tagNonConsent/ReluctancePublic Access Ch. 02

Public Access Ch. 02


I arrived at Mrs. Morgan's house angry and ready to fuck her lights out. She was no doubt the reason why I'd been fired from my job, and I was going to take my time fucking her to pay for my loss. This was going to be a master class in fucking an old lady with my eleven inch cock.

After getting canned from the local television station for taking too many liberties with the female guests, and after being embarrassed by having my boss's husband jerk me off in front of a gathering of the town's notable ladies, I was in a mood for revenge.

Mrs. Morgan gave me her card and asked me to call her before I left town, and that's just what I did. Even if she wasn't the one responsible for me getting fired, I wanted to make her pay for it.

This tall, lithe and fit 50-something had become my dream, especially when she lifted up her skirt to show me her panties and almost pulled them down. She stopped short and left me drained of all my cum and the laughing stock of my boss, her husband and their guests.

When I cleaned out my desk, Penny was in the office but acted like nothing had happened. Her brute of a husband, Bubba, passed me in the hall but didn't say anything. Penny and Bubba had their fun, and I was hung out to dry.

All this was swimming in my mind as I rang the doorbell at Mrs. Morgan's fancy house.

I assumed she gave me her phone number just so she could get fucked by my big cock, and that thought was what kept me sane after my firing party where everyone else had such a good time. Now would be my time to dip into a high quality pussy and to entertain an MILF who deserved to be screwed by large cocked men.

Mrs. Morgan answered the doorbell. "Hi Billy, won't you come in? I see your car is packed."

"Yep, it sure is. Can't work in this town any more."

"Oh, don't worry, a man like you will surely find work somewhere else where he doesn't have a reputation as a pervert."

Her words just added to my hatred of these people. Someone was gonna pay, and it was gonna be Mrs. Morgan in just a few minutes from now.

It had been a week since the infamous firing party at Penny's house, and I hadn't begun to get over what happened to me. For the first few days afterward, my cock was sore and hurt when I touched it. Bubba had mangled by mini fire hose and made it do things I never knew possible.

The situation had made me so turned on, so angry, so excited, so scared – all at the same time – that even my forced ejaculation didn't bring an end to my condition. A day later, my dick was still half erect, painfully swollen, and continued to reflexively pulse and emit more and more cum. It was like somebody busted the control valve and I couldn't turn it off. Or maybe I was experiencing what women feel who have multiple orgasms. The buzz didn't stop for days.

And now here was the lovely and stately Mrs. Morgan, greeting me with a kiss on the cheek and inviting me into her home to fuck her.

At least, that was what I thought she had in mind. It had sure been on my mind for a long time.

She was once again dressed smartly in a form fitting black skirt, white blouse with a knotted bow at the neck, and a black and white fleck jacket that matched her salt and pepper hair color.

I couldn't believe she would call me a pervert and kiss me at the same time. Didn't she know what I was there to do to her? Wasn't she just a little bit frightened of me after all that had happened?

I should have thought more about why she wasn't afraid about having me there, shouldn't I?

It was a nice day, and she led me through the ground floor and to the patio by her swimming pool. The back yard was private and secluded. Perfect, I thought for a poolside screwing while her hubby was away.

"I gave the maid the day off," she told me, "The better to let us get down to the business we need to do together."

"Yeah, you're gonna get the business," I thought to myself. "You're gonna get the business end of an angry eleven inch flesh pole that will fill your tank with high test spew, you bitch." But I held my peace and just smiled at her and nodded.

"Would you excuse me," she asked, "while I go get into my bathing suit? I'll be right back, honey."

I watched her from behind as her tall slender frame with shapely calves and pageboy haircut walked back into the house. If she wants to model in her bathing suit for a while, I'm OK with that, I thought. No need to rush things too much.

Hardly two minutes passed and Mrs. Morgan was back on the patio deck, still in heels but clad only in a sleek one piece black bathing suit, cut high on the thighs. Wow, for a woman in her 50s, she had a killer body. There were those tits I'd fondled back at the studio, standard size equipment for a woman her build. Not to large, not too small.

My attention was more focused on the slight cameltoe crease between her legs, covered barely by her bathing suit. No tell-tale wisps of pussy hair were visible around the edges to give away her natural coloring, but I hoped she hadn't shaved herself because I like a natural but tended look when I see someone's wife's pussy.

"That's better," she said, "Do you like my suit?"

"You bet," I told her, "Can't you tell?"

