Power Girl


He groaned and tensed his toes in his maroon boots as he speed fucked her throat, hearing her puke up wave after wave of fresh, gorgeous saliva. Tears streaked down Power Girl's cheeks, her hair swishing back and forth like a yellow curtain as she sloppily GURKED and GLACKED all over his prick, puking up a mouthful of spit every time he plunged deep, only to have it be fucked down her mouth by his rough hip stabs, only to roil and bubble in her stomach before again being vomited forth, her nose drizzling warm snot as he made angry, passionate fuck with her mouth. His sack, so fucking engorged, promising an obscene, downright sinful amount of gooey, hot semen smacked wetly against her slovenly chin.

Power Girl was certainly a trooper, however, and never moved her palms from his thighs, leaving them flat, pounding on occasion helplessly against his muscular legs whenever that cock pushed her to her whorish limits. It was a humid nite in Jersey, and the humidity mixed with all this physical exertion coated the blonde in a sleek casing of sweat. Great pools of it formed in half moons under the tits of her costume and in heavy pools under her arms. Captain Smashums gripped two fistfuls of silky bobbed blonde hair, finding it thick with sweat.

Curling her tongue upwards, Power Girl made certain that his pleasure was her maximum concern, stimulating the sensitive underside of his impossibly thick, lengthy cock with her talented tongue's tip. The rooftop was echoing with the sounds of her sloppy head, never before had the heroine been tested by one man's appetites. He drove his sweaty cock down her throat stiffly, without care for her comfort or safety. Truly, this kind of treatment would leave a non heroic cocksucker in a coma, but with Power Girl, precautions were something that needn't be much considered.

"Suck it down, you sloppy whore, show me how bad you want that fucking cock." One hand cupping under her sloppy jaw, the other palming the back of her head, her head in his full control, the muscular Captain using her mouth urgently. "Fuck, I'm close, bitch, I'm so fucking close..." She moaned hotly and gurgled in reply to his cock's stiffening. Suddenly, he cruelly jammed his prick to the hilt, forcing her to take ten inches right down the throat. "Stick your tongue out, skank, lick my balls, lick my balls while I cum!" He gasped breathily, skullfucking the beautiful Blonde in such a savage fashion.

She clenched her eyes shut tightly, struggling to stretch out that tongue, but she did, massaging his balls with her hard working tongue, setting the wellspring of salty jizz free. Captain Smashums angrily threw a punch to the brick wall next to him, knocking a loud hole in it as his body tensed. "FUCK HERE IT COMES!"

Power Girl's eyes opened in shock at the first torrent of hot, phlegmy goo that he shot down her throat. It was easily the volume of five full loads, an obscene amount of goo searing and tingling down her throat, coating it as it sought out her stomach. Her stomach tensed and she clenched roughly to Captain Smashum's thighs as he continued to pump her with seed, goo shooting thickly down her thirsty gullet, her belly feeling heavy at all the sloppy sperm she was ingesting straight from the tap. Captain Smashums let out a wild roar of relief, rudely and quickly pulling his dick free of her constrictive throat with a sloppy, wet POP. The last thick squirt of white clumpy goo shot across her pretty face, squirting up her nose and stinging as it trailed over her eye.

Panting for breath, Power Girl looked up at her lover with wide eyed wonder. Her stomach tensed and she suddenly vomited up a stomach full of jizz into her mouth, but she closed her lips just in time, collecting herself, trapping the regurgitated load in her mouth and tipping her head back, dreamy blue eyes looking into Captain Smashums' as she slowly opened her mouth, displaying for him a completely white ocean of thick, snotty spunk. She cupped her leather clad hands and pursed her plump lips, letting a thick trail of the stuff drizzle from her mouth, filling her cupped hands. She then gave out a phlegmy snort, slurping back up the thick stuff and refilling her cheeks with it before sitting straight up and closing her eyes, forcing herself to gulp down the load in sections, a swallow at a time. Three gulps later, she opened her mouth and wiggled her pretty, talented pink tongue to prove that the evidence was indeed gone.

Captain Smashums looked down at the sloppy whore before him, relief flooding his muscular body as he watched her gulp down his massive load. She looked perfect, her costume sweated through, her body reeking of sweat and spit and cum.

"Welcome to New Jersey, baby." He said with a smile.

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