tagBDSMPredator & Prey Ch. 01

Predator & Prey Ch. 01


Alize was looking fine tonight. She knew it and so did everybody else at the party. It wasn't just a Hallowe'en party, it was the Hallowe'en party for "sexy singles" and it was hosted by her local sex shop in a lavish (but rented) mansion. At this kind of party you'd be more likely to bob on someone's knob than for apples. Candy dishes, scattered about the enormous property, were filled with various flavoured condoms, mistletoe, though somewhat inappropriate for the season, was hung over every door, and Spanish Fly was rumoured to be served at the bar in the basement. It was just the kind of party Alize needed, but she wasn't Alize tonight: she was Lil Red Ridin' Hood. Except the damn bartenders kept wanting to make sure she was Alize before serving up her rum and cokes.

"Very frustrating to keep in character," she lamented to her two girlfriends, Denise and Marcia.

I don't look that young, Alize thought to herself. She was 21, but could pass for 18 on any ordinary day. But tonight was not ordinary and she had no idea what dangerous thoughts passed through every male mind that glimpsed her in her costume.

Alize was petite, barely five feet, but, to compensate, she wore four-inch black patent leather thigh high boots. Even though the footwear reached to mid-thigh, there was still a sizable gap between the top of her boots and the hem of her corset-style skirt. The skirt was a small piece of black and red lace-brocaded satin that laced up the back wi th a black ribbon to give the other party goers a good glimpse of her shapely ass. The matching top plunged low to show off her smaller, but firm and plump breasts, and was cinched in the middle to show off a tiny waist. Alize had tied a sheer red cape around her graceful neck and carried a small basket-style purse on her arm to complete her ensemble. Her medium length blonde-streaked caramel locks were plaited loosely just below both ears into pigtails, a hairstyle that complemented her dazzling green eyes that were lightly rimmed with black liner extending to a cat's eye. Simple translucent powder allowed the light sprinkle of freckles on her small nose to peep through and a deep crimson colour on her lips showed off her full pout to its best advantage.

And pout she did. The host and owner, Randy, was mingling and noticed and strolled over. Randy was about 30, an entrepreneur, and definitely hot.

"Hey, baby. How's it goin', " he asked, giving her a kiss on the cheek, then stepping back to admire her costume, "Wow! You're the only woman this outfit looks better on than the mannequin in the window."

Alize laughed self-conciously, then pirouetted for his lingering eyes. "I'm ok," she said, "But can you tell the bartenders to stop ID-ing me. It's killin' the mood."

"Sure, babycakes, just leave it to me."

Randy pulled Alize along to the makeshift stage set up to the left of the entrance hall. "All right, everybody, listen up!" he bellowed, "This is Lil Red Ridin' Hood, my special guest (and one of my best customers, he murmured to her) and I don't want anyone (he glared at the bartenders) hassling her for anything, unless it's a piece of ass!"

With that, he spun her around to show off her tight body to the crowd, and gave her a smack on the ass for good measure. As they walked off the stage together, he pointed out the appetizer table and apologized for the groping by saying he was only living up to his name. Laughing, Alize said that was alright, and made her way back to the bar.

"What do I gotta do to get special treatment from Randy?" Denise wondered aloud.

"Yeah, Ally. How do you know him so well?" Marcia demanded.

Alize blushed and examined her red manicured nails. She didn't want to let her girlfriends know just how often she patronized the "Beaver and Buck" and how much of her student loan money now existed in sex toys and lingerie. "Uhh, just from around. Hey Marce, that guy over there is totally checkin' you out."

True enough, a strangely sexy robot was giving Marcia the once (or twice) over. He smiled and started to approach, so Alize grabbed Denise's arm to lead her away under the premise of going for snacks. "Enjoy yourself," she mumbled to her friend with a wink.

Arm in arm, Lil Red Ridin' Hood and Denise, dressed as a fairy princess, strolled away, inciting the lust of every man, and a few of the ladies, who watched them walk past.

"Tell you the truth, Al, I'm not hungry...for food anyways, but can you do me a favour? Please?"

"Dee, I, unlike everyone else in the house, don't want to bone you, so there's no point in battin' those baby blues at me. Spit it out, what do ya want?" Alize replied, curiously.

