her. He slowly slid one hand down his chest, taking a moment to circle one of his nipples. Kate gasped and her pussy liquefied.

"What did you say?" Her voice cracked. She was so shocked by his behavior, she wasn't sure she'd heard him right.

"I said, you want me to fuck you into next week. So, I will." Joshua unsnapped the button fly of his jeans, and long, thick cock burst forth.

"Joshua!" Kate clasped her hands over her mouth. She wanted to will her eyes closed, but miracles weren't happening. Well, maybe they were, she thought.

With a cocky grin, Joshua slid his jeans past his hips and down his legs. He toed his shoes off and stepped free from the denim legs. He didn't hesitate at all, striding confidently toward her. Kate took control of her body. She leapt from her seat, putting the camp chair between her traitorous body and Joshua.

"Wait a minute. I didn't say anything about wanting you to, uh, fuck me into next week. Stop! Stop right there!" He ignored her protests and Kate skittered farther back from him.

Joshua's cock danced between his legs, long and hard. Her knees weakened, just looking at his masculine perfection. The logical part of Kate screamed. This is insane! What the hell is going on here?

"You didn't have to say it. I read your mind. What's going on is simple. I want to fuck you, and I'm going to. Don't bother to run. Unless, of course, you like hard, deep, rough sex."

Joshua took his cock in hand and stroked it hard and Kate thought she'd pass out from the waves of arousal pounding in her blood. Her panties and slacks soaked through as her pussy readied itself for Joshua's massive cock. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. And while her mind told her to back away, Kate's body knew what it wanted.

"Look, I said stop. I meant it." The hard ass bitch inside finally reared her ugly head. No man was going to intimidate Kate Jeffries. She planted her feet and stiffened her spine. Her body might have wanted Joshua, but her brain was determined to run the show.

"I meant what I said as well." He stopped directly in front of her, so close his hard-on rubbed the soft cotton of her shirt just above her navel. Joshua wrapped his hands around her upper arms, pulling her up on her toes.

Kate struggled. "Let me go, Joshua." The low growl she heard came from her own throat, surprising her.


Kate struggled in his grasp, fighting to be set free, but Joshua refused to release her. She dug her nails into his forearms, drawing blood, and was shocked into immobility when she heard his passionate groan. His eyes slid to half-mast and her jerked her flush against his body.

"Bloodthirsty bitch, aren't you? Good, I want you to mark me." Joshua growled low, and the sound hitched Kate's breath, made her cunt contract with need. She whimpered softly and his eyes flashed.

He didn't waste time with niceties. His mouth covered hers, his lips crushing hers against her teeth. His kiss wasn't soft or sweet. It overwhelmed her, conquered her, branded her. Hard pressure on her lips made Kate part them and his hot tongue filled her mouth immediately. He tasted... magnificent. Like hot, hard male, like youth, like lust. A frission of warning danced along her spine when she recognized something else in his flavor. Hunger.

She mewled into his mouth, and he released her arms. His big hands slid over her shoulders and down her back, his strong fingers digging into her ass, lifting her against his rampant cock. He thrust his pelvis against hers, grinding his cock into her abdomen and leaving Kate breathless with need.

Holding her close, Joshua stalked toward the tent. With a lift her, a tug there, and a drop, Kate found herself atop her sleeping bag, looking up at his stiff, engorged cock. Her eyes traveled up his body from that most impressive member, over his muscled stomach and chest, until she met his eyes. Fiery need swirled there. She moaned under his intense scrutiny and his nostrils flared with heat. She saw his hand reaching for her head, she knew what was coming next, and all she could do was quiver.

He laced the fingers of his left hand deep into her hair. "Open wide, Katie." She whimpered, but she didn't have time to disobey. The wide, salty head of his cock bumped her lips and she opened to him.

"Mmm, yeah, suck that cock." Joshua's other hand found its way to her hair. He guided her mouth up and down his length. Kate never really liked fellatio, and she didn't care for his manhandling either, but she couldn't escape his grip. When he hit the back of her throat, she gagged. Instead of pulling back, Joshua slid deeper still.

Her hands flew up to his, her nails scoring his flesh. She couldn't breathe, she knew she was going to puke, and she gagged harder as he filled her throat.

"Yeah, get rough."

Just when Kate thought she couldn't hold back the bile any longer, Joshua pulled out so she could swallow and breathe.

"Again." He wasn't slow or easy this time. He rammed his cock into her mouth, hurting her throat. His balls slapped against her chin and Kate growled. She closed her teeth against his cock, biting hard enough to make Joshua gasp. His fists tightened in her hair, and she pressed her teeth deeper into his sensitive skin. Each of them pressed their position, until Joshua jerked her mouth off his cock.

"Ah, damn, that hurt!"

Kate glared at him. "I told you to let me go. I think we're done here."

"Not even close. You may be pissed, but you're also so hot you could come now." Joshua pulled her head back hard, his hot eyes boring into hers.

She tried to look away, embarrassed to realize he was right. Her pussy was throbbing from his manhandling. Her nipples were beyond taut, beyond aching. She wanted to be fucked. She needed to be fucked.

Kate watched with defiant eyes as Joshua slid to his knees. He released her hair, his long fingers sifting through the strands, coming to rest at the collar of her shirt. He curled his hands around it and tore it in half as if it were a spider's web. She shuddered, scorching hunger searing through her body. He gave her bra the same treatment, before pushing her onto her back. A flick of his fingers and her pants were undone. Joshua yanked them, and her panties, down her legs, making quick work of her shoes. It took him no time to undress her, and once Kate was naked to his gaze, he hummed appreciatively before covering her body with his.

