tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPower Rangers: The Silver Saga Ep. 04

Power Rangers: The Silver Saga Ep. 04

bySean Renaud©

Last time on Power Rangers Bryan was taken home and used by the beautiful Heather. After she had finished with her fun Queen Areola arrived and cast a spell on the Black Ranger putting him under their control! How will the Rangers be able to deal with the double Ranger threat?

"Puppy?" Heather called from her bed. Throughout the rest of the night all of her stuffed animals had ended up in various spots around her room and off her bed. Her sheets too were just a tangled ball of sweat and musk after several more of sessions between the two. The last one had put her to sleep and when she woke up Bryan was no longer at her side. There was no response to her call.

"Puppy?" She called again just a little bit louder. This time she heard a muffled groan of response. "Puppy?" She repeated rolling over onto her stomach and reaching over the side of the bed pushing aside the bright blue teddy bear to reveal her buried boy toy.

"Yes Mistress?" He smiled weakly starting to dig himself out of a pile of stuffed animals. "Sorry fell asleep."

"Its ok." Heather smiled turning reaching down and tracing his lips with his fingers. "Tell me how wonderful I am."

"You're the most beautiful thing in the universe. Every time I see you my stomach fills with butterflies and I wonder how I ever went through life without you. You're like the first time I saw the sun and I-"

"Shhh-" She cut him off placing her finger over his lips. "Enough." She rolled over away from him staring up at the ceiling and kicking her feet playfully back and forth. "It's so wonderful. Stand on one foot." She said suddenly watching him over her head. Bryan erupted from the pile of stuffed animals letting them rain back down to the floor as he stood on one foot. "Wiggle." She commanded and watched as his entire body shook and wriggled like a fish on a hook. "Enough."

Heather leaned up against the wall smiling as she spread her legs and beckoned the hypnotized man with her finger. She didn't even bother telling him what she expected of him. There was no need to as Bryan crawled onto the bed and between her legs laying a series of gentle kisses along her inner thighs. Heather ran her fingers slowly through his hair guiding his searching tongue toward her.

Her entire body straightened the first time his tongue slipped over her clit. Heather squealed slightly as she pulled him Bryan against her burying his face between her thighs. "That's it, lick it Puppy." She purred as she rolled her hips up against his face. Bryan pushed her legs open just enough for him to draw in a gasp of air before he went back to work swirling his tongue over her smooth shaven cunt. He pressed his tongue firmly against the little nub of flesh and wriggled it back and forth. His hand gripped firmly around her hips pinning her down as he lashed his tongue over her clit eventually pulling it between his lips and rolling his tongue around it.

She was nearly tearing his hair out at the roots when she felt his tongue slip inside her. It wasn't much, just the tip wriggling around inside her while his fingers dug into her flesh holding Heather down as she ground her hips up against his face. "Enough enough enough!" She panted her body going slack for a moment before looking down at him. Just the touch of his hair against her thighs was enough to send another set of shivers along her slender frame. "My gods." She smiled down at him.

Bryan's face glistened with her juices as he stared up at her eagerly awaiting the next instruction. "Mistress?" He asked. His fingers slowly traced the insides of her thighs as he waited for her response.

"Mmmm. Yes Puppy?" She cooed wriggling slightly letting her legs spread a little wider as she stared down at him.

"Can I fuck you?"

"Of course, but only if you pull my hair." She replied rolling onto her hands and knees thrusting her firm rear at him. Behind her Bryan quickly got onto his knees and slid between her thighs. One hand slid up along her spine and into her hair twisting it tightly around his fist. "Now use me Puppy, fuck me like I'm just your bitch." She hissed glancing over her shoulder at him.

"Just say when bitch." He replied twisting her hair tight around his fist forcing her to look straight up at the ceiling as he speared her from behind. In his first stroke he hit bottom thrusting against her again crashing his hips against hers.

"Oh I think I can take it!" She squealed bracing herself against the bed and meeting his thrusts. Each time she pushed back her sheets pulled up a little more until she was clawing at her bare mattress.

"Shut up." He growled slowing his pace down so he could put his full weight into each thrust. Pleasured moans mingled with her screams of delight. Tears were flowing from her eyes as he pushed deeper into her with each stroke. He started building speed inside her making the mattress squeak beneath him. Heather couldn't see the pleasure in his eyes but she could hear it every time he gasped for air behind her and his cock pulsed inside her.

