tagGay MalePunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 04

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 04


A few days after my second punishment session, I decide to return to your store for some much-needed shopping. While I am inside I spot the two college-aged employees doing some stocking and price-tagging work. They must have recognized me because I see them whispering to each other and snickering while looking at my direction. I feel so embarrassed I quickly avoid them by turning down another isle. I am sure they had overheard my bare-bottom spanking over your lap two weeks ago. I know that I cannot avoid running into them forever and sooner or later I'll have to accept the humiliation of having to face them. I can only hope not too soon.

After paying for my purchases (and I dare not steal this time for sure!) I stop by the "Shoplifters Warning Board" to take a closer look at what's there. I have been really dreading this for a few days and sure enough there it is! The photo of ME, bare-assed naked facing the corner with my tomato-red asscheeks on display. There are about a dozen or so other thieves, including both boys and girls, unfortunate enough to have suffered similar fate as me under your stern palm. All photos are Polaroid shots showing the completely nude backside from head to toe of well-spanked, and no doubt fully repentant, shoplifters.

Having my naked photo publicly displayed for all shoppers to see is bad enough; but what makes it even more humiliating, compared to the other spankees, is that -- just as I feared, mine shows the base of the buttplug clearly sticking out of my asshole! Anyone who sees it will know that not only have I been soundly spanked, but I have been ass-plugged as well. Oh the shame... the only consolation for me, though, is that I notice I'm not the only asian spankee shown on your board. There is another asian male and two asian females with their bright red buns on display as well. Somehow, knowing that there are other naughty oriental shoplifters being spanked over your knee makes me feel a little better, I don't know why.

Just then I see a couple other amused customers also staring at the Board. I'm beginning to worry that they might be suspecting me as one of the spankees in the photos, so I quickly scurry out of the store to avoid being recognized. Once I get home, however, my nervousness somehow turns into excitement, and I can't help but perform another "dirty" act on myself...

Before I know it Saturday rolls around again. I anxiously return to your store for yet another session of my continuing punishment, with the buttplug in my pocket as instructed. You greet me warmly and give me a big hug, holding my soft slim body tightly against your broad chest. I feel weak in your thick arms, but also very comfortably being held like that.

Then I'm again pulled across your lap in the classic OTK position, one which I'm becoming too familiar with for my own good. I keep my bare legs together and straight on tip-toes, awaiting your stinging smacks. You change the sequence this time, however, and you insert the plug inside my puckered anus before you start spanking me. It isn't difficult going in this time as I've grown more used to its intrusion. It still makes me fill very full though.

Then the painful hand spanking starts. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

After a few minutes of steady and hard smacks I begin to squirm over your lap again. The flame is building up "back there". And with my asshole plugged, some slaps would land near or on top of the base which has the effect of driving it deeper into my rectum, inducing more girlish yelps from me.

After you feel that my "warm-up" spanking has achieved its effect, you order me to get up and then bend over your desk. It's a large maple wood desk, just wide enough for me to bend my upper body over the smooth surface and reach over to grab the opposite edge with my hands. Totally naked, I feel extremely vulnerable in this position, surrendering my rounded ass-globes to whatever you desire.

I feel your hands lingering slowly on my warm asscheeks, rubbing and kneading for a while before you take hold of my buttplug and gently pull it out of my asshole. I feel a momentary "emptiness" back there, almost wishing something would keep me "filled-up". But my attention quickly return when I look back over my shoulder and see you holding a large wooden paddle.

"Oh no, please not THAT, sir!" I whine and beg, knowing full well that my behind will be toasted by that monster implement!

Paying me no mind, you announce that I'll receive 20 HARD swats -- 19 for my age and "one to grow on". I am also to count each one out and thank you for it properly. Any miscounts will result in a repeat of that swat.


"Ouuuuch! Thank you, Sir!"


"OOoowwwww! Thank you... Sir (sniff, sniff)"


Each excruciating blow lands unrelentingly against quivering flesh a few seconds apart, covering my entire inflamed buttocks and the backs of my upper thighs. I am reduced to a truly sorry 8-year-old crying from my well-deserved paddling.

