tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrison of Cries Ch. 07

Prison of Cries Ch. 07


Cherish and Alice lay facing each other. The mattress felt damp and stank of bodies, but in Alice's condition it was anything but repulsive. She felt more naked than ever in her life, and every inch of her skin ached for touch. Cherish put her hand on the back of Alice's head and gently pulled her into a long kiss.

When it broke Cherish said softly, "I guess I should tell you the worst part about this."

"Worst part?" Alice said wryly. "They've made us eager for our own rape. How much worse can it get?"

Cherish cupped one of Alice's breasts. "We can't come this way. With each other."

The words took a moment to register as the girl's long fingers kneaded her flesh. "We can't...what did you say?"

"We can only have orgasms with men," Cherish said as she bent to suck Alice's concrete-hard nipple. "Not with other women, and not with...just touching ourselves."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Believe me, I'm not. I've tried everything. Haven't you noticed how different this feels? Like it's spread out all over you? The minute a man walks in, it all localizes back in your cunt." Cherish licked the curve of her breast. "I hate men, remember. I never wanted a cock inside me, let alone to feel one shoot cum all up in me. I love sex with women. But whatever they've done to us, it's turned me as straight as you."

Alice's breathing grew fast and shallow as Cherish rolled onto her back. Cherish's breasts slid to either side of her torso, revealing the ripples of stretch marks created by their weight. Alice traced her fingertips lightly along the smooth, firm globes. When she got older they would soften, and sag, and probably cause back trouble. But in the bloom of her youth they were still round and firm.

*I'm fixated on breasts,* Alice thought bitterly. *I'm a trained covert agent with seven kills to my name, and I can't focus on anything but this girl's tits.* Whatever drug they'd used on her, if it got loose in the West, it would be awful. Every woman and girl capable of sexual feeling could be reduced to this, turned against her will into a bitch in heat, with no discrimination or sense of shame.

She looked down into Cherish's soft face. The glaring light revealed the acne still clining to her cheeks. *I should tell you about your father,* Alice thought, but all she said was, "I'd like to suck on your nipples. I've...never done that."

Cherish closed her eyes and sighed. "Oh, God, please, they've been so hard for so long..."

"Mine, too," Alice said. She shifted position, kissed the dark jutting tip of Cherish's nearest nipple, then closed her mouth over it.

"Oh," Cherish sighed, her back arching slightly. "You know, I almost had breast reduction when I was fourteen. They were killing my back. But I...ohhhhh...started working out instead." She laughed coldly. "I'd kill for a bra, though. Not for modesty, but just to...oh...help with the weight...."

Alice took the tip into her mouth, running her tongue over the engorged tip. It was similar to giving head to a man, since Cherish's nipples were so large and extended nearly an inch in their current forced tumescence. She raked her teeth along the length, biting just enough to squeeze the tissue. Her lips felt the puckered aureole at the base, and she opened her mouth enough to cover it as well. Her hot breath and saliva did nothing to soften it, though.

Alice rose, her own body now shuddering with sensation. If possible, her nipples had grown even harder and her breasts heavier as she attended to Cherish. She said, "I...am so horny for you...but I don't know what to do here." Her voice trembled like a child's.

Cherish sat up and kissed Alice tenderly on the forehead, an almost maternal gesture. "Lie back, honey. I'll take care of you."

"I'm...still...full of...." She trailed off, unable to finish the thought aloud. *Your father's cum,* she thought bitterly.

Cherish put a finger to her lips. "So am I, sweetie. It's the price of having a vagina in this place. Luckily the drug they gave us makes us not mind. In fact, it makes me crave the taste of it." She paused, and her voice grew cold with shame. "The worst thing wasn't being a die-hard lesbian willingly going on her back for a man, you know. It was willingly going on my *knees.*"

Alice felt new tears spill down her cheeks, heartbroken at the thought of this kind girl being humiliated. "I'm sorry."

Cherish kissed her tenderly. "Thank you."

The big girl then gently pushed Alice onto her back. The rank mattress filled her nostrils with the odors of sex, ratcheting her desire up another notch. She stared up at the plaster ceiling, squinting at the glare from the light fixture, wondering for the first time if they were being watched. Surely they were; it would be foolish for them *not* to be.

Cherish kissed the tips of Alice's nipples, then the skin between her breasts, then down her belly. Alice felt the big girl's own dangling breasts brush her thighs as she crawled down, tonguing her navel and kissing the space between it and her pubic hair.

"God, you're in great shape," Cherish whispered as she ran a hand lightly over Alice's belly. "You must really work out."

