Prelude to a Kiss


"Earth to fucking Mom!!" Laura nearly shrieked.

This latest cry from my daughter's mouth was enough to pull me back to the verge of reality. With all the effort I could muster, I managed to shift my eyes from the stunning young vixen to Laura.

"What?" I managed to babble.

"Will you please get out of the pool and put some fucking clothes on! I got a whole bunch of friends coming over to go swimming in a few minutes! Jesus!" She barked.

With my hands still on my cheeks, I glanced down over my body once again and realized that in my trance, I had made no attempt whatsoever to cover my nudity.

"Oh!" I chirped almost innocently. "Sorry."

I waded through the shallow water toward the exit steps, which coincidentally, was in the same direction that the girls were standing. Laura mumbled some obscenity under her breath and turned her back to me, sighing with frustration and embarrassment. As I came up the underwater steps and out of the pool, I stopped and ran my hands through my hair. I felt the erotic trance over taking me again as the young Goddess stood just as she had the entire time; completely calm, cool and dare I say, very content and pleased with what she saw. I felt my cheeks flushing again. Along with certain other areas.

"Game over already?" I asked.

The young beauty nodded as I sensed her intense, emerald green eyes surveying my every nook and cranny from top to bottom. And then I saw it! Her mouth; her beautiful mouth! Comprised of two of the fullest, sexiest and most luscious lips I had ever seen, it filled with a seductive smile and bore a sparkling set of pearly white teeth just beneath at me as I stood completely naked in front of her. I knew at that moment that some way, somehow, I had to have that mouth. At that moment, I had never wanted to kiss another human being more desperately in my life; or to have another human being's mouth on mine so wantonly.

Like a lot of women, I had often wondered what it might be like to have sex with another woman. I had always loved to look at other women and was never embarrassed to admit that I found other women attractive. Hell, I had even flirted with several women in my career pursuits, but I had never really pursued it any further than that. In truth, I never had to. When push came to shove, it was always a man who made the advancement decisions.

"Did you all win?" I asked, completely captivated.

"We creamed them." The mysterious goddess whispered in a low, smoky and sinfully sultry voice. There was a long moment of silence as we gazed at each other. If this girl felt awkward or uncomfortable about the situation, she showed absolutely no sign of it. By now I had completely lost control of my thoughts and actions. To me, everything seemed perfectly natural.

"I don't think I've met you before." I continued as if nothing. "I'm Nancy Schaefer. Laura's mom." I extended my hand. Laura spun around.

"Jesus Christ, Mom!!" Laura roared.

Ignoring Laura, the girl took my hand without hesitation and squeezed it firmly. Sensually. The seductive smile seemed to grow on her face.

"Megan. Megan Walsh." She said. "Gee, you weren't kidding, Laura. Your Mom does look just like Campbell Brown. But then again, I've never seen Campbell Brown naked."

"Thanks." Laura muttered in disgust.

"Nice to meet you." I replied.

"Not as nice as it is to meet you." She told me and winked. I felt my heart skip a beat and a breath catch in my throat.

"Excuse me." Laura said over her shoulder. We ignored her.

"I can't get over the feeling that I've met you before. You look very familiar." I babbled, not wanting to let go of her hand.

"Oh, I get that a lot. I think it's because a lot of people think I look like Megan Fox." Megan replied.

"Oh my God!" I said. "That's it!"

And it was! This girl looked exactly like the movie actress Megan Fox. She even had her name.

"Although some people think I look more like Kim Kardashian." Megan offered.

"Well you really can't go wrong either way." I told her with a smile.

"True. Only I don't have as big a chest as Kim." Megan grinned and winked again. With our hands still clasped in a shake, I felt Megan's grip tighten slightly and her eyes bore deeply into mine. My body began to tingle in a way I'd never known before. While it was clearly sexual arousal, it was at a level of intensity and desire I'd never experienced.

"Are you a cheerleader too?" I asked.

"I was. I graduated a couple of years ago." Megan said. "I just came back for Homecoming this weekend."

"Excuse me!" Laura shouted. Megan and I turned to her. "Mom, I hate to interrupt your little bonding moment with Megan, but would you please go put some fucking clothes on!"

"Oh! Yeah. Yeah, I guess I probably should." I babbled absentmindedly.

"You think!" Laura snarled.

