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Power Wednesday


Wednesday. Every Wednesday. Face it, it's the middle of the week, everyone's tired and we still have two more days to go until the weekend. That's when Christina and I decided that we needed something to look forward to besides they fact that, well, it's Wednesday. And...Power Wednesdays was born.

I'm Dan. Christina and I have been together for 10 years. We discovered about five years ago that we both like power. Losing it. Having it. Absolutely. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when someone else is in charge and you are the willing servant, ready to obey, wherever the road takes you. Its alter-ego is just as powerful. You have the control, you have a willing submissive who will execute your plan on command. We trade places, every week, on Wednesday. Yesterday, she ruled. This is what happened.

It started out with a text I received from Christina at 4:37. She plays cards with her girlfriends once a month. They take turns hosting and this month, as luck would have it, everyone was coming to our house tonight at 7:00. That was two hours and twenty three minutes away.

C: You know I rule tonight, right?

D: Yup. Cards still on at our house?

C: Yes. And, you get to serve us!!!!!

D: I guess this means I'm not going for a run?

C: That's exactly what that means. Be home by 7:00 sharp.

D: k

I just sat there in my office. This was a first. I figured she'd dream up something crazy for us after her friends left. I have seriously never been at home during one of these get-togethers. I wondered if they really played cards or if they just drank and talked about how crazy their husbands and boyfriends were. I guess I'd find out soon enough.

I drove in the driveway at exactly 7:00. I was relieved that "the bin" was no where I sight when I pulled up. The bin, the infamous bin... So, a little back story. About a month into Power Wednesdays, I invented the bin program. It's a blue storage bin you can get from any Target or Wal-Mart and it serves as the clothes depository. If you're the servant on Power Wednesday and you see the bin, you get naked and put all your clothes in the bin...wherever the bin is. And, if there is anything in the bin, you get the honor of wearing whatever that is until you're told to take it off. Easy enough, right?

The inaugural use of the bin was when Christina was my faithful servant one Wednesday. I placed the bin inside the front door with a note that said, "Everything goes in here. Everything." A few minutes after she got home from work that day, she was wearing only a smile and had the hardest nipples I'd ever seen. The bin has made its rounds, including our front porch, outside by the pool and even the time I placed it out by our mailbox. I sat inside and stroked my cock while I watched her get completely naked in broad daylight and scurry in the house. It was excellent. She payed me back the following week by driving to my office, opening my car, and placing the bin on the passenger seat. I seriously drove home completely naked, not even shoes! I walked in the door absolutely naked and incredibly hard, I think I came as soon as she touched my cock. Yes, I am that much of an exhibitionist. More on that later...

When I walked in the door, I kissed her and she escorted me to the kitchen. She was wearing a thin sun dress I bought her on our last vacation. I could tell she didn't have a bra on and her 34c's were gently wobbling as she held my hand. That totally turns me on. I love seeing her braless tits. As we entered the kitchen, there was the bin. Inside was an apron. She was smiling when I looked over at her, I've seen that smile before. I said, "This looks like fun. Glad you cancelled the card party."

She immediately came back with, "Oh, I didn't cancel the party, the girls will be here in 30 minutes. Get naked big boy." I was stunned. Did she really expect me to wear only an apron in front of her friends for the whole night? Seriously, there was no way she was going to do this. I stood there for what seemed like forever until she lifted up her dress and showed me her tan, smoothly shaven pussy.

"If you want some of this, you better get rid of those clothes." She reached down and spread her lips apart and slid her finger across her clit with her middle finger. Then, she took her finger and smeared it across my lips. Man... I love the taste of her pussy. And, naked I was. Right then. Right there. My cock was sticking straight out in front of me. Immediately I reached down and started to play with it. Christina pulled my hand away and said I had wait until later. Ugh, I'm a guy, I can't keep my hands off my cock, especially when I'm hard! Once I had the apron on, it was easier to focus on the task at hand, no pun intended.

She ordered me to stay in the kitchen and not come out till I was told. I heard everyone arrive, one by one. With each arrival was a woman who was going to see me mostly naked and likely hard. I was a nervous wreck. But hey, Christina bought wine and I apparently was the bartender. It seemed like it was "wine-thirty," so I poured my first glass. I heard our friend Karen say, "Where's Dan?"

Christina responded with, "Well, Dan is in the kitchen, and he's going to be our servant tonight. His job will be to bring us snacks, wine, refills, and eventually dessert. That said, I have a little disclaimer. Dan is my servant tonight, so, if there's anything you need, just let me know. You should also know that Dan is wearing an awesome apron I bought him – and only an apron."

Sarah, our other friend, almost choked. "You mean, he's naked?"

Christina said, "Of course not, he has an apron on. Dan honey, can you come out here and bring us some wine?" My heart was in my throat and my apron was a tent! I was shaking. "Dan, come on out, we're thirsty."

That moment was one I'll never forget. I held a bottle of wine in one hand and wine glasses in the other and out I walked, on display for Christina and all her friends. The apron covered my front but there was no mistaking the tent that came out before I did. They were speechless. You could have heard a pin drop. Christina loved it, as evidenced by her warm smile and rock hard nipples. I set down glasses and started filling up wine for everyone. As I made my way around the table, my naked ass was exposed for everyone to see. As I made my way around the table and as I neared Christina, she reached over and gave me a sharp slap on the ass! All at once, everyone laughed and the mood lightened. All of us breathed a sigh of relief. The party was off and running and I survived my first exposure. I was nervous, shocked, energized, and so turned on I could hardly see straight. It felt like a current was running through my balls, and I loved it.

