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Progressive Learning


[This is a series of stories, a serial story of truth-based events in my life, before condoms were considered safe sex. This is the first as an introduction. It is a variation of an earlier submitted story, but fresh and new. I want feedback to decide whether or not to continue with the series. Now, first story of the series.]

Progressive Lessons in Man-Man Sex

Slick with Bud's spit and clear pre-cum juice my lightly furred, crinkled anus resisted his stiff cock as he pushed his mushroom head against my tiny hole. "Now relax then tighten your stomach like you're going to the bathroom," Bud instructed me. I took a deep breath, exhaled, relaxed. The pressure of his cock knob increased against my anal ring. I took another breath, tightened my stomach muscles and grunted.

"Unnnh, ooooh," I squealed as his cockhead entered my lenslike opening. I tried to move away from him.

With one hand over my shoulder, his other hand keeping his long cock from bending, as I knelt on my knees in front of him he held me in place. I kept my head low, down on the sleeping bag in our tent, my buttocks up high, legs spread for his access, "Relax now, baby, and take it," he said.

I wanted it in me so much, wanted his love anyway he would give it to me. "Hunh, hunh, hunh," I gasped, breathing rapidly, trying to accept the pressure, the stretched feeling in my now ovaled hole.

"You'll be okay, Roy," Bud assured me. "Soon it will be feeling so good for you. Remember how good it felt when I sucked you, you sucked me, you fucked me. You want us both to feel that good don't you?"

"Umnh, yes, I do, Bud," I answered. "You promise it will feel that good."

"Even better," he said, "better than we have ever felt before. You'll love it as much as you love me sucking you, you sucking me, fucking me."

Trusting this man who had taught me so much about sex with him so far, I said, "Go ahead then. Teach me how to do this too."

"Do what, baby?" he asked.

"Do what you want to do with me," I answered.

"Say it, Roy," he said. "Say what you want me to do. Tell me what you want. Use the words I taught you when you fucked me."

"I want you to fuck me, Bud," I said.

"Yes," he said expecting more as he held me back against his cockhead in my tight hole.

"Stick your cock in me, Bud, please," I begged him. "Put it all the way in me and fuck me. Cum in me. Make me cum for you."

"Yes, baby, that's it," he responded. "Push with your stomach muscles again, Roy. Relax and take me in you."

With visions of my cock in his sucking mouth, in his ass, his cock - so big, long, thick - in my mouth, his hairy pubes, big, lowhanging balls full of the sweet cum he had taught me to enjoy tasting so much, his muscular farmer's body, tanned, toned, well-haired, I took another breath and grunted again.

While I was inhaling he spit a big glob of saliva in the crack of my ass right where his cockhead was stuck in me. He spit again, this time on his cock. He slicked his shaft and my anus, smoothing his spit around my hole and his veiny rod. He milked a string of pre-cum from his cock into my rectum oiling it for his further entry.

Pulling with gentle, firm pressure on my shoulder, he straightened the bend in his cock that was caused by the tightness of my hole as he held his fat mushroom crown just inside my slowly yielding sphincter.

"Aaaaaah," I groaned in pleasure as an inch or two of his manmeat slithered past my gripping ring of soft, wet flesh, his cockhead slid deeper into my rectum, .

"You okay, honey?" Bud asked.

"Hunh," I gasped again, breathing raggedly. "Umnh huh. More. Put more in me," I said.

"You do it," he said. "It will feel better if you do it. Rock back on me," he instructed me. "Fuck my cock up into you, just the way you learned to take it down your throat."

"Oooooh," I shuddered, my body trembling, feeling hot, sweaty, even in the night air of our tent in our isolated campsite.

We were in the wooded hills behind our adjoining farmlands - his and that of my family. Aided by the pressure of his hand on my shoulder, I pushed back toward him. "Umnh, oh yeah, yes, yes," I moaned as more of his cock slid into me. "Hunh, hunh," I breathed heavily. "Is that all of it. Are you all the way in me?" I asked.

Bud chuckled. "About half of it, baby," he answered.

"Oh, Bud, it is so long, so deep in me," I said. "There is more?"

"Yes, baby," he answered again. "You've got about half of it in you, three or four more inches to go."

