tagGay MalePretty Emo Boys Kissing Ch. 03

Pretty Emo Boys Kissing Ch. 03


Adrian chewed on his pen, deep in thought. He liked history, he guessed, but he hated memorizing all the dates. Wars and kings and queens and politicians and inventions and art. It felt like memorizing the entire periodic table of the elements. You did not have to do that in science, which had contrived to have theories that you learned and understood and not just a bunch of weird disconnected facts.

Weird disconnected facts that would be on the test tomorrow.

The doorbell rang, long and loud. He marked his place in his book and got up.

Jamie was lounging by the front door, trying and failing to look effortlessly cool.

"Hi." He came in without waiting to be asked.

"Hi," Adrian said. "I'm really busy."

Jamie took the stairs two at a time. "Well, good for you, then. I'm really bored. I win."

Adrian smiled against his will and followed him up. "We have homework. Lots of homework."

"Your mom is out and you're still doing homework?" Jamie asked. "You're a loser. You need someone to corrupt you to the side of coolness."

They were at the door to Adrian's bedroom. "Which I suppose is your job."

"Do you see anyone better?" Jamie asked with a dramatic sweep of his hand.

"Nearly anyone, I would imagine," Adrian said.

Jamie flopped down theatrically on Adrian's bed. "Yeah, well, the really cool people are all, like, busy smoking pot and having sex and going to glamorous parties with celebrities, so I'm the best you've got."

Adrian eyed his books. But he couldn't say no to Jamie, so he sighed, ran his hand through his hair and sat down on the bed beside him. "We could listen to music," he suggested. "I bought the new Green Day album off iTunes."

"Legally?" Jamie said disbelievingly.


"And you pay, like, actual money?" Jamie said, his eyes wide in faux-surprise.


"You're even more of a loser than I thought."

"Says the guy who's read every interview Pete Wentz ever gave," Adrian said. "Besides, someday I'll be the only person buying music anymore, and I will be able to dictate the music industry with an iron fist."

"Damn straight."

Adrian watched Jamie out of the corner of his eye for a moment. It ashamed him to admit it, but he'd been half-hard since Jamie walked in the room. But that line of thought would only bring him down very distressing lines, so he said, "And then I shall use my control of the music industry to take over the world."

"What?" Jamie said. "Like, backmask 'Adrian is totally awesome, everyone should worship him' in every song?"

"I was thinking using record company executives, for yea verily they are a level of evil I cannot hope to reach in my wildest dreams, to come up with cunning plans to cement my dominion," Adrian said. "But that's cool too."

"I get to be the royal concubine," Jamie said. "It's the only job I'd be good at."

Adrian rolled his eyes. "You think that once I take over the world, I'd still want to make out with you? I'd fuck Angelina Jolie every day and twice on Sundays. You'd be lucky to get my sloppy seconds."

"Why Sundays?" Jamie said, sitting up and full of sudden interest. His carefully gelled hair fell in his eyes. "Is there something particularly seductive about, like, missing church or something?"

"It's just a saying," Adrian said. "Really, I'd fuck her twice every day."

Jamie nodded. "Fair enough." He contemplated Adrian's wall, which had a logarithmic map of the universe pinned next to the Queen poster. "I call Megan Fox."

"You can't call Megan Fox," Adrian said. "What if I want Megan Fox? I'm the dictator here."

"You have Angelina."

"She'd old." Adrian made a face. "What if she's only up for it like once a week?"

Jamie absently played with a stray lock of his hair. "No, dude, I totally get Megan Fox. She's so hot." Adrian watched his hand, hypnotized by the way it moved.

Perhaps it was the hair that was making Adrian so hard. But then, he thought half-hysterically, it couldn't be the hair. He'd made fun of Jamie enough for his concern about it, the "I can't go to the movies, I have to save money for gel" and the "I can't drive with the top down, it'll mess up my hair" and the "I can't hang out, I have a hair appointment". Ghosts of words like "Seriously, Jamie, you're a girl in a guy's body" floated through Adrian's head. No, it couldn't possibly be the hair.

It was that Jamie thought his hair was hot, that even stroking it would drive Adrian out of his mind with lust. It was Jamie's self-satisfied smirk as he lay back on the bed, his arms crossed behind his head and his torso slightly arched, that way he had of being deliberately accidentally sexy. It was Jamie's ridiculous stupidity and his arrogance and that even knowing all of this Adrian's dick was straining out of his jeans.

Adrian found himself saying, "Dude, so not fair."

"What?" Jamie said, although his smirk deepened and Adrian knew that he knew exactly what he was doing.

Adrian gestured wildly then, realizing that neither he nor Jamie knew sign language, said, "That. Use of sex appeal. Totally cheating in the dividing-up-the-world's-hot-girls game."

"There's no rule against it," Jamie said, casually licking his lips.

Adrian stared fixedly at his history textbook. Good history textbook, nice history textbook, very non-erotic history textbook...

"Anyway," Jamie said, "you were using it before I was."

"What?" Adrian said.

"'Oh, I'm not sure if I can let you in, Jamie.' 'Let me look at you out of the corner of my eye, full of not-so-hidden lust.' 'Let me get you on your bed and talk about taking over the world instead of showing you all the awesome things I can do with these lips.'" Jamie sighed theatrically. "You're a cocktease."

Adrian lifted his eyebrows. "I'm a cocktease?"