"Very nice to meet you, Megan." I said as Megan and I finally released each other's hand.

"The pleasure was all mine." Megan whispered.

With my eyes still locked on the exotic young vixen, I stepped back, turned and nearly staggered toward the back door.

"Thank you!" Laura said.

I calmly strode, much to my surprise, over to where I had discarded my shorts and snatched them up. Reflexively, and perhaps trying to regain my stature as the adult, I used my shorts to cover my now aching breasts and fully erect nipples. As I walked toward the house, I could just feel Megan's eyes on me; surveying my backside with what I had convinced myself was wanton lust and desire. A woman knows when she's being watched, admired...and desired. It's one thing to have a man's eyes wanting and caressing you from a distance; all women expect it and are used to it. But it is a completely different sensation when the eyes wanting and lusting for you from afar belong to another woman. It was the most intensely erotic sensation I've ever known. Like a bashful teenage girl who has just caught the eye of the football team captain, I kept stealing quick glances over my shoulder. I just could get over how beautiful Megan was; how incredibly exotic and sexy. I also wanted to be sure that she was still looking at me. As Laura was babbling something to Megan, trying with all her might to ignore me, Megan's gaze remained fixed and low on my back side; the wanton and seductive smile still on her face sent thrilling chills up my spine. My cheeks flushed again as I reached the back door and went inside.

Reaching my second story bedroom a few moments later, I shut and locked the door behind me and rested my back up against it. My heart was pounding relentlessly, my body trembled as it flushed with a wave of intense heat, my stomach fluttered with a swarm of butterflies and I was near panting. Still covering my bare breasts with my shorts, I ran my free hand through my soaking wet hair and desperately tried to catch my breath.

"What the hell just happened?" I heard myself say.

I shut my eyes, took long and slow deep breaths and replayed the whole scene over again in my mind. As I did, everything became all the more clear: I was in love! Well, maybe not love, but certainly lust! I had never been more aroused by or attracted to another human being in my entire life than I was to the mysterious Megan Walsh. And unless I was going completely senile, she seemed to be equally attracted to me. The chemistry between us was undeniable. I mean, I was not the least bit reserved or even concerned about standing buck naked in front of her. True, I have never been shy when it comes to my body, but this encounter was totally irregular; maybe even insane. She was a friend of my daughters and we were standing on the back porch. I had never laid eyes on her before yet I felt completely comfortable letting her see me. I wanted her to see me. To think that such a young and exotic creature found me attractive sent more erotic chills up my spine. So what if it was another woman. The female body is a beautiful thing! If you got it, flaunt it. It certainly didn't seem to bother her at all. If anything, she liked it. She liked it VERY much. And let's not forget that Laura, my daughter Laura, was standing there the whole time and it didn't dissuade me or Megan whatsoever.

Oh God! Laura! She's a friend of Laura's. That means she's young enough to be my daughter. Hell, I have a daughter that's older than her. If she graduated two years ago, then she's at the most only 20 years old; and I'm 42 years old. And as of tonight, I'm a grandmother!! Oh God, Nancy; what the hell is the matter with you? True, I had been briefly fantasizing about the Mackenzie twins coming over and having their way with me, yet that was all it had been; a fantasy. But this was real. I mean, this could be real! And I'm sorry, but Jeremy and Jason Mackenzie don't look anything like Megan Walsh! Who does?

Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian, that's who!

I spent the next 20 or so minutes in a freezing cold shower, struggling with all my might to keep my hands off myself. My breasts were incredibly tender, my nipples were rock hard and protruding out like pencil erasers as my pussy ached to the point of tears. Do grandmothers actually use the word "pussy"? Well, this one does. And there was no denying it; I wanted Megan Walsh's desperately. Finally I was able to wash and condition my hair and was even able to wash my body without launching myself into orbit. I got out of the shower and pruned myself as if I were preparing for work. I slipped on a simple pair of white cotton panties and another pair of white denim shorts. Then for reasons I couldn't explain, or rather, wouldn't admit, I opted to wear my strapless, black bikini top. That led to me leaving my hair down and to a make-up job that Campbell Brown herself could only hope for on her best night on the air; topping if off with a few sprays of Coco Chanel on the key points, including my pussy, and I was ready. But for what?

