tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrismatic High Pt. 04

Prismatic High Pt. 04


Sasha turned off the satellite uplink she had been using to both track and communicate with Darryl, then slowly laid her head down on the desk in his room and started to scream into a pillow. What kind of total fucking moron was she, exactly? Here she was, sitting on a hair trigger pussy that needed a big, fat dragon dick, with her boyfriend about to fly back home form a successful, if dangerous mission, and what had she done? Had she said: Sure, come right back home and fuck my fucking brains out? No! She had told him to bring back a fucking princess.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!" Sasha snarled, slamming her head into the desk. The pain did help her think slightly straighter. A part of her remembered that she was still kind of ticked off at Darryl for fucking around on her. Another part of her was trying to figure out how to get this op under something close to control, now that Xia was in the know, so to speak. And a third part of her was kind of happy that Darryl could help the princess. What had her name been? Aliya?

The fourth part of her was wondering how the hell her life had gotten to this point anyway. She hadn't even been supposed to talk to Darryl when she had been assigned to keep tabs on him at their old high school. But...he had been so dreamy. She sighed, quietly, leaning on her knuckles, kicking her old self for an idiot. Oh, it's fine to date him, he's just a dragon hunter. We're just trying to figure out what exactly the old dragon hunter organizations know about dragons, it's not like this could go wrong. Oh, and it's the best way to get a tracking implant into him.


The door to the room rattled. Thumped. And then a bluff, cheery voice came through it: "Oi! Darryl! I'm here to pick your brain!"

"And now Geotaxis has showed up," Sasha muttered, throwing her hands up. She sighed and then stood. She closed her eyes, centered herself, then walked over to the door. Opening it, she saw that Geo was still in his draconic form - which wasn't a huge shock. What was a huge shock was the look on his face as he saw her. He was wearing the tiny backpack that dragons used in lieu of pants and pockets to carry their odds and ends, and nothing else. That meant Sasha got to put her NSA training through another rigorous test...and...


Geo was big. Black. Exuded a kind of masculine strength, mixed with a delicious if infuriating kind of 'asshole charisma.' Like a jock douchebag. Or a biker. Or the man a girl'd fuck behind her sweet boyfriend's back. He was the star of a thousand and one cuckolding stories without even trying. But as Sasha jerked her eyes from his thick, dark red cock to his eyes, she saw a look of concern on his face.

"You okay?" he asked.

"What? Yeah," she said, shocked beyond belief.

"Well, I mean, you're acting all normal," he said, nodding. "Darryl told me before he went off to PE that you were doing a roleplay where you're acting like a regular human girlfriend. But you look like you're five seconds away from getting cockhungry for little-Gee down here."

'Little?" Sasha asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Ayyyy," Geotaxis laughed, lifting up his hand for a fist bump. Sasha bumped back, then shook her hand slightly while drawing it backwards. "Okay, that's more like it! You're good at roleplaying like we're both humans!"

"Thanks," Sasha said, though she actually found it harder to not bend over the bed and beg for Geo to fuck her brains out now that he wasn't acting like quite a jock docuhebag. She shook her head, walking over and flinging herself onto the pile of gold that served as a bed. The coins clinked and rattled as she settled herself into place. "So, what brings you here, G-Dawg?"

"Well, S-man," he said, leaning on the door. "I heard that Darryl was having a hard time with mathimagical stuff, and I figured we could have a hard time together. But...I mean, I figured he'd be back now. PE is easy as pie." He nodded.

"Who was yours?" Sasha asked. Intelligence gathering and small talk had a weird amount of overlap.

Geo grinned, then reached into his backpack. He tugged out a manila folder and tossed it at Sasha. She took it and flipped it open, her eyes widening. "Butbutbubut she's not a princess!" she squeaked, sounding shocked.

"First families count," Geo said.

"Her dad hasn't been President for a year!"

Geo made a loud pffftthbhbbth sound with his tongue. "She was fun. I always think college aged princesses are the best - riiight when they get feisty!"

"I..." Sasha shook her head. "I'd hate to be in the secret service that morning. Uh. Wow. Uh..." She blinked, her brow furrowing as she looked at the papers. "Wait a fucking second..." She started to thumb through the papers. There were a lot of details that she had never wanted to know about this particular, ah, subject. But there were also a lot of details she recognized. It looked like the kind of standard security stuff that any kind of intelligence operation would gather. Security, human resources, kit, natural surroundings. There was even an entire dossier on possible firearms kept in the house. She compared that, mentally, with the dossier that Darryl had been given before heading into Tjuristan.

