tagFetishPunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 02

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 02


"Good," you say, "let me give you some more details so that you know what to expect. The duration of your punishment will be a total of 10 weeks, starting now. After today's punishment, you will return here once a week for your next 9 lessons. They will be progressively more painful and humiliating for you."

An uncontrollable shiver sweeps through my slim body upon hearing the full "sentence". Progressively MORE painful and humiliating?! I can't even begin to imagine what could possibly be more painful and humiliating than a bare-bottom spanking by a strong man that I'm going to endure today. I'm just glad that I won't have to find out until my 2nd session next week...

Next you order me to put my backpack on your big desk and reveal the stolen items.

"Since I'm a firm believer in 'the penalty should fit the crime', you can be sure that these 2 stolen items will play an important part in your punishment sessions to come." Oh no, even more bad news...

With that, you stand up and walk around your desk to one side of the office with an armless straight-back chair already set in the middle. I follow you meekly knowing this is where my first spanking will take place. You order me to remove my T-shirt and shorts, leaving me almost naked standing in front of you. My face burns with deep shame at this degradation.

After sitting down, you get hold of my wrist and gently pull me across your waiting lap. I twitch nervously in this unfamiliar and embarrassing position I find myself in, awaiting the delivery of my comeuppance. You let me wait for a few seconds in anxiety without moving a muscle. Just as my body begins to relax and I'm wondering when you're going to start my spanking, I feel you hand touch the back of my silky smooth thigh. My body tenses up as if I've just been shocked by a bolt of electricity. You slowly glide your hand up and down my bare flesh, causing goose bumps to appear wherever you're caressing.

I've never been touched by a man like that before, and this is causing me strange sensations. I don't have time to analyze this anymore before I feel your hand reaching the rubber band on my bikini brief. "Oh no, he's really going to bare my buttocks... oh the SHAME!" I am wishing the ground would open and swallow me to spare me of this embarrassment, as I feel my little underwear slowly peeled down and off. I try to keep my legs closed together so that I'm not exposing any more private parts than I'm already doing, but I also know that once the spanking starts I'll be kicking my legs involuntarily and opening my cracks in between spanks.

I don't have to wait long. Soon the first resounding slap lands in my upturned buns. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Mmmphh, ouch... ohhhh!" You're beginning to see some pink imprints of your large hand forming on my previously milky-white nether skin after each swat.


After 10 loud slaps the stings start to get to me. I begin to squirm uncomfortably over your lap. My unprotected behind clenches and unclenches in distress under your repeated hard slaps.

"Ouuuuch, please.... OWWWWWW, I'm sooooory.... Aiiiiooooo, no more! I promise I won't... ARRRGGHHH steal anymore! OWWWW!"

You ignore my feeble pleads and continue to tan my rear end with a steady rhythm. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

After 10 minutes of painful spanking, I feel like my asscheeks are on fire! True to my earlier guess, my legs are now kicking up and down uncontrollably like a little girl being spanked. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "PLLLEEEEZZEE, SIIIRRR! AIIIIYYYAAA! OOUUCCHHHH!! MMMMMMPPHHHH!"

"You're a VERY naughty asian boy, Ling!" You admonish in between spanks. "You must learn a painful lesson over my knee today!"

Here I am, completely naked being soundly spanked over the lap of a fully-clothed MAN! The only thing that takes my mind temporarily away from my concerns of modesty is the unbelievably stings which is being delivered to my inflamed posterior.

Finally, after 20 minutes of agonizing bare-hand-to-bare-cheeks spanking, you decide that I've had enough for my first lesson. You let me lie limply across you lap for a few minutes to catch my breath while you slowly rub my red hot rump with your open palm, soothing away some of the sting. I feel odd having my bare flesh fondled by another man like that, but at this stage my main concern is with my sore bottom and anything that eases the burn is welcome.

Then I'm ordered to face the corner for 10 minutes before I can leave.

"My rule for corner time is that you are only allowed one minute to rub your buns. Then you must stand still and grab your elbow with your hand behind your back. No more touching or fidgeting, or else you be over my knee for a repeat performance!"

