tagFetishPre-employment Screaming

Pre-employment Screaming


Hi, I can't believe that I'm writing this. When I look back it's almost like a nightmare, but it also still gets me really hot, and I hope it does the same for you. I listed it under fetich, because a lot of it is Doctor Fetish related, however if you like exibitionism, LIGHT dom stuff, even loving wives or group, you'll probably enjoy this, at least I hope.

If you want a visual, I'm 5'2", I'm fairly slim, and my chest is a C-cup, almost pushing a D-cup, but I like the lift the tighter cup gives me. My ass is firm and round, and I keep my pussy hair a little long. It's auburn just like my 'other' hair. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking seventies era bush here. It's trimmed and doesn't hang out of my panties, but the triangular patch in the center is long enough to run my fingers through. Which I often do to relax. On to the story.

Entry level-60,000 a year. No selling, mostly administrative, no experience wanted, we will train a hard working candidate.

I read it six times and then called. My husband joked that he might quit his job and go for it. We've been married for four years, I'm twenty-three, he's twenty five. Not that any of that will matter, but maybe some of you will want to know. I got an interview for the following day at three. I was VERY excited.

The interview went well, it was a large local company, that had several different operations. They had a web-based unit and did troubleshooting, as well as server, and hosting stuff. They also had two manufacturing operations, as well as running three large office buildings with an in-house Real estate team. They were operated by a group of private investors and money was good.

The position involved a myriad of different tasks, from filing to organizing. There were errands to be run, a little accounting and inventory, even function planning. The job was a go-between for all the operations arms. Someone in the middle who would store answers and get things done to keep inter-office breakdown from happening. I got the job, then they explained that I would have to undergo a day long pre-employment screening, which I would be paid for, as well as recieve lunch and maybe dinner. There would be a total physical for insurance reasons, and a drug test. Because I would have to handle a lot of money, a thorough background check and psychological profile would also be performed.

I agreed.

The following day I set out to the occupational testing office. When I got there it had a very clinical feel. There were six guys in the waiting room, all waiting for drug tests and physicals to work in the manufacturing plants. I took a seat and was first to be called at nine fifteen.

I was led by a middle-aged female nurse into a room directly adjacent to the waiting room.

"This will be your starting point for most of the day." She said. "If you would remove your blouse, I'll begin getting your vitals." I began to unbutton my blouse as she readied a blood-pressure cuff and a stethescope. Looking around the room there was an exam table freshly covered with paper, which she directed me to sit on. Other than that there was only a single rolling stool, a small table and a locked supply cabinet. There was also a large mirror on one wall. I sat at the foot of the table facing the door to the waiting room, another door led out, but I didn't know where yet. The nurse took my blood pressure and pulse and marked them on the first of a giant stack of pages on a clipboard. As she did the waiting room door opened and a youngish man walked in.

"Hi, I'm doctor Foldgish, I'll be attending to you for most of the day." He had left the door open, and I could see two men in the waiting room looking at me as I sat in my lacy bra. "Nurse Smith, I'll take over from here."

The nurse left through the other door which led into somekind of hallway. Doctor Foldgish turned and shut the door, much to my admirers disappointment.

"Well, given you've already got your shirt off, I'll begin with a breast exam. Please remove your bra." I did. "I'll go easy, I know these can be painful." He said and after placing my bra with my shirt on the table he put on exam gloves and began to almost tenderly squeeze my breasts. This went on for about five minutes, during which time my nipples grew to thick spikes. He made a notation on the second page. A moment later the waiting room door opened and nurse smith walked in with a tray. On the tray was a glass of viscous liquid. She too left the door open, and now there were three men crowding the couch across from the door, now looking at my naked breasts, I was embarrassed and managed to muster an a-hem and motion to the door.

"Of course." Nurse Smith said and set the tray down on the table. She then again left through the hallway door leaving the waiting room door open. A butterfly like tingling began in my belly and spread to my pussy and asshole. Finally Dr. Foldgish stopped writing and closed the door.

"sorry about that, we're not used to using this room, but the others are full." Dr. Foldgish said. "I need you to drink this for me..."

Renee'." I said trying to sound upbeat, my heartrate was beginning to slow again.

