tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPublic Obsession Ch. 06

Public Obsession Ch. 06


Julie and Chad spent the rest of the flight not saying a word. He had just told her he loved her and her response was less than happy. They had just fucked and now they were each reading their own novels. The plane landed in London and they made their way to the hotel. They had adjoining rooms. On a professional level, it was so Julie could meet with Chad in the morning before the shows. On a personal level, it was so they could sleep together and have sex all night.

Julie was a complete professional and made sure that Chad made it to all the important banquets and shows. Fashion week was a whirlwind of activity and as editor of one of the well-known fashion magazines Chad needed to be his best. At night they went to their separate rooms and each one knew that the other was masturbating prior to falling asleep. By the end of the week, Julie was beyond frustrated. She hadn't brought her vibrator with her since she figured the trip would be endless sex with her sexy older boss. Instead, he had blurted out the 'L' word and after she responded with shock, he was staying far away from her, well emotionally at least.

On the last night, they attended one of the more popular balls. This was when everyone got to dress up and show off their dresses. This meant that Julie had gotten a very expensive gown from Vera Wang and didn't even ask how much it was. The company was paying for it and she figured if she didn't know how expensive it was, she wouldn't get so uptight about wearing it. Chad was wearing a sexy black tuxedo. He looked great and Julie wanted to run over and kiss him. The night went on and both of them mingled together. Julie was there to make sure he knew everyone he was chatting with, but he had a much better memory then Kiki, her old boss.

"I'm going to the patio for some air." Chad wanted some time to himself, but Julie followed closely. The patio was stone interlock with a black iron gate around the edge. Groups of people were chatting and laughing. It was far enough into the evening that the need to impress each other was over. Now was a time to celebrate. The alcohol had been flowing all night and the effect of that alcohol on certain people was obvious. Julie followed Chad until he stopped and looked out over the London skyline.

"I'm sorry I freaked. I don't want a relationship. I'm done with those. I just want sex. I know it's hard to understand with me being a woman and all, but I seriously just want sex." Julie waited for a reaction. Chad turned around and gave her a tiny smile.

"You sure? I don't think I really meant what I said in the airplane. I've said that to way too many women and most of them leave shortly afterwards. You sure you just want sex?"

"Yep. You going to fuck me here?"

Chad reached out and grabbed Julie. He kissed her hard and slid his tongue into her mouth. He spun her around and pushed her up against the metal railing. His hands pulled up her dress and he immediately sank three fingers into her pussy.

"Cum for me baby. All over my fingers." Julie could only nod. She was normally the aggressive one, but tonight she would do anything he asked. He unzipped his pants with one hand while fingering her with the other. He stroked his cock against her backside and grinned as his precum stained the expensive material. He twisted his hand and pushed four fingers inside her. Julie was gripping the railing and was desperately trying to stay quiet. They had fucked at work, but there really was no risk of being caught. This was dangerous. There were people all around and as she tried to gain control, she realized it was no use. The fact that the same people she had chatted with all week were steps away from her made her so horny, she could barely think.

"Cumming!" Julie whimpered as her orgasm gripped her body. She felt herself gush all over Chad's hand and felt the hot liquid spill down her thighs. He pulled his fingers out for only a moment, before thrusting his cock inside her pussy instead. He yanked her back and forth on his cock and grunted at each thrust. Julie could only hold the railing for balance. He kicked her legs further apart, which allowed his cock to thrust deeper inside.

"Suck me." Chad pulled out of Julie's pussy and spun her around. She dropped to her knees and began to suck his cock. He ran his fingers against her scalp. Her black hair was in a fancy up do and although he wanted to feel her smooth locks between his fingers, he knew that their fucking would be too obvious that way. He guided her head back and forth and when he came, she held his cock deep in her throat, making sure to swallow all his cum. He pulled back and tucked himself back inside his pants. Julie stood up and fixed her dress.

"No more love. We're fuck buddies." Julie nodded. This was only going to get better.

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