That gets my attention. I quickly go over to the corner and try to make the best use of the short minute I am allowed to sooth away as much sting as I can. With my nose touching the corner I reach back with both hands and frantically massage my well-reddened buttcheeks while simultaneously rubbing my nude thighs together against each other. I realize with deep shame that I'm putting on a very obscene show in front of you, kneading and spreading my asscheeks around just like some slutty female in a porno video. My god, what if you can see my... (gasp!) private *hole* between my assglobes...

Before I worry my silly head off about my embarrassment, however, you announce that one minute is up. Very reluctantly, I remove my hands from my warm tushy and grab hold of my elbows behind my back as you ordered, trying to stay still at the same time. I can sense your intense stare on my bare back, your gaze roams through every inch of my exposed skin from head to toe, and of course the bright red buns in between. You must be enjoying the "glowing" results of your handi-work.

About half way into the corner time, I almost jump in a start as your booming voice suddenly asks me, "Ling, what did you steal this KY jelly for? You better answer me honestly this time, if you know what's good for you naughty heinie!"

Knowing I'll have to tell the truth, I stammer with blushed facial cheeks, "I... I want to try on a... oh gosh this is SOOOO embarrassing! I have this plug... buttplug thing... that I've curious about how it'd feel..."

With an raised eyebrow, you ask, "Buttplug? Now where did THAT come from?"

Even further humiliated now, I answer truthfully that I got it from an adult book store near my home a few weeks ago.

"Really? From my understanding it's illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase an adult store item in this county. Don't tell me you stole that buttplug as well Ling?!"

"No, no, I didn't steal it, honest!" Hanging my head down in shame, I admit, however, that I did pretend to be 21 years old in order to buy the buttplug.

"Well, while I don't think that's quite as bad as outright theft, Ling," you reprimand me, "it is nonetheless illegal to pretend to be of age and purchase the adult merchandize. I think you'll agree with me that it's only fair you should also be severely punished for this transgression, right?"

I nod my head silently in consent. I know I deserve to be punished for that, and I feel oddly secure that it'll be you who will hand out my punishments instead of someone else or being sent to jail. You order me to bring my buttplug with me for my second spanking session next week. I'm informed that my buttplug will be "participating" in my future chastisements because it needs to play a role in order to reinforce the lesson about paying the consequences for my misdeeds.

After my corner time is up I am allowed to dress and leave. You give me a warm hug telling me that I've behaved well during my punishment. As I turn to exit, to my utter horror I realize that your office door has not been closed shut but instead left with a crack open throughout my ordeal! That means anyone in the store will be able to hear the whole proceeding from outside the door. My worst fear is confirmed when I see the 2 college-aged store employees giggling to each other upon seeing me come out of the office. My face must have turned scarlet, and I walk as quickly as humanly possible past them to get out.

As I hastily walk out of the front door, the "Shoplifter's Warning Board" prominently displayed on the wall catches the corner of my eye. There appears to be a dozen or so Polaroid photos of, gasp, NAKED people all with their nude back facing the camera sporting what seem like... crimson buttocks! Since I left so quickly I didn't have a clear look but my mind is reeling! Could that be... nag... no way! But... if it's really showing the photos of freshly spanked shoplifters like me, then I sure feel lucky that you have forgotten to take my picture today. Or... do you have a different plan for me?? On my way home I make a mental note to take a closer look at the board next time I have a chance.

After I return home I decide to sleep on my stomach tonight so as not to further torture my sore ass. I also think that placing a pillow underneath my belly to raise my bare buns as I lie face-down on my bed would somehow "cool down" my exposed nether skin a little better. I reach back to slowly rub my smooth asscheeks and begin to drift to sleep. But a funny thing happens. As the memories of my painful and embarrassing bare-bottom spanking replay themselves over and over in my mind, I suddenly realize that my little oriental "cockette" begins to grow stiff. How could I possibly be turned on over this?! However I am simply too exhausted, both physically and emotionally, to try to make sense of this. All I remember is that I eventually shudder in blissful ecstasy before I fall asleep.

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