Prelude to a Kiss


Scanning the top of my chest of drawers for my car keys, I picked up my hair brush and noticed how badly my hands were shaking. As I ran the brush a few times through my hair, I could feel my body heat rising like a waking volcano and beads of sweat were forming just under my hairline. Placing my hand on my chest, my heart was now pounding so hard it hurt and my chest heaved as I was near gasping for air. I don't think I had ever been this nervous, or perhaps excited, about a forthcoming sexual escapade. Staring at myself in the mirror, my mind started to fill with doubt and worse yet, reason. There was no way I could do this. Not that I couldn't have sex with a woman, but I couldn't have sex with Megan. I held my hair brush tightly as I shut my eyes and took a deep, cleansing breath. That's when I heard my bedroom door shut and lock.

My eyes sprang open and there was Megan, standing with her back up against the closed door; her backpack and clothing lying at her feet. Once again, she was wearing nothing but the dental floss bikini that I had fallen in complete lust with earlier. She was staring at me with such an intense and lustful gaze that I thought my flesh was about to melt I was so hot. I half expected to bolt upright out of a deep sleep and find that this had all been a dream.

"Megan, what are you doing?" I asked, almost alarmed.

Megan stalked over to me like a cougar coming in for the kill of her defenseless prey; her eyes were ablaze with passion and carnal lust. Never before had a human being looked at me with such wanton desire.

"I told you not to be long, but you were." She hissed. "So, I guess I'm just gonna have to fuck you here in your room."

"No!" I barked. "No, we can't!"

"Why not?" Megan asked as she ran her hands up my stomach and caressed my breasts.

"Somebody could catch us. Laura or one of her friends could hear us and come up and see us together." I nearly begged.

"And doesn't that just get you even hotter; the possibility of getting caught? And suppose we do get caught. Any guy would drop to his knees and praise God to the rooftops if he walked in and saw two sexy vixens like us going at it. And so would any of the girls down there too; your daughter included." Megan said as she grazed her long fingernails up the skin of my back and undid my bikini top.

"What?" I gasped.

"Laura goes both ways, Nancy. She has for a long time. And I'll bet she wouldn't mind at all seeing her Mama get some hot lesbian action; especially from a girl who knows what she's doing." Megan whispered in my ear as she removed my bikini top and let it drop to the floor. Standing topless in front of her, Megan ran her hands down my back and seized handfuls of my ass. "Hell, I bet she'd even want to join in." Megan went on. Now as much as I hate to admit it, the idea of having Laura join us in a threesome really didn't bother me that much. In fact, it didn't bother me at all. If anything, it turned me on even more. What the hell is wrong with me?

"Megan...!" I began, but she quickly planted her hand over my mouth. "Shut up!"

An instant later, my left nipple was sucked deeply into Megan's warm, wet and sultry mouth. A gasp of equal parts surprise and pleasure catapulted from my lips as Megan jerked my arms down and pinned them tightly behind me as she feasted on my nipple. My head rolled from side to side as Megan nipped, sucked and teased my rock hard nipple. Even though the illicit pleasure shooting through my body was indescribably wonderful, I still heard myself moaning:

"No...No, we can't...We can't... Not here. No, please. Oh God, that is so good, baby. Oh Yeah! That's it! Bite it! Bite it, baby. Yeaahhh! Ohhhhh Godddd! Now do the other one."

Suddenly, Megan spit my nipple out of her mouth and roughly seized a handful of my hair, tugging on it violently. "Don't you dare tell me what to do, Nancy; you're all mine now! And you're gonna do exactly what I say! And I say, I'm gonna take you right here, right now, whether you like it or not."

Megan's eyes widened and her intense, blazing stare of carnal lust and passion poured into my soul, rendering me completely powerless to resist her. I wanted her more than I had wanted anyone in my life. I wanted her to take me just the way she wanted to. Even though I'm probably four inches taller than Megan, I felt so tiny and frail in her grasp. She was totally dominating and controlling me. I loved it. Megan flung me roughly by the hair onto my bed.

"Now shut the fuck up and show me that pussy!" She roared as I scurried up on the mattress with Megan crawling up and over me like that menacing cougar preparing now to feed. I reached up to take off her bikini top when she forcefully snatched my wrists and pinned my arms down on the mattress, crushing her beautiful, firm body down on top of me. Her face was just inches above mine and her blazing stare was still every bit as intense.

