tagFetishPunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 01

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 01


Foreword: This is a series of fantasy stories totaling 12 chapters containing topics such as spanking, sodomy, interracial theme, rope bondage, gay sex, and a little bit of cross-dressing and femdom (in later chapters). The fantasies start out milder but gets progressively wilder towards the end. I originally wrote them for a friend (named Brian in the stories) and I'm posting them here in the hopes that you'll enjoy reading them too :)

It's a warm summer day when I visit your store like countless times before. I'm wearing a short sleeve T-shirt and a skimpy tennis short, thus exposing a lot of my creamy-complexioned skin to the sun. It feels deliciously sensual rubbing my smooth bare thighs together as I slowly stroll down the store aisles. There's one particular section that always feels "forbidden" to me, which is the corner displaying shrink-wrapped adult magazines with other adult-ish items such as condoms nearby.

I've only ever discretely peeked at this section before. For one, I'm not quite old enough to purchase these magazines which are clearly labeled as only sold to 21 or above. Besides, it feels very "dirty" of me to want to read such "filth", and I know I'd just die of shame if anyone catch me peeking at the revealing covers. On the other hand, I've always been very curious about them, especially a magazine named Penthouse as I "heard" that there are some very erotic reader's letters inside beside the usual nudie photos.

I don't know what came over me today, however, as I suddenly grew bolder and decided to check out some items more closely. For one thing, I've wanted to purchase some lubricants for some time, and I am delighted to discover that the famous K-Y Jelly is available on a shelf in that corner. But after I picked it up, I'm beginning to worry about how do I go through with paying for it at the cashier. What will they THINK when they see me buying a tube of this... THIS K-Y Jelly?! Will they immediately jump to the conclusion that I'm planning to use this... lube on my own backside (gasp)? Maybe they'll KOWN what I have in mind? My face starts flushing bright red just imagining my embarrassment, even before I walk to the register.

What makes the matter worse is that as I turn to take a quick look at the register, I realize that the cashier is a middle-aged WOMAN. What must she think of me when she sees this shameful item I hold in my shaking hand? I cannot bear such humiliating thoughts and am about to put the tube back and forget the whole thing. Except that there's something I've been dying to try but haven't been able to due to the lack of this lube. Then a "bright" idea hits me, as I remember that I happen to be carrying a small backpack with me today. So without giving myself much time to consciously register what I'm actually doing in my head, I quickly look around to make sure that no one is looking in my direction and I quickly slip the K-Y jelly into my bag.

Glancing around again I observe no unusual reaction from anyone at the store so I figure I've gotten away with that. Since this seems so easy, I grow even bolder and decide that why not also snatch a copy of the alluring Penthouse magazine... In for an ounce, in for a pound right? So again I swipe it off the shelf after carefully checking to see no one's watching. Then with my heart beating loudly in my chest, I pretend to casually stroll out of the store.

As I walk past the cashier, secretly thrilled at finally getting my hands on the items I've "lusted" after for so long, suddenly I feel a strong hand gripping my bare upper arm firmly. My stomach just drops to the floor. I can sense the presence of a tall, strong figure standing behind my trembling body. I turn my head in utter fear and come facing your stern gaze. At that moment I already know that I'll have to "face the music", although part of me is still in denial, hoping against hope to get out of this somehow.

"Excuse me, boy, but you need to come with me to the office for a moment," you inform me in no uncertain term.

"What... what is this about?" I stammer and try to twist my arm out of your iron-grip to no avail.

I am forcibly "escorted" (or, more like reluctantly dragged along) by you back to your office inside the store.

Once inside I stand nervously in front of your large desk as you sit down on your chair.

"What's your name, boy?"

"I'm... my name is, errrr... Ling... Sir."

"How old are you?"

"I just turned 19..." (in this fantasy, that is :)

"Well, Ling," you inquire sternly, "I'm going to give you one chance to be honest. Tell me what you have done."

"Me? I... I don't know what you mean?" Thinking that I had been real careful and there was no way anyone could have observed me shoplifting, I unwisely try to play dumb in front of you. "Ummm.... come to think of it I must have knocked something over when I was browsing earlier. I'm sorry about that... errr... I'll help clean up things and stuff..."

Shaking your head in disappointment, you say, "Ling, I was hoping you'd at least have the guts to admit your wrongdoing when caught. You have been video-taped stealing from my store, that's including an item which you're not even legally allowed to purchase. And on top of that, you had to lie to me."

I could've kick myself for so foolishly forgetting about the security cameras on the ceiling. Even though I never paid attention to them as I never intended to shoplift before, I should have at least looked up to be sure. Knowing that I'm "busted", I hang my head down in shame and start to plead with you for mercy.

"I'm so sorry Sir... I didn't... I mean I never wanted... I swear

I'll never do it again. Please let me go Sir?"

"I can't do that, Ling. We must punish all thieves to teach them a painful lesson about stealing. It's a store policy clearly posted on the Shoplifter Warning Board in front of the store. I gather you haven't paid attention to it, or else I seriously doubt that you'd have gone through with the theft."

Now I'm curious about what is displayed on this "warning board", but at the present moment I'm much more worried about my impending fate. "Punish? How will I be punished?" I ask fearfully.

"Normally I just call the cops..."

"Oh no, PLEASE don't!" I plead earnestly, almost in tears. "I can't go to jail, that'd be SO HORRIBLE! My family and friends will all find out, oh no pleaaaaase!"

"But for first time offenders, I do give them a choice -- out of the kindness of my heart." You state so sternly that it's hard to believe you're actually being kind, but for some reason I feel that I can trust you. I'm certainly glad to hear that there's a choice beside the police, although I am also dreading about what other punishment there could possibly be. You answer my unspoken question, stating, "Instead of having you arrested, the alternative is for you to accept corporal punishment which I will personally administer."

"Corporal punishment? You mean..." my face starts to flush crimson in embarrassment as I begin to realize what you have in mind.

"It will consist of, amongst other things, a series of bare-bottom spankings on a regular basis." I feel my buttocks clench involuntarily upon hearing the word "bare-bottom".

"Spankings... but that's so childish..." I flinch uncomfortably in front of your desk, trying to mentally prepare myself to accept the inevitable. "And you said it has to be on the bare? That means you'll be seeing my naked... tush... oooohhh that'll be so embarrassing..."

"You know you deserve this for all your misdeeds, Ling," you say, "or would you rather I call the police now?"

"No, please don't," biting my lower lips now, I meekly accept my fate under your hand. "I will accept your corporal punishment... Sir."

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