"Renee'. This is a cleanser. Unfortunately we will need a urine sample for the drug test, and given the popularity of different ways to beat urine tests, we use this. What it does it purge your lower system, in effect really getting out all the toxins, so you will actually feel great having used it, it's just unfortunate to be doing so in these circumstances. Please drink it and then remove your slacks and underwear please." He handed me the glass, it looked a little like lemonade mixed with chocolate milk. I began to sip it and found it almost tasteless so I quickly finished it.

"Let me know when you feel the urge to urinate, we must wait at least twenty minutes." The Dr. said. I stood up and took off my remaining clothing, Dr. Foldgish placed them on the table with my other clothing, and directed me to lay back on the table, I then felt the familiar feel of stir-ups being pulled from under the table as my legs spread. He placed some goo on his fingers and began the exam. He was VERY gentle. I heard the door open again, but my postion on the table kept me from seeing who came in, or wether it was still open. "Nurse Smith could you make notations please." the Dr. said. He then asked me several questions about prior history, children(I have none), medications, etc. After he had examined me vaginally for several minutes, he did the same rectally, still asking questions. Finally when he was out of questions, he asked Nurse Smith if X-ray was ready.

"No, not for about twenty minutes." She said and I watched her walk out the hall door. Dr. Foldgish then left his spot between my legs and I heard the waiting room door close. I felt as though I might throw up, knowing several men had likely just watched me recieve an exam. Dr. Foldgish removed me from the stir-ups and directed me to lay flat. He checked my abdomen, heart, intestines, then had me sit up where he continued to ply my skin with his stethescope. Then came the other BS, reflexes, eyes, he had me lay forward for spinabifida, etc, etc.

"May I get dressed now?" I asked motioning to my clothes.

"I'm sorry, we may not get much of an opening for X-ray, so I need you ready to go right away." He answered.

"I need X-rays, and I have to be naked?" I asked, I was beginning to feel a little not dizzly, but tingly and hypersensitive all-over.

"Standard procedure, to find pre-existing conditions, and we've got pretty shitty equipment. I'm sorry." He replied. I nodded and shrugged. He looked at his watch, "any feelings of having to void yet?" It took a second to understand.

"A little?" I said.

"We'll give you another few minutes then, let me get the Psychological profile going." Dr.Foldgish said, and leaving me sitting naked at the foot of the exam table, he left through the waiting room leaving the door open, there were now only two entirely different men sitting there and they quickly noticed me. One was a gentleman and quickly turned away, the other smiled and nodded saying hello. The gentleman conceded a moment later and also looked. A strange feeling was coming over me, like a fuzziness to the world as I watched these two men ogle me I knew I was embarrassed, but couldn't grasp the concept of getting up to close the door, instead we just sat staring at each-other.

Minutes went by, as a third man entered the waiting room and took a seat in the bleachers, I began to feel the urge to pee very strongly. A moment later Dr. Foldgish returned witha young man probably a little younger than me, and a thick booklet. They hadn't closed the door yet.

"This is our intern Brett, he's going to record the answers to some of the questions that I ask you, I'll also be making notations. How are you doing?" Dr. Foldgish asked.

"I'm fine, a little out of it." I said.

"That's to be expected with such a busy day." Dr. Finegold replied. Brett was bugging out looking me over while trying too hard not to make it obvious.

"I have to pee." I said. "Where's the bathroom."

"Excellent, we can get a sample. Renee' unfortunately we can't leave you alone in the bathroom, too many people try to cheat." Dr Foldgish opened the locking cabinet and took out a basin with a spout shape on one end. "I can hold it if you need me to keep it steady." He said as he helped me to stand in front of the table, as I stood he held the basin between my legs and at that point I had to pee so bad, I just did. I could hear it splashing into the basin and as I peed and relief poured through me I looked up at Brett and the three men in the waiting room, all staring wide-eyed. The bulge in Brett's pants was enormous. I started to cry. "The door Brett! Close the door." Dr. Foldgish said, and Brett did, before turning to watch me finish.

Dr. Foldgish set the basin on the table and handed me a towellette to wipe. He then carefully poured my urine into two specimen cups and sealed and labelled them. Then he directed me back to my seat on the paper coated table and Brett sat in the stool and opened the massive answer book. Dr. Foldgish began to pace asking me a ton of questions about honesty, and feelings, and my happiness. As he did he made notes on one clipboard, while Brett checked off answers in the book.

I was getting into the droning rythm when Nurse Smith came in to get my samples, and tell Dr. Foldgish that X-ray was ready.