She looked down at my pants leg and saw the effect she was having on my dick.

"Why yes!" she said, "I can see that you do like my new bathing suit." "You didn't bring your bathing suit, did you?" "Too bad. But why don't you just get out of those clothes and let me have another look at you."

Here we go, I thought. In a few I was dropping my boxers and letting my poor cock breathe the fresh air.

"Look at you!" she said, "That's what I call a real dick." "And how nice that it's already do hard and big." "Did I do that?"

"Yes mam," I replied, "You and your pals drove me crazy last week, and I've been waiting for this moment with you."

I moved toward her, but she didn't back away. I put one hand on each of her shoulders, looked her in the eye, and said, "I'm gonna fuck you, Mrs. Morgan. That thought is what's kept me sane all this past week. You know I'm gonna fuck you, don't you?"

She didn't reply. She just stood there while I drew her closer to me until the tip of my dick touched her bathing suit. She reached down, moved my erection to one side, and let me move in for a kiss.

We embraced and kissed for a long time. The effect of holding this aged beauty was intoxicating. As we kissed, I remembered our first meeting when I touched her nipples and teased her into showing me her panties. Even back then I had wanted to drop the pretense and just go ahead and screw her like a madman.

"Come on over here, big boy," she said to me as she walked over to a lounge chair. She lay back invitingly and motioned for me to straddle her. I put one knee on each side of her slender waist and let my pecker, now starting to drip, dangle out bouncing a little as it hovered a few inches over her face. I flexed my cock muscle a few times to make it sway side to side, then up and down, until my dick was slapping Mrs. Morgan's chin and cheeks.

She grabbed my dick with both hands and stuck it into her mouth, first licking, then sucking a few inches, then using her saliva to lube me for some rotating hand action on my knob. I could feel the pressure building.

"I'll let her do this for a few minutes," I thought, "then I'll undress the bitch and get a look at that pussy she's been hiding."

My back was to the house as she kept sucking and fondling my cock. I watched Mrs. Morgan tongue my shaft like an eager starving woman.

I didn't hear the footsteps. All of sudden someone grabbed my arms, and I was pulled up off of my lovely prey. My cock was super stiff and I was totally naked.

I heard a man's voice saying, "Lookie! Didn't I tell you he had the biggest dick you've ever seen?" I looked from side to side and shit – it was that asshole Buddy on one side and Mrs. Morgan's husband on the other. I'm younger than they are, but these guys had big arms and big guts. They outweighed me by a ton.

I was too excited to loose my erection. But damn, I thought I was about to lose another chance to get into Mrs. Morgan's knickers.

"God almighty!" exclaimed the mayor, Mr. Morgan. "Honey, you weren't kidding about this guy."

"Take him over there," she indicated to the men as they led me to a wall of the patio that had hardware to which was attached arm and leg cuff restraints. Big Buddy held me still while his partner pulled up each of my arms and secured them with the cuffs. Then they each did a leg, pulling them about three feet apart.

Mrs. Morgan stood directly in front of me, "You silly stupid sap. Did you think you were going to fuck the mayor's wife today?"

She watched as her husband rolled a contraption into place directly beneath me, between my spread legs. My cock had dipped lower and by now it arched outward and then dangled down, still almost its full thirteen inches long.

"Oh crap!" I thought to myself when I realized that Mr. Morgan was putting one of those fucking machines under me. Mrs. Morgan affixed a black dildo to the penetrator, then they adjusted it directly under my asshole. Shit!

I'd never been ass fucked, but it looked like my first time was about to happen now.

Mrs. Morgan applied lubricant to the dildo then flipped the switch to start the machine, and ever so slowly the dildo rotated and rose upward until it touched my ass cheeks. The three of them watched while it drilled me. And as it did, my cock got extremely erect again. A pool of cum gathered on the patio beneath my dick.

Bubba had a video camera on me. I guess this was for insurance that I would never reveal what I had done by making the women spread their legs and feeling up their tits.

As I was being fucked, the two men undressed. Mr. Mayor had a smaller than average dong, but Bubba had an impressive tool to match his girth. I suppose he made Penny happy with his cock and with his other sexual talents.

Jeez, I had thought I was a bit of a sexual perv and was a risk taker to get my jollies. I was a rank amateur compared with these people.

Mrs. Morgan put on a dildo belt and looked at me, licking her lips, as her "cock" wagged just above her camel toe slit.

