tagInterracial LovePudgy Neighbor Gets Dark Fucked

Pudgy Neighbor Gets Dark Fucked


"Open wider." Said the black man as he pushed his cock into my "wife's" (actually my neighbor's, but more on that later), mouth. She clearly did not want to do it but she stretched her chubby mouth as far as she could. The man behind her felt her fat little tits through her blouse as the third man undressed, this would be the longest night of her life, and was I glad I brought extra batteries for the camcorder.

How did it start? Let me go back to the beginning. You know you have neighbors that are good, the type who will watch your mail for you and all that? Then you have the sort of neighbors who are bad, banging on the floor above you and stealing your mail? Well Sue was the third type, annoying. Always complaining and asking for favors. She was in her early forties and her husband had left her for his secretary two years ago. Never pretty, she was cute, however, she had gained about twenty pounds, settling mainly in her chubby butt and tits. Her brown hair was cut short and she wore glasses.

Anyway a few months ago a package addressed to "resident" arrived with my address on it. I took it in; my wife was out so I opened it hoping it was some porn. Instead it was a box of weed with a note in it. I opened the envelope; it was from Sue's cousin asking her to keep the shipment safe until he was back in America.

I debated throwing out the box, but instead put it in the closet to think of what to do next. My wife was going to be home late from work so I decided to jerk off a bit. I put on some hot interracial porn watching some MILF getting banged by a black guy whose cock must have been twice the size of mine. Sometimes I would pretend it was my wife getting banged. I had broached the subject just once with her and managed to wind up on the couch for a month, and never brought it up again afterwards.

The next scene came on and it had a fat little woman getting the shit fucked out of her by two black guys nearly half her age. Then it hit me, the woman looked like Sue, too bad I couldn't get her to do a scene like that, I thought about my wife, then it hit me. The marijuana in the closet, Sue. Could I do that?

The box of weed stood in the closet for another week when the doorbell rang, it was Sue. "I hate to be a bother but the plumbers need to look at my ceiling pipes and may need you to be home so they can look at your floor pipes." She said in that slightly nasal voice of hers.

I thought about it hard, then got up to the closet, taking out the box. "This came for you, but it had my address on it and was marked resident." She was going to deny it, then I showed her the letter.

"Well I did not know he was going to mail it to me." She said.

"Fine then I guess when I call the police, then he can just will take the fall, alone."

She scrunched up her face in anger. "What do you want? You can have the box." She said with venom.

"Oh I intend to keep it. As for what I want. Let me show you." Grabbing the remote I switched on the DVD player to the scene with her look alike getting black balled.

"You want me to watch this with you?" she said half afraid and half intrigued.

I told her no, then I told her the problem with my wife. "So you want me to talk about it with her?" She said puzzled.

I chuckled, "No I want you to be her. Not her, but to pretend to be my wife. While you do what she did." I said pointing at the woman in the video

Her face got blood red. "There is no way I will do that, just call the cops."

"Well okay, but what about your son-in-law and his campaign? Do you think they will vote for a guy whose mother-in-law was busted for pot smoking?"

"Look I'll even suck your cock, but not that, please, I don't want to have sex with a black guy."

"Well, as intriguing as your offer is, it won't be one guy it will be three, and maybe you will suck me off also." I told her when to come back, on a weekend when my wife was out of town. She left slamming the door.

I looked through the swinger's ads until I found a Mandingo party group. These guys would be paid to fuck her, and worth every dime. I called and the guy answered from the ad. He was easy going. I described my "wife", he laughed and said pudgy first time wives were a specialty, we arranged a day for the "party."

Sue came an hour late, in her frumpiest business suit. "I can't believe you are going to make me do this." she said as she plopped down on the couch. I thought in my mind that a little hardcore fucking might be just what she needed. I offered her a beer, at first she said no, but then she said she might as well, chugging down two of them.

Almost to the second of when they said they would arrive the intercom rang. I buzzed them in. Sue looked tense, like she was going to run out of the apartment at any moment. I opened the door and greeted the three men. All of course were black, buff, and bald. They smiled easily at me as I showed them in. They saw Sue, my "wife" sitting on the couch all tense and laughed lightly. One of them, Eric, laughed assuring her they would not bite. "Unless you want us to." Said John the second member of the group, as the third James, sat down next to Sue.

"Now what is the deal here? You two want to spice up your sex lives? Is it your wife's fantasy? Yours?"

"Well it is not my fantasy." Said Sue quickly, then feeling guilty in the way she said it, "I...uh...lost a bet. But he wants to watch." She said.

The guys chuckled saying they got that a lot. "Want to see your old lady scream, huh? Well we are going to pump that pudgy little body of hers all night, going to make her sweat, and scream, and say shit she has never said before."

Challenged Sue said, "I don't think so."

"Well we are going to have to get you over that prejudice you have against black men." Said James.

"I don't have any prejudice, I have some friends who are black." Said Sue, making them all laugh.

"Really, were there black guys at your high school? College? How many of them did you date?" Sue had to say none in answer to James' question, throwing her off balance. "None asked me." She hastily added in, giving the guys another laugh.

