tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPreparing for Jenna's Night Out

Preparing for Jenna's Night Out


After the night with Jenna in the store I talked to Ed and we devised a plan for getting Jenna naked in public. That adventure will posted after this one. A few days after Ed and I talked about going out for some fun with Jenna I called Ed and said I was in the mood for some fun and I wanted to go do some shopping and find a few new outfits to wear out and also for any upcoming adventures.

He wanted to know why I needed him to go shopping (something most men hate) and I told him that I not only wanted to shop but also have some fun. He of course knew that I was planning to do some flashing or would be wearing less than what is normally worn in the mall. He agreed to come pick me up in about an hour, so I needed to jump in the shower and get dressed. Now normally I wear very short skirts or dresses that have buttons or a zipper from hem to waist. This allows me to show a little or a lot.

I also wear thin blouses or very short crop tops. Basically anything that draws attention to me. This time however I tried something new to me. I had read a very exciting story about a girl who wore sweatpants and tiny top out all the time. I never even considered sweatpants to be sexy but the story of Carmen got me so very excited and wet. I decided I would have to try this for myself. Hopefully the writer does not mind my using his idea.

After my shower I put on my sweatpants with the string removed and after considering a very tiny almost non-existent thong I decided to go bare under the sweatpants.. They were just snug enough to hang precariously on my hips and could easily be dislodged when I moved. I Put on a short crop top the had buttons down the front.

I buttoned the two middle buttons and left the top and bottom buttons open. I put on a pair of flip flops and was ready to go. I walked into the living room and could feel the sweatpants slip down just a little. I stood with my back to the floor length mirror in the entrance way and looked over my shoulder. I could see about an inch of my rear cleavage showing. I turned around and saw I was showing lots of skin from the bottom of my shirt to the top of my sweatpants.

If I hadn't shaved completely a few days ago there would be pubic hair showing if the pants drop any more. I was getting excited just thinking about what may happen today and I was happy that the sweatpants I wore were a dark color so a wet spot would not be so noticeable. Before long Ed was at the door and after he came in and saw my outfit he commented that it was a different look for me. Then he asked why did I need him with me if I was going out more covered that usual. I shimmed my hips back and forth and the sweatpants slid down exposing my naked pussy to him. The smile on his face said it all, he liked what he was seeing.

I pulled the pants back up and out the door we went. I could feel them drop just a little as I walked to the car. We had an uneventful ride to the mall and found a spot in the underground parking deck. As we made our way to the entrance I was trying to get a feeling of how much movement it would take for the pants to drop.

I really wanted to be somewhat in control of when they would "accidentally" drop. I soon found it wouldn't take much because suddenly they were sliding down, giving anyone around a nice view of my ass and pussy. I pulled them back up and told Ed that I either had to hold onto the waistband or we needed to walk slower through the mall on the way to the first store I wanted to go to. He told me I could not hold onto the pants so I walked slowly knowing that anyone behind me could see the top of my ass.

At last we made it to the first store where I knew they had lots of cute little skirts and such that would be great for flashing and also very easy to remove when the time came. The store was not very busy, there were a few girls and a man in his 30's sitting in a chair near the fitting rooms apparently waiting for his girlfriend or wife as she tried some things on.

I could see some dresses on a rack near the man and slowly walked over to check them out. He barley glanced my way as I passed him to look at the dresses. I was looking at some dresses with my back to him and Ed whispered to me that the guy was checking out my ass. I found a dress that looked like it may work for me and then proceeded to walk around to the other side of the rack.

As I did this I held the dress in both hands and held raised it up in front of me to look at it. As I expected this movement caused my sweatpants to drop to the floor. This gave the man sitting behind me a great view of my naked butt. I stayed there for a moment before I dropped the dress and pulled my pants back up.

I didn't even glance around to look at the man. I knew Ed would tell me about his reaction later. I chose a few more items and went into a dressing room that was just to the left of the man sitting in the chair. Since the door opened to the left if it did happen to open he would have a clear view of me inside.

I pulled the door closed as I entered the fitting room but did not latch it. It did stay closed while I took off my pants and unbuttoned my top. I was facing the door when I went to pull my top off and my elbow hit the door. That was enough to cause the door to swing open which gave the man an unobstructed view of me fully exposed.

I could see he was enjoying the view but I am sure he was afraid his girlfriend may step out at anytime and see him looking at me. I mouthed the word sorry as I reached out and pulled the door closed again not latching it. I turned around so I could get the dress and when I bent over my butt his the door and there I was naked in front of him again. This time giving him a rear view.

I half heartedly tried to cover up as I turned around to close the door again. Soon after the man's girlfriend came out an they left. I found I liked one of the dresses and had Ed come to the door and I handed him the others. He put them back on the rack and said he saw another one I may like. I asked him to bring it to me but he told me come out and get it.

I said I was still naked and he told me to just come and get it. I opened the door and walked the 10 or 15 feet out to Ed. I was hoping someone was watching on the security camera. I took the dress and tried it on. I finally decided to take both dresses and that we could do some more shopping another day.

I put my top back on once again leaving the top and bottom buttons open and pulled my sweatpants back on. When I got to the register I went to place the dresses on the counter and down fall the pants. Since I was standing a little away from the counter the girl got a good look at me naked from the waist down. She blushed as I apologized and pulled my pants back up.

As we walked through the mall making our way back towards the parking deck I could feel the pants dropping a little more. Ed told me not to touch them and I agreed. I am not sure if I am happy or not but they did manage to barely hang on all the way to the entrance to the parking deck.

Now we were parked way on the other side of the deck and I noticed Ed has began walking a little faster. I tried to speed up but as soon as I did, down came the pants nearly making me trip and fall. I stopped and pulled them up again and moments later they were down again. This time in front of a couple of college guys that were walking toward us.

I cursed a bit and pulled them back up as the guys stopped to watch. We started walking again and I looked back and saw the guys were still standing there still just a few feet away watching me. I had only taken a few more steps when the pants fell again. I heard one of them say "nice ass" as I stood there with my pants around my ankles. Ed was just a step or two ahead of me and he saw the smile on my face.

I dropped the bag holding my new outfits on the ground as I cursed my damn pants. I kicked of my flip flops, pulled on foot and then the other out of the pants, picked up my bag and began once again walking back to the car which was maybe 30 feet away leaving my sweatpants and flip flops behind.

I could feel the eyes of the guys watching me as I walked bottomless and barefoot back to the car. I stayed that way all the way back and into my house. Once inside I took off my top, made us some drinks and then tried on each of the new dresses I had bought.

To be continued.

Love and Happy Holidays to all


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