tagLesbian SexPrized Inheritance Ch. 04

Prized Inheritance Ch. 04


An unusually loud crackle from the frying bacon caused Janet to instinctively step away. Although she was a skilled cook, the hot grease from the frying pan posed a special hazard since she was only wearing stockings and high heels. She picked out the black lace top stockings and four inch high heals, as she wanted to surprise her new love, Jake when he got downstairs from taking his morning shower. She heard him in the shower, when she woke from a deep sleep. She came up with the idea of cooking him breakfast.

Janet couldn't believe she had spent much of the last thirty-six hour making love to her twenty-six year old stepson. Her thirty-eight year old muscles felt tender from all the physical activity. They would make love, rest, even sleep, and then start all over again. She touched her bare mound of her sore pussy as she relived the experience. She had liked it when they went slow and tender, she liked it when they went fast and lustful, but she loved it when they went rough and hard. The whole process of getting to know one another better was so much fun she thought.

Despite living in the same house; they hadn't discussed their feelings and desires until they lay naked in bed catching their breath. The submissive Janet spent a fair amount of time explaining her need to be dominated. She felt it would take some time for Jake to develop his dominating skills, but he was a natural. His dominating nature drew her to him in the first place.

The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs caused excitement to start building in her. Despite the intimacy they had shared; she felt like a schoolgirl trying to make a good impression. Such was her nature, she lived to please and she felt she had found a lover who would challenge her and appreciate her servitude. She stood straight, arched her back to exhibit her firm round butt, and tried to appear calm.

"Wow," Jake said as he entered the kitchen. "You look -- wow."

"I though you might need some breakfast," Janet said, turning around to see him. She nearly dropped a plate of eggs and bacon when she saw him standing fully dressed in a nice shirt and pants with a suitcase in his hand. She stammered, "What's going on? Where are you going?"

"I've got to go to Chicago. The lawyers finally found one of dad's business partners and I have to meet him tonight."

"Tonight; why tonight?"

"He leaving the country for a month tomorrow and I want him to buy out my inherited partnership with him."

"Can't you do that over the phone?" Janet asked as she braced her weakened legs against the kitchen-counter and put down the plate. She could feel her hands had a tremble to them. She didn't want him to leave her especially right now.

Jake put down his suitcase and walked over to her. He put his arm on her shoulders gently. "You knew how my dad operated better than I do. You know he didn't do anything simple. I need to get the legal process started right now. It might take months to get it all sorted out. Look I'll be back by tomorrow night." There was silence for a minute. "I'm going to miss you a lot."

Janet shrugged. She knew he was determined. "I'll get dressed so I can take you to the airport."

"No, you don't need to do that. One of the lawyers is bringing me some papers and she promised to take me to the airport. I expect her any minute."

"It's not that hussy Pam is it?" Janet looked Jake in the eye.

"Yea, why?"

"I've seen her look at you. She wants you in the worst way."

"Are you jealous?"

"No, I just want you to remember our agreement we made last night. We won't fool around unless--" Janet's voice tailed off.

"Unless what?" Jake increased the strength of his hold on the smaller Janet.

Janet knew what he wanted to hear. Her mood instantly changed. She put her hands on his shoulders, pushed herself back from his grip and sprung herself up, wrapping her legs around Jake's hips. He easily supported her light weight. She dug her fingernails gently into his back and whispered in a naughty voice, "We are going to share any extra pussy between us."

Jake smiled and kissed Janet deeply. After a minute they broke the kiss and just stared at each other.

"I can't believe I never noticed how special you are," Jake said. Janet could sense Jake thinking. He was trying to act cool but his facial expressions reveled his excitement. "So, are you interested in sharing Pam?"

"Maybe, she could be an easy first seduction for us."

"Are you sure she would be easy?"

"Oh yea, she is a forty year old divorced overly eager attorney and you are a big account." Janet climbed down from Jakes arms.

"I understand that she might be interested in me, but what makes you think she's bi?"

Janet leaned back into Jake and inspected a tiny wet spot she had leaked on him from her renewed wetness. She stuck her finger into the little patch. "Call it a six sense."