I went down to the kitchen, popped a fresh bottle of chardonnay and poured myself another glass. Through the bay windows I could see the backyard and swimming pool full of teenagers, equal numbers of male and female, in different stages of undress and having the time of their lives it seemed. Not wanting to embarrass Laura more than I already had, I took the fresh bottle of wine and my glass and returned, almost dejectedly upstairs. Fortunately for me, there is a second floor veranda, directly over the back porch. I slipped quietly through the double bay doors and sat down at the table with my wine and a copy of Nora Robert's latest novel. I do love to read and had every intention of doing so, but between the constant hooting and hollering of the kids, the roaring music from the stereo, the continuous splashing in the pool, it soon proved to be impossible; especially when I caught sight of Megan, strolling along the edge of the pool in a dental floss bikini.

Again I was completely mesmerized by this breathtaking exotic and buxom young vixen. Of course, I wasn't the only one. Almost every young man present poolside couldn't take their eyes off her either. But much to my surprise, and ultimately to my satisfaction, she seemed to pay them no mind. Then, in an instant, her captivating emerald gaze lifted to the veranda and caught mine. My heart stopped and my mind raced frantically to find a distraction, but I couldn't move. I felt like a fly trapped in the web of a black widow spider. Megan's gaze turned to an intense, illicit stare and it never left me as she continued her almost teasing stride toward the deep end of the swimming pool, turned and pointed two of the most beautiful, perfectly firm and shaped globes of an ass I'd ever seen straight at me. She held that position much longer than was necessary then dove into the water.

Free from the widow's web, I snatched up my glass of wine and drained it in a single gulp and immediately refilled it. My body was shaking like a leaf and my heart was hammering like a jack-hammer in maximum overdrive. I swallowed half the second glass and took several deep breaths before I dared look up again. Megan was nowhere to be found. I set my glass of wine down and picked up my book again. I actually managed to read the forward and flipped over to Chapter 1 before I looked up again. Megan was still nowhere in sight. My heart began to sink and a wave of disappointment came over me. Had she left? Had she figured out what I was feeling and thinking, freaked out and split? Come on, Nancy! Get a hold of yourself! Like you really were going to try something anyway; and like she really would have been receptive even if you had. I took another sip of wine and continued reading my novel.

I managed to get into the first chapter and was on the last page when I heard the low, smoky and sultry voice directly behind me.

"Mrs. Schaefer?" Megan said softly.

I nearly launched myself onto the roof when she spoke and was on the verge of spewing the mouthful of chardonnay I had just sipped all over the table. Yet I somehow managed to hold myself together, swallow the wine and turn as calmly as I could to face her. Megan was again dressed in her tight jeans and pink top, her hair was completely dry and she had a backpack slung over her shoulder.

"Oh! Hi, Megan." I stammered.

"I didn't scare you, did I?" Megan asked.

"No, not at all." I lied. Megan sat down in the chair next to mine.

"Liar." She said.

"Yeah." I replied and we both chuckled. "So, what's going on?"

"Well, I came up to Laura's room to shower and change, so I just thought I'd come say hi." She said cheerfully.

"Well, I'm glad you did. Also, given the circumstances of our first meeting, I think Mrs. Schaefer seems a bit too formal anymore. I'm Nancy."

"You know, I've always loved the name Nancy. It's such a sexy name." Megan said.

"Thank you." I said as my tummy spasmed. "So, how come you're not still down at the party? Think you have several admirers down there."

"I think I have one up here too." She said matter-of-factly.

"Excuse me?" I asked, faking faint shock. I had to admit that I found her forwardness rather stimulating.

"So, Laura tells me that she became an aunt tonight." Megan continued, completely ignoring my comment.

"Ah, yes. Yes, my oldest daughter..." I began.

"Jessica." Megan stated.

"Yes. She had a little girl earlier this evening." I continued.

"So, you're now a grandmother!"


"Well, I hope you won't mind me saying, but you sure as hell don't look like a grandmother." Megan said.

"Yeah." I whispered as I snapped up my wine glass and took a big gulp.

"Do I make you nervous, Nancy?" Megan asked bluntly.

"What makes you think that?" I stammered.

"Because you're trembling." She said.

"Must be the wine." I babbled.

"You were buck ass naked and stone cold sober when we first met, and you weren't the least bit bashful then. Now you're fully clothed, sipping wine and suddenly you're nervous?" Megan pressed.

"Did I say I was nervous?" I replied.