The card game ensued. I brought out snacks when called, refilled wine glasses, and was even ordered at one point to rub Christina's shoulders. As I did, she reached behind me and cupped my balls in her hand. I have good sized, heavy balls that fit in her hand perfectly. I hadn't cum in three days, so they were even heavier. As she held me by the balls, her friend Liz saw what was happening and winked at Christina. Christina very subtly reached over and took Liz's hand...and placed them under my balls. I felt a lightning bolt go through my body. Liz looked like the cat that ate the canary as she slowly wiggled her fingers up and down. I was so turned on. Christina smiled at Liz and they both looked at me.

"Dan honey, I know that apron is hot, so feel free to take it off if you want to." While phrased in the form of a question, it was an order. I complied. I was now totally naked! Butt ass naked in front of my wife and her closest friends. No more tent, just a loaded gun that could go off at any time for everyone to see. Everyone was staring at my cock which seemed like it was straining to get longer, bigger, and harder. Then, someone shuffled the cards signaling the start of the next round of whatever they were playing. I heard the oven timer beep in the kitchen. Cupcakes! I know they were all looking at my ass as I walked away. I could feel it.

That's right. While the card game was going on, I was ordered to make cupcakes – yellow cake with chocolate icing to be exact. I'm not much of a cook but hey, I can follow instructions on a box! One should always be careful while removing cupcakes from the over while naked and hard. I slid an oven mitt on my cock before opening the oven. Hey, better to be safe than sorry, right? From the sounds in the other room, the girls were feeling no pain from the wine, and thankfully I wasn't either.

I had to let the cupcakes cool before I frosted them, so I straightened up in the kitchen. I poured myself another glass of wine and bounced the end of my cock off every cabinet in the kitchen. I had never been this hard for this long, and I was about to go crazy. I just couldn't wait until everyone left and Christina allowed me to cum. Then it hit me. I had cleaned up everything but the leftover batter from the cupcakes. Brainstorm! Wine plus 2 hours of extended, forced nudity, plus an enormous hard-on, plus cupcake batter added up to a brilliant plan. I got the spatula and scooped as much batter as I could into my right hand. With my hand covered in cupcake batter, I gently glazed my entire cock and balls with batter. I sat down in one of our chairs and sipped wine with one hand and slowly jacked with the other. By this point, I didn't care who saw me.

Just then, our friend Karen walked in to the kitchen on her way outside to smoke a cigarette. I was helpless before the truth. She stopped, smiled, and then leaned back against the counter while looking right at me and shaking her head. "So Dan, are you cleaning up or making a mess?"

I thought about that for a second and said, "For now, cleaning up, but I may very well make a mess soon." In a hushed voice she asked if that was cupcake batter on my cock. "It is. You want some?" I could see the wheels turning in her head. She stood motionless for at least twenty seconds... which felt like five minutes. She made a quick look out in to the other room where the girls were. They were laughing and chatting and no one seemed to be headed our way. She walked right to me, got on her knees, and took a long, slow, lick of my batter covered cock. She started at my balls and slowly ran her tongue all the way to the tip of my cock. I have a beautifully circumcised seven inch cock with a great head that was now purple, at least the parts that weren't covered with batter. Then, she took one long, deep throat suck before standing up and looking around. I gave her a batter covered fist bump. As she walked outside, she was licking her knuckles.

I lasted about five minutes before the urge to cum really took hold, and I knew I was close. Then, my final brainstorm of the night! This was my third, a world record! I walked to the cabinet, battered cock in hand, and got out a shot glass. I should have gotten out a twelve ounce Solo cup! I came with such a force that half of my cum missed the shot glass and splattered on the tile floor. The rest pulsed forcefully into the shot glass and almost filled it completely. It was a massive load! I was in a daze.

"Dan honey, we're done in here and we need wine and cupcakes!"

After a quick hand wash, I frosted six cupcakes with dark chocolate icing. Hey, they're girls. They like dark chocolate! I'm a milk chocolate guy but that's another story. I arranged the cupcakes in a circle of five with one in the middle – beautifully frosted I might add. The middle cupcake was Christina's, and it was going to be special. Cupcake, meet shot glass! My warm, white cum practically glowed on top of the dark chocolate frosting as it slowly poured out. Some even slid down the side. I seriously wish I had taken a picture of it.

"Hey Dan, got cupcakes for us?"

I rushed out like a hurried waiter with the plate of cupcakes on one hand. I was totally naked and no longer cared. "Ladies, may I present Dan's awesome cupcakes!" I got a spontaneous round of applause, to which I took a bow.

After I set the cupcakes down, Liz looked at me, smiled, and said, "Hey Dan, looks like you made a mess in the kitchen." It still didn't click. I responded by saying I'd actually spent time cleaning the kitchen so it wasn't messy anymore. Then she looked directly at my cock. In my haste to deliver cupcakes, I failed to clean the batter off my cock and balls. It was mostly dried but as I looked down, I could see a few drops of cum that had yet to harden. I blushed instantly but took it all in stride.

"Actually, serving you ladies this evening has been a real pleasure for me, in more ways than one. In fact, it's been such a pleasure that I made a very special cupcake for my lovely wife Christina. It's the one in the center!" Everyone finally stopped looking at my cock and turned their attention to the plate of cupcakes, and specifically, the one in the center. Christina saw it first and just stared at it as a warm smile came across her face – that kind of genuine, loving smile you only perceive from someone you know and love so well.

Some laughed, some shrieked and covered their mouths, and someone said "No way!"

Christina picked up her special cupcake, looked right at me, and said, "Yes way," as she took a big bite. It was really cute how some of the cum and frosting dotted the end of her nose. I loved that.

Next week, she's the servant, and my plan is way better than those cupcakes.

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