tagGay MaleProgressive Learning Ch. 02

Progressive Learning Ch. 02


The hot sex with Bud started because he and I lived on adjoining farms in the southern U.S. Bud and his family raised cattle. My family and I, mostly I, as a teenager, raised pigs. Both of our families raised crops of corn, hay, oats to feed the cattle and pigs, and garden crops for our own sustenance. Bud had a brother and three sisters. I had only one brother. Both my parents worked, so my brother and I were alone a lot on the farm at home. Bud was in his 20s. I was sure younger than him when Bud started introducing me to sex.

The first instances were in my breeding my sow pigs with a boar hog, and Bud breeding cattle - his family's cows with a bull or by artificial insemination. As adjoining farmers we helped each other with those and other chores. Bud made some interesting comments when he helped me bring my sows to a boar. As we watched the pigs breed Bud asked me about my sexual experiences. I told him since I was just a kid I had no sexual experiences. He asked, "None, you have had no sexual experiences? You don't even jack off?" I was not sure what he meant, but I said, "No."

Later when we were attending to his cows being bred by a bull, he asked me if I had started jacking off yet. Still, I did not know what he meant, so I said, "No," again. Even later I was helping him breed a cow by artificial insemination. He asked me if I would like to fuck the cow. I told him no and added that seemed a gross thought. He laughed and said it would really be fun, feel real good.

Another time while artificially breeding some cows his youngest brother and sister were helping us. He coaxed his sister into letting him fuck her since she seemed excited by the work with the cow. After he fucked his sister, he showed her how to suck, first her younger brother's cock, then his. Demonstrating how to suck for his sister, Bud sucked his brother. Then he had her do it to their younger brother and to him. Again, he asked me about sex - jacking off, and if I wanted to fuck his sister, her suck me, me suck or fuck his brother. Excited some but still too young and afraid of being caught or something else bad happening, I declined all of Bud's offers.

That was the background when Bud asked me one day if I would like to go camping and hunting with him. Both of us were a year older. I was xx. I enjoyed hunting, had my own guns - a 16-gauge shotgun, .22-caliber rifle, and a .38 caliber revolver. I also enjoyed camping, often alone, and had my own camping equipment - tent, sleeping bag, cooking and eating utensils. Although old enough to be on my own, I still lived with my parents. So I got permission to go camping and hunting over a long weekend with Bud, and they arranged for my younger brother to stay with an uncle and aunt.

On a Thursday afternoon, with no commitments off the farm for me on Friday or the coming Monday, Bud and I took our guns and gear and hiked into the woods behind our farms. We went to a nice cleared site by a creek that I had used before. We set up our campsite, erecting the tent and laying out our sleeping bags, digging a hole in the ground and surrounding it with rocks for a campfire. We hunted until near dark, taking several squirrels, some rabbits and quail. Back at the campsite we cleaned the game, secured some in a waterproof can and put it in the creek to keep the meat cool and edible for the next few days. We cooked some for our dinner that evening.

After dinner we washed the cooking and eating utensils in the creek and bathed together naked. While we were washing the utensils and especially while bathing together I noticed Bud's cock was bigger than mine by a couple or more inches and it got hard too. I was sneaking glances at him, but he was staring at my naked body openly. With the stimulation of the hunt, the good meal, bathing naked together, and despite my lack of experience with sex yet, or maybe because of it, I got hard too.

We went into the tent together, still naked, but I intended to wear my underwear - shorts and a t-shirt - for sleeping. As I knelt in the tent taking my underclothes out of my backpack with my back turned to Bud, I felt him touch my buttcheeks. I turned around and sat on my sleeping bag, still naked and my cock half hard then erecting again. I covered my crotch, my hard cock with my hands. Bud sat on his sleeping bag too; his cock exposed and erect, sticking up from a thick, wiry patch of pubic hairs above his cock, a trail of hairs running up to his navel, to his hairy chest. His legs were crossed and open, his muscular, hairy thighs framing his stiff cock that arched up in its hardness. A little pearl of clear liquid glistened at the slit in the center of his thick mushroom-shaped crown.

"Have you enjoyed the afternoon?" Bud asked me.

"Yes, I have," I answered innocently.

"Would you like to have some more fun?" he asked.

"Well yes I expect we will," I answered, thinking of the next four days of doing the things I liked - hunting, maybe fishing some in the creek, and camping out, sleeping under the stars.

"You expect we will?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Yes, I expect so."

"Why?" he asked. "How?"

"Hunting, fishing, camping out together," I answered him, again innocently.

"Sure," he said, "but we can have even more fun than that.

"How?" I asked.

"I brought some beer and whiskey," he said. "Would you like to have a drink or two with me?" he asked.

"I guess so," I said. "I have never had beer or whiskey before."

"Let me show you how then," he suggested.

"Okay," I responded.

He turned aside and dug into his backpack, exposing his butt and his big, lowhanging balls to me. He came out with a six-pack of beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey. He sat down again spraddlelegged, his cock still sticking up hard. He cracked open a beer and opened the bottle of Jack Daniels. He took a swig of the whiskey, followed it with a gulp of beer and handed the can of beer and bottle of whiskey to me. I followed his example; took only a small sip of the whiskey and chased it with the beer. I gasped as the whiskey burned down my throat, soothed only a bit by a big swallow of the foamy, warm beer.

