tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPower Rangers: The Silver Saga Finale

Power Rangers: The Silver Saga Finale

bySean Renaud©

(Well this is the end of my second installment of the Power Rangers of Hedonia. I got a strong response last time and I'm hoping to get the same thing again here. I hope you enjoy the Zords I was told during the last instalment that its just not Power Ranger without giant robot combat so I tried to get some worked in here. So come on don't be afraid to vote, don't be afraid to comment and don't be afraid to tell your friends that you're a Power Ranger fan!)

Last time on Power Rangers. Heather tried to use a hypnotized Black Ranger to defeat the Power Rangers. Her plan was spoiled however when Felation uncovered her dastardly plot and gave the Rangers a crystal to draw the evil out Bryan. Back on the side of good the battle quickly turned in favor of the Rangers. In her desperation the Silver Ranger did the only thing she could and summoned the Chimerazord!

"Damn it!" James shouted as he looked up at the war machine marching towards him. "We had her!"

"Doesn't matter, we can take her." Bryan replied his axe vanishing as he took a few steps back to get a better view at the monstrous mech.

The Red Ranger turned to face his Black counterpart then nodded. "Alright then lets do it. Red Minataur!"

"Pink Griffon!"

"Blue Behemoth!"

"Yellow Sphinx!"

"Black Basilisk!"

The Zords quickly emerged from their hidden hangars running and soaring towards their pilots. "You think that will stop me? It didn't work last time!" The Silver Ranger sneered as she watched the other zords approach. She didn't even bother to attack as they boarded their war machines and got into position.

"I know it didn't work last time bitch. We were missing a member then! At full strength nothing can stop the Power Rangers!" James shouted as he positioned the Red Minataur at the head of the formation. "Lets do it! Hedonia Megazord!" The Red Ranger shouted.

As soon as the words left his lips the Minataur moved toward the other zords preparing to form the Megazord. Already the Behemoth and Basilisk had connected to form the arms and legs of the mighty machine but the flyers were still en route when the Chimerazord moved.

"Why would I let you do that?" Silver teased. "Laser sting!" She shouted aiming the scorpion tail at the Sphinx and firing a laser. She missed her mark but the Amanda missed her docking position and started circling around a second time. The Griffon wasn't nearly as lucky as the Chimerazord pounced on the other beast machine pinning it to the ground. "Frozen Bleat!" Heather screeched bringing the goat's head to the pinned zord coating in ice.

"Can't...keep...this...up...for...long!" Amanda shouted over her failing radio. The other Rangers watched in horror as the cockpit of the yellow Sphinx started frosting over.

"Better rescue her fast." Heather teased grinding her paw down against the zord tearing up the asphalt with the Spinx's face. Steel screeched as it was torn away from Sphinx's frame rolling up in long stripes.

"Break formation!" James shouted breaking the Minataur away from the partially complete Megazord and charging the Chimerazord. The mechanical bullman's shoulder slammed into the Chimerazord's flank sending it rolling away.

"Can you move?" Kaylie shouted circling in the sky waiting to dock.

"Yeah. A little." Amanda grunted shaking her zord free of the layer of ice. She shook it back and forth straining the motors to their full extent in her attempt to break free. "I need a little time though."

"You heard the lady by her some time Rangers!" James shouted. "Red Minataur Fire Rush!" He shouted. A blaze jet fire erupted from the Minataur's shoulders propelling it towards the Chimerazord. The already red zord started to glow as the friction started to heat its surface.

"Is this the extent of your powers? Pathetic!" Heather shouted as she brought her zord back to its feet and squared it against the Minataur. A shower of sparks exploded outward when the two massive metal beings collided and for a second they were battling for position.

"Bullrush!" The Minataur responded to its pilot's orders by doubling the jet strength and sending the Chimerazord tumbling away.

"Not bad Red but lets see her take the Behemoth by the horns!" Daniel shouted turning to charge the silver zord.

"Thunderous Roar!" The lion head turned quickly opening its mouth to roar and firing a ball of black crackling lightning slammed into the Behemoth knocking it back. "You know this is starting to bore me. Chimerazord Battle form!" The Chimerazord reared back and stood upright. The goat head rotated down and out of sight being replaced with a humanoid head. The right hand reached up and took the lion head its mane flaring outward to form a shield. At the same time the left gripped the dragon's neck as it telescoped to form a staff. A shriek that shattered all the nearby glass escaped the dragon's mouth as blade of pure flame erupted outward forming the Dragon Scythe. "So Rangers, how do you like me now?"

