Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control Pt. 03


There was a serious rivalry that existed between my mother, and I over my grandfathers attention. I could feel it. I felt it this last weekend when we were in the private boutique getting dressed for my grandfathers party. As we both dressed in the sinfully wicked cloths my grandfather arranged for each of us to wear, we were both looking at each other with piercing eyes as we put on each item of clothing. As we put on our string-like thongs and thigh stockings and high heels, the air was thick with desire for his attention. I could tell by the way we were each looking at each other, that we were both thinking similar thoughts, and that was which one of us he would like to see dressed this way and which one of us he would like to fuck the most.

This competitiveness between my mother and I went back to when I caught her fucking my former boyfriend. I came back from school one day to get my cheerleading outfit and from my bedroom window I heard grunting noises coming from the backyard by the pool. I looked out only to find my mother dressed in a string bikini and black high heel pumps getting fucked from behind by my boyfriend. As they were wildly fucking, I watched her look back and snarl at him and make him tell her that she was a much better fuck than I was. I could tell my mother was thoroughly gloating when she heard my boyfriend tell her that she was an incredible fuck and that he loved her fucking her pussy. At one point she pulled his cock out of her pussy and squatted on her high heels and swallowed his hard 6 inch cock and teased him by telling him that I was spoiled little bitch that didn't deserve him.

The competition between my mother and I for my grandfathers attention was almost ruthless. The advantage I had over her was that I knew my grandfather preferred fucking teenage girls. Girls between 18 and 20 were his preference. As long as I can remember he always had one or two and sometimes even three sexy teenage girls by his side. I also knew that my grandfather has wanted to fuck me for a very long time.

After watching him fuck the two teenage girls after his party with his enormous cock, I went to him the next morning dressed teasingly in a way that suggested I wanted to fuck him too. As we kissed and played with each other he told me of his plan to send my mother away with the three Middle Eastern men for the weekend, while he and I went to his casino penthouse in Las Vegas. He told me almost arrogantly that he's been waiting for this fuck for a long time, and said he arranged for the two of us to have this special 18th birthday celebration in his Las Vegas penthouse.


After telling my father what he expected, my grandfather took me in his arm and walked me to his private elevator. The click of my high heel pumps filled the garage with the sounds that advertised my grandfather was about to take another sexy young teen up to his penthouse to fuck her with his enormous cock for the weekend.

As we walked I could see the reflection of my father from the elevator windows. I couldn't believe that my father was actually rubbing the front of his pants as he watched me and my grandfather walk away from him, arm and arm. I laughed inside knowing that my father was going crazy from the sight of his sexy 18 year old daughter dressed indecently, in sexy white high heel pumps and a pair of ultra-tight shorts, and as her high heels clicked against the cement floor her skinny milk-white ass cheeks were rising and falling from side to side with each deliberate step, as she walked arm in arm with the man she was going to fuck, a man that was her 78 year old grandfather.

As I looked at my fathers reflection I then saw him cringe and look down at the wet-spot in his pants. As my grandfather and I entered the elevator we both looked at my father in a similar, almost pathetic way. I smirked and laughed slightly as my grandfather utterd out loud that the man was pathetic. He than took me in his arms as the doors closed, and started biting my neck and pulling on my turned-on nipples aggressively as I moaned,

"Ohhh fuck. You're driving me crazy Grandfather!"

As I said this I looked out just in time to see my father hang his head in final defeat and walk to the limo. God I was turned on!

My grandfathers penthouse was on the top floor of the casino he co-owned. The elevator was spectacular. It ran up from the private garage through the center of the hotel. It was made of one-way glass that you allowed a person to look out, but no one could see inside. As we rode up to the top floor penthouse in his private elevator we continued playing with each other. I was moaning like crazy as my grandfathers hands assertively ran up and down my slender legs, then across my exposed ass cheeks that hung down from my ultra-tight shorts. He then ran one hand roughly over my sheer white blouse and my distended inch long nipples while the other rubbed my smoking pussy through my shorts. As my grandfather took control of my body, I rolled my head back and said in a smoldering voice,

"Oh fuck.You're driving me wild baby. I'm gonna cum."