"No." Megan shot back.

"Megan, what exactly are you doing up here?" I asked.

"Actually, I was wondering if you could give me a lift home." She said.

"Oh!" I said, caught off guard. "I take it that you don't have your car with you."

"Nah, I rode over with Laura. She said she'd give me a lift home later, but I'm ready to go now. Besides, I'd much rather you take me home." Megan smiled.

"Me? Why me?" I asked.

"Cause I wanna fuck you." Megan stated matter-of-factly.

The whirlwind of shock, disbelief and the overwhelming arousal of her bold statement slammed into my body like a speeding locomotive. My heart again pounded like a jack-hammer and I suddenly forgot how to breathe. I don't know if my jaw fell open or not, but the look on Megan's face and the deep intensity in her eyes had me helplessly in the black widow's web once more. This was real! This girl wanted me as much as I wanted her. But, it couldn't be. I was old enough to be her mother. She was a good friend of my daughters. I wasn't a lesbian. And let us not forget, I'm now some beautiful baby girl's grandmother. And grandmother's aren't propositioned by sex goddess's, are they?

I don't know how long I sat there trying desperately to remember how to breathe and then how to talk. Finally, I heard myself utter:

"Megan, I..."

Megan sat forward and placed her hands on my bare knees and her piercing, exotic stare bore deep into my soul.

"Nancy, I don't play games; especially when it comes to sex. I see somebody I want, I go get them! I don't fuck around with the dumb shit. Now you're absolutely right. I could go down there right now and I could have anyone of those so-called admirers that you spoke of. But I don't want any of them, you know why? Because they play games! Even your little girl; they fuck around with the dumb shit and spend more time trying to impress each other. Now me, I'd much rather use that time fucking! What can I say? I love to fuck! And I much prefer to fuck beautiful women. And right now, I wanna fuck you! I don't give a shit that you're Laura's mother, I don't give a shit that you're old enough to be my mother and I don't give a shit that you're a grandmother. In fact, all those things are just turning me on even more. And I know you want me. I know you do. You wanted to jump me down there earlier."

As she spoke, Megan had slowly run her hands up my legs and was now practically straddling my lap and her lips were just inches from mine. I could smell the wild cherry gloss on them.

"Now, I know that you're all fucked up in the head about becoming a grandmother. So let me tell you this: You are the sexiest Grandma I've ever seen. You give me a chance, and I'll make you forget that you even have children, let alone grandchildren. I'll make you feel more loved, wanted and desired than you've ever dreamed of. And you know what they say: The best way to get over something, like becoming a Grandma, is to get under somebody like me. Now, get your hot and sexy granny ass up out of that chair and take me home."

Everything Megan had said made perfect sense. Of course at that moment I was so completely seduced by her that I probably would have killed for her had she asked. Her lips were just centimeters from mine. I could feel the heat of her body. I could smell her perfume and feel her hot breath on my face. The mouth I wanted was mine for the taking. Shutting my eyes, I leaned forward to take it when suddenly her hand clamped around my jaw and pushed me back. My eyes sprung open and gazed deeply into hers.

"You want to kiss me, don't you?" Megan hissed.

"Yes." I whispered in complete ecstasy. Megan gave a seductively sinister chuckle.

"You have to earn that privilege." She said.

"Just let me go get my purse and car keys." I mumbled.

"Good girl." She whispered.

Megan released my chin and stepped back. I got to my feet and as my head spun with awe-inspiring desire, I stumbled back into the house. Megan smacked me hard on my ass as I left.

"Don't be long." She commanded.

My stomach was somersaulting and I felt tremors of unbridled passion and insatiable lust rattling my very core as I practically floated through the second story of my house and to my bedroom; a cavernous room with a hardwood floor, arching ceiling and long-stemmed ceiling fans; two enormous front bay windows looking out over the front yard, and California king-size bed covered in satin sheets. There is a matching set of two bedside tables and chest of drawers made of solid cherry oak, adorned with brass hardware and stained a deep shade of chocolate brown. Antique lamps sit atop each bed side table and the chest of drawers is topped with an enormous gilded mirror. Forty-two inch plasma, flat screen TV and a Bose sound system occupy the wall opposite my bed. The master bath is the size of a small bedroom with a shower stall, make-up station, double sinks and whirlpool bathtub. My closet is the size of an average master bath.

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