The initial pain of the fucking machine had subsided, but the experience on her patio had broken my angry spirit. I was just looking forward to leaving these crazy people in one piece.

"OK, boys," Mrs. Morgan instructed her husband and Bubba, "That's enough of that. Bring that big dick over here. I want him to feel my dick."

No sooner did she speak than the machine was removed and my arms and legs were released. I was weak from the forced posture and the forced ass fuck. They kept me right there and forced me to bend over for Mrs. Morgan. I saw her feet approach me from behind, then I felt her woman cock poking up into my butt.

"So, you thought you'd get to fuck me today, did you?" Mrs. Morgan said, "Well, surprise, surprise, looks like I'm fucking you!"

Then I head the glass sliding door open and shut. Who should walk around to greet me but my old boss, Penny.

"Damnit," I thought, "How dumb can I be fall into another trap like this?"

Penny looked at me and said, "Hi Billy, when are you gonna learn not to fuck with the ladies? You're too eager for pussy, and look where it gets you."

The dildo left my asshole, and Mrs. Morgan came around and kissed Penny. Then Mr. Mayor walked around and gave Penny a kiss on the cheek while I saw Penny reach down and squeeze the mayor's cock.

Then, a new sensation – Oh shit! Bubba's cock was working its way into me. I heard him groan and moan for a while, then I felt his cock expand and spurt cum up my butt.

"I hate to see you like this, Billy," said Penny. "We all agreed a man with a cock like yours shouldn't leave town without a giving us a little more fun. And Bubba here never misses a chance to pile drive a dude.

They let me sit down. Ouch! My backside was tender. "Maybe," I thought, "now that Bubba got his rock off and Mrs. Morgan got her revenge, maybe they'll let me rest."

To my surprise, all the ass fucking made my dick stay hard. I sat there, legs splayed apart, cum dripping out of my ass, and with a monster stiffie still calling for attention.

Penny unbuttoned her blouse. Once again, she stripped off her top and showed us all her mega bra with its mega tits. She reached around and unzipped her skirt and let it fall. An old fashioned girl, she wore a half slip that came off next. She looked fine in bra and panties and thigh high stockings.

She kept on the stockings and heels as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. This time she wasted no time in letting it fall off. Her knockers swung free as she caressed them, stretched them apart, then squeezed them together.

Mrs. Morgan got involved and embraced Penny. What a sight. Penny naked up top and Mrs. Morgan in her sleek black suit, with their arms wrapped around each other.

Then it finally happened.

Penny got behind Mrs. Morgan and pulled down the shoulder straps of her suit. My dick was throbbing, waving and dancing at the sight.

Standing just a few feet in front of me, Mrs. Morgan was being stripped for me to see. Just then the mayor walked over and joined the two ladies. As Penny peeled down Mrs. Morgan's last layer of modesty, Mr. Morgan did the same to Penny.

First I saw Mrs. Morgan's breasts, small, tight, with prominent nipple tips. Her waist was trim and shapely, then the first wisps of her pussy hair came into view. My attention was focused!

At the same time that her pussy was exposed, with her puffy lips so easy to see, I also saw Penny's pussy, too. Hers was fully haired so I couldn't make out her cleft or slit.

The two women embraced and kissed again, then Penny laid Mrs. Morgan down on the diving board and began a pussy licking master class.

Bubba nursed his pecker back to an erection, and after his wife had worked Mrs. Morgan into a lather, he picked her up and lowered her onto his dick knob. Meanwhile, the mayor was fucking Penny.

Mr. Morgan looked at me, "Don't worry, son, Bubba and I are just loosening up the wives for you."

At last! I felt assured that all my pain and bother was going to be worth it. I stroked my pole as I watched and was sure that in a few minutes I'd be getting my share of pussy from these very foxy women.

The siren I heard in the distance came to a halt in front of the Morgans house. In a flash, a uniformed policeman burst onto the patio. "I got your message and came as soon as I could, Mr. Mayor," said the officer.

The mayor stopped fucking Penny, but Bubba just looked up and grunted while he kept screwing my Mrs. Morgan.

Mayor Morgan pointed to me, "There he is. He's the intruder. Get his ass out of here!"

Mrs. Morgan looked over at the policeman and said, "Hi Jim. Are you and Gail coming over tomorrow?" "Hi, Doris," he answered, "Sure thing. See you then."

In two shakes, my surprised ass was in the back of a patrol car, naked with a dangling unsatisfied cock, and my sore ass was on the way to jail.

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