Joshua kissed her hard again, bruising her lips, forcing his way into her mouth. Their tongues tangled, teeth grazed, as their mouths met again and again. He left her mouth only to lick and suck a path along her jaw to behind her ear. His hot breath against her earlobe made Kate writhe.

She spread her legs to him, raising her knees to bracket his hips. She felt the insistent press of his cock against her weeping cunt and she whimpered. Joshua's carnal laugh teased the flesh of her neck as he made his way to her swollen breasts.

One large hand cupped her right breast, rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His mouth savored her other breast, his teeth and tongue sliding across her skin, moving ever so slowly toward the hard peak. Finally, his lips wrapped around her begging nipple, and Kate lost her mind.

"Yes!" She buried in his thick, dark hair, pulling and pressing his head to her. His sharp teeth nipped the flesh, and she cried out in delight. His hand continued to torment her other breast, the pinching of his fingers growing harder, deeper. Kate's cunt convulsed, the hot release of her juices coating the lips of her sex and the head of his cock.

She released his hair and dug her fingers into his back. He bit at her breasts, both of them. Hard, stinging strikes on her sensitive flesh. Kate raised her hips to Joshua, silently begging him to take her, but he didn't move.

Her body had never been this aroused, her pussy never this wet. His uncompromising possession rocked her world, and Kate didn't know if it would ever be right again.

"Please, God, Joshua! Please!" She moaned loudly when his fingers savagely twisted her nipple.

"Please, what? Beg me." He pulled his knees up and leaned back, better able to torment both of her breasts. He alternated between plucking, twisting, and pinching her breasts until she screamed.

"Please, fuck me! Please, ram your cock in me!" The world spun as Joshua flipped her over onto her stomach. He hiked her ass in the air and slammed his cock in deep.

Her breath left her in a rush and she cried out. "It burns! Joshua, it hurts! You're too deep!" Kate struggled to get away, but his hands curled deep into her hips, holding her in place as if she were no more than a child.

He pulled out and she cried out with relief.

It was short lived.

"You'll," his cock rammed deep once more, pulling a yell from her mouth. "Get," he slid out and back in, harder and deeper than before. "Used," his hands tightened on her hips and he pulled her hard against him, punishing her cunt and making it weep with desire at the same time. "To," out and in again, and this time Kate thought she'd pass out from the intensity, the passion, the burn. "It," he hammered deep one last time.

Kate's ravaged body should have screamed at her to make him stop. Instead, it wept with erotic juice and quivered for more. The pleasure and pain of his dominance took her to a place she'd never been, outside of her body and into ecstasy unlike anything she'd known. Joshua's cock more than filled her. His penetration was painful and unmerciful, but Kate's cunt contracted around him tightly, refusing to let him out. Shouts and moans spilled from her lips and she tried to thrust back against him.

"Don't stop!" She felt his fingers loosen a bit, and she almost sobbed when he began to slide his cock from her pussy. Joshua didn't leave her body completely. He set a powerful rhythm of strokes that sent Kate over the edge after three short penetrations.

"Yes!" She screamed, but he didn't stop. He continued to pound away at her. Her pussy was so wet she could hear the suctioning sound of his strong thrusts. She yelled more when her second orgasm hit, and again when the third came. He slammed into her, his fingers tightening once more.

Kate's knees left the ground. Joshua stood up, wrapping his arms around her waist, never taking his magnificent cock from her cunt. Holding her on his erection, he left the tent. He bounced her on his cock as he made his way to the picnic table that sat on the far side of the fire pit. She moaned, and came again, when he slid one hand up her torso to twist her nipples.

Joshua stopped in front of the table, bending his knees to set her on her feet. The sound of heavy steel chain links shifting briefly penetrated Kate's pleasure soaked mind. She gave thanks that the table was both set in concrete and held down by chains. It would need to be if Joshua hoped for Kate to brace herself against it.

"Wrap you hands around the edge, Katie, and hold on." Kate did. Joshua lifted her feet from the ground, pulled out of her cunt, and rammed back in. She hollered loudly, startling the creatures hidden in the brush.

"Fuck yes!" Joshua growled his ecstasy.

And he fucked her, if possible, harder and more deeply than before. Her pussy was swollen, sopping wet, and sore. Her pleasure grew rapidly with each stroke, now forever intertwined with the pain of a violent conquering.

He didn't stop or slow at all. Just when Kate felt her cunt begin to dry, when she thought she had no more orgasms to give, his hand found her hair and he pulled, hard.

"I'm coming!" His words were punctuated by vicious thrusts, his hot seed filling her pussy, lubing it again, and pushing her into one last, mind-obliterating orgasm.

When he'd pumped the last of his come into her cunt, Joshua sighed loudly and slapped her ass, hard. Her entire body shook from the force of the ordeal, and she couldn't even work up a response to his rough handling. He pulled his cock out and their mingled juices dripped from her pussy and down her thighs.

She swayed and Joshua lifted her up into his arms. Kate burrowed her head into his neck, consciousness drifting. He took them back into the tent and settled them, spoon fashion, beneath the sleeping bags she had on her air mattress.

"Kate, I didn't just come here to fuck you."

"Hmm." She murmured agreeably.

"No, I came out here to keep an eye on you. There's something I need to tell you." There was a thread of uncertainty in his tone. Kate soothed a hand across his chest.

"What is it?"

"You're being hunted." His voice was rough with worry.

"By who? What's going on?" Pleasure faded under the icy cascade of fear.

"By a werewolf, Kate."

"Joshua, there is no such thing. That isn't funny." She gave a nervous laugh and lightly smacked his chest.

"I'm not laughing, Kate. And there is such a thing. I am one."


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