tagFetishPunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 08

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 08


After fucking me in the shower, you hug me tight against your body for a few more minutes before pulling out of my well-stretched asshole. I enjoy the feeling of my soft bare back and buttocks pressed tight against your well-muscled body. Then you uncuff my wrists and let me rub my still red asscheeks for a minute. I know you enjoy watching this naughty chinese boy who you've just punished and sodomized now lewdly caressing, kneading, and spreading my buns in front of you.

"Now put your hands against the wall and bend forward," you order.

I obey and next I feel that incriminating butt-plug pushed back up inside my asshole again. It doesn't hurt much going in this time since I've just been loosened up by your thick cock back there...

"Today you are to keep this plug up your naughty Asian ass for at least one hour, understand?!" You ordered.


To emphasize your point you gave me two hard open-palmed slaps to my unprotected buns leaving me yelping in surprise.

Then you grab my slim upper arm and lead me back out to your office, where the other 3 spanked Asian thieves are still facing the corner. We are finally allowed to dress and leave. I quickly put on my bikini brief before anyone else notice that I have the base of a butt-plug sticking out of my behind. I must walk funny though with my asshole filled up like that.

When we're outside your store Jing suggest that we have some tea at her place, which is very close-by. Peng thinks it's a good idea and I feel that I can use some rest too -- after all the earlier excitement.

They live in a nice 2-bedroom condo across the street from your store. Once inside, Jing politely asks us to have a seat but we all prefer to stand instead for obvious reasons :) Jing makes us some tea and we get to know each other more with some chit chat. Of course the topic soon centers back on our punishment arrangements which is on our mind all these time. She asks me what happened in my case and I honest tell them what my crime was which landed my in this "hot" situation (hot cheeks that is). I skip some details however, about having to endure anal penetrations by the butt-plug... and by your cock! I am just too ashamed to admit this to anyone.

Next she asks Peng what happened in his case. He says one day he intended to buy some condom (being hopeful about a later date that day) but he was too embarrassed to bring them to the cashier so he foolishly decided to steal. Of course we all know what consequences he has suffered for that!

The Peng and I ask Jing what happened to her and her daughter as we're getting curious too. Jing's face flush red with embarrassment as does Mei's too. She explains that Mei used to have a shoplifting hobby, stealing little things like jewelry and stuff for fun. It was originally caused by bad influence from some friends, but Jing admits that she didn't take this problem seriously to try to cure her daughter's problem when she first learn about it. This misbehavior finally caught up with Mei one day -- inside you office of course. She was unfortunately caught by you "red-handed" and must face the dreaded shoplifter's choice: police or a sound bare-bottom spanking. So pretty soon Mei was "red-bottomed" over your lap bawling her eyes out like a naughty little girl. She was spanked in front of her mom as you had called Jing to come as a witness for her punishment.

"I see... but why are you also being spanked? Did you also steal something?" Peng asks Jing.

"Well, I feel very bad about Mei having to be spanked like that every week and I feel that I haven't done my duty as a mother to teach her the right behavior earlier. So I request to receive the same punishment from Brian."

"That is a most interesting story, Mrs. Chong," I say. "Thanks for sharing."

"Ok, since we're all confessing and stuff," Mei finally breaks her silence and chimes in the conversation, "I've been kinda wondering what happened to you in the bathroom after our spankings when the rest of us have to do corner time, with our red asses on display?"

"Yeah, I thought I heard some funny noises too coming out of there," Peng adds.

Now I am really shame-faced. It'd be so humiliating to tell them that I was actually being assfucked in the shower, but I can't bring myself to lie about it and they may not believe it if I lie anyway. So I reluctantly confess to them the truth.

"I... I was being taken...umm... from behind...by Brian..."

"You what?" Mei's normally almond-shaped eyes open up in twice the size as she exclaims.

"You mean you were being, eh, 'opened' like a GIRL... by that MAN?!" Asks her mother in equally shocked tone.

"No way!" Peng states, "I don't know how you can willingly endure such degradation but I can never submit to another man and let him do THAT to me!"

I feel so shamed at that moment. It is very taboo in chinese culture for a male to assume the female bottom position during sexual intercourse, as I did by submitting my anal-passage to your repeated penetration. Mental images of you pounding into me from behind now fill my head, as undoubtedly theirs as well. I feel extremely humiliated right now in front of them but at the same time a strange warm feeling also comes over me because I feel special in a way for being the only naughty Asian spankee that you also fuck. Of the four of us regularly punished by you here I'm the only one who has feel the rough intrusion of your hard throbbing cock inside my body.

"I... I know I fully deserve that for illegally obtaining a butt-plug and I'm required to receive his... tool (BLUSH) and also wear the plug as part of my punishment."

"You're also wearing a buttplug?" Peng reflects, "no wonder you walk kinda funny..."

"Really? Can we talk a look, pretty please??" Mei asks enthusiastically, curiosity getting the best of her.

"But..." I stammer in utter embarrassment. How can I possibly let some women see my most private opening -- being stretched wide open by a obscene anal-plug?!

"No butts, just bend over and let us take a look." Her mother takes charge and coerces me to bend over the back of the couch. Soon I feel my shorts, and skimpy briefs, lowered to mid-thigh, for the second time today. I can immediately hear the high-pitched giggles of Mei when she sees the plastic base of the buttplug revealed between my clenched asscheeks. I am dying of shame right now.

Then I feel a pair of delicate hands gingerly touching my bare nether skin as Jing begins to play with my well-spanked posterior. Her bemused teenage daughter also pokes at my protruded bottom a couple of times with her finger. As I look over my shoulder I see that Peng also comes behind me for a closer look! He even reaches out and rubs my silky smooth thighs.

"Mmmmm... your skin sure feels really feminine to the touch. No wonder a man would like to sod..." Thankfully he doesn't finish the sentence to further embarrass me.

"So how long must you keep this... this lewd object inside you?" Jing asks as she spreads my asscrack wide open for a better look at the point of insertion, for everybody's benefit (except mine of course).

"One hour today. I think time's up already..."

"Great," Jing offers excitedly, "in that case let me help you remove it then. I'm dying to find out what the whole plug looks like!" And without waiting for my answer she starts to slowly withdraw the thick rod from my rectum. There are some muffled noise of wonderment and gasps as everyone watches the buttplug being slowly pulled out of my tortured asshole, until it finally pops out with an embarrassing popping sound. My anus instantly closes back into a tight little ring involuntarily after the removal of this alien object that's been forcibly buried inside it for the last hour or two. I can't believe here I am, bending over someone's sofa back, presenting my naked crimson buttocks for the examination -- and amusement -- of an all-Asian audience!

"Even *I* have never been 'opened' back there -- like you," muses Jing. That completes my humiliation -- even the Asian women in this room have never had their rear end "defiled" by a cock like me, making me the ONLY oriental anal-slut in this room...

Finally we finish our tea and say our goodbyes. What a gathering!

Since today is the last punishment session for the 3 of them they are relieved that they will not need to be bending over your lap with their rounded Asian asses upturned for your punishing hand anymore. However, I still have 4 more punishment sessions to "look forward" to. My new friends are all sympathetic towards me and they each give me a hug of encouragement for moral support before I left to go home.

That night, needless to say, I feverishly rubs my little Asian "cockette" against the soft pillow below my belly until I oozes out creamy-white cum replaying the whole day's stimulations in my head over and over...

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by Anonymous04/21/18

Nerds a better finish

I started to read ch9 and wondered why you didn't finish this chapter with Brain telling ling ling to write a letter to penthouse forum detailing what he's going through for shoplifting

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