tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPower Girl: Men are the Same

Power Girl: Men are the Same

bySean Renaud©

Karen Starr could hear the roaring flames before the sirens of the fire trucks even started up. The fire was halfway across town easily five miles away but she could hear it and when she turned her attention towards it she could see through the concrete jungle between herself and it. After watching it for a moment she was content that the fire department would be able to put the blaze down without too much effort and she returned her attention to the crossword puzzle and an over priced latte.

Just as she was trying to figure out what a seven letter word for chest a massive explosion rocked through the city. This time everybody turned towards the fire even though most of them could only see the smoke rising up over the buildings. Only Karen could see the source of the blast.

"And I thought today was gonna be a day off." She grumbled. Karen subtly rose from her seat in front of the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop and walked into the Jill's Sandwiches next door. After a quick, a literal blink of a human eye, check to be sure she was alone Karen changed from her civilian clothing into her uniform.

There was no good reason why Karen bothered with a uniform, she didn't bother with a mask and even if she did any man would have recognized her anyway. It wasn't like many of them had ever noticed she had a head and it was difficult to disguise a pair of gravity defying triple D's. Karen didn't even try; the white long sleeve one piece swimsuit she wore had a window cut over her breasts where most super heroes wore some kind of emblem or shield. The rest of her outfit was made up of blue gloves and matching boots that came just past her wrists and ankles respectively and a waist length red cape. The cape ended just above the womanly swell of her hips drawing attention to the heart shaped rump that was only barely contained by her outfit.

Nobody saw the six foot blonde with her bob cut hair leave the bathroom. It was a benefit of being able to move faster than a speeding bullet. She had time to carefully close the door behind her and still be gone faster than the humans around her could recognize what was happening. By the time anybody even thought of looking for Karen Starr in the bathroom Power Girl would already be across town standing face to face with somebody else's problem.

"Come out come out Superman!" The taunting voice belonged to one of the few beings physically able to manhandle the Man of Steel. Kalibak, son of Darkseid. He was eight feet tall and nearly six across at the shoulders with a head easily a size too large for his body. What hair had was concentrated a thick black mane that encircled his entire skull. He was wearing his standard green and yellow battle armor and matching boots that accentuated his two toed feet. He was already tough but the armor made him very nearly godlike and to add that extra challenge he was wielding his Beta Club. The Beta Club in addition to being nearly half of ton it was crackling with Apokoliptan technology that instantly activated pain receptors on contact. Power Girl had never fought him before but she'd heard the stories from Superman, even if Kalibak only grazed you with the weapon it would hurt as much as if he'd gotten you clean.

Normally Power Girl adhered to Superman, and the Justice League's, policy of attempting to diffuse a situation first and then slowly escalating the amount of force used until the target was subdued. As much as she felt the rule was stupid she normally obeyed it. Today she decided that nothing says hello quite like an SUV being slammed repeatedly on your head until it disintegrates. Once that was done she took a step back from the impact crater she'd created with the alien. "Superman is not here. Now we can either do this the easy way of the fun way."

Kalibak groaned and forced himself back to his feet searching for the voice's source for a moment. Then he saw her starting at her boots that ended just above her ankles and followed them slowly upward. His eyes paused slightly at the swell of her hips where the fabric was strained into an outline of her intimate female parts. After an impolite amount of lingering his gaze continued upward pausing twice for her nipples and again for the window cut over her breasts until Power Girl noisily cleared her throat drawing his attention up to her face. "What's the fun way?" The alien sneered.

"You've got to be kidding me! I hit you with an SUV and you're still. . ." Power Girl sighed as she Kalibak forced her to fly a little closer to the ground to keep his eyes on hers.

"Where is Superman? He is the one I am here to challenge." Kalibak growled. Most men would have made some effort to conceal himself but Kalibak made no effort. It wouldn't have mattered; Karen was Kryptonian which meant that on Earth and any other place with a yellow sun she had x-ray vision which wasn't required to see the alien erection.

"Superman is gone. On another planet thousands of miles away saving them from an impending black hole." Power Girl again had fly lower so he'd keep his attention on her face. "If he's the one you're here to fight you've wasted your time."

"Hardly." Kalibak took a step towards the Kryptonian beauty cracking the asphalt beneath him. "Return home. I'll tell Superman you were looking for him when he gets back." Power Girl sneered. She was used to normal men staring at her with that hunger in their eyes. It was funny in standard Homo Sapiens. They were weak both of mind and body and would take what she gave them and not a single inch more. There was a different quality to it when a being who could be called her equal stared at her the same way.