The way he was aggressively playing with my turned on body put me over the edge, and in a hot second I came in an explosive orgasm. God my grandfather really knew how to get a girl hot and drive her insane, I thought to myself.

After my grandfather and I broke from our lusty kiss, he walked me to his luxurious master bedroom. The bedroom was amazing. It was something that only a man as wealthy as my grandfather could have. The room was designed with the most expensive and luxurious items. It had spectacular window views of the city and even a view of the casino through a one-way glass window that was canceled behind a curtain that could be opened by remotely.

We began kissing heatedly for about 10 minutes until my grandfather broke it off and showed me to the huge walk-in closet. There was a box that he had on the dressing vanity for me to open. He explained that every item in the closet was specifically for me. He had selected them exclusively for my body. My grandfather was a man who made it his point to know every detail about the people he had around him, or did business dealings with. The fact that he picked out every item himself, and that they were all in my exact sizes, showed that this was a man who gained his power and wealth by acquiring valuable details about someone, regardless the expense.

I was overwhelmed by the items in the huge walk in closet. It was full of the sexiest, most sinful lingerie and high heel shoes, ranging from styles that included classic pumps, both closed and open toed, to these ultra-high 6 inch glass-like platform high heels that I've seen strippers and porn stars wear. There was so much to choose from, and every item was designed to highlight my eye-catching 110 pound 36D-21-33 body, including my size 10 shoe size. I even saw a few ultra-skimpy, transparent string bikinis on hangers. I couldn't wait to wear by the private indoor pool of my grandfathers penthouse.

The most sinful thoughts flashed by me as I pictured myself in the sinful criss-cross bikini, imagining the thong run through my tight skinny ass, as the tiny string disappeared between my ass cheeks, exposing my entire ass as if I were nude. The thin strings would run up my flat stomach and would criss-crossed over my 36D tits, and would just barely cover my huge inch long nipples. To compliment my sinful bikini I would wear the pair of the 6 inch glass-like high heels.

I pictured myself walking around the pool teasingly, as my powerful grandfathers eyes were riveted to my sinfully perfect 18 year old body. The click of each high heel would announce the fact that I was there to please him and to fuck his enormous cock. Oh yes my grandfather was a man that knew exactly what he wanted, and I couldn't wait to give him everything; my hands, my mouth, and especially my tight, turned on 18 year old pussy.

After lustfully thinking about our naughty grandfather/granddaughter pool-side fuck, I sat at the vanity and opened the box my grandfather had given me. As I removed each item I was getting very turned on. Knowing exactly what he wanted to see me dressed in for our first fuck, my grandfather selected something that would bring out my sexy teen look and in turn make me his ultimate teenage fuck.

As I began getting dressed I was so turned on from anticipation and lust, knowing that in a few minutes I would be walking to the bedroom of my 78 year old grandfather to finally get what I wanted for a long time, and that is to suck and fuck him, and to please every in of his giant cock. As I slowly dressed, I was deep in thought about how sexy and naughty it was dressing up for fucking, and knowing that I was going to fuck a man 60 years older then me. A man who was extremely wealthy and powerful, that always had a sexy teen on his arm, a teen as eager as I am to fuck him. He was a man that who had a ruthless take-no-prisoners business reputation, who always took anything and everything he wanted, who in addition to all these merciless business characteristics possessed a staggering 13 inch cock. He was a man who had a reputation for being able to fuck for hours, even for days, and produced staggeringly enormous loads of cum, and it was finally my turn to fuck that monster cock, and make it pop again and again for me.