"And yes," Geo said, cheerily. "She was tight as a vice."

"Dude!" Sasha squealed. "Tee em fucking eye!"

"Sorry, sorry," Geo said, lifting his hands. "Dang, though, you're amazing at roleplaying."

"Thanks," Sasha said, biting her lip. "Geo, you were sent to a place in the United States. Uh, did you know where other people were sent?"

"Well, I mean, we're all first years, so the PE can't be further than Britain," Geo said, nodding. "Why?"

"Darryl was sent to the middle east. To Tjuristan." Sasha frowned deeply as she saw Geo's eyes bug out of his head.

"Whaaaaaaat?" He asked, his tail slapping the wall hard enough to leave cracks. "Dude! Tjuristan has been off the lists even for seniors! A white dragon who was sent there on his senior year almost died. It took him three years to regrow his wings. I mean, he was just a white, but still, the Dragon Council put the kibosh on anyone going there, like, immediately."

Sasha frowned. "Geo..." She said, her voice soft. "How do you feel about spying on your PE teacher?"

Geo rubbed his chin. He considered. "Do we get to make him look bad?" he asked, grinning.

"Oh, we're going to do way more than make him look bad if my hunch is right," Sasha said, standing up. Geo's grin was fierce. He lifted up his arm and, as if they were old buddies, Sasha reached forward and slapped her hand into his hand.

They both flexed.

"Predator was such a rad movie, wasn't it?" Geo whispered.

"Totally," Sasha said, nodding.


The broad sweep of the mountains - Darryl wasn't sure if he was in the Alps or in some different mountain range that was near to but not actually the Alps - provided a breathtaking view. Literally, in that he had to sit there, gasping for a few moments while, behind him and about twenty feet to the left, Aliya was splashing water in her face. He could see the distant glimmer of a city nestled in the valley, the glow visible in the fading purple and blacks of pre-dawn light. He had completely lost track of where he was. He just knew that he had to keep going west, taking a break before and after the big old ocean, and then he'd be in North America. From there, he could navigate to Prismatic High.

Flying to Aliya's shitty home town had been a bit of a trip, but who knew flying back could feel so much more difficult?

The faint crunch of shoes and a swish of cloth made Darryl look back. He saw Aliya, her beautiful, dusky brown face glinting slightly with moisture. She had thrown on whatever clothes she could find before the two of them had taken flight, and so looked a bit like a hodgepodge. She had a headscarf that he would have said was like the hijab that Muslim women wore, save that she was Christian and he was actually pretty sure that hijabs were actually kinda different. She also had a dress and a thick jacket and boots and what appeared to be jeans on underneath the dress. Literally, everything she could wear to keep herself warm. It had worked, she didn't look nearly as cold as she could have, considering how far and how fast they had flown.

"You okay, Darryl?" she asked.

"Just kinda tired..." He said, turning and standing - then freezing. Due to the mechanics of flight, the shrouding blanket that he had worn around his hips was long gone. That meant that Aliya once more got a full view of the amazing length and girth of a dragon's cock. Even soft, it was enough to make her eyes widen and her mouth open in a quiet O of shock. She shook her head, jerking her eyes up to his eyes and Darryl moved his tail around, covering himself. "S-Sorry."

"It's fine," Aliya said, her cheeks bright. She looked to the side. "I've never seen a view like this before without a bunch of bulletproof glass in the way."

Darryl, glad for the change of topic, turned around and looked out at the city. He sighed quietly. "Part of me wishes I could just go there...and..." He wasn't sure where the and was going. But he wanted to shuck off the scales and the wings and the tail and the secrets and the lies and just be a normal kid. Except he had never been normal, had he? He had spent his youth training to fight dragons and keeping secrets and being beaten by his abusive asshole of a human father. He sighed quietly.

"Just be normal?" Aliya asked.

"Yeah..." Darryl snorted. "Kinda dumb, huh? I'm a dragon. I mean, I'm going to live forever. I have a secret agent for a girlfriend and I can fly and I can breathe lightning and-"

"You can breathe lightning?" Aliya asked, her eyes wide. "I thought dragons breathed fire."