Jake just smiled and shook his head. Then a wicked grin crossed his face. "That reminds me; Brandi is going to call today and ask to be picked up from the airport. She's going to want to seduce you. I want you to play along and tease her and even please her in any way she wants."

"That would be my pleasure," Janet said. She had looked forward to seeing the sexy tanned redhead and thought about her every time she saw Brandi's car in the their driveway.

"But there's a catch; I don't want her to taste, touch or even see your intimate treasures until I return. I want to see her face when she finally gets hold of you."

"That will be a challenge, but you'll find; I'm more than up to it."

"I bet you are."

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway broke the moment. Jake looked at the wet spot on his belly and only patted it. Janet was pleased he didn't try to wipe it off. She felt she had marked him proper and only hoped Pam would get a whiff of her smell over Jake's cologne. They had a brief goodbye kiss and Jake ran for the door as he was running late as it was.

Janet walked to the door and opened it. She stood back a little so the neighbors wouldn't see her bare skin, but hoped Jake and especially Pam might glance back her waving goodbye in only her stockings and high heels. Janet thought she saw Pam turn and look at the door as the car passed bye.

The stairs seemed extra steep or her legs extra tired as Janet walked up them. She had lost the little spark of energy that had kept her going while Jake was around. She knew it was dangerous to get so involved with her stepson. But she was happy with Jake. She took off the stockings and shoes once she reached her bedroom. She then took a long hot shower.

After the refreshing shower, while drying her hair, she found two new gray hairs. The gray hairs stood out in her dark black hair. She looked in the mirror again and her few wrinkles in her eyes seemed to be a little more pronounced than before. Then she realized she hadn't been concerned with her looks for a long time, not since her husband had died. And it hit her, it hit her hard; that she hadn't thought about her loss that had plagued her for months at all for the past few days.

She walked out into the bedroom in a daze. Moisture developed in her eyes as she selected and laid out her clothing for the day. She started with black stockings; she felt she could match them with anything. Then she went into her closet and saw a strapless black satin corset she hadn't worn in a long time. She thought the corset would cover her breast or assets, as Jake described them, while still pleasing Brandi. The corset hugged her tone body nicely she thought. Garters attached to it, and she quickly fastened them to the stockings. The corset material ended at her waist so to finish off the look, she picked out black lace boy short panties and pulled them over the garters.

She covered the sexy undergarments with her usual conservative clothing. A long skirt, this one was dark green, covered her nice legs. A loose fitting blouse that hid her nice figure finished off the outfit.

When she looked in the full length mirror on the closet door she could see streaks of tears running down her face. She couldn't pinpoint one source of her emotions and as she thought about why she was crying she began to openly sob until she was crying uncontrollable. She felt sad to be alone in the large house. But she was happy what had happened between her and Jake. She realized she had finally let go of the emotional attachment to her departed husband and although she felt good about being able to move on, she still missed the longing for him somehow.

Doubt grew in Janet's mind about her future with the younger, handsome rich Jake. But just when she thought she would never stop crying the door bell rang. She went to see who it could be; she didn't want any company right now. When she opened the door, she was surprised to find a middle aged male florist holding a box. She gladly accepted the box from him. The forest didn't make any comments about her red eyes and she knew he was probably use to delivering to women who gets flowers when they are upset.

Sitting down at the dinning room table she opened the box with her hands shaking. Inside the box were a dozen roses and a note from Jake.

The note said; Dear Janet, I will miss you more than you can imagine and I when I return tomorrow I will show you how much, Your, Jake.

A single tear flowed gently onto Janet's face as she cut the flower stems and placed them in a vase in the center of the dinning room table. The tear felt warmer on her flush face and she knew it would be her last for awhile. Somehow the big empty house appeared a little less lonely with the flowers in it. As she set down to admire the roses and read the note for the tenth time, the phone rang.

"Hello," Janet answered.

"Hello sexy," Jake said. "How are you doing, are you thinking about me?"

"How could I not be with these beautiful roses, you sent me."

"Good, I'm so glad you got them. But that's not why I'm calling. Brandi called my cell and asked to be picked up at the airport. I told her to call the house when she landed and to look for my firebird at the pickup. She made a point to ask about you and us. I told her very little so you could have some fun with her."

