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Prostitute Part Time


“We have the rent to pay. What are we going to do?”, I said to my husband, Bill.

“I don’t know. I know we are behind in the rent. Maybe something will work out.”

“You’ve been saying that for a long time. I know you couldn’t help from being laid off at your good job. But, I’m getting desperate.”

“Betty, you know I’m trying. We’re both working at McDonalds while I continue to look for a job with my skills. When the economy gets better, I’ll surely be making good money.”

“That’s too far in the future. We need the money right now before we get evicted. The landlord was here again today to say if we didn’t come up with the money, we had to move. Where are we going to move? Where will our two children sleep? By the way, every time that slimy landlord sees me, he looks me up and down like he is undressing me.”

Bill knew most men took a second look at his very pretty and sexy wife. He was proud of the fact other men looked at Betty.

A couple of days later the landlord, Tom, came to the house while I was alone.

He said, “Listen pretty lady, you are three months behind in the rent. I’ve been rather patient with you and your family. You have to pay or move.”

I gave him a pretty smile, “I know you need your money, but we don’t have it. We’ve already borrowed from friends to buy food and pay the utility bills. Please give us more time.”

“I’m sorry, but either pay or move. Or.....”, his voice trailed off.

“What do you mean or....”

“Well, you are a pretty lady and very sexy looking. If you would be friendly with me, maybe we could work something out.”

“You bastard. What do you think I am?”

“That’s up to you, sexy lady. Think it over and I’ll come back tomorrow for my money or.....”

As he walked out the door I slammed it. I was practically in tears.

That night after the children were in bed, I told Bill what the landlord said. Bill was very upset, but then we started to discuss the pros and cons of what we were going to do. I wanted my kids to have a home and bed with food on the table. I was willing to sacrifice myself for them. Bill kept saying he would not let me do it. After much discussion, I think it finally dawned on us that it would solve much of our financial problems. Bill knew I was not a virgin before I married him. One more guy wouldn’t make much difference. Three months back rent was a lot of money and maybe he would include a month’s rent in advance. That would be worth a quick roll in the bed.

The next evening after Bill and I returned from our low paying jobs, Tom, the landlord knocked on our door.

“I’ve come for the rent money for the last time.”

I smiled at him, “We’ve thought it over and I’m going to do the “or” thing you mentioned yesterday. We want you to include a month’s rent in advance, too.”

“Now wait a minute, I can’t afford to write off that much. I have to pay my bills too. I’m willing to write off one month’s back rent.”

I was devastated, “I can’t do it for only one month’s rent. We would still owe you two more months back rent. You have to give me more credit than that.”

“Since you are such a pretty lady, I’ll give you credit for two months and no more. Take it or move.”

I looked sadly at Bill, then turned to Tom to say, “Alright. Come back tomorrow when the children are in school. Bill and I will both be here in the morning. We have to work in the afternoon.”

Tom looked very pleased, “You will still owe me another month’s back rent. I’ll ask my brother if he would be interested in visiting you to pay for the rest of your rent.”

I scowled at him, “I’ll think about that. Tomorrow morning, I want you to have a bath and shave before you visit me.”

He sarcastically said, “I’ll be here pretty lady ready to give you a thrill.”

The next morning I got up and didn’t dress. I would be wearing only my robe when Tom arrived. I planned to take him to the bedroom, shed my robe and let him quickly fuck me. Then I would get up, put my robe on, and usher him out the door.

Tom arrived looking rather presentable, better than I had ever seen him. He was about fifty years old while I am thirty.

He greeted me with a smile, “Good morning, pretty lady. It’s a beautiful morning. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.”

Tom faced Bill, “Good morning to you too.”

I knew I might as well get it over with and quickly responded, “I’m ready for you, let’s go in the bedroom.”

Tom looked at Bill, “Thank you for loaning your pretty wife to me.”

When I took my last look at Bill, he looked like he had lost his last friend.

Tom followed me down the hall to the guest bedroom. I refused to fuck him in the master bedroom where Bill and I shared our marriage bed. Once in the room, he walked up behind me and removed the robe from my shoulders to let it fall. He turned me around to look up and down my naked body. There was plenty of light for him to see me because the morning light was shining in the windows.

He exclaimed, “Beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone more beautiful that you.”