"An introduction to Randy. He's fuckin' smokin'. You didn't do him, did ya? Actually, I don't care...c'mon man..." Denise pleaded.

"To answer your questions: yes and no."

"What? You did fuck him? And you didn't tell me?" Denise shrieked.

"Your first question was for an intro, you retard, and I didn't fuck him. Ease up on the cocktails, or, are you gettin' drunk so you can ease up on a cock?" Alize teased.

She spotted Randy about halfway across the packed room and dragged the now-blushing Denise to his side.

"Hey again. This is Denise, you'll like her," Alize said.

"Is that so?" Randy smiled down at his wannabe conquest, and put his arm around her, "I guess I'll trust your judgement on such a pretty little thing."

Denise beamed and Alize quickly darted away
towards the refreshments.

She grabbed a paper plate and filled it with various canapés, mini quiches and cheese wedges. As she reached for a sausage roll, a voice spoke directly in her ear.

"Hey Goldilocks, I got a piece of meat that wouldn't even fit in your mouth..."

Bemused, Alize responded without deigning her hopeful suitor with a backwards glance, "Oh yeah, well I can always cut it into bite-size pieces, and that's one of the lamest pick-up lines I've ever heard. You even got the fairy tale wrong, didn't ya notice the red riding hood?"

Alize turned to face him. The man was dressed as a werewolf, but he didn't have a very good costume. He wore awful-looking pointy fake teeth, gloves with claws, a black silk shirt open to the waist that exposed his very nice and very chiselled abs, Alize admitted to herself, and black dress pants. He had a blonde curly mop that extended into bushy sideburns and startling deep blue eyes that seemed to look through her. All in all, he was a very good-looking specimen of a man, even with the horrible accessories.

"I'll tell you what," she continued, "I'll let you try again if you take out those awful teeth."

He grinned disarmingly and his eyes twinkled charmingly. He complied.

"Have a seat; let me clear a spot for you," as he proceeded to brush his facial hair rapidly.

Alize burst out with laughter at the Cheech and Chong reference. "One more chance, that's it, and try to be sexy at least."

"Hey, baby-girl, what you got in that basket?" he attempted, nodding towards her purse, with an exaggerated leer.

"Oh, just some treats for my Granny. She's sick you know," Alize replied, playing along.

"Shouldn't you be dressed as a nurse then? I'm J.J., by the way."

"Alize. I can be whatever you want me to be," she murmured, smiling slightly, "Besides being a nurse is so trite, just like being a vampire or a zombie or a were..."

She trailed off, blinking innocently at the handsome semi-stranger.

His laugh came as a sharp bark. "So, first I'm lame, then unsexy and then finally trite. Very complimentary. What, are you one of those impossible to please women?"

"Not at all," Alize replied calmly, "I can deal with all the above as long as you're not cheap. Why don't you get me a drink and we can talk some more. Rum and coke, please."

She turned back to the food table to grab a tiny slice of cherry cheesecake. When she looked behind her again, he had disappeared. He was funny, hot, and damn sexy, Alize thought to herself, I wonder if he'll come back with a drink or not. She went to look for Denise and Randy to see how they were getting on. She finally located them in the noisy, crowded basement in an un-secluded nook. They didn't seem to notice or care, as they were tightly entwined and she had to fake clear her throat many times until Randy finally glanced up.

"Oh, hey Alize, how's it going," he grinned at her, giving her the thumbs-up sign behind Denise's head. Denise smiled, a bit drunkenly.

"Good, I think I found someone to play with tonight. Can I have a keycard for one of the upstairs rooms?" she asked.

"Sure, baby-doll. Who's the lucky guy?" he enquired, fumbling in his pocket.

J.J. appeared suddenly at Alize's side with her mixed drink and presented it to her.

"Thanks. This is J.J.," she introduced him.

Randy held out the piece of plastic and waved her away with a wink.

"Go on. Have fun, be bad!"

Alize guzzled her drink, pitched the cup, then grabbed J.J.'s hand to lead him through the throng of people back to the main floor, where a live band had taken to the stage. At the foot of the curled staircase, there stood a 250- pound bouncer.

"Ticket, please," he asked, over the ruckus.