"Yes, yes!" Heather panted pushing against him. Her nails were starting to leave tears in her mattress. White cotton fluff was starting to emerge from the open cuts as she screamed again her cunt clamping down around his organ. "Don't stop."

"Shut up!" Bryan growled a second time shoving her face down into one of the teddy bears as he pushed into her one last time. He rested his weight against her as he pumped his cum into her cunt.

His grasp slowly relaxed letting her dark hair fall down around her beautiful face as he remained inside her. Bryan trembled slightly as he pulled himself free of her cunt and lay back.

"Puppy?" Heather called rolling her hips slightly so his cum dripped out of her pussy and started rolling down her thigh. He sat up slowly behind her and smiled at her before he kissed her inner thigh catching the first of his cum on his upper lip. He slid his tongue out and cleaned the trail of cum from her legs. Bryan gripped her hips to keep her from pulling away as he sealed his lips around her nether lips and sucked his own juices out. "Don't swallow Puppy, we share everything now." Heather whispered turning around to kiss him.

Her lips met his and her tongue pushed into his mouth swirling his cum around in his mouth. Heather cupped his face in her hands as she slurped some of it from his lips and swallowed. A single strand of saliva and cum hung between them as she pulled away from the kiss. She stuck out her tongue and swirled it quickly into her lips with a devious grin. "Well Puppy we have something else to do now."

"We do?"

Back in Extacy James was leaned against on of the dozens of control panels and shivering. His wounds were already healed over, one of the many advantages to a transformation on the molecular level did have advantage. The biggest was that being injured didn't last long. He was exhausted but not bleeding or wounded. The rest of the Rangers were staring up at Felation.

"It is possible that the Hedonia Megazord would be able to defeat the Chimerazord."

"We can't form the Megazord without Bryan." James said as he stared up.

"I know James. Whoever kidnapped him is cloaking his genetic signature from scanners. I am currently adjusting the scans to home in on his powers instead."

Suddenly a honey sweet feminine voice spoke. "Rangers. I know you can hear me. If you ever want to see the Black Ranger alive again you'll meet me at the stadium." The image of the Silver Ranger appeared standing over a bound Black Ranger appeared. One of her Silver Blades as pressed against his throat the other directly at the viewer. "I hope you hurry, I get bored easily and might have to start finding ways to keep busy. Do you think I could skin him without killing him?" Silver canted her head slightly and raised one of her blades.

"Ok Rangers lets go!" James shouted reaching for his teleporter along with the other Rangers.

"Wait!" Felation shouted. James slowly turned his attention up toward the speaking penis.

Bryan struggled slightly against his bonds glancing over his shoulder at Heather. "They'll be here in a moment mistress." Bryan promised as he tested the cuffs. Like Heather had promised him they wouldn't hold him for more than a second.

As soon as he finished speaking four beams of light came from the sky revealing the remaining Rangers. "Let him go bitch!" James shouted summoning the Power Saber in the same breath. Behind him the rest of the Rangers prepared for combat as well.

"Such a shame. Such a shame." The Silver Ranger sneered pushing the blade against Bryan's throat slowly driving his head up. "Throw your weapons here and I'll release him." She spat.

"Don't do! She'll destroy you if give up your weapons!" Bryan shouted rushing as far forward as he could manage. James gripped his sword tightly in his hand the other shaking in an angry fist.

"You want to test me?" She taunted pushing again.

"Red! We can't risk it!" Amanda said as she lowered her head and tossed her Star Chuck down at the Silver Ranger's feet. Kaylie looked over at Amanda then at her captured comrade and made the same decision. Even through her mask the look on her face was obvious.

"We'll get you for this you know. Rangers always win." Daniel hissed flinging his Twin Sickles so the tips dug into the floor at the Silver Ranger's feet.

"I am a Ranger and I will win." She pointed her free Blade at Red. "So are you going to toss that over here anytime today? I'm starting to get impatient again."

"You bitch!" James growled throwing the sword into the air.

Heather caught the sword by the hilt and looking it over slowly. "The Power Saber." She twirled it quickly around her wrist slicing the air in front of her. "It really is a beautiful weapon. Well this should be very easy. Puppy?"

