tagLoving WivesPrison Works Ch. 02

Prison Works Ch. 02


I didn't tell Lewis about the phonecall, I couldn't bring myself to do it. At the same time however, I couldn't bring myself to tell the Prison authorities either. Truth be told, I wanted that man to call me back again, I wanted some excitement, some passion. It had been so long, and that first time had made me realise how much I needed to be touched, how much I wanted to be taken.

He called again and again, and despite myself I always played the tape back, touching myself, imagining him in the room, running his fingers over my hot sweating flesh. I felt so sad everytime I visited Lewis, a deceitful bitch of a wife, to add to his troubles. I couldn't help myself though. I'd lie in bed waiting for the call, emptying my head of thoughts, trying to free myself from the guilt.

"I knows you loving dis bitch, 'cas you ain't called the authorities on me," He would say, "I know you teasing dat tight little pussy of yours for me, making yo-self nice and wet. Pull your panties down for me sugar. Let me slide my fingers between those puffy little lips."

I got myself so wet and horny for him, but it was always the same, elation when the phone rang, ecstacy when I came, and tear-stained sweaty guilt at the end.

Everything changed one day in late summer. I'd been cleaning up the house and came across some old tapes. I put them on, intrigued. There were a few old tv shows, some very old football games, and I was starting to get bored when my own bedroom appeared on screen. It was empty. I sat and stared for a little while, bemused. I heard voices just before Lewis entered the frame, dragging a girl by the hand behind him.

Her name was Ayumi, she'd been an exchange student from Japan who'd stayed with us for a few weeks one summer. Memories of her flashed back into my mind. A pleasant girl, a little immature for a 19 year old, but friendly. She'd had a crush on Lewis, I knew, but I'd thought nothing of it.

I sat forward, Ayumi seemed a bit reluctant but Lewis was dragging her to the bed. "Your wife is so kind for me, I can't." She pleaded. "She'll never know," He grinned, "Come here."

The old Lewis again. The selfish, conceited Lewis, pleasing himself. I stared into that cocky smile that suddenly looked so ugly. I wanted to smash the tv screen.

He pulled her into him, staring at and grabbing her tits, massaging them beneath her t-shirt. He pushed her down onto the bed, tugging down her jeans and raising her tshirt in one motion, sucking noisily on her nipple. Tears welled in my eyes, as my husband tore down her knickers, roughly opened her legs, and pushed his pudgy little fingers inside her.

She welcomed him into her, and for five minutes or so I watched Lewis bouce around between her legs, listening to his disgusting grunts. When he was done, he stood up briskly, fastening his jeans as if he'd just stepped away from a urinal. "My wife'll be back soon, get your knickers on, get out of here." He said flatly. She stumbled out of the room at his request, her face having lost all it's innocence and colour in a few moments. After she left, Lewis approached the camera, his face filling the screen, a grin from ear to ear, a satisfied sigh, and static.

"You bastard." I whispered.

I didn't visit Lewis the next week or indeed the week after - I was too busy crying. The shock of betrayal hit me first, when i'd recovered from it, depression engulfed me like a tsunami. Two days were spent sleeplessly sobbing in bed. I began to think of the years of my life I'd wasted, the years he'd made me waste, and I finally came back to my mothers' advice. I got angry. It felt good.

A month after the tape I went back to prison. This time, things were different. Lewis had always asked me to dress conservatively in public, a request I'd respected, until now.

It's amazing what a make-over and a new wardrobe can do! Heads raised and mouths fell open as I passed. I arrived late so Lewis would get to see my entrance. The other prisoners whistled and banged on the glass as I made my way to my husband. It had been a while since I'd worn high heels, but it felt great. My hair, newly-styled, was down for a change, the straight blonde strands streaming over my naked shoulders. I'd chosen a dark blue dress, very tight and very short, just hiding my asscheeks. The straps fastened around my neck, plunging at the front into a deep V. My face was beautifully painted, lipstick and fingernails a matching pretty pink. I placed my slim but curvy figure elegantly on the chair. I crossed my legs, tossing my long hair back, casually picking up the phone.

"What the hell are you doing?" Lewis hissed down the phone, staring wildeyed at me through the glass. Prisoners crowded around behind him, wide-eyed and whistling. "I don't know Lewis, what am I doing." I replied calmly, eyeing my fingernails. "Why doesn't your little Japanese slut come visit you?"