Alize went to hand him the keycard Randy had given her. The bouncer shook his head and told her, "Those are to get into the rooms upstairs, like an electronic hotel door. You two gotta do something to make me know you guys won't just talk and cuddle and waste valuable bed space up there."

Alize laughed nervously, but J.J. snuck his hand under her cape to the exposed small of her back and pressed her to his taut body. She stretched up to meet his lips, and they kissed, for the first time, softly, then their tongues met and explored each others' mouths. He reached through her hair to tug her head back so he could deepen the kiss. Her crotch was pressed firmly against his hardening cock, and she rubbed her moistening pussy against it. He moaned against her mouth and broke the kiss off sharply. He kissed and licked her neck down to the top of the corset, then tugged it down to expose her hard pink nipples. He sucked one while pinching the other, reversed, then bit each rock-hard point gently. She gasped, her hand now on his cock, then gasped again when she realized what this easy-going and mild-mannered man had packing in his trousers. Their mouths met again, and she clung to him, kissing desperately, until the bouncer finally had to shout to get their attention.

"Man," the bouncer laughed, "I believe it. There's enough sexual tension between you guys to...well, I don't know, but damn!"

Alize giggled and stepped proudly past the velvet rope the bouncer unchained, fixing her top and giving her ass a little wiggle for the benefit of the approving bouncer and for J.J., who followed behind her. When they got to the top of the landing, they realized every door was marked "69", so they chose one at random and opened it.

The door swung open to reveal a lavish, but small suite. The four poster queen-sized bed occupied much of the space, and a small night table was the only other piece of furniture. There were six down-filled pillows atop the black comforter, a striking contrast to the pale cream of the walls and thick carpet.

"Well," J.J. started, "Do you want to talk? Like, get to know each other..."

Alize giggled again. "I dunno...you might be some crazy lunatic. I'd feel safer if I could maybe tie you up until I get comfortable and then we can discuss the next step..."

The (at least) foot taller J.J. was only too happy to acquiesce to her demand. "Sure, sure, you are pretty little compared to me. Yeah, that's OK. But I'm not gonna hurt you, just to let you know, but famous last words, eh, I guess."

"Is it OK if I take off your shirt," Alize inquired innocently

"Yeah, go ahead." She pulled his shirt out of his pants, undid the bottom few buttons, then slipped his arms out of his sleeves. She ran both of her index fingers in his waistband, teasingly, then slid her hands up his flat stomach and J.J. shivered slightly.

He laid back on the bed and stretched out. From her woven purse, Alize snatched a long red silk scarf. Alize knelt on the bed before him, then straddled him, and she gently rubbed her pussy on his straining cock. She grabbed both his wrists, pulled off the ugly clawed gloves, slapped him playfully with one, threw them to the side, and looped the length securely around his wrists then tied them to the headboard.

As Alize removed her red cape, J.J. laughed nervously, and asked, "Now what?"

"I don't know...in my fairy tale, don't you want to eat me?"

He looked confused for a moment, then seemed to clue in, "Yeah, I guess so."

"Then get on with it." Alize scooted forward so that she was now straddling J.J.'s face. She pulled up her extremely tiny skirt and revealed, for the first time, that she wasn't wearing any panties over her shaven cooch. She spread herself so he could see her most private place up close: her smooth, pink lips, her little bud of pleasure, already engorging with blood, and her slick pussy hole. J.J. breathed her scent in deeply, sighing, and Alize moved even closer so that she was sitting on his face. He traced his tongue around her outside lips, around and around, until she was insistently rubbing her swelling clit against his open mouth. He sucked on her clit, then massaged it with his tongue in small circles. She moaned at his technique and spread herself even wider so he could access everywhere. He licked her with broad strokes from her clit to her juicy hole, probed inside, tasting her sex, then returned to her clit, repeating this in endless pleasurable circles.

Alize finally tore her pussy away from this exquisite pleasure to reach back into her basket. She pulled out a smaller black silk scarf and fastened it across his eyes, obscuring his vision. She kissed him on the lips, getting lost for a moment as she tasted herself on his tongue, then lapped up her juices from his face as a cat would. She sucked and flicked his earlobe gently and bit his neck harshly. He cried out when she sucked his skin between her scarlet lips and sharp teeth to leave her mark on him.