"So are you," Alice said, her voice rippling at the touch.

"I try. It's not easy when you're built like me, that's for sure," Cherish murmured, her face gently settling into the damp curls between Alice's thighs. She lifted Alice's right leg and draped it across her shoulder. "And most of the time it doesn't show, I still look like every other fat bull-dyke when I'm dressed."

Alice began to tremble uncontrollably. She hated this the most, that moment when her body completely took over and nothing she could do or think deterred it from its goal. She should be fighting, attempting escape, anything but sprawling on her back, legs spread, for the second of the three people she was supposed to rescue. And she couldn't let this girl do this, not without telling her what she'd already been through. "Please, I need to tell you...."

"You don't have to tell me anything," Cherish said. She slid two fingers into Alice's dripping pussy, and at the same time sucked gently on her swollen clit. Alice lost all train of thought as her body writhed, trying to express the overwhelming emotions that suddenly overtook her. Her desperate cry filled the tiny room.

"I was a virgin when they brought me here, did you know that?" Cherish said as her fingers sought Alice's sensitive spot. "In the normal sense, I mean. I'd had lots of women lovers, but never a boy. And then I woke up, in a room with a naked man, and...."

Alice couldn't believe the sensation she was enduring. She was on the edge of an immense climax, one that might put every other one in her life to shame, but she simply couldn't get over the edge. How in God's name had they done this to her? She arched her back, whimpering through clenched teeth, fingernails scratching impotently on the mattress.

Cherish spread Alice open with her fingers. "When I realized what they'd done...what I felt...I couldn't believe it. I'd never wanted a man before, ever, but seeing that man's hard dick standing up, poking at me...my pussy just *ached* for it. I fought him off at first, he was middle-aged and fat and didn't speak English, but...I gave in because I had to. And the pain was nothing compared to the orgasm I had. I almost lost consciousness, it was so intense."

Alice began to toss her head and moan. It wasn't possible to endure this, to hover here and not be able to reach the spasm, the tingle, the rush of orgasm. Surely she would die.

"I felt so betrayed," Cherish said. "I mean, I'd once told my father that I'd rather go down on my mom than suck his dick. I was thirteen then, and he was saying how sexual confusion was normal." She laughed. "I was never sexually confused until they brought me here."

"Stop!" Alice cried. "God, stop, I can't bear any more!"

Cherish sat back on her heels, licking the mix of cunt juice and semen from her fingers. Alice lay rigid, legs spread, hips trembling. It seemed to take forever but at last the feeling began to recede, enough that she collapsed into sobs that tore through her body almost as hard as that last forced climax.

Cherish curled up behind her and wrapped her in her arms. Alice felt the girls breasts against her bare back. Cherish stroked her damp skin gently, like petting a kitten.

"My father almost fucked me this way," Cherish whispered. "We got so *close* to doing it. I was on my hands and knees, my ass pushing back at him. He put one hand on me; do you have any idea how that felt, my father's hand on the small of my back, his thumb in the cleft of my ass? I was *dripping.* He held his cock with his other hand, held it right against my cunt, and I could feel how hard he was. I wanted him inside me so bad, it was worse than with any of the other men. He started to do it, too. The head of his cock started to push into me. But then he stopped and shot off on my back. He said he couldn't do it, no matter how much he wanted it. No matter how much *I* wanted it.

Alice turned and kissed the girl, tasting her own juices on her lips. It didn't matter; all that counted was the touch of skin against her own.

Cherish spoke between kisses, her confession spilling out like an open tap. "I begged to suck him off. One of the other men made me do it, and even though I was ashamed, something about it made me crave it almost as much as I did in my pussy. If I couldn't feel my dad come inside me, at least I could have a bellyful of it. He wouldn't let me, though. I watched him jerk off, watched his cum shoot into the air and splatter on the floor, and wanted like crazy to crawl over and lick it up. I didn't, though; I just touched myself, knowing he was watching, seeing how his cock would soften and then get hard again almost at once. I tried to get him to tell me what he wanted to do to me, what he'd do if I wasn't his daughter locked up naked with him. But he wouldn't even play the game."

Alice's heart pounded in her chest. "I need to tell you something, Cherish. I was with your father right before they brought me in here. That semen inside me was his. I tried to tell you before we started, but I couldn't get the words out."

Alice waited for the explosion of fury, or hurt, or anything, but Cherish just smiled, sad and defeated. "It doesn't matter. I'm destroyed anyway. I know they won't ever let me go."

Alice felt a surge of fresh rage at their captors, just as the bolt slid back on the outside of the cell door.

To be continued

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