Practice On This Ch. 3

byChicago Bob©

Hopeful nod.

"So you think you have enough for me, do you? That's good, but I'm going to help you anyway, just in case."

She climbed down and I missed her immediately.

Then she pushed the chair closer to the sofa. I had to spread my knees so she could get it as close as she wanted. Sitting on the side of the chair, she lifted both legs, knees together, and turned to face me.

Sitting up straight, she said, "I might have acted like I was hard to get, but my pussy's been wet since I first saw you. Paula's told me everything about you, and everything you've done together. Just the look on her face when she talks about cumming on you cock or your tongue, or your fingers was enough to make me want to meet you. Tonight, when she told us how you fingered her to a standing orgasm I soaked my jeans. It was just after that that Helen came in here to blow you. I was surprised she didn't take you with her pussy. Now, enjoy."

She had pulled her panties down while she was talking to me but had kept her legs together, denying me a clear view of her charms. Now she sat on the edge of the chair, leaned back, and said, "Spread your legs wide so I can put mine on yours without risking damage from these heels."

I spread and so did she, placing a calf on each of my thighs.

I looked into her eyes and she smiled, "This is no time for eye contact, silly. This is the time for watching tits and pussies, there will be plenty of time for eye contact later."

Her hands moved to her clean shaven sex and she slipped a finger into her obviously wet hole and ran it the length of her slit. Then two fingers traveled the same route. With a sigh she brought both hands to her pussy lips and spread them for me. My cock twitched and my brain reeled. I had never felt such longing for a woman.

Suzie smiled at me and plunged three fingers into her sopping pussy working them in and out while she teased her clit with the fingers of her other hand. Every now and then she would bring the fingers in her pussy to her mouth and suck them clean, then stop at her breast to twirl a nipple as she returned them to her wet, pink, hole. I was going crazy watching this display of pure, willful, sexuality. My cock ached for relief and my balls pained me, the pressure was so great. I wondered how long she could last.

A long time evidently. Suzie kept up the pace for another five minutes at least during which time I watched her work and fantasized about ways I could please this sexy, gorgeous, babe. I was beyond lust!

Suddenly she spoke, it was almost a hiss coming from between clinched teeth, "I’m ready, watch closely, watch my pussy, I want you to see."

She started to climax. She raised her knees slightly so she could hook her heels on my thighs and she pulled closer to me which allowed her to spread her legs almost parallel to the floor. She quickly used the fingers of her right hand to spread her pussy lips, clearly exposing her pink vagina to my lust crazed view, all the time keeping light contact on her clit with the fingers of her left hand.

"Can you see? Do you see me cumming for you? Watch my pussy, watch me cum."

As I watched, her vagina started to spasm with the contractions of orgasm. I leaned forward stretching the bonds of my confinement. I wanted my tongue to be licking her, loving her as she came. I wanted to hold her and caress the curves of her delicious body, to suck on he breasts and make her my own.

As her climax passed she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She got herself back on the chair but left her legs wide apart leaving a clear view of her pussy. She stroked the inside of her thighs, rubbing the muscles she had stretched during her flagrant display of her sex.

Suddenly she cupped her pussy with her right hand and squeezed her legs together. After a moment she looked up at me and said, "After shock, rare but intense. You should be proud, I don't have after shocks for just anybody, you know."

I smiled back at her and she once again spread her legs. This time she ran her palms along the tops of her thighs and then dipped her thumbs between her legs, again opening her lips for me.

"I'm ready for you now. How do you want it? Oh, yeah, you can't talk so I guess it's up to me."

She stood, pushed the chair back a little with the backs of her legs and almost jumped on the sofa, straddling me. This girl could be very playful. This time she wasted no time and was not coy at all.

She grabbed my hard cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. Once aligned she lowered herself and took me in completely. Then she sat perfectly still.

I tried to raise my hips to start the action but she shook her head, "If you move mow, you'll cum in an instant."

She was correct, of course. I nodded.

"While we have this quiet moment together let me ask, "Do you think you're going to want a second date with me?"

I gave her my best 'What a stupid question look' and nodded repeatedly.
"Good, but are you be willing to be seen in public with me? After all, I'm a lot older than you are."

Nod. Nod. Nod.

"Good again.
"Last question, do you want to cum in my pussy, or my mouth?"


Right now, any place was all right with me. I just wanted to cum anywhere on or in this fantastic woman.

"Let's do this then, I'll stroke you lightly like this for awhile, and then I'll blow you. I want to see if my show gave you any shooting power."

She slowly raised her hips till I was almost out, and then equally slowly lowered herself again.

When I started to thrust up into her she said, "Let me work. Just be still, I want to pleasure you slowly and gently this first time. We have forever for hard fucking, if we want."

As she stroked my cock with her pussy, we kissed, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues and lips. All the time she was caressing my shoulders and arms and crushing her breasts into my chest.

Every now and then, on one of her upward journeys, she would lean back and let me suck one of her nipples into my mouth and nibble on it till she pulled away. I was one happy fellow.