I glanced up, fixing him with a steely stare on the words "Japanese slut", before glancing at the men behind him, flashing them a naughty smile. The colour drained from my husbands' face. "How?...but.....baby, that was a long time ago." He stammered. "I'm sorry, so sorry, why did you have to watch the tape...." "Shut-up Lewis." I interrupted, bored of his tedious whining. "I'm not listening anymore. It's over. I just wanted you to know I've got a real man." I glanced up, scanning the crowd of men, catching sight of my phonesex friend. I smiled at him. "He's a friend of yours actually."

Lewis followed my gaze. The big black man stood straight, stared back at me, a quiet smile on his lips. "What the....hey!" Began Lewis as I walked away.

I stood close to the Chief Warden. "I wanna arrange a special visit." I said. "Sure, I'll grab your husband." "No." I touched his arm lightly. "A special visit with that man." I whispered, gesturing at my soon to be lover. The Warden chuckled, "Well, that's not gonna happen lady." "Oh, c'mon," I purred, "I know you can make it happen." I moved in closer still, our noses almost touching. I fluttered my eye-lashes. "I'd be so grateful to you if you did."

Ten minutes later I was in the special visitors' cell, as the door opened, and my lover stepped inside. He eyed me up and down, but suspiciously at first. "Wass this about woman?" He demanded. Well," I began, standing at a slight distance, facing him fully. "I wanna know if you meant all those things you said on the phone. They got me so....wet," I raised my arms above my head, untying the dress strap at the back of my neck.

"I lay in bed night after night, dreaming of your body on top of me, imagining how it would feel." He looked me up and down, relaxing, smiling. The thin material, untied, slipped away, the dress sagging to half reveal my glorious, pert tits. "Imagining your big hands all over my tits," I continued, running my fingertips over my soft skin.

The wait was too much for him. He surged at me, taking a breast in his hand, massaging it, as his mouth found mine, his snake-like tongue shimmering between my lips, the heat of his body pressing firmly against mine. He pushed my head back, trailing his tongue down my neck, glancing down my body. He groaned as he squeezed my breast, despite the size of his hand, the skin of my tits oozed through his fingers like cream. He hands ran up and down my body, shooting like stars across my skin, trying to devaour every inch of me simultaneously.

I pulled his blue shirt off his shoulders, wrenched his tight white t-shirt over his head. I yelped with pleasure as the deep blackness of his skin came into view. I kissed his chest, my fingers running over the smooth taunt skin. He held onto the side of my dress as i moved down his body, hitching it up and over my head. I pulled hungrily at his blue overall pants, seeing his dark fuzzy pubic hair first, the hardening muscle of his cock bouncing into view.

I took it into my mouth as if we both had just moments to live. I stroked his balls, trailing my fingertips on the underside of his shaft, enjoying the sound of his moans.

He patted my head, smiling, flashing his perfect white teeth at me. "Damn bitch, you suck even better than your husband." I giggled, his cock still in my mouth, his balls sitting heavy and happy in my little hand. "Shit girl," He moaned, "I need to fill up that sweet pussy right now."

I releashed his cock excitedly, and sat back, looking up at this giant above me. He held me under the arms, raising me up onto the hard bed behind. Tenderly he rolled me over onto my stomach, kissing my asscheeks delicately, as his big black hands untied the straps of my lace thong on either thigh.

His tongue slid up my spine as his awesome meat found it's way between my pussy lips. I exhaled loudly as he pushed the full length inside me, slapping my ass, as he speeded up, fucking me hard. I felt his hands trail down my back, as he banged me. Tugging at my hair, pulling my head back as he filled my pussy doggy-style. He ran his arm around my waist, twirling my little tuft of pubic hair in his fingers, delving down over my clit.

I came quickly, the sensation of a man atop me after so long was too thrilling. He came sooner than I expected, through of course he'd been in prison for almost seven years at this point. His juices exploded inside me like hot wax, coating my insides, making me a part of him.

He slumped down on the bed next to me, lying behind me in the spooning position. I let him trace his fingertips over the back of my neck, his thick softening cock resting lazily on my buttcheek.

I didn't know the biggest surprise was to come........

Final Chapter coming soon......

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