Jamie nodded.

"I'll show you how much of a cocktease I am," Adrian said, and kissed him.

Jamie was obviously not expecting that, but to give credit where it was due, he recovered quickly and kissed back after no more than a second's surprise. And then they were rolling on the bed together, lips in contact, entire bodies pressed together.

It was amazing how familiar Jamie's lips had become, how kissing them was so casual and so erotic. They were in tune with each other now, knew when to bite on each other's lips or entangle tongues or pull back for a breath before diving in again with such hunger or just kiss, hands in each other's hair or scratching each other's backs or squeezing each other's asses.

"Clothes," Adrian said into Jamie's mouth, not wanting to break the kiss for a moment. "Clothes off now."

Jamie obliged, unzipping his hoodie in a single fluid motion and throwing it off the bed. Adrian yanked the shirt off his head then paused, examining Jamie carefully, devouring him with his eyes.

Jamie was beautiful.

Adrian brushed his fingers lightly down Jamie's chest. He was even paler in parts covered by T-shirts, and his hipbones jutted out. Adrian could even see light shadows that suggested Jamie's ribs. His nipples were light pink against his skin, and Adrian bent down to kiss them.

"'Snice," Jamie said floatily.

Adrian pulled back. Jamie's eyes were half-lidded and his conscious smirk had been replaced with a goofy, happy smile. "Cocktease," Jamie said. "I want to see you too."

Adrian started to pull off his shirt, but then cold fingers found his and gently tugged them away. Jamie took off Adrian's shirt slowly, as if unwrapping a very valuable and fragile present. When Jamie saw him shirtless, he sighed gently and fell back for a second. But only a second; Jamie immediately got to work on his jeans.

Adrian, who had been looking forward to this for ages, made a happy noise as Jamie pulled off his ratty blue jeans and rattier boxers and freed his dick from its confines. Jamie made a sound like 'eep.'

"What?" Adrian said.

"Dude," Jamie said, watching Adrian's bobbing cock with fascination. "You're huge."

Adrian's brow wrinkled. "Um," he said. "Really?"

"Yeah," Jamie said. "I hope whatever girl gets you knows what a lucky bitch she is."

"Really?" Adrian said.

"Yeah," Jamie said. "Why? How the hell have you managed to survive to eighteen without knowing that you have a Godzilla penis? Didn't you check out the competition in gym?"

Adrian shrugged. "I have asthma, remember? I never took gym. The only time I've ever seen other guys' is in porn. I thought I was just a little above average."

Jamie made this "can-you-believe-him?" gesture to his imaginary audience in the ceiling, then he lay back. "Sorry, dude, but my dick is going to be a total disappointment after this."

"I don't know why you're so concerned about it," Adrian said. "It's not like we're gay and would actually care about penises."

Jamie shrugged. "Hey, why do you think girls like big dicks so much? It totally makes shit feel better. Speaking of which—" He gestured towards his pants. "I have something here that could totally use some feeling better."

This was true. Adrian was pretty sure that if Jamie was any harder he'd break the button of his skinny jeans. So Adrian pulled it off carefully and examined the equipment.

"Dude," Adrian said after a while. "Your cock's purple."

Jamie looked down at it. "Yes, yes it is."

"It looks like an alien growth bursting out of your balls," Adrian said. "It looks like Sigourney Weaver is going to shoot it any second now."

Jamie lifted an eyebrow. "Okay, so you're Godzilla and I'm a xenomorph. Can we get with the fucking?"

"It looks ridiculous," Adrian muttered. "I—" But the rest of this sentence was lost to posterity, as Jamie pulled him close and kissed him and shut him up in the best method possible.

Oh, God.

Grinding was so much better naked. It was better to feel Jamie—feel his ridiculous purple cock, feel how warm he was, feel the little bits of precum leaking out of his cock, feel the rub of skin against skin, the way that the skin covering Jamie's cock moved back and forth while the hardness stayed exactly where it was.

Adrian reached between them and held their dicks, his other hand clutching Jamie's ass like a life preserver, and one of Jamie's hands was on his. The other hand was on Adrian's hip, the heel of his palm pressing hard, hard enough to leave bruises.

"Oh!" Practically a whimper, a good sound on Jamie. Adrian wanted to make Jamie do it again, make him add other words like 'please' and 'fuck.' Jamie's arm looped around his neck, Jamie's tongue curled around his, and Adrian held on and held their cocks together and shoved in close enough that his knuckles were on Jamie's flat white belly and it was just plain fucking good, just plain fucking.

It was good to push into his fist, good to fuck against Jamie's dick, good to hump and push and Adrian wanted to come all over Jamie's purple cock contrasting with his pale white form.

Jamie wailed, loud and pained, and his dick pulsed against Adrian's hand, suddenly hot and slick, and that was just it, that was all Adrian could take today, and Adrian bit Jamie's lip as he came, as hard as he could, and heard Jamie's whimper sharpen.

Wet streaks painted Jamie's chest. Adrian wondered which one of them had managed to shoot all the way up to Jamie's chin. He stuck out his tongue and licked it off. It tasted salty.

"Cocktease, huh?" Adrian said smugly.

Jamie grinned. "All I can say is that this is a definite improvement on history homework."

Two hours later, Adrian had a very difficult time explaining to his mother why Jamie's old boxers had lodged themselves in his bookshelf.

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