After not nearly enough time she said, "You have got to be ready by now."

She moved off me and kneeled in front of me. As much as I missed having her on my cock, I was excited about being in her mouth.

Suzie smiled up at me and gently took my now very erect penis in her hand. It was a very tender moment, in spite of the erotic behavior.
Suddenly she said, "Wait, I just had a great idea."

She slipped her shoes off and climbed back onto the sofa, holding my head for balance. She giggled as she stepped over my legs with her right foot. When she was settled I was staring at her firm, shapely ass.

"I don't know if this will work, but I want to try."

She spread her legs and bent forward at the waist. Her pussy was right in front of my mouth.

"Right height?" she asked.

She was looking back and could see my head. I nodded.

"Well, get to it."

Sweet Suzie reached between her legs and spread her lips while I leaned forward and stabbed her offered hole with my tongue. Once inside I pushed forward and she pushed back. I was able to cover her lips with my mouth and lick the inside of her vagina with my tongue. She pulled her fingers away and I got a little further into her. She was diddling her clit and I was straining for more access when she suddenly pulled away and stood up straight, or almost straight.

"Yikes," she cried as she quickly stepped first to the chair and then to the floor.

Laughing she said, "I lost my balance. You were pushing so hard I started to fall. Sorry. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. We can try another time can't we?"

A grin and a nod.

"Good. Now for the grand finale for which I need to be on my knees.

To my shock and surprise Suzie called out, "Paula. Helen. It's time."

Both of the women came into the room, dressed only in garter belts, stockings and heels. They arranged two chair so I could easily see them both. As Suzie put me in her mouth, both Paula and Helen spread their legs and started to masturbate themselves.

Suzie pleasured me gently, with just enough friction to keep me highly aroused, but not to put me over the edge. As her head bobbed up and down on my pole I watched Paula and Helen spread their lips and put first two then three fingers into their wet pussies. They pleasured themselves with lustful enthusiasm. I couldn't keep my eyes off them it was so erotic.

Time seemed to stand still. As I watched they both slid forward on the chairs and closed their eyes, focusing only on their immediate mission. They both looked so very, very sexy.

Paula was the first to cum. She closed her legs on her hand and leaned forward, almost to her knees. "OH, YES, OH, YES.

She stayed that way for awhile and then sat up, grinning. Using her wet hand, she blew me a kiss. I 'kissed' back.

We both looked at Helen, wondering if she could do it. It didn't take too much longer to find out she could.

When her orgasm hit her, she clamped her eyes shut, splayed her leg open and grabbed her pussy with the fingers of both hands, spreading her lips apart and then inserting two fingers of each hand, pulling on the insides of her vagina.

From my angle it was obscenely erotic and I really tried to cum in Suzie's mouth, but I wasn't quite ready. Good thing, too.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh." And Helen was quite.

She soon looked up and sighed. "I knew I could do it in public." She smiled at me and added, "I've been practicing."

Suzie raised her head and said, "OK, time for the big finale."

Helen and Paula slid off their chairs and knelt beside Suzie, one on each side.

"Now hold off as long as you can, but give us all you've got, I promised them a good time and enough cum for everybody." She looked at me with innocent eyes, "It was the only way I could get you to myself for awhile."

With that she took me into her mouth and pushed till her nose hit my stomach. Paula and Helen started to caress my thighs, concentrating on the insides and gently brushing their fingers against my balls.

After about a minute of sucking me, Suzie pulled off and offered me to Paula who also plunged her mouth down around my shaft. This was too good to be true. I was into it, both the moment and the mouths.

Paula took her minute and then gave me to Helen who first licked me like a Popsicle and then wrapped her lips around me and vigorously pumped her mouth the length of my cock. I was impressed. This lady was, indeed, destined to become a famous cocksucker.

Suzie occupied her free time by playing with my balls and smiling at me. She was so sweet. But after over a minute of looking at Helen's head bobbing up and down on my tool, Suzie said, not all that sweetly, "Hey, Helen, that's my cock now, give it back."

Helen raised her head and said, sheepishly, "I know, but this is the last time I'll get to have him in my mouth. I just wanted to get all I could."

Suzie smiled at her and said, "I'm not mad at you, I'm greedy for him." Then she looked at me and said, "Get ready."

She swallowed me whole and started to suck in earnest. Almost without warning the intensity of her attention went from very pleasant to 'Oh god, yes!'

I raised my hips and became an active participant in my pleasure, thrusting up as she came down. We worked well together and I was soon on the brink. I pulled at the restraints on my wrists and gritted my teeth.

Paula looked at me questioningly and I nodded. "He's ready," she announced.

Suzie pulled her mouth off my cock and started to jack me with her hand. I looked at the women. They were all leaning forward, almost cheek to cheek, with mouths open wide. It was a sight no horny college boy could resist and I started to cum.

The first shot hit Suzie on her face and ran from just below her right eye down into her mouth. She leaned back, and a second later I hit her left breast. Paula leaned in as did Helen, my third shot reached Paula's mouth and landed on her outstretch tongue and chin. Suzie now pointed my cock at Helen who by now was very close. As I shot, she closed her lips over the head of my cock and proceeded to suck me dry. Suzie relinquished control.