When my paddling is over, I slump on the top of your desk limply to recover from my physical and emotional ordeal. You stand closely behind me and caress my silky soft body with your roaming hands. When you sense that I've calm down, you tell me that I'm now ready for the final part of today's punishment. I'm shock to hear that there is more to come, and ask you what will it be.

"It's going to be forced anal penetration, as a fitting punishment for illegally obtaining the adult sex toy." You answer sternly. "Since you're so curious to feel the assplug inside you, now you're going to find out what it is like to be REALLY filled up by a large object!"

I hear you unzip and drop your pants as you stand directly behind my unprotected rear end! I start to panic, thinking "oh not, I hope he doesn't mean sodomy!!" As I look back over my shoulder, to my utter horror I see that you are applying KY Jel on your HUGE cock!

"Please, Sir, not that! I...I'm still a virgin.... I've never been... ohhhh please that'd be so humilating!"

I try to plead with you, but you've already decided my "sentence" and there's nothing I can do but to accept my fate -- which is to be butt-fucked by you today! Since my anal opening has already been well lubricated by the plug earlier, it easily opens up to your poking dickhead as you position your steel-hard manhood against my anus and push. But I've never been stretched so wide before, by anything, and I groan in agony at this unnatural, forced intrusion of my forbidden nether-passage.

Brushing aside the feeble resistance of my sphincter muscle effortlessly, your rock-hard manpole steadily enters my feminine asspussy inch-by-inch. Gripping the edge of the desk for dear life with my white knuckles, I endure this unfamiliar invasion of my inner bodily opening in total surrender. I mean... when a man has his erect cock buried balls-deep inside my tortured asshole, is there anything I can possibly do but to be made into his little asian bitch?

"God you're TIGHT, Ling!" you grunt as you slowly sink into me. "I'm honored to be the first man to fuck you and take your cherry. But you can be sure this won't be the last time you find yourself with a big cock up your ass from now on!"

When you've FULLY penetrated me, with your lower torso pressed tightly against my upturned buns, you rest there for a couple minutes to let me get used to the fullness in my behind. After you feel my ass channel beginning to relax, you hold my slender hips firmly with your hands and start to withdraw.

"Ohhhhh noooo, here comes the 'fucking' part..." I realize in my mind, and quietly brace myself for the "pounding" that's soon to take place. You pull your throbbing hot sausage almost all the way out and then slam back in, knocking the wind out of my chest! Then you repeat a few more times slowly before picking up speed. Pretty soon you've worked into a steady fucking rhythm, pistoning in-and-out of my ultra tight asshole in abundance.

At first I am consumed by the pain and humiliation of being brutally entered by a large male cock. But after a few minutes of ass-fucking I begin to feel a strange pleasure arising from back there. I find myself responding to your motion and even catch myself moaning a couple of times. But the worse part is, I suddenly realize that my little clitty-cock is now stiff! Nooo way, I'm like, how can I possibly be turned on now?! I'm being sodomized by another man, I'm supposed to be shamed and repulsed! I cannot allow myself to enjoy such degradation... but yet the more I fight it the more aroused I become. I wriggle my bum and move back to match your slamming motion.

"I must be such as whore, accepting a man's big cock like that! A naughty Chinese tramp!" I keep scolding myself inside, but I just can't help it. I think you've sensed that I am now completely yielding to you, and you pick up the pace and really SLAM into my reddened buns and let me have it.

"Mmmmmm..... Ohhhhhhh, Brian... Sir.... Ohhhhh yes..... fuck me.... fuck me real hard! I'm your little chinese bitch...."

I can't believe myself! My face blushes a deep shade of scarlet as I hear myself moan out such lewd words! But at the same time my creamy smooth body shudders in unexpected ecstasy and I feel my little stiff-penis oozes out warm milky cum onto your desk. My orgasm causes my tight assholes to spasm and squeeze which in turn lead to your explosive ejaculation. I feel load after load of hot cum flooding into my rectum.

And now it's done. You've fucked me, and you cummed inside me. I've been on the receiving end of anal intercourse, so I am made into yours. I know that I can only be the "female" in sexual consummation from now on... and I'm sure that I'll be "receiving" you again each and every single time after my upcoming punishment sessions...

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