"This can't be good." Bryan whispered in awe as the Chimerazord rose up towering over his own Black Basilisk.

"Wow, that is a nifty little trick isn't it?" Kaylie said circling the pilot.

"Trick? You must not realize what your up against. Lasersting!" Heather shouted taking another shot at the Pink Ranger. This time the blast slammed into the flying zord's chest.

"Wow she means business!" Kaylie screamed struggling to pull her vehicle out of the flaming nosedive she was in. "We need the Megazord!"

"She's right there is no way we are taking that down." Daniel shouted backing away from the silver war machine.

James slammed his fist down on one of the buttons in his cockpit securing the communications to just his fellow Rangers. "Look if we try she's just gonna pick one of us and stop it again. We have one shot at this so hit her with everything you've got and then get back here to form the Megazord got it?" A collective affirmative reply came from the other Rangers.

"Alright, Red Minataur is ready for the ro-de-o! Gattling Punch!" The hands of the Minataur disconnected at the wrists rolling forward to reveal a pair of gattling guns firing their complete salvo at the Chimerazord.

"Blue Behemoth here to rock the world and roll the enemy! Seismic Stomp!" The Behemoth reared back before slamming back down against the floor. Where it hit the ground split open racing toward the opposing machine.

"Riddle me this who wants a kiss from the Yellow Sphinx? Feather Missile!" The Sphinx leveled itself with the Chimerazord then took one last beat of its huge steel wings pointing them directly at the war machine. Each of the two dozen steel feathers fired out like missiles at the Silver Ranger's zord.

"Pink Griffon prepared for the strike! Plasma Spread!" The Griffon flew straight upward till its shadow nearly blocked out the light of the sun before spreading its wings. The undersides of the wings started to glow. At first it was a dull red but it quickly turned white before a huge solid beam of energy fired from the wings.

"Stone faced Black Basilisk is ready to bury her! Stone Stare!" The eyes of the Basilisk flashed a bright white and suddenly all of the destroyed pavement and chunks of concrete levitated up from the ground and shot towards the Chimerazord.

"You think this is going to-" The rest of Heather's response was lost in the roar of the combine attacks slamming simultaneously against her zord. A huge shower of sparks accompanied a series of explosions.

"We got her!" Daniel shouted. Both female Rangers nodded their agreement. There was no response from Bryan at all.

"No we didn't, my sensors are still showing activity! We need to form the Megazord now!" James commanded slamming his fist into the button to initiate the docking sequence for the second time that day. The other Rangers obeyed his command pressing the appropriate buttons in their own vehicles and piloting towards the Minataur.

Slowly the smoke cleared around the Chimerazord to reveal the still spotless silver zord straddling a split in the earth. "I see you used your time wisely." Came the Silver Ranger's feminine sneer as she brought her war machine completely onto one side of the chasm. "It won't matter."

"Lets do this Rangers!" Together the five multicolored warriors piloted their Megazord toward the enemy. It felt like the whole world shook when the two machines clashed weapons again and again.

"Just surrender!" Heather screamed rearing back and slamming the Lion Shield into the Megazord's chest sending it stumbling away. The Dragon Scythe screamed through the air before raking across the Megazord's chest charring its armor.

"Never! Power Spear!" The Megazord reached up gripping the spear as it fell from the sky. The momentum of the weapon spun the Hedonia Megazord all the way around slashing at the Chimerazord. A trail of sparks followed the tip of the spear all the way across the silver chest plate of the Chimerazord.

"Let's do it!" The Rangers shouted all together each raising their right hand. "Super Laser Skewer!" In a synchronized motion they all brought their hands down in a chopping motion that was mimicked by the Megazord slashing across the Chimerazord's chest. They thrust forward together rotating their arms at the wrist, at the same time the spear was thrust through the Chimerazord rotating before it was lifted into the air a beam of pure energy blasting through to the heavens. Both the spear and the Chimerazord fell to the ground bouncing slightly.

"Its finally over Rangers." James whispered reaching up for his helmet.