She continued to lick and bite and scratch her way down his torso, leaving goose bumps and causing his tawny nipples to spring erect. There was a small patch of light curls in the centre of his chest and she tugged at them as she toyed with his nipples. Alize dragged her nails down his stomach to his hips, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down slowly. J.J. moaned when she grazed his hard cock with her nails over his boxers in the process of removing his pants. And what a fuckin' cock he had: the eight inch behemoth sprang free through the fly of his shorts and reared strongly upwards. Alize drew in her breath, and silently congratulated herself on her find.

She stripped him of his boxers too. He lay naked before her; a nice, helpless fuck for her with the biggest cock she had seen in real life. What a great party, she thought to herself. She kissed and licked and scratched his upper thighs, and sucked on his balls, relentlessly teasing him, until he thrusted his cock up towards her face. She slapped it none too gently.

"Turn over and put your ass in the air," she commanded. He complied and she began licking him from asshole to his balls, carefully avoiding his dick. He groaned in appreciation and she reached yet again for her bag. She pulled out a small dildo and some strawberry lube. She applied the lube carefully to the make-shift prick and to her fingers, then gently inserted one then two fingers as she fondled his balls. She replaced her fingers with the five inch dildo and slowly, stopping every inch or so to withdraw and start again, pushed it in. Alize paused to allow J.J. to get used to feeling a cock in his ass, then slid it in and out for a few minutes. He moaned even louder. She sped up, fucking his ass and playing with his balls as he grew even harder. Alize reached down and felt herself and knew she was ready.

"J.J., I want to fuck you 'til I cum and if you can hold back, I will give you a special treat, OK?"

"Yeah, anything...anything you want baby girl," he agreed, at this point willing to give her his liver if she asked.

She removed the dildo and tossed it on the night table. "Turn over."

He rolled over and she took off his blindfold. She mounted him and her slippery pussy slid down his firm, thick fuckstick. She sat there for a moment, loving the full feeling and flexing her Kegel muscles. She massaged her clit and started started to move slowly on his dick. She moved up til he nearly slipped out then slammed herself back down, over and over again, and they moaned together. God, when was the last time she was this horny, Alize wondered, trying to remember.

"Don't you dare come!" she commanded as she rode his cock, getting closer and closer to her orgasm. She sat firmly on his girth and rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit furiously. J.J. moaned and struggled to contain his pleasure, loving the feeling of her tight pussy trembling and shaking. She pulled down her corset so she could pinch her nipples and massage her plump tits. They bounced as she did, on his dick, and J.J. watched her performance enthralled. She looked down to watch his cock penetrate and recede and groaned at the size of it.

"You like this pussy," she spat out, through gritted teeth, "You like the way I fuck you."

"Oh god, oh my god yes," J.J. answered in gasps. He could hardly control himself. Only the promise of a special treat kept him from flooding her pussy with jizz. She rotated smoothly on his cock, and fucked him reverse-cowgirl style. He watched her ass swallow up his dick, and his excitement grew and grew. He felt her shudder, and her pussy vibrated on his cock and he had to bite his arm as hard as possible to not come. She rode him slower, savouring her orgasm, every last wave of bliss. She remained on his fullness for a moment before dismounting, then wiped her dripping pussy with the sheet and tugged her skirt down.

She looked at herself in the mirror and fixed her hair and makeup, with the help from a small case in her basket of treats. Finally, she leaned over and pulled her corset up (but just barely) over her flushed breasts.

J.J. watched her, his eyes dark with lust. "Come here," he said, "I need to cum so bad."

"Oh, yeah," she laughed, "Well, I need another drink."

"What?" he nearly shouted, "You're just gonna leave me here?"

"Remember," Alize told him, "You're my plaything. I can and will do anything I want to you, and, as you can see, you can't do a fuckin' thing about it."

She leaned over the bed and licked his prick clean. "Mmmm...tasty. I wouldn't want you to escape and track me down with your wolf-man powers and ravage me. You won't be able to sniff me out in a crowd of people now," she said with a laugh.

"If I do get free, I will fuck you harder and rule you like you never have been before," he promised.

Alize merely laughed.

"Now keep that gorgeous cock hard for me," she said, glancing at her struggling prisoner as she shut the door.

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