"You wanna see me naked, huh? You wanna touch this body?" Megan demanded.

"Oh God, yes!" I moaned.

"Well, you've got to earn that privilege too." Megan snapped.

Instantly she let go of my arms, sprang up on her knees and straddled my waist. Before I realized what was happening, a sharp and sheering pain was blistering through my chest. Megan had seized both my nipples between her fingers and was twisting them hard. My back arched, my mouth fell open and a breathless wail escaped my mouth.

"Now that's for trying to touch me!" She snarled.

Though it was initially very painful, it quickly turned into the most intensely erotic pleasure I'd known in a long time. I soon felt a smile filling my lips as Megan pinched and twisted my nipples.

"Oh, you like that, do you?" Megan hissed. "So, you are a nasty girl, aren't you? Well, let's just see how nasty you like it!"

Megan released my nipples and dug her long fingernails deep into my flesh and grazed them roughly down my abdomen. Practically ripping my denim shorts open, she jerked them vigorously down my legs and off, then did likewise with my panties. And just like that, for the second time in nearly as many hours, my naked body was being ravaged by Megan's lust-filled eyes. With my body flooding with intense heat and my flesh beginning to mist with perspiration, I could almost immediately detect the musky scent of my own arousal drifting into my nostrils as my panties were removed.

"Wow!" Megan murmured as she held my panties in her hands. "So fucking wet." She held them to her face, inhaled deeply of my scent and then chewed on them teasingly. "Mmmmmh, you taste good." Megan hissed. "Here, you taste." She jammed my soaking wet panties into my mouth. "Now turn over! I'm in the mood for something far more forbidden at the moment." Megan flipped me over onto my stomach and spanked my ass several times. I chirped even as I chewed on my own panties.

"Oh yeah! There's that beautiful fucking ass!" She said as she spanked me again. Megan was so vigorous; so forceful. Her strength and dominance were driving me wild. "Oh God, what a hot fucking ass!" She said as she continued to spank me. "No Grandma I ever met has this sexy of an ass!"

Megan pulled me up on my knees, pointing my ass straight at the ceiling while she roughly jammed my head down into the mattress. Spanking me a few more times, she spread my legs and positioned herself directly behind me. Grasping my ass cheeks firmly and spreading them wide, I felt Megan's fingernails dig deep into the skin of my spheres as she lathered my sphincter with her tongue. Her tongue was incredibly hot and extremely talented. Pressing her face harder against my bottom, the suction of her mouth over my most forbidden orifice was incredibly erotic. Suddenly her tongue probed deeper, she let out a muffled groan of utter ecstasy as she lapped at my rosebud. What happened next sent my eyes spinning wildly in my head; Megan's tongue was inside my bowels.

With my face buried in the dampening satin sheets of my bed, my own orgasmic moans were muffled as Megan's tongue ravenously sampled the forbidden elixir of my bowels. I could feel my own intense arousal leaking out of my sexual center and down the back of my thigh. Just then, Megan's finger grazed over my swollen labia and teased my puffy, wet lips. Still chewing on my panties, I seized a fistful of satin as I felt Megan use my arousal to lubricate her finger then she slid it inside my aching pussy.

"Ooooooh, a tight little pussy." She cooed. "Hasn't been fucked for awhile, has it?"

Megan proceeded to pump her finger inside me as she returned to devouring my sphincter, tenderly French kissing it without apprehension or reserve and then impaled my asshole, plunging her entire tongue deep into my bowels. I spit my drenched panties out of my mouth and cried out in salacious chaos as my sphincter muscles expanded and contracted to accommodate Megan's probing tongue. I felt a second finger slip inside my pulsing pussy and the furious pumping that ensued nearly launched me into orbit as the first orgasm tore through my body. Suddenly, Megan withdrew her tongue from my asshole and swirled it around the puckered rosebud surface.

"God, I love your ass! So fucking spicy!" She hissed. Megan pumped her fingers deep inside me a few more times and then rolled me forcefully over on my back. "Now I wanna taste that pussy!" Megan reached around her back, unhooked her bikini top and slipped it off. I don't think I'd ever seen a more perfect pair of firm, young breasts; my mouth was watering. Her areolas were dark brown and perfectly centered, shaped and symmetrical to her C-cups; she had no tan lines. Megan grabbed my wrists and jerked me up to a sitting position directly in front of her.