I was surprised that he could be talking so nice to me.

His hands roamed over my breasts. I stood still allowing him to feel various parts of my body.

I said, “Come on, take off your clothes and let’s get started.”

He responded, “Please don’t be in too big a hurry.”

I laid on the bed while he shed his clothes. His very hard cock popped into view as he dropped his shorts. I knew he would soon be poking it in me. I had already decided to avoid sucking him. Also, I didn’t really want to let him kiss me, but didn’t know if I could avoid it. He was a big man while I am a light weight. I knew he could easily manhandle me and do most anything he wanted.

He quickly got on the bed, put his arms around me and pushed his lips on mine. His tongue was thrusting against my teeth. He was holding me very tight which didn’t allow me to resist his advances.

He kissed my neck, then back to my lips. I had opened my mouth to breath at the same time his tongue penetrated my lips and passed my teeth searching for my tongue. I thought about biting down on his tongue, but was afraid of his reaction. Instead, I cooperated with a sexy kiss. That really turned him on as his hand moved down over my stomach to feel my pussy.

He moved his mouth down to kiss my breasts, then on down to kiss my crotch. He forced my legs apart so that he could easily lick my pussy. It felt good every time his tongue touched my clit, but I was determined to not enjoy sex with him. I just wanted him to cum and get it over with.

I said, “Why don’t you get on top of me and do it.”

He didn’t say anything, but got on top as I spread my legs wider. I reached down between out bodies to aim his cock. I wasn’t wet enough for him to penetrate me.

I said, “I’m a little dry, push a little, then pull back. Work it in slowly.”

I held on to his cock as he pushed in a little, then pulled back several times going in a little deeper each time. Finally, I removed my hand to let his cock go fully in me. He fucked me slowly as if he wanted it to last forever.

While this was going on, I thought about my husband in the living room waiting for me to finish. I was wondering what he was thinking. Would he still love me? I was doing this for him and my two children.

His large body was beginning to be heavy on me. I told him, “You are too heavy, let me on top.”

We rolled over without his cock slipping out. Now I was able to fuck him. I decided to fuck him as fast as I could to make him cum. He was holding my breasts to keep them from bouncing up and down so much. I could hear him starting to groan and assumed he would soon be cumming. I gyrated on him even faster and could feel his cock jerking in my pussy. He was groaning very loud and finally yelled at the peak of his orgasm. I’m sure Bill could hear him in the other room and I was glad our children were in school.

I sat on him until his cock started shrinking and I couldn’t feel it. I got up to let his cum drain down on his balls. I put my robe on and said, “I’ll be in the living room with my husband while you dress.”

Bill met me in the middle of the room to hug and kiss me. He said, “I love you very much.”

I was so glad to hear him say that. I responded, “And I love you. I did it for us.”

He emphatically said, “I know you did, and I love you even more.”

Tom came into the room to say, “That was really nice. Well worth two months rent. Now what about the remaining overdue rent including next months rent?”

Bill said, “Call us tomorrow and we’ll talk about it.”

Tom, the landlord left.

Bill still held me in his arms. I could feel his hard cock punching into me.

I said, “Did that turn you on.”

“Yes it did, especially when I heard him groan and yell. I knew he was shooting cum in your pussy. Wow! That was a turn on.”

“Alright, dear husband, come in the bedroom with me. I didn’t have an orgasm with him, but I want one with you.”

Once in the bedroom, we were quickly naked on the bed. The room had a sex odor especially when I spread my legs to let some of Tom’s cum ooze out of me. Bill could hardly wait to bury his cock in my very juicy pussy with the remnants of Tom’s cum.

Bill said, “Oh, that feels so good, so slippery and sloppy with Tom’s cum still in you.”

I responded, “Does that turn you on to have sloppy seconds?”

“It sure does. I could spend all day in bed with you if we didn’t have to go to our jobs.”

I was rather turned on to know that Bill like fucking me with another man’s cum in my pussy.

After we had orgasms, we laid in each other’s arms a few minutes to dwell and talk about what happened this morning. I had fucked the landlord to pay the rent. Now my husband had sloppy seconds.

What were we going to do about the additional rent we owed. We had never met Tom’s brother, but would we be interested in inviting him? Maybe Tom could afford to come back to trade more rent for sex. Hopefully, Bill will get a good paying job in his higher level skill and I wouldn’t have to fuck the landlord for the rent.