"Not even kiss one?" said James. She shook her head no as John sat down on the other side of her. "Are you afraid of black men?" he asked and she quietly said no. "Well you should be." He said.

She asked why, and Eric came over to her and opened his pants and pulled out his prick, even semi-limp it was huge and thick. "This could ruin that little white pussy of yours forever, make you keep coming back for more." He said putting it back in his pants. Did I see the faintest of looks of disappointment on her face?

"Now first thing we have to do is get you to relax a bit, now take off that blazer, stay a while." James joked. She took off her jacket, as she turned to get her arm out of the sleeve James leaned in and kissed her, she was stunned and turned away but he pulled her back laughing and said for her to relax, it was just a kiss. Sue not wanting to seem racist kissed him back, then John tapped her and when she turned he kissed her, deeply.

"Now do you still believe that I am prejudiced?" she said as he kissed her again letting his hand brush against her fat little tits. Then abruptly John and James got up saying she was too tense to work with.

The three men huddled amongst themselves; Sue looked almost relieved thinking they might be leaving. Eric, who seemed to be the leader of the group turned around to her and said, "Look I can tell you are not into this. So here is the deal. You play with yourself, talk a little bit of nasty talk and we leave."

"You are not going to fuck me?" He said no taking out of one of the three gym bags they had brought up with them a small white vibrator and some lube. "And all I have to do is play with myself, and you won't touch me or anything?" He said that was right. The men pulled up chairs to watch. I wondered where this was going, Eric shot me a quick wink, he had a plan.

"What should I do first?" she asked. She was told to feel her own tits. She hesitated then she placed her hands on her breasts and gave them a squeeze and stopped, she realized they wanted more so she continued to knead her soft little tits through her blouse cupping them and lifting them and squeezing them.

James told her to open her blouse so they could see what they were not going to have. She looked at them to make sure they were not getting up and almost spitefully she took her opened her white blouse, slowly button by button.

"Wait what are you guys doing?" she said as they opened their flies and pulled out their dicks. Despite herself she focused on their cocks, I have to say again, compared to mine they were huge.

Eric said they were going to jerk off as they watched her or they could come over there and fuck her if felt better about it. She turned to me and acting like the wife she was not asked me to bring them some towels as she continued to open her blouse. They reminded her about the bra as they took off their own shirts claiming it was warm in the apartment. I caught her glimpsing at their buff chests and six-pack abs. Was she regretting her decision? I wondered.

Under their direction she squeezed her own nipples, and even sucked her on her own tits. She got nervous when they kicked off their shoes and socks but they remained seated. John told her to rub her pussy. She reached up her gray business suit's skirt and clearly started to fake it. The guys then got off their chairs and she realized one of the rules to keep them seated was she had to do what they said for real. She got up and unclasped and unzipped her skirt letting it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. Then she slid down her panties, and to the surprise of all we found that her pussy was shaved bald.

She sat down and rubbed her cunt with her legs closed, then she spread her legs as she grew a little bit more bold. "Sure you don't want none of this?" John asked in a taunting voice. She told them she couldn't, all the time she watched them jerk their own monster sized black dicks off, was she weakening?

She started to pant a bit as she rubbed her pussy, we started to hear a wet sound. She was told to suck her tits some more as she played with herself. "Now you sure you don't want some of this big old nasty black cock inside of you?" Eric asked. At this point her "No!" became a lot more tentative.

"Why I bet it is just what you have been waiting for." James said as the two men went over to the couch sitting on either side of her.

"You guys said you wouldn't." she said.

"And we are not; we are just sitting on either side of you watching you rub that tight little pussy of yours." James said.

"Keep working it." John encouraged her as he got up. "Besides you don't want any of this big old nasty black dick in you." He dangled his cock in front of her face. "Isn't that right, you have all that white fear and self control, right?" he said.

She sheepishly answered yes, though she could not take her eyes off of his cock. "Come on rub it a bit, it is not like you are going to get pregnant or something from doing that.

"If I do that will you leave me alone?" she said. He laughed and told her he would see about it. She slowly reached over and grasped his shaft in her hand and started to rub it. I noticed her staring at it as she stroked him.

"You see. Nothing wrong. That is it; keep stroking it, keep playing with your pussy. Get it nice and wet. Now stick your finger in it."

She looked up at him wanting to resist. "You heard me put your finger in it." She looked at me then she slid her middle finger into her pussy as she rubbed his shaft with her other hand. Her nipples grew harder as she wiggled her finger inside her cunt. I could almost smell her scent from across the room.

"Spit in your palm and rub my dick, come on!" he said, she spat in her hand and rubbed his shaft coating it with her saliva.

"What a pretty little mouth you have there, I just bet it has been waiting for some big old nasty black cock." He said. She started to shake her head no. He put it closer and closer to her mouth. Her lips parted open for a moment, and he pulled it back laughing. "Where's that white self control?" He said, then he took his cock and slapped her across the cheek with it; hard. She was stunned. Then he put it in her face again, to my shock she opened her mouth wide and he pushed his black rod down her throat.