Paula had swallowed the spunk that had hit her tongue, and Suzie was busy gathering cum from her breasts with her fingers and then licking them clean. I was slumped on the sofa, trying to recover and Helen was licking my cock clean. What a lascivious picture this would have made.

"OK, girls, help me get him out of these bracelets." It was Paula.

All three women moved as one and I was soon free.

I stretched like a cat, exercising the muscles in my arms and legs.

Paula asked, "Was it as good for you as it was for us?"

She sure liked that line and I sure liked her for having so many opportunities to use it.

I nodded.

They all laughed, and I spoke for the first time in what I thought must be about four hours. "It was better for me than it was for you, much better. Thank you all."

Helen said, "And thank you all. This has been a wondrous evening for me. The last two weeks have changed my life. Paula, Bob, I will be forever in your debt. Now it's time for me to go."

As she stood she muttered, "Now where do you supposed I left my dress."

Paula was also on her feet and Suzie rose as well. Together they reached out and helped me to my feet.

"You must be thirsty," said Paula.

"And in need of a pee," added Suzie.

"Pee first, drink second," I said and headed for the bathroom.

"Your boxers are hanging on the hook behind the door, if you want them," Paula called after me. "Suzie and I are going to slip into something more comfortable.

I peed, washed my cock, scratched my ass, and then washed my hands. I slipped into the boxers and the T-shirt, which was also hanging on the hook, and went looking for the women.

All three were leaning against the counter in the kitchen, each holding a small glass of wine.

Helen was back in her frumpy dress, her feminine charms again hidden from view. Paula and Suzie were wearing very feminine dressing gowns and I noticed they still had on their heels and hose. More comfortable?

Helen turned when she saw me and came up to give me a hug. With our arms around each other, she said, "Thanks again, sweetie. I know I'm leaving you with two gorgeous babes, so don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"And what, exactly, wouldn't you do?" I asked.

She grinned and said, "There's nothing I wouldn't do."

We all laughed and I escorted her to her car.

When I returned to the house, Paula and Suzie were sitting on opposite ends of the sofa. My bindings were no where to be seen.

I plopped down in the easy chair, and looked at them.

Paula, a beautiful late thirty something (I still didn't know her exact age.) with full breasts, slender waist, long legs, and the libido of a mink.

Suzie, 29, with the face and body of a goddess, and enough sexuality to bring a dead man back to life.

I was in way over my head.

"I suppose you want to know what's next," offered Paula.

"I must admit I am a bit bewildered. There was a lot of information shared tonight. The gift thing kind of stands out, if you know what I mean."

"It's simple," responded Paula. "I have much stronger feelings for you than I ever thought I could have, but we both know you and I can never be an 'item.' There is just too much difference in our ages. But before you found some young college chick and ran off with her, I wanted to put you next to my best friend in the whole world, to see if there might be a spark."

She laughed out loud and added, "Hell, with Suzie, it's easier to create infernos then to find sparks. Anyway, knowing you both as I do, I just thought you two might hit it off. So here we are."

Suzie looked at me and added, "Paula told me so many good things about you, I finally agreed to meet you. We planned this evening together and invited Helen so it wouldn't look like a set up. She was in on it, too.

I was telling the truth earlier when I said I got wet when I first saw you. Call it chemistry, or lust at first sight, or even love if you want.

"I know we're ten years apart but I look younger than I am and you look older than you are. If we want to try it as a couple we can. If people stare at us, it will be because we look so hot together. And I'm pretty sure we will be compatible in bed." She was grinning widely.

I laughed out loud and said, "You're right about the bed part, that's for sure. But…" I let it hang.

"But what about Paula? Is that what you mean?" Suzie asked.

I nodded.

"Nothing changes. Paula has to stay in the picture or I move on down the road. That means the sex, too."

"Don't you think it was fun for me tonight, pointing your spraying cock at her open mouth and watching your hot spunk hit her tongue. I loved it. She loved it. You loved it. Why ruin a good thing?

You get two hot babes who love you and we get regular screwings and a man we love. Sounds perfect to me. Paula, do you have anything to add?"

Paula looked at her wristwatch, then at me and said in a most polite tone of voice, "The night is young. If I'm not mistaken, you pushed Suzie off the sofa while you were trying to eat her pussy. I think she owes you a second chance, don't you?"

With British formality I replied, "Why, I think you're right."

Standing Paula asked, "Would you mind if I rode your cock while you eat her?"

Still with British formality, "Why, no. I wouldn't mind at all. In fact, I would rather look forward to it."

"Then would you like to join me in the bedroom?"

"Yes I would," and we walked out of the living room, holding hands.

Suzie just laughed and called out after us, "Hey, wait for me It's my pussy that's going to me eaten. I want to be there when it happens."


This is the third, and last, story of my "Practice" series. To all of you who left feedback regarding my work, thank you. I was flattered.
Chicago Bob

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