The next day, Tom called, “I would like to work something out with you. I can’t do it this month, but next month I could trade two month’s rent with you again. If you would like to earn additional cash, my brother is interested. What would you charge?”

The offer of his brother irritated me. I said, “Right now, I can do without the extra money your brother would give me, but you can come back next month.”

Later, Bill and I looked at our stack of bills to be paid. My time in bed with Tom wasn’t all that bad. I had given my body to him and let him cum in me one time. It only took a half hour. I could easily do that again with Tom or his brother. I don’t think Bill minded too much because it turned him on and he wanted to immediately make love to me.

I decided to call Tom. “Tom, is your brother still interested in coming over here to see me?”

I quoted Tom a price for a half hour in bed with me.

A few minutes later, Tom called back to say, “My brother, Tim, is really excited and he can be at your house at nine o’clock in the morning.”

“That’s alright with me. Tell him to shower and shave like you did.”

After breakfast the next morning and the children were off to school, I again was dressed in my robe. I think Bill was more nervous than I was. We had never met Tim before and I was wondering what he would look like.

As we opened the door for Tim, he said, “I’m Tim, am I in the right house?”

“Yes, we were expecting you.” I could see he was an older brother. I didn’t care about the age because all I was interested in was being in bed with him for thirty minutes and get the money.”

Tim reached in his pocket and handed me a wad of bill. I assumed it was all there and didn’t count it. I handed the money to my husband, Bill.

I cheerily said, “Alright, Tim, I’m ready, let’s go in the bedroom.”

Once we were in the spare bedroom, he seemed shy. I turned to face him and smiled. I let my robe slip off my shoulders and drop to the floor. I could see his eyes light up as he looked at my naked body. His eyes focused on my breasts.

I softly said, “Go ahead, touch them.”

His hands caressed them, then I said, “Kiss them if you want to.”

I wasn’t interested in delaying, but the sooner he got turned on and fucked me, the sooner I would be back in the other room with my husband.

I though he was rather handsome for a guy much older than myself, so when he started to kiss me, I responded with a sexy tongue searching kiss.

I said, “Take off your clothes and let’s get started.”

I sat on the bed while he undressed. I had no intention of sucking him, but wanted him to fuck me and cum similar to the way Tom did. Once he was naked and his cock was sticking straight out ready for action, he walked toward the bed. Guess I had made the mistake by sitting on the bed instead of lying down, because now his cock was at my mouth. I stroked his cock with one hand while I looked at the large purple head. I had the urge to take it in my mouth.

I looked up at his face as he said, “Please!”

I knew what he meant by that. I thought about all the money he was paying me, so why shouldn’t I give him what he wants. I took the head in my mouth and heard him moan a little.

He said, “Ooooooh, that is so good. Take more of it.”

I glanced up at his face to see his pleading look. I took it in my mouth and throat as far as I could. He was slowly fucking my mouth and groaning. I didn’t know if he was going to cum right away or not.

I pulled back to stroke his cock and thought about my husband in the other room. Would he be turned on after I finished with Tim? Would Tim make a lot of noise for Bill to hear? I was hoping he would.

I looked up at Tim’s face and asked, “Do you want me to finish you this way or do you want to fuck me.”

“I want it both ways.”

“Do you mean you want to cum twice in a half hour.?”

“I know I can’t do it twice in a half hour, but I’ll give you a big tip if you will let me stay for two times.”

I knew I had plenty of time this morning before going to work in the afternoon, so why not make more money for the extra time.

I responded, “Alright, that’s a deal.”

“Thank you, I want to fuck you first, then I’ll have the blow job next.”

I immediately rolled over on the bed to lie on my back. I closed my eyes and spread my legs. I thought he was going to get on top, but I felt his mouth at my crotch. He licked my pussy and sucked on my clit causing my juices to flow. Was I going to get in the mood and have an orgasm with this stranger? I hadn’t planned it that way, but it might be possible.

I now had a positive attitude about sex with Tim. He moved up on my body to sink his cock fully in me. It did feel good. He was in no hurry and fucked me for quite a while before he started to approach an orgasm. I liked his cock in me and I thought I could have an orgasm at the same time. He became very vocal as his body sexually surged causing my orgasm to come on strong. His cock was erupting spurt after spurt in my trembling body.

