tagFetishPunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 03

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 03


A week flew by so fast and today I must face my second punishment session under your hand. I'm still so embarrassed over last week's bare-bottom spanking that I avoided shopping at your store the whole week, even though it's very convenient, within walking distance from my home, and has good prices. But I know that sooner or later I'll have to accept my shame and deal with it. Maybe next week I'll return to my normal routines again -- well, as normal as one can get given that I will be receiving regular spankings on a weekly basis for quite a while to come.

I'm dressed similarly as last week in t-shirt and tiny shorts. I'm also carrying the small buttplug in my pocket as ordered by you last week. I'm assuming that you're going to confiscate it as part of my punishment for illegally obtaining this adult item underage. That's too bad, as I'm still kinda curious about what it'll be like to be "plugged" but without the lube that I had tried unsuccessfully to steal from you last week, I just hadn't had a chance to try it out and satisfy my curiosity. Oh well...

Now I've arrived at your store again -- the place of my continuing "education". I dare not go to your office directly, so I walk up to the cashier lady timidly and ask for you.

"You must be Ling. You're here for your weekly spanking right?" She asks me matter-of-factly.

I could've die of humiliation at that moment! She knows all about this -- and she KNOWS that I'll soon be face-down over your lap getting my naked behind toasted again! My face must have turned crimson (the same shade that my quivering asscheeks will soon become). I can only nod my head in shame. Fortunately she doesn't make fun of me but simply leads me to your office in the back.

"Good afternoon, Ling," you greet me brightly as you see me enter, "it's good to see you again."

I feel a slight relief at seeing you in a good mood. "It's good to see you too Mr. Brian... I guess," I answer softly.

"I hope you have had a chance to think about your spanking last week," you say. "How do you feel about it?"

Standing in front your desk obediently with hands behind my back, I think about your question for a few seconds and reply honestly, "It was very painful and extremely embarrassing for me... but I realize that I fully deserve that and I think I'm beginning to learn my lesson now."

You're very happy with my answer. You have me lay out my buttplug on your desk, beside the two items I stole last week which you've also laid out as a reminder of why I'm being punished today. Then you walk around your desk to stand behind me. You pause there for a moment and I feel my slender body tenses up in anxious anticipation of what you're going to do next. You reach out and quickly take off my t-shirt, followed by my tennis shorts, and then my bikini brief. Now I've been stripped completely naked by you. A wave of shame washes over my trembling body as I am again obscenely exposed to another man.

Then your strong arms wrap around my bare chest and slim waist as you give me a tight embrace. I feel oddly safe and reassured as my soft body is now tightly hugged by you like that. But then suddenly I feel something huge and hard pressing against my rounded bum. What is that... could it be... GASP! You can't be getting excited at seeing my naked body and touching me bare flesh like that... are you?

I don't have much time to wonder, however, as you soon sit down on the straight-back chair and take me back over your lap in that now familiar position for me. A serious of hard open-handed slaps then follow. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Ouch... wooooo.... arrgh!"


I start yelping and squealing and squirming around on your lap after several minutes of intense hand spanking. While still very painful, overall it doesn't feel as bad as last week, I think because I've now experienced what it's like plus I've been mentally preparing for it the whole week.

UNFORTUNATELY for me, mid-way through the session, after pausing a minute or two to rub my well-reddened cheeks, you switch to a hairbrush! It stings a lot worse and soon have me bawling like a naughty little girl again. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

"AIIIIYYYYOOOOOO! No more.... STOP Plllllleeeassse!"

In the midst of intense hairbrush paddling I involuntarily reach back with my right hand to cover my throbbing backside but you simply grab my slim wrist and pin it behind my back and continue to punish me relentlessly.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLLLLAAAPPP! That is the most agonizing 20 minutes I've spent over your knee -- so far. Afterwards you let me stay over your lap for a while before standing me up and giving me a surprise order, "before your corner time, Ling, you are to lubricate your buttplug and then come back over my knee."