She no longer felt like she was empowered over a weak man who was allowing his baser instincts to drive him. Power Girl felt small and for the first time in her life weak. It has never occurred to her why women would so often try to cover their bodies but it made perfect sense as Kalibak stalked closer to her. He didn't think of her as the invincible, unapproachable heroine who could crush him at a whim. Kalibak looked at her and saw and woman and nothing more. Suddenly the leotard was too small and Karen was aware of how exposed she was in it.

"Tell me more about this fun way of which you spoke." Kalibak's features twisted into a smile and Power Girl felt whatever confidence she had left begin to wilt.

"Don't come any closer!" Power Girl shouted. She had intended to shout it; the sound that came out was barely audible even to her Kryptonian hearing and was surely all but inaudible to the approaching menace. Without meaning to she backed herself against a brick wall and stopped.

It would have been easy for her to break through the barrier but she didn't. Instead she remained perfectly still while Kalibak closed the distance between them. He slammed his hands against the wall hard enough to leave his handprints in the solid stone on either side of her body framing her in on four sides. "I am here to fight Superman, but if he missing perhaps you can help me pass the time some other way?"

She had already known what was going through his head before he spoke but when the words passed through Kalibak's lips, close enough to her face that she could smell the fetid stench of death on his breath it somehow made it real. "I'll scream." She whispered turning her head away from him.

"Who wouldn't?" Kalibak responded. He was faster than she thought was possible snatching her leotard and bringing her forehead to rest against his. "You still haven't told me about this fun way. I am curious." Then with a single swift movement he tore the front of her costume open baring her breasts to the world. He continued the motion downward unveiling her crotch at the same time.

Power Girl had always told herself that her first instinct in this situation would be to knock the assailant into orbit. Even for someone as strong as Kalibak that wasn't an idle threat for the Kryptonian knock out. Instead her first instinct was to dance away from him and try vainly to wrap her meager cape around her. The problem was she only wore a half cape, unlike Batman's cape which was designed to strike awe into his foes or Superman's which was simply there because he'd always worn a blanket around his neck as a child Power Girl wore a cape to draw attention to her figure. It wasn't long enough to wrap around her hips or broad enough to do more than outline her breasts. It was absurd that she was trying to cover herself with so little fabric. "Go on squirm little girl."

"Stop it." Karen whimpered curling into a ball. It was the most she could manage to cover, her knees pressed to her breasts and her ankles crossed over her nethers. "Please."

"Please? I've never heard a Kryptonian beg. Louder." Kalibak taunted. "Or better yet give us a kiss." He pushed his chin out and motioned where she could press her lips.

Karen had never in her life been made into a victim but she felt that way as the brute stood over her waiting for a kiss. She was more afraid of what he would do to her if she didn't than she was of kissing him so she pursed her red lips and lifted her head.

Kalibak closed his eyes waiting for the kiss. Instead a transparent green anvil slammed into his chin and sent him toppling end over end. "You know it's not nice to bully a lady." Kalibak was about to respond when a green construct of a piano crushed him to the earth. He'd just started lifting that off him when a tank landed on top of that and a tank over it. Amazingly he managed to lift all of those and get back to his feet. "Not bad." The voice continued to quip. Kalibak managed a single step before a full battleship landed on him, nose first. When it lifted he was unconscious. "Superman always makes that look so hard.

Karen finally dared to open her eyes and found herself staring at Guy Gardner. "You ok?" Guy asked. So far he hadn't taken his eyes off of Kalibak who was still unconscious.

"Okay now that you're here. How did you?"

"Same as you. Might not be part of the League anymore but my ring lets me tap into their communications."

"How?" Even nude and embarrassed Power Girl was curious how Guy could do that.

"The ring translates all languages, or forms of communication into English or something I can understand anyway. Radio waves are a language." Guy smirked. "Took me a while to learn to focus but I heard Kalibak was here, they didn't mention you were already on the case." He finally turned toward her for a moment and his eyes widened.

"Oh my God don't you men ever think of anything other than sex?" Power Girl screamed. She wasn't bothering to cover herself at all though as she rose to her feet. "So I suppose you want a reward for saving me?" She flew until she was face to face with him close enough to kiss the former Green Lantern if that was her intention.