"I'll have fun with her alright," Janet said while she pulled on the garter attached to her right stocking through her skirt.

"You know what I mean. Make her think she has to work for it. Brandi is a very determined woman and she will work as hard as she has to; if you know what I'm saying."

"I know what you're saying," Janet laughed. "I can play hard to get and have a good time doing it."

"Great, I got to go. the plane is finally boarding. Just remember, she not let her see your assets. I want to be there."

"Yes sir, as you wish. I'll miss you."

"I miss you too. Bye."

Thoughts and visions ran through Janet's mind on how she would tempt Brandi while keeping her promise to Jake. She was getting all tingly thinking about it. Suddenly the doorbell rang. When Janet went to the door and opened it, she saw a young female florist with her brown hair in a pony tail holding a box similar to the one she had already received. At first she thought the florist had made a mistake, until she saw it was a different florist. The girl was very friendly and asked if she was alright, as she could see Janet's eyes were red from crying. Janet explained she was more than fine and appreciated the concern.

As the young woman walked away, Janet admired the female's tight jeans and her swaying hips which kept time with her swaying ponytail. Janet felt pleased with her bisexuality and her ability to appreciate the female form. Janet waved at the florist as she drove the van away. She couldn't believe the amount of sexual energy she had right now after thinking it had disappeared with the death of her husband. She hastily went to the dinning room to open the box. Inside the box, was another twelve red roses and a note.

The note said; Dear sweet Janet. I want to apologize for borrowing something of yours and I promise to be good and make it up to you, your constant admirer Brandi.

Janet giggled wondering if Brandi had meant the g-string she had left in her bed or Jake. A smile run across her face and she began to picture in her mind Brandi's perfect curved body and the tan skin of the red head. Brandi had only teased her with a quick glimpse of her naked flesh before, now Janet wanted so much more.

The day dragged on, seeming to last forever for Janet, as she waited for the phone call. Finally late in the afternoon the phone rang.

"Hello," Janet answered.

"Hey, your voice sounds so sweet. This is your girlfriend, Brandi. Jake said to call when I arrived so he could pick me up. Do you mind if I came bye for a visit?"

"I'd love for you to visit for a while."

"Great, I look forward to seeing as much of you as I can soon." Brandi whispered.

The tight corset limited the size of breaths Janet could take, thereby forcing her to take many short ones in her need for oxygen in her sexually excited state, as she drove over to the airport. She knew Jake hadn't told Brandi he was out of town so Janet could surprise the adventuress Brandi when she picked her up.

As Janet pulled up to the pickup at the baggage terminal she could see the alluring red head with two attractive gentlemen trying to keep her company. Brandi was dressed in a pinstripe suit with an inset waist which accented her curves nicely. She waved when she saw Jake's car.


Brandi was pleasantly surprised when Janet hoped out of Jakes car. Brandi left her male admirers in mid sentence as she met Janet coming around the back of the car. Brandi hugged her new friend tightly and Janet hugged back. The men followed behind Brandi and started to finish their sentence until Brandi's hands drifted to Janet's behind and she gave her a soft kiss, which Janet returned; much to Brandi's delight. Just when Brandi was starting to savor Janet's soft lips, Janet broke off the kiss and the embrace and opened the trunk for Brandi's one suitcase and travel bag.

"You miss me?" Brandi asked.

"I've been waiting all day for your call."

Brandi grabbed Janet's hand before she could walk back to the driver's side of the car. "Did you miss me?"

"Oh yes very much."

The two men stood quietly in shock as the two women drove away with only a wave.

Brandi was all smiles and she turned sideways in her seat so she could look at and put a hand on the brunette. She run her hands up and down Janet's arm and even played with her hair.

"It was a pleasant surprise to have you pick me up," Brandi said. "Where's Jake?"

"He had to fly out this morning. It was something he had to do." Janet's voice sounded upset.

"Is everything ok love."

"Things have been better this week between me and Jake. He really started to notice me I think. It just, I hated to see him go."

"You really like him don't you."

"Yes, I can't help myself. I Know I shouldn't want him and that it might cause a whole lot of hurt if it doesn't work but I can't help it."