"Okay, you've been a good girl. You deserve a treat. Now, suck my titties!" She ordered.

Grabbing the back of my head, she jammed my mouth onto her right nipple. I clamped my lips around it and sucked for milk. A tender moan from Megan's succulent mouth told me I was doing just what she wanted. I flicked at the nub of her nipple with my tongue and felt an electric-like charge of lust shoot through my body as I felt her nipple harden between my lips.

"Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah! Suck on that titty! Yeah." She hissed. "You can play with the other one if you want to!" She said, somewhat more gently.

Shaking my hand to stop it from trembling, I took hold of her left breast, kneading and massaging it gently; molding the soft and supple flesh in my long fingers. I slid my other hand around her back and gently massaged Megan's ass. Expecting an immediate reprimand for going too far, I was somewhat surprised when she pulled me closer to her and gently began rubbing her body against me. Encouraged, I nipped her nipple between my teeth, pinched and twisted her other nipple and dug my fingernails into her divine ass.

"Oh yeah!" She moaned. "Oh yeah, baby!"

Feeling even more empowered, I quickly switched sides, taking her left nipple into my mouth, kneading and massaging her right breast and seizing a hand full of her opposite ass cheek. I sucked her right breast deeper into my mouth and felt the nipple expand between my lips as I scratched my fingernails deep into the soft skin of her provocative ass. As Megan pressed my face harder on to her chest, I slid both my hands down to her slim waist, hooked my fingers around the dental floss of her bikini thong and started to pull them down; I wanted her completely naked. Feeling completely unleashed now, I determined that I would take control. I was the older woman and I would dominate this young vixen. She would now submit to me. Suddenly Megan yanked me by the hair and away from her chest, tilted my head upward and her blazing stare practically burned my face off! I was no match for her.

"You think you're gonna take control now, don't you?" She roared. "Not a fucking chance! Like I told you, Grandma! You're all mine to do with as I please! Now lay down!!" Megan shoved me violently down onto my back and roughly bent me in half, pinning my legs up over my body with my knees resting near my shoulders; spreading my legs open in a V shape, I held them by the backs of my knees so that my seething sexual center was fully exposed and open to her.

"God, look at that beautiful pussy! So fucking wet!" Megan hissed in her sultry voice and then she blew gently on my throbbing fleshy folds and teased my outer lips with the tip of her fingernail. And then she pounced!! Megan's mouth snatched my pussy like a famished lion; my eyes spun wildly and my back arched as this "Goddess of Forbidden Pleasure" devoured me in a way I never dreamed possible. No man or boy, at least none that I'd ever been with, could remotely compare or even come close to how well Megan Walsh ate pussy! Every move of her mouth, every twitch of her lips and every flick, lick and probe of her tongue sent shockwaves of unprecedented illicit and exotic pleasure coursing through my body like electrical current. My own fingernails were piercing so deep in the skin behind my knees that I think I might actually have been drawing blood, but I wouldn't let go. Not for the world!!

Megan's tongue found my clit and battered it mercilessly; her eyes locked on mine with the most seductive gaze I'd ever seen; my juices were glistening on her face. By now, my wailing and moaning was reaching octaves higher than I thought possible; reverberating off the ceiling, walls and windows. Megan smacked her lips around my gorging clit and sucked it like a small cock. My heart pounded, ramming the insides of my chest like a jack hammer in overdrive; my body was now drenched with sweat. Bent over as I was, breathing was already strained and now it was becoming virtually impossible as the intensity and passion built to near explosion. Deeper and deeper Megan's gorgeous face plowed into my sexual center; her nose burying itself deep into my dark pubic hair; her head shaking furiously from side to side with her mouthful of my womanhood. Suddenly, she slipped a finger slowly, and deeply, into my sphincter and was soon massaging deep inside my bowels. By now the room was spinning, along with my head; for the first time in my life, I understood the meaning of the term "the throes of passion", for I had never truly experienced them until now. I think I was in love!

Megan slowed her ravenous feeding frenzy and finally came up for air, gasping deeply. As I again took in her physical beauty, I still couldn't believe that she was actually here with me; that this exotic beauty was all over me and loving every second of it. As I watched her gorgeous chest heave with every breath, her beautiful hair muffled and damp, her face and chin covered with my pussy juices and her body glistening from perspiration in the soft light of the room, I felt myself blush. Of all the men and the women in the world, how am I so lucky to have her tonight?