"Oh, no, no, I got taught this first day of school," Darryl said, kneeling down. He scraped out a series of letters on the ground. "There's two kinds of European dragons. Then there's Aztec and Chinese - well, Asian, really, since some Chinese dragons also went to Japan, and the Japanese dragons claim they came first, and the Chinese dragons say they're all lying, so...you know...fun history there." He sighed. "But European dragons are split into metallic and chromatic. Metallic is gold, bronze, brass, copper and silver. Chromatic is black, red, blue, white, and green. Red and gold breathe fire, brass and black breathe acid, uh, silver and blue breathe lightning, I think..." He rubbed his muzzle. "Shit, I think I got some of them mixed up."

"Also, isn't bronze just an alloy of copper and tin?" Aliya asked. "Why are there no tin dragons?"

"Don't ask me!" Darryl laughed. "I know that asking that in class when your teacher is a bronze dragon is a bit of a faux pass."

Aliya chuckled.

Darryl paused. "Something's wrong, though..."

"Well, you are missing a few colors," Aliya said, quietly, pursing her lips. "And you didn't write them out in the right order, from red to blue..."

"Not that!" Darryl grinned, looking at her. He wanted to lay her. But that was pretty normal for...well...he was going to say dragon, but he was starting to think that 'eighteen year old boy' also counted. But that wasn't what was bugging him. He looked into her eyes and she looked back, then looked aside. Then it hit Darryl as if he had been clouted in the back of the head by a firepoker. Which, ironically, was how he and Aliya had met.

Then it hit him.

"Why do you not want to be my sex slave?" he asked.

"I- what!?" Aliya squeaked, springing up from the crouch she had been in, her eyes wide. "I do not! I mean, you may have a six pack I could eat breakfast off of and a cock the size of my forearm a-and the most amazing eyes and I think your wings are just marvelous and you could hug me with your tail and your arms and your wings all at once a-and I've never met someone I wanted to have be my first quite so badly a-and...and...I...said all that out loud..." She blushed, furiously. "No! I don't want to be your sex s-slave!"

Darryl flushed, lifting up his hands. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa." He coughed, and managed to not ask her what else she had been about to say. Instead, he stammered. "L-Listen, when a normal human is exposed to a dragon when they're not trying to hold their presence back, they go kinda...cock happy!"

"Cock happy!?" Aliya looked offended.

"Not my phrase!" Darryl said, quickly, holding up his hands. "But, yeah, I'm just trying to figure out why not."

Aliya shrugged. "M-Maybe I'm exceptionally strong willed?" she asked, but even she sounded doubtful about that.

"Well, uh, I'm sure you are," Darryl said, trying for diplomacy. "Buuut my girlfriend is an NSA agent who got trained specially to resist this stuff. And you're a Princess who didn't know dragons existed until I crashed into your window."

They both thought about it. Aliya rubbed her chin.

"Well..." she said, slowly. "My father hired that awful General, Bill Sharpe, after some kind of terror attack a few years ago. I don't remember much about it - just that someone was apparently trying to plant a bomb near my window, and the palace guards had to subdue them. I hid under the bathtub the whole time."

"I...didn't get a great look at the castle due to all the freaking missiles and explosions..." Darryl said, slowly. "But I don't think that the average human being could climb that tower, right?"

"Are you thinking..." Aliya looked at him.

"PE is a pretty regular class. So, that means a dragon had to have been the one coming after you...so...Sharpe was hired to stop dragons. And he's ex-SAS, which means he's gotta be pretty high up there in Britain's secret service. And if the NSA knows, why wouldn't MI6 know too?" Darryl frowned. "Did Sharpe give you anything over the past few years?"

"Nothing!" Aliya said. "I detest that man, I wouldn't have accepted a thing from him."

The two of them continued thinking. Darryl blinked. "Well, it'd have to have been something you carry with you. Something that they'd know you'd...wear..." His eyes fell on the crucifix around her neck. He slowly pointed at it. As his finger drew close, he felt his fingertip becoming numb and tingly. He jerked his hand back. "Ah!"

"My serving girl gave this to me," Aliya said. "On the birthday after Sharpe arrived..." She grabbed it, her face twisting with disgust. Before she threw it off her shoulders, Darryl lifted his hands.

'No, don't!" he cried out.

Aliya looked at him. Then her eyes dipped to his crotch. Then she let go of the crucifix, blushing. "R-Right." She laughed. "T-That would, um, be kind of silly of me, wouldn't it?" She shook her head, sighing and rubbing her hands together.