"We can't help wanting what we want, can we?" All of Brandi plans for the night changed as she watched Janet dealing with her emotions. She had wanted a night of domination and wild sex but right now she felt Janet might need a girl's night. Brandi leaned over and started to scratch the back of Janet's neck very gently with her left hand. Then Brandi placed her right hand in her own crotch.

Janet face went flush, and she giggled. "Your right we want what we want."

When they got to the house, Janet offered to cook Brandi a meal. She eagerly accepted.

They shared a bottle of wine with the meal while Brandi recounted the useless business trip she wasted a week on. Janet laughed at Brandi's humor as she described the middle age married men's attempts at trying to impress her. One time as Brandi was recounting how one balding man's wife called his cell at the same time he put his hand on her knee, and how she told the man off loud enough so his wife could hear over the phone. Janet laughed so hard she had trouble getting her breath, partially because of her corset.

Brandi stared at Janet and remembered all the pictures, sexy clothing, and toys she had found in Janet's bedroom, and she wondered what she might have on under her clothing right now. She wanted to climb across the table and have passionate sex with her right then, but a few questions lingered in her mind.

"You know, you treated me a lot different than what Jake prepared me for." Brandi held out her empty wine glass for Janet to fill. "Didn't you like the other girls he brought home?"

Janet's eyes rolled around as she filled the glass with the last ounces of wine from the bottle. "Those girls were awful. The first two were sluts, who had to give it up easily, because no man or woman could stand to be around them otherwise. They were whiney things that seemed to only be impressed with things of monetary value. Both of them repeatedly asked what things were worth in this house like they were taking inventory." Janet turned her head and glared at the roses. "And the third was one of those fakes who agree with everything you say; even if you contradicted yourself."

"Are your sure the last one wasn't a submissive trying to be pleasing?" Brandi asked. She couldn't help staring at Janet's dark eyes as they turned back to her direction.

"Hell no, I'm a sub." The effects of the alcohol were becoming apparent on Janet. "No matter how submissive a person is you still need to be a person with ideas and opinions. The only thing that girl was; was sub-stupid."

Brandi almost spit out her wine when she laughed. Then she gathered herself. "What about me? Didn't you at least see me as a threat to your desire for Jake?"

"We need another bottle," Janet said as she stood up and left the room. When she returned, she poured herself a tall glass, took a big sip, and then said, "I am so happy he brought you here. I took you for a girl who enjoys a good time, because she enjoys a good time. You have a free spirit about you. I feel I have a chance with Jake thanks to you stirring things up. Besides I knew you and Jake were too dominate to last for any length of time and that you were interested in me too."

"When did you figure that out?"

"When you first hugged me. I've been comfort hugged a lot since Jake's father was sick. Your might have started as a comfort hug but by the time you released me I could feel a change in your grip. The look of desire in your eyes, while we ate that first meal was over obvious."

"I'm that obvious huh." Brandi undid the buttons on her Jacket slowly while looking in the eyes of Janet. She then removed her Jacket to reveal her thin white cotton stretch lace camisole top. Brandi's round firm breasts were barely contained by the thin material. "Well let's just say I don't see a reason for holding back."

"You've asked me a lot of questions," Janet said refilling both of their glasses with the red liquid they were growing fond of. "You are such a catch, how come you don't have some significant other free spirit?"

"You want the whole story of why I'm this happy girl you see before you now."

"Yes do tell."

"Well, it wasn't a pretty start. I fell for a boy in high school. Thought he was the light of my life, my future of happiness, and all that crap. We were both very religious, so we never went all the way, until we were engaged in college at twenty. Well I should say I was religious, he was religiously screwed up." Brandi laughed at herself. "Can you imagine I even turned down a scholarship to an Ivy League school to go to the same one as that -- that imbecile." Brandi face turned to a frown as she remembered her devotion to him. "I even had our kid's names picked out.

"But everything changed one night. I got out of a night class early and I went over to see him at his apartment. We lived in the same apartment complex, I had his keys and he had mine. I opened his door and there he was fucking his bleached blond cow tit bimbo neighbor, Ginny, doggystyle right there in the living room. His eyes were closed so he didn't see me until I screamed. If there had been a knife or gun within sight; I believe I could have killed him."

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