"You have got the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted, Nancy." Megan smiled. "I just can't get enough of it."

"It's all yours, baby doll. All you can eat." I replied and we shared a chuckle.

"Does that go for your ass too?" Megan asked.

"Double for my ass." I told her. "Which do you prefer?"

"You tell me." She replied.

With her finger still massaging in my bowels, Megan quickly plunged a finger deep inside my seething pussy and massaged equally deep. These two acts alone were enough to send me into orgasmic bliss for the rest of the night. Suddenly she withdrew both, grabbed me by the wrists and pulled me up into a sitting position again.

"This is your pussy." Megan said as she slid that finger into my mouth and I sucked and slurped on it like a man's cock. Suddenly, she yanked it out and inserted the other finger. "And this is your ass."

Ordinarily, the thought of putting something in my mouth that had just been up my ass would have caused me to vomit, but the heat of passion overrules all reason and logic. I attacked that finger and where I had sucked the first, I deep throated this one.

"My God, you are a nasty girl, aren't you?" Megan said and then she lowered her lips to within millimeters of my ear. "Nancy, have you ever been fucked with a strap-on?" She whispered and then lathered it with her tongue; her hot breath flooding over it. With her finger still deep in my mouth, Megan ran her tongue back from my ear over my cheek and up to my nose. Our gazes locked, just centimeters apart. Her eyes leveled me every time; gazing deep into them, I slowly shook my head and she smiled.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" She asked almost innocently. I nodded slowly. "Not that you have a choice!"

Megan jerked her finger out of my mouth and shoved me roughly back down on the mattress. She practically leapt off the bed and returned to where her backpack and clothes were piled on the floor by the door. Lying flat on my back, I rolled my head to the side and let my hungry eyes feast upon Megan's buxom young body as she moved across the room to her backpack. I was paralyzed; completely transfixed by this goddess of pure sexuality. My heart raced as I stared at her savory hips, her superlative ass and the dental floss thin piece of fabric that was captured in the valley between those two magnificent spheres that made up that magnificent ass, ascending up to yet another thin line of fabric that cuddled her small waist. I sighed with deep contentment and pleasure as my eyes strayed up her back, so perfectly proportionate and symmetrical.

Megan stopped as she reached her backpack and slowly turned her head over her shoulder, casting a wanton look of raw lust and pure sexuality at me. She turned slowly, as she seemed to be studying me.

"Roll over on your side and face me." She said. I complied. "Now rest your elbow on the mattress and support your head in your hand." Again I complied without speaking. My damp hair draped all around my hand and forearm. "Now lay your other hand on your hip." I did.

"Like this?" I asked. I felt her eyes ravaging me.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you are?" She asked. I felt myself blush.

"You like?" I asked.

"You have a perfect body, Nancy. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful woman." She said. The sound of her words wrapped my body in a cocoon of unbridled passion and I was tingling all over. For a Goddess like this to find me so desirable and attractive literally stole my heart and soul forever. I actually felt tears building behind my eyes.

"You keep saying things like that and I might just fall in love with you, baby. God, I think you're gonna make me cry." I told her.

Megan reached into her backpack and pulled out a big strap-on and held it out to me. It was eight inches long and a perfect replica of a rock hard, thick shafted, big-headed, vein-laced cock.

"That's exactly what I'm gonna do." She replied with a sinister grin.

Remaining in the pose Megan had placed me, I watched her slip off her bikini thong and I could now behold her entire naked body. The sight of her light mahogany skin glistening from perspiration filled my mind with thoughts of wondrous sin and uninhibited eroticism. Never before had I looked at another woman in such a way. As I watched her slip on the contraption and secure it around her, my stomach began to flutter - whether excitement or nerves I can never be certain. I only knew what she intended to do to me and I still could not get over the fact that of all the people in the world, this exotic creature had chosen me tonight. I'd never felt sexier in my life.

Megan filled her hand with a lubricant out of a small bottle in her bag and was stroking the cock as she returned to the bed. I didn't dare move from my pose until instructed. I had long since forgotten about the pool party going on outside.

"On your back." Megan commanded. I complied.

My breaths grew shallow while Megan and I locked our eyes together in inborn determination. I opened my legs to her as she crawled atop me, never once breaking our passionate gaze. Locking my ankles together behind her back, Megan guided the cock in, searing my core. I shouted in trauma as she eased her hips forward, inching that fiery cock inside me.

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