Her head started to bob up and down on his shaft. "Hmm! Took some doing but I think she is going to be okay now." He said laughing telling her to keep rubbing her pussy. James got up next and slapped his cock across her face. Then she took his cock into her mouth, taking turns sucking on each man.

I cheered my "wife" on telling her to suck each of those cocks off as I got out my camera, she started to object but she knew she had to play the role of the "good-wife." The guys decided to "ham-it-up" for the camera a bit slapping her across the face with their cocks and squeezing her tits.

"I have got to see if that pussy tastes as good as it looks." Eric said as the other guys moved back he got down on his knees between her legs, spreading them wide he without hesitation gave her pussy a nice deep kiss then plunged his tongue into her. Under his expert licking, honed by hundreds of white pussies, he had her moaning and sweating. John asked her if she had changed her mind about black men, she said gasping that she had, a bit.

"Yeah we are going to change you into a freak for big black cock, you'd like that wouldn't you?"

With tears in her eyes she said yes as James switched places with Eric. As he licked her he squeezed her nipples, harder, harder than I thought she could take.

"Say you love dark cock!" he told her between lapping her cunt. She cried that she did. Angry Eric got up and taking his cock slapped her hard against the face. "You are a lying bitch! How can you say you love it when you have not had any? Yet." He said.

John and James got up and Eric sat down next to Sue. He held his fat black cock up by the base, "Get on it now! Get up now sit on it facing your husband I want him to see the look on your face when it slides in."

Sue looked like she was going to run, then she got on the couch squatting over his dick, and with Eric guiding her lowered herself onto his cock. Her eyes went wide and I heard a wet noise as it slid into her pussy. She squatted down further taking at least eight inches of his foot long cock into her. She began to bounce up and down on him as he held her fat little hips.

"Mmm! Boy! Looks like your wife is getting into the life man." Said James who, along with John went up to Sue. "Open up there, don't keep a black man waiting." John said she leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth and gave James a hand job at the same time.

Eric spun her around so he could suck on her tits and really deliver her a deep dicking. Sue could barely see straight as she was pounded over and over again. Then he stood up, his dick still inside of her and asked where the bedroom was, he walked there with her wrapped around him.

He got her onto the bed and pounded "my wife" for all he was worth, doggie style, then each of the other men took turns. Sue trembled begging to be fucked good and long. She was turned so she was facing me the whole time. Her nipples were hard to the point of nearly exploding.

Eric pounded her hard and steadier as if in a trance. Sweat poured from them both, he flipped her onto her back and spread her short legs wide on his shoulder, her fat ass rippling with each thrust. He pulled out and then James stuck his cock in and fucked her, then he in turn turned it over to John.

Finally Eric took over again and after what seemed like hours of fucking he dumped his cum load into her formerly tight, and exclusively white used pussy. She was then taken off the bed and on her knees she sucked and jerked off the other two men, they rewarded her by coating her face and tits with their cum.

I was not prepared for what came next. "Go suck off your husband; show her what you have learned." Eric told her. Sue gave me a wicked smile and went over to me, and with their cum still drying on her face she got down on her knees and undid my pants. I could have said no but it would have blown my cover. Sue gave me some of the best head I ever got. I played with her fat little tits as she sucked me off blowing my load in her mouth.

She went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came out she thought her session was over but it was just beginning. They fucked and twisted her in every position possible. She was made to lay down on the floor and the pulled her legs up so her pussy was straight in the air as the pile drove her pussy. On the bed they had her on her knees as Eric got on his knees facing the opposite was and inserted his donkey cock into her pussy.

With my tie as a blindfold they took turns slowly fucking her for nearly an hour until she begged them to cum inside of her. With tears and a cracking voice she said how much she loved black cock.

Finally when they all dumped yet another load of cum in her they got dressed kissing her deeply good night. They gave me a wink as they left. Sue got up trembling. "Are you happy now?" she said, she paused and then said "Are you happy you made your wife fuck three black guys." She said putting her hand on my cock. "Did it get you off to watch me cum as I was fucked by three big black dicks." She said getting more into the roll.

I told her it did, then naked with cum dripping out of her she got on her knees in front of me and undid my fly, she took my cock into her mouth she sucked me off, having been excited by watching her in the role of being my wife, I blew another huge load in her mouth; which she swallowed. She grabbed my cock and continued to stroke it telling me to fuck her.

She turned around and got on her hands and knees rubbing her pussy telling me to stick it in her. I knew I should not have done so, but could you have resisted? I got down behind her and pushed inside of her, she still felt pretty tight. "Oh yes! Fuck you wife hard! Did you like seeing me be your little whore honey? Did you? Did you? Next time they are going to fuck my asshole while I beg them not to." she screamed. I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could until I came inside of her, adding yet another load to her sticky twat.

Sue took a shower and then left. I thought that would be the end of it. We saw each other in the elevator a few times. But I had been with my wife. Then one day she knocked on my door. My wife was not home. She sat down in the kitchen chair. I asked her what she had wanted, she blushed red and looked down, like she could not meet my gaze, she told me that that evening had excited her, and she wanted to do it again. What could a good "husband" do?

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