The combination of having a ruthless and influential personality, along with having such an enormous cock, that hundreds of sexy teens desperately wanted to fuck made my grandfather very aggressive when he fucked. Once he started fucking, he never showed any compassion when a young teen begged him stop fucking, or not to fuck any deeper, or that his cock was too huge for her pussy to take. These pleas for him to back off or to stop only enraged my grandfather further and brought out his sinister, more aggressive tendencies, which always resulted in him taking it out on their young, vunerable, tight pussies.

Eventually the young teen would stop protesting, because she ultimately knew that this was a once in a lifetime chance to fuck such a giant cock, A giant cock from a man who was one of the most powerful men in the world. The teen always knew that if she protested she would be instantly replaced by another teen, or two or three teens, desperate to fuck his legendary 13 inch cock. Another thing that every young teen knew about my grandfather before fucking him was that they were there for one thing, and that was to please his giant cock. He had no interest in romance of pleasant conversation. All he wanted was a sexy teenage pussy wrapped around the 10 inch girth of his 13 inch cock. Ironically, these were the things that attracted every teenager-to him, including myself.

Every girl wanted to fuck him because of his famed reputation for having such a huge cock, in addition to living a very exclusive lifestyle and having a ruthless business reputation. Most of these teens were daughters or granddaughters of men or women in one of his numerous companies, or one of the many companies that he ruthlessly took over. In every case they all knew that their pussy was all he wanted, and they were eager to give it to him. Even after hearing the numerous stories of how there was no romance with my grandfather, that it was only about satisfying the needs of his giant cock,actually made it even more of a turn-on for them.

Every teenage girl wanted to experience his lifestyle and his giant cock; even if it meant that their teen pussy had to endure a savage pounding from his great- big tireless cock, regardless of their protest. They all had the same lust to fuck him and please him as I had. What sexy, 18 year girl wouldn't want to fuck a wealthy and powerful older man who lived a jet setting lifestyle with the most rich and famous people, and had a legendary 13 inch cock?

FLASHBACK: See previous story: Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control pt.1

I witnessed this aggressive side of my grandfather the night I watched him fuck two teenage girls after the party in his honor in New York last week. I remember the fear that came over the 18 year old black girl, who in spite of being turned on and eager to be finally fucking him, after waiting two months for the opportunity, began to protest that his giant cock was just too big for her pussy. She was pleading and shouting out loud that she was afraid he was going to split her body in two with his enormous cock. I remember seeing the heals of her stocking feet come out of the backs of her high heel pumps as she tensed up from the enormity of my grandfathers giant cock. As his huge cock angrily pried its way into burning pussy, she shouted out in agony

"Fuck baby, pull it out. That fucking cock is just too dam big for this pussy. Ya cocks just too fuckin'big lover!"

All that did was enrage my grandfather as he threatened to pull his cock out and call his driver and send her home. After he said this, her best friend who was an also 18,but Asian, and who was sitting on the bar stool anxiously waiting her turn to fuck him announced out loud, in a way that surprised her so called best friend,

"Do it baby. Get rid of her so that I could give that huge pussy pleaser of yours the fuck it really needs. Let me fuck it baby. I know exactly what that monster cock of yours needs."

She added arrogantly,

"Once that monster is pumping its way in and out of this tight 18 year old Asian pussy, you'll be glad you sent that bitch home."

This talk of ruthless competition between two alleged 'best' friends, to have my grandfathers giant cock to themselves, and be the one to please it was exactly what every teen felt that wanted to fuck him. My grandfather made every teen lust to be in his presence.

What also surprised me about the Asian teen was that she only weighed about 90 pounds, and had an almost boy-like frame. Her chest was virtually flat, and the only thing that distinguished her from a boy was that her nipples stuck out over an inch long and almost an inch wide. Although she encouraged my grandfather to send her friend home deep down she feared the same things his giant cock would do to her tiny frame. And she soon found out too!