"Very good. Come one Renee'" the Dr. said and led me through the hall door. The hallway was empty, X-ray was only a few feet up the hallway. Brett and the book came with us. I was growing more disoriented, and beginning to feel VERY horny.

"Oh Renee'?" Dr. Foldgish said, "We're going to be ordering lunch from the local pizza place what would you like? They have pretty much all the basic subs." We stood in the hall in front of the X-ray room, and they were waiting for me to answer. My head was cloudy and there was a longing ache in my groin.

"I'll have an italian." I managed to stutter. "No hots."

We went through the door and they directed me to an X-ray table where they had me lay down. Meanwhile from behind the screen Dr. Foldgish continued the questions as Brett left briefly to relay our lunch order. The questions were becoming increasingly personal. Dating habits before marriage, how I felt about myself, my attitude about my appearance. Then, just as Brett came into the room again he asked me what I was feeling at the moment and the word 'Horny' came out.

"Did you say you were horny?" The Dr. asked. I paused a long time several seconds must have passed.

"yes." I said quietly and with a great deal of shame in my voice. "Why do you think that is?" The Dr. asked. "Is it the accidental exposure do you think, or the unfortunate line of questioning we're on, exactly what is it?"

"I don't know." I said. The Dr. came out from behind the machine to talk more directly to me. Brett was standing beside the machine and my head was at crotch level, out of the corner of my eye I could see the bulge still in his pants.

"Is this a pleasant feeling for you?" He asked. "You're not repulsed by your own feelings or sexuality?" The way he asked the question made my head spin even more.

"No of course not." I said.

"How would you feel if we had to go out into the waiting room for a few minutes?" Dr. Foldgish said in a very steady voice. I couldn't answer my head was so full, and I had a strong urge to masturbate.

"You see the X-ray machine is broken and I have to call a technician down, so I'll have to go to the front desk, and I can't just leave my patient, so you'll have to come along. It should only take a moment, and then we should have some lunch, hopefully we can grab some quick X-rays after that." Dr. Foldgish helped me to my feet as he spoke and I followed not really sure what to expect or fully understanding what he meant until we were through the door at the end of the hall and in the waiting room.

Dr. foldgish led me by the hand and directed me to sit on a chair across from the couch where two men now sat waiting for their drug tests. Brett stood off to one side as Dr. Foldgish made a phone call from the counter. I sat in a daze watching the two men stare at me. Before I knew it I felt one of my own hands in my lap and the sensation was drawing it further down. I had opened my legs and had my fingertips on my very slick pussy, and I hadn't even realized I was doing it.

I wanted more and despite my better judgement soon found myself pushing my middle finger past my lips and inside myself. I began to moan a little and closed my eyes as I slid another finger inside. I didn't know what the two men were doing and with my eyes closed I didn't care. The world around me was silent as I stroked myself until I came. When I finally did open my eyes I saw Dr. Foldgish looking down at me and the two men looking over at me and Brett looking down at me.

"Lunch is ready Renee'. If you'd like you can eat out here." Dr. Foldgish said and handed me a sandwich. Shame and humiliation washed over me as I saw the grins on the two guys faces and the bulges in their pants. I started to get up to head for the room I had been in all morning. "Renee why don't you eat out here, I think you'll find it a welcome change of scenery." The Dr. said and gingerly pushed me back to the chair by my leading shoulder. He then opened my sandwich and placed it on the table beside the chair.

Still very dazed I grabbed half of the sandwich and began to eat. As I ate Dr. Foldgish and Brett left the room, and a third man came into the waiting room from the hallway. A moment later Nurse Smith came out and stood in front of me.

"Hey Renee' dear I just need to check something out real quick, you don't even have to stop eating okay?" Nurse Smith said. I nodded really just going through the motions at this point consigned to whatever was going to happen. As I bit into the last few bites of my sandwich Nurse Smith opened my legs and examined my vagina with two fingers roughly pulling and prodding as she did so, when she was done she spread my legs as far as they would go in the chair.

"Dr. Foldgish wanted me to ask if you were still aroused?" Nurse Smith asked. I nodded meakly swallowing the last of my sandwich. "I thought you might be judging by the conditions between your legs, Dr. Foldgish suggested that X-ray wouldn't be ready for a half hour or more and that you might want to wait on the couch with these fine gentleman to keep you safe." She helped me to my feet and the now three men on the couch made a tiny space in the middle for me. As Nurse Smith released me I felt their hands grasp me.

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