"Not..finished...just...yet." Heather grunted. On the ground the Chimerazord started to stir, at first just its fingers curling up against the ground then trying to push itself back up to its feet.

"Holy shit. What is it going to take?" James piloted the Megazord over its fallen foe pinning it down with one foot and grasping the Power Spear. "We have to finish this."

"NO!" Bryan shouted pushing James back from the controls. "Let me go talk to her." The two Rangers stared at each other for a long moment before the leader nodded his consent and the Black Ranger leapt out of the Megazord boarding the Chimerazord.

"Heather listen to me." He pleaded removing his helmet as he walked towards her. "You don't have to do this."

"You don't understand." Heather whispered looking over her shoulder.

"We don't want to fight you any longer and I." Heather placed a leather-gloved finger over his lips silencing him.

"Don't say it. I know." She gripped his hand and placed it against her own breast so he could feel her heart fluttering inside her chest. "You can't help me. Let them finish me."

"Why would I do that?" He whispered tears starting to glisten in his eyes. The Silver Ranger reached up and removed her own helmet laying it aside.

Heather's eyes were already red from shed tears. "I've done so much for them, they saved my life Bryan. Princess Orgasma saved my life when I was attacked. Not by a monster, but by a man. She gave me these powers so I could defend myself but I have to defeat you to keep them."

"You don't have to work them anymore." Bryan seized the Silver Ranger his arms and crushed his lips to hers. "And now the Rangers will protect you. Power Down." There was a flash of light and his Power suit vanished leaving him in just a plain black t-shirt and white jeans.

"Power down." The Silver Ranger echoed climbing out of her destroyed zord still in the nearly transparent silvery dress she'd worn to the dance. The other Rangers were already waiting for them on the ground in their normal clothing the zords racing back to their individual garages.

"Now trust me Heather." Bryan slipped his arms around her waist pulling her against him. "They won't hurt you I promise." Any protest Heather might have made was cut off by Bryan's lips. Without breaking the kiss he teleported them down to the ground standing with the rest of his team. "Introducing the Silver Ranger." Bryan said with a slight flourish.

"So this is the Silver Ranger. She's kinda cute if you ask me." Daniel said extending a hand.

"Well nobody did." Amanda spat elbowing him in the ribs. "Its ok honey he's like that with anything that has tits and ass. I'm Amanda and he's Daniel."

"Welcome to the team." Kaylie said walking over and embracing the new team member giving her a soft kiss on the cheek followed by a brief lip lock.

"Well if she's part of the team I think its time for a little R&R then?" James said grinning wickedly.

"I could use some rest and relaxation." Heather replied looking around.

"Sorry no rest just yet, just Ranger Recreation!" James shouted gripping his teleporter and vanishing in a blur of red.

"You'll love it." Bryan promised as the rest of the Rangers teleported to James's home.

James was stretched out spread eagle on the gigantic California King sized bed with a glass of wine in one hand and five other filled glasses when Kaylie arrived. "Time to welcome a new member to the team baby." He stood up handing her a glass and unbuttoning her pink blouse at the same time.

"How do you know we can trust her?" She asked her body stiff as she allowed her self to be undressed like a doll. She lifted her arms as the red Ranger unhooked her bra and tossed to the floor with her shirt.

"I know because she's a Ranger and she loves Bryan. That's enough for me." He pushed a gentle kiss against her belly dipping his tongue into her naval as he unbuckled her pink jeans. James hooked his fingers into band of her pants and tugging them over the swell of her hips flowing the receding fabric with gentle kisses.

She slipped out of her sandals on her own letting James pull her pants completely off. "How is that enough?" She asked shivering slightly under his attention. Goosebumps formed on her thighs following his fingertips but she was still standing stiffly before him.

"Haven't you ever done your research and looked over Rangers that have come before us?" James pushed her gently down onto the silken sheets of the bed. "Almost every group had a rogue Ranger and every one of them redeemed themselves." He gripped Kaylie's ankles spreading them wide as he dragged his tongue over her inner thigh. A trail of saliva coated her creamy flesh leading towards her pussy.

The only reaction he got was the lusty roll of her hips followed by generous moan. James dug his fingers into the firm flesh of her ass lifting her up before stabbing his tongue into her moist tunnel. He was expert with his tongue wriggling it around inside her pink walls and teasing her clit out of its hood. The look in her eyes was enough to get the blood flowing to his genitals.