Darryl smiled. "Thanks. I...I cheated on my girlfriend once. I don't want to do it again."

Aliya beamed, then held out her hand. "That, I can definitely assure you, I am more than willing to assist you...on...that...sentence got away from me a little." She blushed as Darryl clasped his hand to hers and they shook.

And, in the backs of both of their minds, they thought almost exactly the same thing.

God I want his dick, Aliya thought.

God I want to dick her, Darryl thought.

And both felt thoroughly guilty.


Sasha leaned around the corner. Geo leaned around the corner as well, his head almost resting its chintip on her hair. Then the both of them ducked back before Tazo, the PE teacher, noticed them looking.

"So, uh, remember the plan?" Sasha whispered.

"Ayyye," Geo said, casually, giving her a pair of thumbs up.

Sasha frowned, prodding his chest. "Remember. No penetration."

Geo scowled. "You do know, you can break character for just a bit and we could not tell Darryl." He winked at her. Sasha rolled her eyes, muttering under her breath.

"Fucking dragons."

Geo whistled softly. "You're so good at fucking roleplaying..." he paused. "I kinda love it."

Sasha rolled her eyes. Then, seeing Tazo starting to lock up his office and walk away, she hurried around the corner. She was dressed in Geo's finest slave girl outfit. It had been pretty difficult to squish her breasts into the golden bikini (complete with gold bangles, gold collar and golden thong), but once she had fastened the clasps and tied it on right, she found it was shockingly comfortable. She wondered, just for a moment, if it had been enchanted to be supernaturally comfortable. If so, she had to figure out how so they could slip the technique to the tech boys at Division 13. Then she only had time to focus on Geo sliding up behind her and cupping her breasts. "Hey baby, I hear that Darryl's late coming home. Maybe I could make sure you cum a little early..."

Sasha's body responded to the touch, the fingers sliding along her belly, her breasts, cupping her through the golden bikini, all of it setting a fire under her skin. Her lips opened and her brain hazed slightly as she almost forgot the second step of her plan. She moaned as Geo cupped and squeezed her, her back arching of its own accord.

Tazo watched with a slight smirk on his muzzle, his tail lashing from side to side. "Getting your hands on the blue's bitch, huh?"

"Oh, hey proffesor, didn't see you there." Geo said, grinning. "Say, mind if we borrow your office, I gotta fuck this bitch hard, and I'd love doing her over a desk." He nodded.

Tazo arched an eyebrow ridge. "I'll be watching..." He said, grinning.

"Sure, I don't care. Fuck, you can even take a second shot at her puss," Geo said, slapping Sasha's rump. Sasha forced back a glare - that was not part of the fucking plan. Then she found herself pushed into the PE teacher's office. It was as neat and tidy as any she had ever seen, with a computer and a keyboard. Her heart sang - and then sank as Geo pushed her over the desk. Her palms slapped down near the keyboard as Tazo stepped over and leaned against the wall. His own light pink dick started to harden as he grinned and watched Geo slap his dick down on the cleft of Sasha's asscheeks. Her eyes softened and she opened her mouth in a soft moan. Geo ground against her, purring.

"Yeah, bet that's better than blue boy, huh?" he asked.

"God yes..." Sasha whispered. Tazo threw his head back and laughed as Sasha flicked her wrist. The keylogger bug she had hidden under her right collar slipped into her fingers. She leaned forward and let her hair spill around her hands to hide them as Geo ground up and down, teasing her, driving her wild. Her fingers shook...

But she got the keylogger home. This little baby would transmit every keystroke on the keyboard right to her laptop. Then Geo's cock slipped from her ass to her thong. The triangular tipped cock head slid up and down her smoldering sex, her cunt aching, demanding to be filled. The thong squished faintly as he bumped his cock against her.

"Reach down...I want you to slide that thong off, bitch..." Geo purred.

Sasha quivered. Her hand moved down as she rolled to rest her body weight on her left arm, her hair pooling around the keyboard. Her hand dipped into her bangle, retrieving the other bug, and as she moved it past her belly and the edge of the desk, she slipped it under the lip and tucked it neatly into a recess that wouldn't be noticed for ages. Then her hand was on her thong, pushing it down, tangling around her ankles. With the mission technically complete, her eyes half closed and she crooned, ready for Geo to slam into her.

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