"Ummmmmnnnnnh," I moaned, "it feels so good. I want it all. I want all of it in me. I want you to fuck me and shoot your hot, creamy cum up my ass."

"Oh I will, baby," Bud promised. "I'll fuck you good with all my cock and fill you with my cum.

"It is so big. How can I get it all in me?" I asked Bud.

"I'll help you, honey," Bud said. "Just be still for a minute."

Until Bud said that I did not realize I was moving my butt around and around, up and down on his cock embedded only half way in me, trying to take more of it deeper into me.

Now past the point where his cock had bent before as Bud coaxed it into me, he let go of his shaft with his one hand. Knowing I really wanted all of his cock fucking me, he let go of my shoulder. At first he put the fingers of one hand in my mouth. I sucked on three of his fingers wetting them with my saliva. He switched to the other hand in my mouth. The first hand slick with my spit went to one of my nipples and toyed with it. I wet his hand in my mouth, and he played with both of my nipples. Using one hand then on my nipples he massaged down my chest to my stomach, fingered my navel. Leaving my erected, wet nipples, he brushed a hand in my pubic hair. He cupped my limp cock and balls in a hand and went back with his other hand to fondle my nipples some more. He leaned over my back, his sweaty chest and stomach against my back and buttocks, he whispered into my ear, "Feel it, baby?"

He was wriggling his long cock in my ass opening me further, bit by bit of his rod eased further into me.

"Oh yeah, oh, I feel it," I moaned.

My asshole was tingling all inside, filled deeper with his cock, the knob lodged way inside me, the shaft working me open wider for him.

"Fuck back on me again, baby," he said, nuzzling my neck, kissing me lightly on my shoulder, my neck, nipping at my taut flesh. "Take it all in you now. Feel it slide up in you."

I sure felt it. All of his cock entered me, his full seven plus inches, buried to the hilt in me. His sweaty body pressed against my sweaty back. A hand feeling my erect nipples. His mouth kissing, licking, nuzzling my shoulders, neck, ears, his tongue swabbing the sweat off me. His wiry, black pubic hairs in the cleft of my ass. His balls resting against mine. Hot, wet pressure deep in my ass.

He eased back an inch, another, another. His cockhead raked against a most sensitive spot in my rectum. I shuddered, felt like I was peeing. I lowered my head slightly, arching up on the crown of my head and looked past my chest, my stomach to see my cock, half hard now. One of Bud's hands was cupped under the head of my dangling cock. At first I thought I was seeing my pee run into his hand, then I realized even in the subdued light in the tent lit only by the campfire outside the open tent door flaps that I was running a steady stream of clear pre-cum, not yellow pee. I watched Bud bring his pre-cum-filled hand to my cock knob, felt him massage it onto the head of my tingling penis, slime it up over my shaft and start stroking me to full hardness.

"Unnnh, unnh, unnh," I moaned.

"Yeah, yeah, baby, you like that?" Bud hissed in my ear. You like my cock fucking you, me stroking your dick?"

"Oh yeah, yes, Roy, fuck me, jack me off. Make me cum," I begged my manlover.

Only then did I realize Bud was sliding his cock slowly back and forth in my ass, fucking me with his long, thick, veiny mantool. He was going deep in me and stroking my now fully erect, pre-cum slick cock. I was rocking in time with his movements.

As if he was reading my mind, Bud said, "I'm playing with your clit baby and fucking your tight, hot pussy. You like it?" he asked.

"Umnh, umnh, umnh, umnh," I grunted with each stroke of Bud's cock in my asscunt, each slide of his hand up and down my slick, hard cock as he pumped more and more of my juice out of me. "I love it, Roy," I answered. "Fuck me good. Harder, faster."

He picked up the pace of his cock in my rectum, took longer, faster strokes. I rocked with him, driving him as deep as he could go into me, wriggling, twisting, humping on his big rod as he bottomed out in me on each stroke.

We were both sweating profusely now, our armpits dripping perspiration, our slick bodies working together, droplets dripping from both of us, mine onto the sleeping bag underneath me, his sweat onto my back, buttocks, legs. His cockhead was coming just to the edge of my sphincter then driving back up inside me until his hairy pubes scruffed in the crack of my ass, his balls bouncing aginst my also bouncing sack. He was kissing my shouders, neck, back, rising up and down, riding me hard with his cock.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, unh, unh, unh, unh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, harder, faster," I grunted. "Oh fuck me, I'm gonna cum."