"You know I'm not scared of you." Guy responded. "And I didn't do this for a reward." He drifted backward until there was a full arm's length between them. "But you're not the kind of woman a man says no to." He grinned letting his eyes boldly caress her nearly nude flesh.

With one hand Power Girl tore the rest of her uniform off and tossed the shreds to the ground. "Is that so? You like what you see Gardner? You like looking at my body?" An arms length wasn't nearly far enough away from someone who can move near the speed of light. If it had been her intention to take his head of Guy would have been a foot shorter. Lucky for him she was interested in keeping his head on his shoulders when she snatched him by the collar and hauled him into a kiss. "Is that what you wanted from me as a reward? A kiss?"

Guy was still flustered from the sudden kiss and couldn't quite form words yet or even meaningful gestures yet. He wasn't shaking his head or nodding, his head was just rolling from the shock. "That wasn't it?" Power Girl's free hand moved to Guy's crotch and wrapped around the erection hidden behind his slacks. "Did you want something more like this?" She started massaging Guy while she kept her eyes locked on his.

This was how Power Girl was used to men, just putty in her hands. She kissed him again this time with genuine passion instead of the heated contempt she'd been feeling before. Her tongue aggressively swirled in his mouth. At the same time she was pulling him up into the air, out of sight for the civilians who'd started to gather dropping his clothing until she was holding Guy by his undershirt which along with his socks were the last bits of clothing on him.

"You're not gonna get another chance like this Guy. I'm feeling very very grateful. So I'll do whatever you want. You just gotta tell me what you want." To add emphasis the blond heroine squeezed Guy's cock. "So tell me, what have you always wanted to do to me?"

Guy shook his head clearing the cobwebs and trying to make sense of Power Girl's offer. It was truly a dream come true. There were too many things to list that he would have done to that body if he had the chance. "How many things do I-"

"Just one hun. But you can do anything you want and I mean anything." She sank slightly pressing her lips against the tip of his cock. "I could ride you at a gallop until you pop like warm Champaign and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little more." She let her tongue wander between her lips while she spoke. "Is that what you want?" Guy shook his head and Power Girl grinned. "Not good enough? I could let you slide into my tight little asshole." She turned in midair and backed up against him capturing his swollen prick between her firm cheeks. "I bet a big cock like yours would hurt so good. I'd be begging you to be gentle but you don't have to be." She thrust her hips back then started grinding his cock between them. "You can hurt me if you want. Is that what you want to do? You want to hurt me?" Again Guy shook his head. "Tell me what you want to do to me Guy. I promise you won't freak me out." She bit down on her lower lip then leaned forward and spat on his cock letting it lube the hand she was using to gently stroke him.

"I want to tit fuck you." Guy finally answered.

"Really?" Power Girl flew up slightly and wrapped her breasts around guys cock working them up and down over the length of his flesh. "All you want is to get your big dick between my tits?" Guy nodded and Power Girl smiled leaning her head forward and flicking her tongue against the reddish head of Guy's cock whenever it peaked out from between her breasts. "This is what you think about when you see me flying around in my uniform? You think about tearing the top down and jamming your cock right here?" Power Girl crooned picking up her pace. "You know that's why I wear that skimpy thing with a window at the front. It gets your head out of the game, makes it easier to win. Course your head is in the game. This is the one you always wanted in the game too isn't it? Your cock head and my lips and my tits." Guy nodded again. "Are you gonna cum on me Guy?" Power Girl kept whipping her tongue against the tip of his cock tasting the slightly salty precum oozing out now. "I want you to cum. Gimme a nice big load all over my face and in my mouth and on my tits. You think you can handle that?"

Guy's eyes squeezed shut trying to shut out any part of the sensations about to drive him over the edge but her voice was enough on its own. His hips started pumping back and forth on their own messing up the steady rhythm Power Girl had but she didn't seem to mind. "Do it." She teased opening her mouth and stretching her tongue out. Guy couldn't remember a single time in his life that he'd came that hard. The first blast left a stream of cum that stretched from Power Girl's left eye down to the right side of her mouth. The second and third landed squarely on her tongue coating it with white and the rest dribbled out between her breasts.

Power Girl let him remain there for a moment then leaned forward squeezing and slurping the last of his cum into her mouth. There were still streaks of cum on her face when she simply waved good bye and flew away leaving Guy alone in the sky.

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