He rolled off of me as I held tissues at my crotch. I decided to go clean up in the hall bathroom. Bill was sitting in the living room looking down the hall. He saw me naked with the tissues at my crotch as I walked to the hall bathroom. He came in the bathroom with me and shut the door. I sat on the commode to let Tim’s cum drain.

Bill said, “Guess you finished him off in the half hour. I’m glad to have you back.”

Bill was standing in front of me and I could see the big bulge in his pants. He started rubbing it.

I said, “Tim is going to give me a bit tip. I’m going back in there to give him a blow job.”

Bill looked disappointed, “What about me.” He had unzipped and pulled out his hard cock.

I was still sitting on the commode when I took my husband’s cock in my mouth. He was so hot that he cum after just a few strokes. I consumed all of Bill’s cum and was ready to go back in the bedroom to do the same with Tim.

I said, “I’ll probably be longer with Tim this second time because I think it will take some time to get him hard again. He’s much older and I”ll probably have to work on him for awhile. It’s worth it to get the extra money. Go on back in the living room and wait.”

Bill grinned at me, “Your hair is a tangle. You really look fresh fucked.”

“I can’t help if it this guy rolled me around in bed to mess up my hair.”

“Alright, make the extra money. Why don’t you leave the bedroom door open a crack so I can hear what is going on. Also, maybe I can peek in.”

“I’ll leave the door cracked, but make sure Tim doesn’t see you.”

Tim was sitting up in bed when I returned. He was smiling and invited me back in bed. I saw his cock was flaccid and I knew it would take some time to get it hard again. I doubted we had much in common to talk about, so I might as well play with his cock and balls and occasionally suck them in my mouth.

I moved down in bed to lie between his spread legs with my legs off the end of the bed. I leaned on one elbow while I used my other hand to play with his cock and balls. I sucked his small cock and raised back up a little to let it come out of my mouth with a plopping sound. He was sitting up in bed watching me. I licked all around his balls while stroking his cock. I think he was getting his moneys worth. He had better give me a big tip. I noticed there was some stiffness coming back into his cock. The head was getting bigger as I sucked on it.

He was repeating the words, “Oh, that is so good”, over and over again.

I was wondering about my husband. I had sucked him off once, but would he want to fuck me before we both went to work in the afternoon? What was Bill thinking right now while I am in here sucking on Tim?

Then I happened to glance over at the big mirror. I could see my husband, Bill, peeking through the cracked door in the reflection of the mirror. He could easily see Tim and me on the bed. I doubted Tim would look toward the mirror because he was intently watching me suck his cock.

Tim’s cock was getting harder as I began to concentrate more on it. I was holding his balls and stroking his cock while my mouth was about half way down. Just at time he shot cum in my mouth. He moaned and yelled, “Ooooooooooo.......”, as his body shook. I kept sucking to consume all of his cum.

I glanced at the mirror to see my husband was still watching. I assumed he saw Tim cum in my mouth.

I moved up in a sitting position on the bed near Tim. One of his hands reached over to feel my breasts.

Tim softly said, “You are really something. I’ve never had anything this good in my life. When my wife was living, sex with her was never this good. I want to come back to visit you again.”

I chuckled and responded, “We’ll wait and see what happens. Maybe you can.”

I put my robe on and handed Tim his clothes as he put each article on. We walked in the living room together to find Bill sitting on the couch.

Tim reached in his pocket to hand me several bills.

I said, “Thank you, Tim, for the money. We really need it or I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Tim looking lovingly in my eyes to say, “I want to thank you for all your sweetness and loving.”

Tim stuck out his hand to shake Bill’s hand. “And I want to thank you, Bill, for letting me have your wife for the wonderful thrills she gave me. I hope you two will let me come back again sometime.”

Tim was no sooner out the door when Bill took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. I assumed he could taste Tim’s cum in my mouth. He rubbed his hard cock up against me. I knew he wanted to fuck me before we went to work or he would have an erection all the rest of the day.

I dropped my robe as he pulled his pants and shorts off. He took me on the living room floor. He was so turned on that a few strokes in my pussy was all it took to erupt in me. I didn’t have a chance for another orgasm. That was alright with me because I just had a good orgasm with Tim.

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