When her best friend heard this, she looked at her with a sinister rage and said,

"Fuck you bitch. I waited almost two months to fuck this giant cock and I ain't going nowhere until this black pussy is wrapped all the way around it, and fuckin' every ounce of cum out of it."

She then turned around and immediately and squatted on her high heels with the toes of the pumps anchored to the floor while both heals came out of the backs of the shoe, then began stroking and pumping and kissing his giant shaft as she looked up at my grandfather and snarled lustfully,

"Let's get back to our fuck baby. This pussy is yours. You know I've been tryin' to get with you for two months now. After I heard all the talk about you havin' such a fuckin' huge cock from all my girlfriends that you fucked, I was going crazy trying to get your attention, and linin'me up for a fuck too. Baby, you know I came by my Daddy's office everyday dressed in these thigh high stockings and high heels, and tight-ass see-through dresses, hoping to catch your eye and to let you know I wanted to fuck that great big cock of yours."

As she desperately continued to convince my grandfather that she wanted to be fucked by him more than anything, she went on to say,

"Baby, you know that I made my daddy introduce me to you, and when you took me into your office you told me that I was real sexy. When I thanked you, I told you I dressed that way to get your attention. When we started kissin' I told you I heard a bunch of stories about your huge cock, and that I wanted to fuck it real bad too. I remember runnin' my hand all the way down to your knee while we was kissin' and not belivin' it was really that fuckin' big. Sure, I'll admit that when you made me take it out to to get a good look at it I freaked when I saw that monster. Only cuz I never seen anything so fuckin' huge, even on my daddy, who I had him believin' I came to the office dressed like this every day to fuck him. But even though I was freakin' I still kept pumpin' this giant dick and tellin' you that I wanted to fuck it real bad."

She added heatedily,

"Shit,you coulda had this monster buried in my pussy right there if you didn't have those three girls from Germany waitin' at your penthouse, that my Daddy told me about."

The black girl was pleading with him desperately as she spit and bathed his giant cock in hot salvia while she pumped it feverously, saying,

Come on baby; give this pussy the fuck it's been waiting for. This black fuck-holes been made to fuck that giant white pussy pleaser of yours. Make it your black pussy baby.Fuck it just like you wants too. Just like you needs."

After that my grandfather and her got into a scorching fuck that lasted an hour, and in that time she came over and over to the point of passing out. Even though my grandfather came twice during their heated fuck, he was eager to get at her friends Asian pussy.

The words of the Asian teen to get rid of her black friend, saying that she knew how to please his giant cock were not lost on my grandfather during his hour-long fuck with the black teen. Of course, when my grandfather started lining up with her tight-as-a-glove pussy she immediately protested for him to stop. This was met with an even more menacing rage by my grandfather. Through her futile protest my grandfather carried her around the room, and spread her tiny ass cheeks wide with his strong hands while he bit her long distended inch- long dark nipples.

Throughout this his huge cock savagely tunneled its way up into places in her pussy that she never knew existed. Throughout her protest of pain, she was squirting like a faucet all over his giant cock and onto the floor. I've never seen something like this in my life. The Asian teen came more than 20 times like this! At one point her pussy squirted so hard it actually pushed my grandfathers cock out. It looked like a waterfall spraying over his giant cock as it swung way-out from his tight body. As she was cuming, he grabbed hold of his giant shaft, and in one swift movement forced it back into her battered pussy again, and continued to slam her down onto it's endless shaft with his hands pushing down on her shoulder.

This was how they fucked through the night. He would alternate between one another, using each of their pussies for his personal desire. As the sun came up and after four hours of intense fucking, and after they fucked in his Jacuzzi he sent them home with his chauffeur. As they were dressing to leave, each teen would secretly tell my grandfather that she wanted to fuck him again, anytime he wanted. This was another common reaction that happened to every teen that got the chance to experience my grandfathers sexy 13 inch cock.

Part 4 TO BE CONTINUED...................

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