Shame-faced, I hop over to the desk and open the tube of KY jelly, squeeze out a small drop of clear liquid gel, and coat the flesh-colored plastic buttplug with my trembling hands. Now I finally understand what you meant when you said the stolen goods will "actively participate" in my punishment. This is a lot worse then just having it confiscated! I mean, it's one thing for me to hide in the privacy of my little bedroom and try out this... this sordid act, but I'll just die of shame if you see this buttplug slide in!

I know, however, that there is no chance of me talking you out of it. So reluctantly, I hand the lubricated assplug to you, then return to lie back down over you lap, which has by now become a familiar and even somewhat comfortable place for me (as long as I'm not being soundly spanked at the moment that is).

I am ordered to spread my own asscheeks open for you. Ohhhh, the shame! I place my hands gingerly on my still burning nether surface, and slowly pull apart to reveal my hidden "rosebud" to your viewing pleasure. Then I feel something touching my sensitive inner skin, sliding ever so slowly up and down my exposed asscrack. Something cool and gel-like. It is now centered on my puckered anus, resting just outside the edge.

With my eyes shut tightly, I await the intrusion. It starts to enter my anal opening. It feels very different to have something slide in from that end. Not entirely unpleasant. Certainly not painful as I had feared. Within a few seconds that "thing" has been pushed up my asshole smoothly. Other than the humiliation of having my virgin asshole penetrated by a buttplug, under a man's watchful eyes, this part of my punishment isn't so bad. Or so I thought.

"How do you feel, Ling?" you ask.

"Mmmmm, it's not too bad, Sir," I answer honestly. "I thought the plug is going to feel thicker."

You chuckle in amusement upon hearing this, and inform me that it's just your middle finger "up mine" right now to lubricate my insides. Now I am truly dismayed because the plug is a lot thicker than a finger, and my fear is now worsened. You wriggle and twist your middle finger inside me to properly prepare me for the real event. Satisfied with the job, you then withdraw your finger.

Now the plastic plug is positioned at my violated opening, and you apply steady pressure to insert it up my rectum. The first inch slides in okay, but the body of the buttplug is widening and soon my sphincter muscle is stretched way beyond its normal diameter. My body tenses up in a panic at the unfamiliar sensation. You calm me down by placing your other hand on my feminine thighs and tenderly caress my bare flesh.

"You need to relax your body, Ling, or it'll be worse for yourself." You tell me, "you know you must accept this buttplug inside you, so don't fight it. Just let it slide in..."

Following your instruction, I try relaxing my muscles and I feel the thick plug steadily enters my body inch-by-inch. It hurts quite a bit when the widest part passes through my tortured anal ring, but then the plug narrows down right above the base plate so my anus closes up rapidly on the narrow "neck" locking the buttplug snugly inside my asshole. I think I let out a wanton sounding moan at that moment. I feel very full now You let me rest over your lap for a few minutes to get used to having this alien object embedded inside my body. Then you stand me up and send me to the corner.

It feels funny walking while assplugged, and I'm sure my hips sway in a pretty lewd way as I make my way gingerly towards the corner, but I can't help myself. Finally facing the corner, I rub my inflamed nether skin for the allotted one minute and then stand quietly to reflect on what has taken place during my second punishment session today. My thoughts are interrupted by a "click" and what appears to be a momentary flash. It takes me a few seconds to register what just happened. That must be a Polaroid picture! Oh no, I think the photo of my bare backside, and well-reddened rump, is going to be posted PUBLICLY on the "Shoplifters Warning Board" for all to see -- just like all the other soundly spanked thieves before! I thought I had lucked out last week but I guess I was wrong. What's worse for me though, is that I think the photo will also show the base of the buttplug protruding outside my anus!

After my corner time is over, you let me dress but I have to "retain" the buttplug inside my body for the walk home. You further instruct me to bring the plug back with me each time for the future punishment sessions.

I get home as fast as I could under the circumstance, considering that I'm walking funny as every step I take reminds me of my filled-up rectal passage. Once I lock myself back inside my bedroom and lie down on bed over a pillow, I decide to leave the plug inside for a little longer while I grind myself back to another shattering climax...

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