"Unh, unh, unh, yeees, oh yeees," Bud hissed into my ear. "So good, such good ass, baby." Bud plunged into me deep and stopped. He pressed his cock hard up my ass.

"Unnnngh, don't stop, please, Bud," I pleaded. "Fuck me more. I want to cum for you."

Holding his cock fully up in me, Bud said, "Oh you will, baby, but I want to watch your face when you cum. I want to see you when I shoot my hot load up your ass. I'm going to turn you over," he said. Expertly, Bud lifted one of my legs and passed it over his head, twisting me over. My asshole speared deeply by him rotated on his cock, and another stream of pre-cum ran from my tingling slit.

I was now on my back. Bud pulled his cock back, pushed it into me, adjusted up onto his knees, lifted my legs, pushed them back. He hunched his cock into me.

"Unnngh," I grunted as he went deeper into me than before. My hard, leaking just under six-inches dick arched up tight against my lower belly, the head reaching almost to my navel. I slimed myself with more pre-cum.

Bud took my cock in his hand again and stroked it. He leaned over me and kissed me on the mouth. I gave him my tongue as he slid his tongue into my mouth. Our lips locked together in a hot kiss. He raised up, lifted my balls, readjusted his cock in my hole and slid it back slowly, then pushed it into me. Stroking my cock with one hand and supporting himself with the other on the sleeping bag, he worked his cock back and forth in me. He kissed, licked and sucked my nipples, stroking and fucking me all the time. Faster, faster, his cock slid back and forth in my hole. He raised his upper body, gazing down at me, stroking my cock faster and raking his thick knob over the most sensitive spot deep inside me.

I felt my sperm rising, my cock hardening even more, lengthening, thickening, tingling. A bolt of cum shot from the slit in the head of my throbbing cock, another, another, another, squirting up to my chest, on my belly, into my pubic hairs. Thick, white cum oozed from my cock. As I shot my load, my ass clenched and released on Bud's pummeling shaft thrusting back and forth in me.

The rippling of my ass on his cock brought him over the edge. He plunged hard into me. His cock, like mine had just done, hardened, lengthened, thickened and let loose a blast of creamy cum deep in my bowels. He fucked into it, shooting more and more of his cum into me, thick wads, long strings, hot, slick, gushing as he kept on pounding his cock back and forth in me.

My whole body collapsed. I had given my ass to my manlover. I would let him fuck me anytime he wanted after this first experience. I would mouth kiss him, kiss, lick, suck his nipples, armpits, suck his cock. I would kiss, lick his balls. I would rim his ass. I would do anything he wanted so he would fuck me. I surrendered completely to Bud. I was his pitlicking, nipplesucking, cocksucker, ball licking, assrimming, cumslut, pussy. I lay there with Bud on top of me, his sweaty body covering mine, his cock still up my ass, his cum leaking from my hole down the crack of my ass onto the sleeping bag.

Finally Bud eased his cock out of my ass. A thick glob of his cum gushed out of my hole with a squishy sound and ran down my crack onto my inner thighs. The tent reeked of our sex and sweat. Bud cleaned my cock with his mouth. He licked my cum off my belly and chest. He knee walked up over my body and draped his cock to my mouth. "Clean me, Roy," Bud said matter of factly. I did not hesitate. I took his cock in my hand and guided it to my lips. I kissed the head, licked it, licked his shaft, cleaning his cum and my ass musk from his big veiny rod. I laved all the cum off his pubic hairs, off his ball sack and stroked his cock, getting him hard so I could suck, deepthroat him, and him fuck me again.

After this first time I wanted Bud's cock fucking my ass again, other cocks fucking me, and as usual, Bud seemed to read my mind. After enjoying my mouth sucking him, and him fucking me again, he asked me, "Roy you really liked that. Do you want other men to fuck you too?" Some of my friends?"

Embarrassed, but truthful, I answered, "Yes."

"I'll make it happen for you, baby," he promised.

Until he fulfilled his promise, Bud and I continued with the sucking and fucking that he had taught me so well.

[Continued story, as promised, if you like this and want more. Let me know. Feedback here or by email.]

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