The Black Ranger moved to his feet snapping the cuffs at the same time. "Yes Mistress?" The other Rangers exchanged terrified glances taken back by the sudden change of events.

"Lets get to work. Queen Areola has ordered the Power Rangers of Hedonia destroyed."

"Power Axe!" The Black Ranger's weapon appeared in his hands and together he and the Silver Ranger charged his bewildered teammates.

"This should be fun!" Silver screamed slicing at James who started dancing back from the blades. He twisted right and left then back flipped to safety. "Hold still, this won't take long!" She shouted spinning around completely hoping to removed his head with the Power Saber. Red dipped beneath his blade and jumped up driving both his heels into the Silver Ranger's mask sending her sprawling.

The Power Saber flew up into the air as both Rangers landed flat on their backs. Heather flipped angrily back to her feet and leapt for the sword. The tips of her fingers were grazing the hilt when James caught her ankle and slammed her down and reclaimed the Power Saber. "Back where it belongs. Now lets get this going!"

Amanda was already on her knees clutching her bleeding arm and fighting her way back to her feet. Less than five feet away the Black Ranger was easily fighting off the Pink and Blue Rangers. A side kick sent Kaylie flipping backward landing on her head with a sickening thud. "Just you now." Bryan growled jumping into the air and bringing his axe down at Daniel.

The Blue Ranger's hand shot out catching the Power Axe at the handle while the blade rested against his black visor. "Little help here!" Beneath his helmet sweat was pouring down his face and his eyes bulged at the sight of the weapon inches away from ending his life.

"What was that? A little help dying?" Bryan sneered pushing his calf behind Daniel's and shoving him to the ground. With his full weight against the blade he could feel the Blue Ranger's strength failing.

"I've got him!" Yellow shouted gripping Bryan's right arm and yanking him backwards. He still had one hand on the axe he went to chop Amanda's hand off at the wrist when Pink caught his other wrist.

"Daniel now!"

The Red Ranger smiled beneath his mask as he twirled with Silver. On the right the Power Saber ground against a Silver Blade and other side their fingers were interlocked jockeying for position. "Give it up. News flash, good guys win."

"Maybe in the fairy tales Red. This is real life and you couldn't beat me before.! She twisted away from him dragging him by the hand. Heather twisted his wrist one way driving her knee into his chest then into his head letting him collapse to the floor. "Give it up!" She stepped back crossing her Blades into an "X" shape preparing to finish him.

The Silver Ranger dashed forward to finish the battle. A vicious war cry erupted from beneath her mask almost drowning out the sound of her Blades screaming through the air towards James. Heather never saw Bryan slide between her and her goal raising his axe in defense. A shower of sparks enveloped both Rangers for a moment as she tried to force him out of her way. "Puppy?"

"Sorry, can't let you do it!" Bryan leapt backward and slashed at the Silver Ranger slicing her uniform open down the center baring her creamy flesh.

"How?" She hissed gripping her uniform closed over her breasts.

"We got lucky." Daniel answered picking up his Twin Sickles as he spoke. "We'd been searching for Bryan and you'd concealed his genetic signature so we couldn't find him."

"So we had to recalibrate the equipment to search for the Black Ranger's power signature." Amanda added as she picked up her Star chuck and started idly spinning them over her shoulders and behind her back.

"When you appeared with the Black Ranger we almost ran here and fell right into your little trap honey. It was really well done." Kaylie continued holding her bow as she walked to her position in the circle.

"But his power signature was polluted." James said as he got to his feet gripping his Power Saber in one hand. "Felation stopped us, gave us a purifying shard."

"Just sucked all that bad mojo right outta him." Amanda said holding out a six inch pink crystal. A black cloud moved around inside the crystal for a moment before she slammed it against the ground. It shattered and black cloud hovered in the air for a moment before dissipating.

"Think you can take all five of us?" Daniel asked raising his Twin Sickles.

The Silver Ranger spun around slowly looking from one Ranger to the next starting in each directions before stumbling back into the center of the circle. "Well actually I think I can." She thrust one blade into the ground. "I summon the Chimerazord!"

A mountaintop split open revealing the dragon-head of the Chimerazord. Suddenly the rest of the rocks shattered as the mighty war machine pulled its way out of the mountain and rushed down to its pilot. Heather leapt up into the air landing on the lion's snout. "So lets finish this Rangers!"

To be concluded!

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