"I like that James." Kaylie whispered still rolling her hips against him. They didn't even look up when Amanda slipped into the room wearing only her yellow bra pulled down beneath her dark breast.

"You two just never wait for us!" Amanda chided crawling onto the bed and gripping James by the hips pulling till he was up on all fours. She gripped his cheeks and pried them apart before letting her soft pink tongue dance on the underside of his balls. She felt his entire body stiffen for a moment then relax as her tongue journeyed upward tauntingly close to his forbidden hole before retreating back to slurp at his balls.

"Hey wait for me!" Daniel shouted trying to run into the room and strip at the same time. He managed to toss his blue t-shirt aside and kick off his tennis shoes without a hitch. It was his jeans that tangled around his ankles and sent his sprawling onto the bed. He landed with his head between Amanda's spread legs staring at her already dripping cunt. Beyond that he could see her breasts swaying back and forth and James's cock hanging heavily beneath him. It took Daniel a minute to kick his way free of his pants and climb up behind Amanda. "Hope you're ready." He smiled spitting on her asshole and rubbing it around with his thumb.

"Mmmm, is that what you want?" Amanda purred before turning her attentions back to James and rimming his asshole. He was pushing his hips back towards her tongue like he was humping the air reaching down and gripping his hard cock. Amanda's fingers came up quickly lacing with his and pumping their fist over James's shaft.

There was a huge grin on Kaylie's face as she gripped on the pillows nearly tearing the fabric. "Don't stop don't stop!" She screamed pushing her hips against his face pulling him down again. At the same time James was writhing back against Amanda's tongue bucking his hips in her grasp.

"That's exactly what I want." Daniel rumbled aiming the tip of his cock at her sphincter. There was the briefest moment of resistance before he slid into her anus. His fingers dug into the dark flesh of her hips as he pushed against her. Each thrust pushed her face deeper into Jason's ass. From behind her Daniel could see her tongue stabbing into his friend's ass. "Look at you, such a little anal whore. Got me behind fucking you in your ass and you're licking James's ass." Amanda moaned in response.

Behind the tangle of sweating human flesh the door opened again. "I told you they wouldn't miss us." Bryan was dressed in a pair of black leather chaps. Heather was nude save for a spiked leather collar around her neck and a ball gag between her teeth. She was on all fours just like a dog and responding to the leash around her neck. "They're just fine." He sat down on chair in the corner of the room watching his fellow Ranger's.

"Come on over here honey, plenty of room." Kaylie whispered easing back off of James's face to lie flat on the bed.

Heather started to move towards the bed when Bryan yanked her leash and shook his head. "We've already had our fun. Just here to watch." In his other hand he held a tiny gray box. When he pushed the button Heather jumped and her eyes shot open. "Thanks though." A twisted smile curled over his lips as he turned his gaze back down to Heather, watching as she struggled not to squirm.

"Suit yourself." James gasped lying his head down against the mattress now as he thrust his hips back harder against her Amanda's face. His back arched as far as he could stretch. His lips parted but no sound escaped him as he came shooting ropey white strands of semen onto his bed. Amanda watched as his legs wobbled and collapsed from beneath him leaving him flat on the bed.

"Go on Daniel cum in my bootie." Amanda begged rolling her ass back against him in steady waves. She met every thrust reaching between her caramel thighs to cup his ball. "Cum. Cum for me, claim my bootie." She pleaded clenching her muscles around him.

"Oohhhh!" Daniel groaned pulling her toward him for one final deep stab into her before burying his cum inside her ass. For a moment the two of them remained perfectly still, her ass clenching down around him and his cock pulsing the last drops of his cum into her. Then he pulled out of her and collapsed onto the bed right next to James. Amanda curled herself up into a ball on James's opposite hip resting her head on his chest.

"Come on Bitch." Bryan said rising from his chair and walking over to join the other Rangers on the bed. He sat at the head of the bed braced against the wall. Heather crawled along behind him resting her head in his lap. "Welcome to the team Heather." Bryan smiled running his fingers gently through her hair.

(Well I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm always open to suggestions as to where you would like to see the Rangers in their next adventure. Till then Power Down!)

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