Faking the same enjoyment he had shown, I said in a squeaky voice, choking back another gasp, "Good." I offered the bottle and can back to him.

He raised his hands toward me. "Take another if you like it," he offered.

Intimidated by my youth and wanting to enjoy not only the next four days with this man but also a lasting relationship with him as a neighboring farmer, I took a good swallow of the whiskey this time and another swallow of the beer. Then I passed the bottle and can to him. We passed them back and forth, drinking and talking idly about the pleasures of the hike, the hunt, the meal cooked on the campfire, the bath in the creek.

At my mention of the bath, Bud said, "I noticed you were looking at me when we were bathing. Have you done anything sexual yet? Since you saw me fuck Linda (his sister), and us sucking Doug (his brother), her sucking me, when we were breeding the cows?"

"No," I said shyly, "but I've sure been thinking about it. A lot," I added.

Bud grinned at me. I grinned back at him, emboldened by the feelings the beer and whiskey were arousing in me. My head was reeling a bit. I felt a little dizzy. My cock was real hard.

"A lot?" Bud asked, "you ready to try something? With me? Want me to suck you? Suck you off in my mouth?"

His questions were coming so quick. I had the beer and whiskey in my hands again and took good swallows of each - the whiskey first, then the beer.

"Yes," I squeaked.

"Yes?" Bud asked, "you said yes? You want me to suck you?"

"Yes," I affirmed, and took two more drinks.

Bud reached and took my cock in his hand. He massaged, pulled on, stroked it. "Lay back," he said. "Lay on your back and let me suck you."

I laid down on my sleeping bag, my legs open and raised slightly. Bud leaned over and guided my cock to his lips. He kissed the head, curled his tongue around it and licked.

"Unnnnh," I moaned in pleasure, the ground seeming to move, to turn slowly underneath my naked body.

Bud went down on me, his mouth engulfing my cock.

"Ummmnnnh, oh yeah," I breathed, feeling the warm wetness of his mouth moving up and down on my stiff cock, his tongue swirling around, his lips clasping me tight.

"Ummfph, gud," Bud mumbled his mouth full of my cock. He raised his head slurping up my cock until it popped from between his lips. "You like?" he asked.

"Umnh, yeah, I love it," I answered him.

He went back down on my cock, cupped my balls in one hand and twiddled my nipples with his other hand. I raised up to watch him, his head moving up and down, cheeks concave as he sucked, puffed out as he blew and went down on me deeper. Bobbing, sucking, he nursed at my cock and tweaked my nipples, rubbed my stomach, lower belly, fondled by balls.

I felt a tingling in by nuts, all over my cock, and in my lower belly. I felt like I was peeing as my cock grew wetter, slicker from his mouth, tongue and lips working on me. I started raising my hips, pushing up into his face as he sucked me. My cock throbbed, ached, pulsed.

Bud lifted his face from my crotch, let my cock slide between his lips out of his mouth. He held it and stroked it slowly against his face. I saw some slimy juice on his cheek, around his lips, drooling out of his mouth.

"Are you going to cum?" he asked.

"I don't know," I said. "I have never cum. It feels so good though. Funny, different, but good."

"You are going to cum, " he said, "and I want your cum in my mouth. I want to taste it, swallow it."

He lifted my cock out of his way and kissed, licked my balls, still stroking me slowly. He raised my legs one at a time with one of his hands, then both of them and licked up and down the crack of my ass. I shuddered at the feeling. He centered his tongue on my crinkled asshole and licked it. He probed at my hole with his tongue. He mouthed one of my balls, the other one. He licked up my cock and capped the head between his lips. He tongued my slit. He pushed his mouth down on me and swallowed taking my cock down his throat.

"Oh, oh, oh," I groaned. My first cum ever gushed from my balls, up my shaft, out the slit in the head of my penis. I flooded Bud's mouth with my hot, slimy jism. He gulped it down, swallowing fast as shot after shot of my cum surged into his mouth.

My cock tingled so bad I wanted to scream. I wriggled away from him, pushed his mouth off of my cock, and his hand too.

Bud raised up grinning at me. He opened his mouth and showed me a thick wad of creamy, white cum on his tongue. He closed his mouth and swallowed. He opened his mouth again and showed me the cum was gone, down his gullet, into his stomach. He had sucked me off and swallowed all my cum.

He moved up my body and kissed me on the mouth. I expected it to taste yucky, my cum in his mouth, but it tasted good as he explored my mouth with his tongue. I answered with my tongue in his mouth, tasting my jizz and his spit.

Bud broke the kiss. He lifted his head, and asked, "Did you like it, Roy? Enjoy me sucking you off? Swallowing your cum? Giving you a taste of it with the kiss?"

Again the questions came so fast. I answered with one, "Yes." Then I asked, "Can I suck you too?" I wanted to give him the same pleasure he had just given me.

"You really want to suck me, baby?" he asked. "You want to suck my cock and swallow my cum?"

"Yes," I answered. "I want to make you feel as good as you as you made me feel. I want to suck you and swallow all your cum."

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